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Meaning of the name Stephen

man's name. Ancient Greek - "wreath".

He studies well, chooses friends himself, in accordance with his character. He reads a lot, mostly adventure novels, his fantasy is well developed. Engaged in childhood in technical circles, he likes it. Purposeful, before doing something, thinks for a long time, tries to calculate everything. Unobtrusive.

Professions: engineer, actor, teacher, accountant, driver, artist, translator.

"Summer" Stephen live mostly in the world of fantasy, unreal ideas. Without special reasons will not change jobs. At work, he is respected by his colleagues and is engaged in innovation activities. Collects rare books. For reading chooses a serious literature. In his free time he plays chess with his friends.

Stephen is guided only by his own perceptions and feelings, his ideas about life. Therefore, external events affect his life relatively little, much more importantly what he thinks about them. In most cases, an introvert comes to objectively correct conclusions, due to the fact that it is not related, momentary impressions do not affect it: it takes into account only what its life experience tells it.

"Autumn" Stephen homebody, love his family, always help his wife, attentive to the elderly. Intellectual, can form an opinion about a person when you first meet him, has a broad outlook. They find themselves in different spheres of activity, but even having become academics, they remain easy to communicate, although they know their value. He does not seek to expand the circle of his acquaintances, pays much attention to relatives and friends. Prone to introspection.

"Summer" Stephen quickly and easily converge with people, and losing friends, never regret it.

The nature of the "winter" men with this name is complex, especially difficult for them in his youth. Hardworking, does not like to change jobs, his hands are golden. Stephen usually looks like his mother, he has a hard time getting along with people and parting no less hard. Stephen is born mostly girls. Modest, often not indifferent to alcohol.

We hope that our interpretation of the mystery of the male name Stephen will help you to better understand your character or the character of your friends. Of course, a single decoding and analysis of the origin of the name Stephen cannot fully characterize the man or boy to whom it belongs, therefore on our website you will also find various horoscopes, pages on compatibility, you will learn what it means to belong to various signs of different calendars. We offer you to plunge into the sea of ​​secret knowledge and find out what means not only the name Stephen, but also your zodiac sign, an animal according to the eastern calendar and much more.

Famous people named Stephen

Numerology named Stephen

Units are extremely purposeful individuals who are ready to give all of their strength to translate ideas into reality. These creative people will never suffer from bad imagination, and their leadership skills will help them to reach the top in business.
Units are always in the center of attention of others, they are able to subjugate others. Sometimes aggressiveness is excessive, but perseverance allows you to achieve your goals.

These are rather contradictory personalities who may doubt themselves, but never lose their self-esteem. Units are good partners if you give them proper attention.

The meaning of the letters in the name Stephen

WITH - are distinguished by stubbornness, unpredictability and leadership qualities. In their actions they are accustomed to rely on logic and common sense. There are overly emotional, and sometimes even capricious. They constantly want to stand out from the gray mass. To the partner may make excessive demands.

T - people with names that begin with this letter are comprehensively developed. They are vulnerable, sensitive and creative. They try to be fair in everything. Have a good intuition, well adapted to different conditions of the world. Capable of showing magnanimity.

AND - fine mental organization, romance, kindness, honesty and peacefulness. Ladies pay a lot of attention to their appearance, while men focus on inner qualities. They achieve great success in science and work with people. Very economical and prudent.

AT - sociability, optimism, love of nature and art. People with names that begin with "B" choose professions related to creativity. They are great musicians, artists, fashion designers and writers. Despite the passion, the choice of a partner is extremely responsible and able to live a lifetime with one person.

E - sociability, insight, mercantile spirit and selfishness. Owners of this letter are able to attract people to themselves. They are both simple and charming. Constantly strive for a good life, which is valued more than friendship. They realize themselves well in creative professions. They are interesting conversationalists.

H - strong, strong-willed and determined personalities. Rather hardworking, however, they do not tolerate monotonous and boring work. Smart, attractive, critical thinking is present. A person chooses a chosen one for a long time, with whom he can live until the end of days. Loves to take care of loved ones.

Characteristic of the name Stephen

Positive features: The name Stephen gives optimism, a subtle sense of humor, smiling, mobility, faintness, ease of communication. Stefan quickly forgets the insult, does not hide evil, does not plan revenge.

