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What to cook for a child's birthday


Very soon your baby will celebrate his next birthday. He is looking forward to this momentous event. Crosses dates in calendar. Trying to guess what gifts will receive. Diligently draws invitations to his guests. And lives in anticipation of a miracle, magic, fairy tales. So give him this fairy tale! After all, this is quite up to you. The main thing is to think over all the details in advance. And the theme of the holiday, and design, and, of course, the menu for the birthday of the child. Turn on the fantasy, activate your childhood memories, and forward - towards the brilliant extravaganza, created only for your unique and unique, little birthday boy!

The most favorite children's holiday

Birthday. The most desirable children's holiday. Why do children love him so much?

  • Because on their birthday they feel special.
  • Because parents arrange for them a fun holiday.
  • Because friends come to visit them.
  • Because they receive gifts. Birthday is a holiday that all children love. So give your baby a fairy tale, extravaganza, magic on this day! This is what he expects of you.
  • Because they blow out the candles on the birthday cake.
  • Because they grow older by a whole year.
  • Because a birthday can be a lot of things that in ordinary life is impossible.

It’s a pity, as Crocodile Gena correctly noted, that such a wonderful day happens only once a year. Therefore, it is your sacred duty, as parents, to make your child remember the previous one with great enthusiasm until the next Birthday. And I was looking forward to when he would become more mature for one more year. And again a fairy tale will come into his life ...

Create a festive atmosphere for the little birthday boy and his guests. Decorate the room with balloons, lights, tinsel

Solemn entourage

What begins children's birthday? Of course, with the design of the holiday. And it, in turn, depends on the theme of the celebration. There is no limit for the flight of the imagination.

Make a start on what your toddler likes. Heroes of fairy tales or cartoons, travel, pirate stories, space adventures, robots, princesses, fairies, scientific discoveries, etc.

And more balls, tinsel, lights. Guest caps, whistles, pipes and drums are mandatory. What a holiday without all this? Little birthday should be congratulated loudly, colorfully, solemnly. And nothing else!

Decorate the room in which the holiday will take place, according to the chosen theme. Children notice the little things and the details. Forms, colors, colors. Costumes, decorations, effects. Let it all be purely symbolic, sham. But it should be.

The menu for the child's birthday should include simple dishes that are convenient to eat with your hands: sandwiches, tartlets, canapés, for example

Holiday menu for the child's birthday

But for the festive table on the children's birthday they have their own requirements. Due to the fact that the kids are active and frisky, long gatherings at the table are unlikely to be such an interesting pastime for them. What alternative can you offer?

Buffet. Here is the perfect option for a children's holiday. He does not oblige the little tomboy. They want - they eat, they want - they play.

And if so, then the menu for such a table should be appropriate. A table setting - interesting, bright, attractive. So that children have a desire to interrupt their games and entertainment, and try something that looks so unusual.

So, what to give and how to give the guests of your baby on his birthday?

  1. The table on which you place the treats should be the size of the guests.
  2. Serve it with bright dishes, cover with a color tablecloth.
  3. Do not beg children to eat. This is a holiday for them.
  4. Instead of one long feast, arrange a few short snacks in between contests, entertainment, games.
  5. Children's table is not for spicy, salty, fatty, smoked.
  6. When inviting kids for a holiday, check with their parents if karapuzs are not allergic to those or other products.
  7. Prepare healthy and simple dishes. Which is convenient to eat.
  8. Do not invent anything sophisticated. Kids enjoy eating exactly familiar, traditional dishes.
  9. Design them according to the theme of the holiday. Or so to interest children, to amaze their imagination.
Vegetables, despite the fact that many children don’t really like them, you can serve them in such a way that it’s just impossible not to try them

Vegetables and salads (with photos)

Vegetables in the children's menu are not the last. Therefore, their presence on the festive table is quite reasonable. Although some tots do not eat them very willingly, this problem can be solved by serving on the table an original decorated salad garden of cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, and greens. And it is better to refuse from more complex salads at a children's party. Especially if the guests - just kids or preschoolers.

Cut the vegetables into neat slices so that they are convenient to impale with a fork or skewer.

Snacks: sandwiches, canapes, tartlets

The main dishes of the holiday table for the child's birthday should be those that are convenient to take and convenient to eat. And this, just, all sorts of sandwiches, canapes and tartlets.

We do not allow kids in everyday life "snack" and "piecemeal." But, for some reason, this is exactly what they like most to do. So, let them give free rein to their true addictions during the holiday.

Children's sandwiches look very appetizing, if their design is approached with a soul

Sandwiches can be made with cheese, sausage, ham, pate, butter, eggs. And supplement them with vegetables, herbs, olives, pineapples. Here, the choice is yours.

Bread try cut out baking tins. Get sandwiches in the form of bunnies, Christmas trees, cars, stars, ships. It will be interesting to kids. If you do not have molds, then it is better to buy a baguette instead of a traditional loaf. Get small neat kids sandwiches.

Canapes differ from sandwiches in smaller sizes and in that their ingredients are punctured into special skewers. This is a bite dish.

For cooking canapés, you can use meat and sausages, cheeses, vegetables, fruits and berries, as well as everything that you have in the fridge and everything that your imagination will tell you.

You can also make canapes from fruits. But serving them will be more appropriate with a sweet table.

Canape with sausage and tomatoes (recipe)

For making such canapés, you will need 1 baguette (preferably black grain bread, but you can also have white), 200 g of sausage (boiled), cherry tomatoes (1 sprig), spread paste cheese (150 g), lettuce and parsley. And you also need to find something that can squeeze out small circles. For example, a Kinder Surprise Container, a baking tin or a small thin-walled glass.

  1. Slice the bread into thin slices, and then squeeze small circles out of them.
  2. Spread them with melted cheese and place on each leaf of lettuce.
  3. Put bread on skewers.
  4. Then cut the sausage into very thin slices.
  5. Bend them four times, putting parsley inside.
  6. And put the sausage on skewers.
  7. Cherry tomatoes cut into rings.
  8. And put them on the skewers on top.

Canapes with sausage and tomatoes are ready.

Video "How to cook canapés?"

For tartlets it is better to buy molds in the store. And you can cook the stuffing yourself. As mentioned above, children do not really like salads. But tartlets stuffed with vegetable, meat, fish or fruit salads, and originally decorated, they will surely appreciate.

Tartlets can also be both salty and sweet. Everything will depend on the filling that you put in them

Hot dishes

On the hottest little guests of your baby is also better to serve dishes that are piece and unusual. What is this about? Yes, at least about chicken skewers on skewers. Or about small meatballs, meatballs, meatballs. Which may look like mice, chickens or ants.

Such boiled beets and carrots, olives, green peas, a knife (figured or regular) and, of course, dexterity of your hands will help them to acquire such appearance.

A side dish can offer a very unusual treat.

Potato mushrooms. Such a garnish, of course, will have the taste of the kids

Potato mushrooms (recipe)

Cooking such potato mushrooms is pretty simple.

  1. Take as many potatoes as guests you expect.
  2. Wash them and boil them in the peel almost to readiness.
  3. Drain and cool.
  4. Then cut a mushroom-shaped piece out of each potato with a knife.
  5. Salt the potato mushrooms and oil with sunflower oil.
  6. It remains only to send them to the oven before the formation of golden brown.
  7. Before serving, the caps of mushrooms can be colored with colorful sauces.
It is difficult to find a child who would not consider pizza one of the most ingenious inventions of mankind

Another hot dish that the children will certainly not disregard. This, of course, pizza. Nowadays it is difficult to find a child indifferent to this invention of Italian students.

And again, here you have - an immense field for creativity. The size of the pizza, its shape, filling. All of this can be so varied that one has to be guided here only by the culinary preferences of each individual family.

Fruits can be served at the sweet table, or from the very beginning of the feast. Children, having fun, will not refuse to periodically feed them

Children's holiday menu can not include this item. Fruits. They are tasty, healthy and, with the appropriate design, very effective. If they are cut into slices, you can lay out the whole fruit paintings on the dishes. Fruit canapés are also very popular among kids.

And fruit salads, unlike vegetable salads, will eat toddles with great pleasure. Moreover, they are prepared very quickly and simply.

In a fruit salad, the ingredients may vary depending on the time of year or on the preferences of the birthday person.

Fruit Salad (recipe)

To make a fruit salad, you will need 1 banana, 1 orange, 1 apple, 1 kiwi, 200 grams of grapes without seeds (quiche-mish), 200 grams of low-fat yogurt, strawberries or raspberries for decoration, grated chocolate or chopped nuts can be enjoyed.