Negative traits: The name Stephen brings pride, the desire to get into the society of the “powerful”, courtesy, talkativeness, inability to keep secrets, important information. In his studies, he differs little from his classmates. A man with this name is "good" in all walks of life. Parents are required to interest Stefa study, to teach yourself to think.

Character name Stephen: What character traits are determined by the meaning of the name Stefan. What stands out Steph is his observation. The owner of the name is an excellent organizer and is able to really look at things. Surrounding, analyzing the meaning of the name Stefan, mark his strong-willed character, concentration and original thinking. Communicating with Steph often inspires other people, because of his achievements he is able to tell incredibly exciting and enthusiastic.

In childhood, a child with this name is distinguished by restlessness; it doesn’t matter at school because of restlessness. However, with age, he acquires some sluggishness in actions and deeds, which can later lead to closeness and unsociation.

Stefan has a very strong character, a considerable sense of self-esteem. He is always confident in himself and his abilities, but at the same time he is not an egoist, but, on the contrary, shows kindness towards the world around him. The guy is completely unfriendly, does not seek to control people or impose their point of view on them. It has a stable psyche. True, it is difficult not only to ruffle him, but also to move on to some actions — Stefan perceives any changes carefully.

Women's society, he loves and appreciates the inaccessibility of women. Does not attach importance to loyalty. The marriage may give occasion for jealousy.

Stefan and his personal life

Compatibility with female names: The union with Anna, Varvara, Darya, Evdokia, Zinaida, Zoya, Klavdiya, Tatyana, Ulyana is favorable. Difficult relationships can develop with Alevtina, Bella, Blue, Elena, Inna, Kapitolina, Lilia.

Love and marriage: The owner of the name is not inclined for a long time to seek the location of a woman. Most likely, having encountered a significant obstacle on his way, be it a conflict situation or the obstinacy of the chosen one, he will leave everything as it is and will not worry too long because of this. Successful marriage with a strong and strong-willed woman, who will take the fate of the family under their responsibility.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: Stefan is not disposed to boring and painstaking activities. He is restless, prone to changing places, but at the same time he may show a serious interest in new directions in science and art, and may be a serious scholar-researcher. He can prove himself in literature and tourism business. For him it is of particular importance to take a management position.

Business and career: Stefan's life is full of events, but quite favorable, will bring him fame, no matter where he lives or whatever career he chooses for himself. He is quite lucky in financial matters.

The fate of Stephen in history

What does the name Stefan mean for male destiny?

  1. Stepan Dzhevetsky - Russian-Polish engineer, scientist, designer, inventor. Developed the design of submarines.
  2. Stepan Krasheninnikov - Russian ethnographer, botanist, explorer of Kamchatka and Siberia. He is one of the founders of ethnography.
  3. Stepan Lianozov - Russian politician, philanthropist, industrialist. In the twentieth century was considered the largest oil tycoon in Russia.
  4. Stepan Makarov - Russian oceanographer, naval leader, shipbuilder, popular researcher and vice-admiral, who developed the semaphore alphabet.
  5. Stepan Razin - Don Cossack, who was the leader of the largest uprising in the history of the pre-Petrine era in Russia.
  6. Stepan Apraksin - Russian Field Marshal, who commanded the Russian army under Gross-Egersdorf. It was he who built the Apraksinsky Palace in Moscow.
  7. Stepan Kuznetsov - Soviet and Russian theater actor, artist of the small theater, Moscow Art Theater, Solovtsov Theater in Kiev.
  8. Stepan Shaumyan is a political figure and revolutionary, literary critic and journalist who was one of the leaders of the revolutionary movement in the Caucasus.
  9. Esteban Jose Echeverría Espinosa is a public figure and thinker of Argentine origin, a sociologist, a poet, a writer. He is one of the most famous representatives of the romantic trend in Latin American literature of the XIX century.
  10. S. Sabinin - (1789 - 1863) archaeologist and theologian. Altogether in the journal Christian Reading from 1829 to 1839 they published over seventeen extensive exegetical monographs on the history and archeology of the Old Testament. Many of his writings remain hitherto in manuscripts in the library of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy. In Copenhagen, he met with local scientists and in 1843 he was elected a member of the “Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries” and “a committee to study ancient Russian history.”
  11. S.Rubenid - (until 1110 - 1162/1165) Armenian prince from the Rubenides dynasty.
  12. His Eminence Cardinal Stephen Kim Soo-hwan ((1922 - 2009) Korean Catholic Cardinal. He was the oldest Cardinal-priest of the Roman Catholic Church on the erection at the time of his death.) ) one of the most powerful kings of Serbia (1282-1321) from the Nemanjic dynasty.
  13. S.Pavel Rovetsky - (1895 - 1944) pseudonyms - Grotto, Rakon, Grabitsa, Chief Commandant of the Krayovoi Army from 1942 to 1943, leader of the resistance movement, general of the Polish Army division, publicist.
  14. S. Reno - (born 1968) French badminton player, participant of the 1992 Olympic Games in singles.