  1. Wash fruit under running water.
  2. Peel them.
  3. Cut into cubes and mix.
  4. Spread the salad on the ice-cream bowls.
  5. Pour it with yogurt.
  6. Garnish with strawberries, raspberries, nuts, grated chocolate.

And remember: a fruit salad is prepared just before serving it.

Sweet table - the climax of the children's holiday

Sweet table

Sweet table - this, in addition to fruits, sweets, cookies, pastries, ice cream, all sorts of desserts. And, of course, the main attribute of any birthday is a birthday cake. Be sure to have candles that the hero of the occasion must blow out. This is what is considered the culmination of the holiday in children.

It is a cake, this recognized symbol of Birthday, that should be not only the most delicious, but also the most beautiful. Of course, not in your concept. And in the concept of a small birthday.

Therefore, it is best to ask the child in advance how he imagines his birthday cake. And in advance to order exactly the one your little mummy dreamed of.

That's where the magic is! Here is a fairy tale! Especially since for you this labor will not be at all. Today, pastry chefs will build you any miracle of culinary excellence, bring to life any fantasy and every whim.

You just admire what masterpieces may be on the festive table on your child's birthday!

What drinks to make

As for drinks, you should stock them in sufficient quantities. Compote, homemade juice, freshly squeezed juices, as well as cocktails, prepared by you personally, will be just right. Especially if you spill them in tall glasses and decorate with colorful umbrellas and tubules.

And one more secret. Before filling the glasses, dip their edges in water and then in sugar. It forms a beautiful and, moreover, tasty border. Kids such a feed very much.

Drinks on children's birthday should be a lot. And they should be tasty, healthy and, again, well-presented.

Video "Recipes non-alcoholic cocktails"

It is only at first glance that it seems so difficult to organize a festive table on the birthday of your child. The main desire. And ideas will always be there. Do not be afraid to ask the hero of the occasion, what he wants, what he dreams of. And do not try to impress the children with exquisite delicacies. Leave a treat for a more respectable public. For kids, the main thing is that the holiday should be fun, interesting, and entertaining. Well, a snack in between games was something. This principle and be guided, making the menu for the guests of his little birthday.

It's beautiful, but fast.

One of the main mistakes of many mothers is the selection of beautiful and complex canapés and sandwiches with a bunch of small details (ears, peepholes, spouts) that cannot be made the day before the holiday, and which almost never have enough time before the guests arrive. In the pictures on the Internet, everything looks cool, but it is incredibly difficult to repeat this with an inexperienced hand. For example, make one sandwich and put a plate on it. The children themselves can spread out the eyes on their personal sandwich.

These penguins from olives, carrots and sheep cheese are made for a very long time. I checked!

It's familiar

Don't even argue. I had the opportunity to make sure that children do not like new experimental salads. They are generally alarmed by a mixture of 3 or more products. Of course, you can cook something original, adult guests will eat it, if that, but you should definitely have “on duty” chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, pastries with familiar fillings, etc. Fantasy can be shown when serving all these dishes.

It is not harmful

The Internet is full of battles in the comments of parents with different opinions. Some people think that it’s not scary to offer pizza, fries and hamburgers once a year, flavored with mayonnaise and ketchup. Others insist that food on any day of the year should not be harmful. Endless argument, I do not interfere. Definitely should avoid too fatty, salty, fried (suddenly someone of the guests have problems with the pancreas), soda and other beverages with aggressive dyes.

Plenty of drinking water

Many children can drink only water. Sweet-sweet juice that you have prepared can cause even more thirst. Small bottles with water must be labeled with different bright markings so that everyone knows “their own water”. After an active game program you want to drink a lot, make an adequate supply.

Three rounds

Children do not like feasts. Most guests eat little and quickly. Let it be 2-3 sets of 5-10 minutes. While the guests are gathering - snacks, then play. Hot dish, again fun. Cake, all good evening, goodbye. At a home holiday, you can allow such gastronomic pauses, no animator will not rush.

Designer "Collect canapes"

This is also a personal experience. Once I saw enough of beautiful and tasty canapes, I decided to make 5 kinds of children of 20 pieces each. The result was deplorable. My whole idea with a combination of cheeses, berries, grapes, ham with vegetables and fish with lemon fell through.

Comments poured out: “I don’t eat Bulgarian pepper,” “Fu, unhook fish, I just want olives,” “I will taste blueberries, but I won’t cheese,” etc. Adults then ate it disassembled into component parts of the "battlefield" from the canapes.

I took into account the experience, offered the next time empty skewers and small bowls with olives, cheese, slices of cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, lemon, slices of ham, chicken fillet, lettuce leaves and sprigs of greens. More squares of white and black bread (3x3 cm).

It was a hit! You could put your own canapé and give it an unusual name. Teach children to pin products on a skewer so as not to touch their hands in common plates.

By the way, I have a free script home cooking quest, I recommend! This is “Ratatouille” - about the rat and the spirit of the great cook. Any mother can hold, all materials (pages of the book) can be downloaded. Many puzzles and culinary experiments.

Chicken skewers (cooked in a skillet and in the oven)

This is my win-win dish. Many parents complain, but do not have time to try the kebabs, as the children quickly eat everything. They are first made in a frying pan, then 30 minutes before serving - in the oven. Mom is convenient, because you do not have to stand at the stove when guests gather, and blanks can be made in advance. Marinade sparing - sour cream, olive oil, lemon.

You will need the ability to sculpt from the finished puff pastry, but the result is cool.

Now turn the rolls those that with cheese, and the ball - with filling from prunes. If you worry that not all children like prunes, do it only with cheese.

Roll out another part of the puff pastry and cut into thin strips. Wrap on meat balls so as to get a tangle.

На противень кладем вместе, щедро смазываем яичным желтком. 45-50 минут в духовке при температуре 200 градусов (в конце можно уменьшить до 180). Какие лапочки… 🙂

Куриные котлетки-шарики

Раньше я делала из них всяких мышек-ежиков, используя кусочки разных продуктов. Потом меня это утомила, я стала втыкать яркие картинки на палочках (их называют «украшения для капкейков») по теме праздника или обычные шпажки. You can easily find Disney princesses, pirates, and all sorts of different super-heroes. Sherlock Holmes I had to print out and attach to the toothpicks myself, but this can be done in advance.

My recipe: fry 2 onions in sunflower oil, combine with 1 kg of chicken fillet, add 100 g of soaked bread to 100 g of milk. Salt, pepper, remove the stuffing for 2-3 hours in the refrigerator. Fry the balls on high heat until crusting, then cook for another 30 minutes until cooked in the oven.

We make our own hamburger with homemade cutlet

Children's holiday to spend on their own is incredibly difficult, so I personally enjoy every way to entertain restless guests.

A five-minute master class in assembling a hamburger with your homemade round chop will definitely be enjoyed. Here again, it is easy to cut off the whims "I do not like tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, onions, lettuce, cheese." Let them do what they love. From buns and burgers. Or vice versa, only with tomatoes and cheese)).

I buy ready-made (small) buns with sesame, I do not offer small sauce and mayonnaise.

Small cakes with different fillings

Too good idea, only pies are better to make baked, not fried. The size of the pies is “one tooth”. My guests, even the most capricious, gladly agree to a potato pie and meat pie. Experiments with salted cottage cheese and greens, cabbage and fish pies are successful with parents, children do not like.

Do not be lazy to make cakes of different shapes so that in appearance it can be distinguished with what kind of “flying saucer” or “boomerang” filling.

Pancakes, too, always do. Adults offer to wrap salmon or caviar, kids eat with sour cream.

Glasses with berries

It is usually placed on a table with sweets (there is no Russian name, we borrow an English candy bar). Just plastic or cardboard cups with a mixture of washed berries. It is better, of course, not to give children under 5 years old, get dirty.

Just put them before the start of the holiday, as this is the first thing that children snatch. Everyone likes small individual portions of beautiful berries, no strength to hold on. First eat hot!

Fruit hedgehogs

With this name and this example I urge to arrange a simple cooking workshop. Everybody gets a hedgehog at all times, you can even take it home for mom in a small gift bag. You can not immediately eat, just use the fun at the moment when you need to pacify the over-excited guests.

There is also no consensus. Of course, on all the beautiful photos of children's birthdays - breathtaking cakes with mastic to order. They are not only beautiful, but also tasty, with natural dyes, with low-fat yogurt instead of cream, etc.

My ideas are for ardent opponents of such cakes. And in general, any products with cream at children's parties.

Sour cream casserole

It is prepared, of course, for very young guests (2-3 years). Instead of cake layers - casserole layers. Cream - fresh sour cream with sugar. Decorations - fresh berries and colored dressing.