The name and its value depends not only on the origin, but also on the time of year when the child was born. We recommend to read how the character and fate of the name by year of birth affects and get acquainted with the list of names that fit all signs of the zodiac.

It is important to know what the name means so that it harmonizes with the name of its owner - in terms of sound and phonosemantic significance.

Compatibility of the name Stephen, manifestation in love

Over time, this "shell" is becoming thicker, and the ability to "go outside" - all the more unreal. But even the strongest shell can one day not withstand external pressure, burst. And then, in spite of all your outstanding abilities, you will be defenseless, like a newly hatched chick.

Neither intelligence, nor theoretical knowledge, no matter how significant, can replace the ability to communicate with people, the skill of “interpenetration”, without which life is impossible.

Try to learn to consider your individual qualities not as a product that can be “sold”, but as a tool for working in a team. Self-respect is, of course, “worth it,” but the location of others is not a trifle.

Characteristic of the name of Stephen

Markedly facilitate the life path and achieve significant success, you can, if from a young age you will strive to realize your individuality and receive professional training.

In your opinion, only you can be demanding. Deeply respecting yourself, you expect others to appreciate your importance and uncommonness.

You are always partial to the opposite sex, while the main criteria for you are beauty, self-confidence and strong character. Overly naughty or stupid partners annoy you.

Meaning and origin of the name Steve

Paul Steve Name: male

The unique code of the name Steve: 40233

Steve's personal name is the opposite: Wits

English (Steve) short form of the name Stefan - "crowned"

Other male and female names for the same letter:

Sa, Sat, Sv, Sg, Sd, Sy, Xyo, Xi, C, Sk, Sl, Sm, Sn, So, Cn, Wed, St, Su, Sf, Sh, Ss, MF, Sf, Su, Ss, Se, Xu, Xia

What does the name Stephen mean

The name - Stephen, translated from ancient Greek - “wreath”. At school, a boy with this name is studying, well enough. He often likes to study in a technical circle and likes to read a lot, especially adventure novels. Always has many friends and does not like to impose his opinion on anyone. Also, Stephen is sufficiently purposeful, and before doing anything, he thinks for a long time and tries to calculate everything carefully. Adult Stephen, quite often, is an intellectual who has a broad outlook and, like no other, can form an opinion about a person when they first meet him. The owner of this name never seeks to expand the circle of his acquaintances and pays a lot of attention to relatives and friends. Also, this person is always guided only by his own perceptions and sensations, his own ideas about life. In most cases, it is an introvert that always comes to objectively correct conclusions and often takes into account only what his life experience tells him. In his spare time, Stephen loves to play chess with his friends, or cards. Often chooses a profession - an engineer, actor, teacher, accountant, driver, artist, translator. Stephen, who was born in the winter, is often very complex. He is always hard to get along with people and no less hard - breaks up. This is a great workaholic who does not like to change jobs and often has “golden hands”. Such Stephen is always modest and often indifferent to alcohol. Stephen, born in the summer, always quickly and easily converges with people, and losing friends, never regret it. Such Stephen, does not like to change jobs often, but at work, he is always respected by his colleagues and is often engaged in rationalization activities. Very often, he lives in a world of fantasy and unreal ideas. “Autumn” Stephen, often being a homebody, who loves his family very much, always helps his wife and is very attentive to the elderly. Such Stephen often finds himself in different fields of activity, but even becoming an academician, he remains simple in communication, although he always knows his own worth.

Named after Stephen

Stephen celebrates birthdayJanuary 27, May 9, July 18

  • Stephen star name sign: suitable for Leo
  • Stephen Talisman: aquamarine.
  • Stephen's patron saints: St. Stephen.
  • Stephen Compatibility: Anastasia, Evgenia, Elina, Miroslav, Olesya, Uliana, Julia.