It is safe, and you can prepare in advance. There are few secrets there: cold squirrels, in which not a single drop of yolk has fallen, a mixer whisk at medium speed (the blender does not work), we add sugar gradually. Beat the whites in a strong foam (4 proteins, 1 cup of sugar), spread on oiled paper with a spoon or pastry bag, bake for 1.5-2 hours at a temperature of 100 degrees. The oven must be turned on in advance. You can touch up some of the protein with beet juice or natural dyes in bags.

Marshmallow and berries in warm chocolate

This game is suitable for children from 7 years. The café offers a chocolate fountain or chocolate fondue (a special heated piece), and you can just melt milk chocolate in a water bath and invite guests to dunk on long skewers pieces of biscuit, marshmallow, strawberries in warm chocolate. Fragrant, tasty and exciting!

Ready sets for decoration of the table and the birthday room

For registration of a children's holiday any subject there are tablecloths, candles, packages, invitations, caps, napkins, plates and cups, balls and garlands!

It is very convenient to buy themed kits. For example, "Minions", "Funny Pirates", "Hello Kitty", "Princess", "Spider-Man," Fixiki "," Smeshariki "," Cars "," Masha and the Bear "," Well, wait a minute "," Barbie " , "Chaggington Train", etc.

Fun programs for a children's holiday

Site "Again Holiday" is a collection of ideas for children's and adult holidays. There are a lot of interesting things, here are the most popular articles of the article:

  • Contests for a children's holiday (more than 100 for different ages) - there are links to scripts of programs and quests for children from 1 year to 14 years.
  • Selection of prizes for children for participating in competitions - my tips on choosing small souvenirs for guests with specific examples.
  • Birthday child: How to decorate the room: Useful tips with pictures for those who are ready to do the decor on their own.

Concerning the organization of a children's holiday in Moscow and Moscow region, call me. Here is a list of all children's programs with prices.

Holiday again
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Thank you very much! Great ideas. I really liked the idea of ​​a canape)) to choose from! Thank you

Thank you so much for such a site. We have a whole street populated by large families (cottages), we decided to make a celebration of dating on September 1 on our own. You helped us a lot.
Allow to incend. .can tell me a couple of thematic competitions for children of different ages and enlightened school. Children go to a new school, someone for the first time, and someone to a new class. I want to support them.

With children of different ages is always very difficult, so our organizers try to use a lot of props for any tasks.

And the school theme is also better to somehow “soften”)). Let it be "Vacation on Mars" or "Lesson in the Jurassic Park."

Contests in which all children from 6 to 15 years old can participate should be commanding and creative. Divide so that each team is large and small was equally.

a dance battle with accessories (bandanas, baseball caps, Santa caps, cowboy hats, red noses, plastic hats, etc. - everything is in stores). We include the most famous music in different genres, better with the chorus. Mom and Dad are attracted.
graffiti on the film (we stretch the wall of food film between the trees and draw cans with “the best day at school.” Each team has its own panel.
we sing rap to the words of Korney Chukovsky's verses (we just turn on the rhythm, we give everything 2-4 lines each)
A treasure map (you need to draw a map of your village and a place to mark in which children will find school supplies). They are sent to the search with an empty briefcase, at the end - a full set of textbooks, notebooks, pens). Something extra too can be put - food or toys. Each team has its own route, so as not to push.
acting competition (60 seconds per miniature): “Mom wakes to school in the morning”, “Good teacher”, “Angry teacher”, “The girl lost her pen in her bag”, “Who ate my apple”, “Going to a lesson, but you want sleep ”,“ Prompt whisper lines poem ”, etc.
- General parade in the final. We usually distribute noise instruments (drums, tambourines, maracas, castanets, noise makers for fans, etc.). We take soap bubbles. A joyful loud march, everyone is walking, making noises to the beat, blowing bubbles, chants can be rehearsed in advance.

I cooked chicken skewers for your three-year-old recipe according to your recipe - they were very tender and juicy. As you noticed, a win-win option, was eaten by both parents and all children of different ages, including the little ones.

How many creative ideas you gave in such a small amount. You are very talented and very kind. And love children very much.

I also want to say my thanks, Irina to you! I liked all the ideas, I will cook potato zrazy, piglets, potato mushrooms and kebab! I hope everything will work out) I liked the contests too, about the tree with the fingers, the rhyme in a funny voice and the kebab from the little sheep! Then I will write how passed)) thanks, your ideas are just super!