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20 best articles about sex

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I try to write articles frankly, as there is life itself, and in our life there is a lot of unpredictable, unknown things and things that are not always logical. And sex in our lives is just as important as any other area of ​​our being. And believe friends, for most men and women, he will always, firmly take his place along with the same spiritual development, good communication and relationships, although we openly try not to talk about it.

Even if everything is good in your relationship now, it does not mean that it will always continue like this, if you don’t do anything, sex can just get boring when it becomes a programmed and in all predictable work. You should not think that everything can be allowed to take its course and do not try to develop in an intimate sense. Good sex is always pleasure and satisfaction, which will not replace any moral principles and principles. After all, it can become as it often happens in life that someone in bed simply becomes completely bored, lacks diversity and affection, and warm communication and attitude will no longer compensate for the lack of natural need for satisfaction.

Your close person because of decency and in order not to offend you, will be silent, but this does not mean that everything is good. Of course, you can think and reassure yourself that this will not happen to you, but is it worth hoping for this when you can add something interesting to your sex and become more interesting for your loved one?

In this section, intimate relationships, articles about sex will help you make your relationship brighter and more diverse.

1. Sport is a sure ally of sex

It turns out that physical activity increases the level of the hormone "testosterone", which is responsible for pleasure. Do not be offended by the chosen one, if he, contrary to your wishes, went for a jog or gym. Be patient, wait for him to return and pull into the bedroom. Do not miss the moment for perfect sex and enchanting pleasure. Especially because sex in tandem with workouts is one of the most effective fighters with overweight.

3. Egg cells are responsible for sexual appetite.

Any woman, from time to time there are such moments when you madly want sex, and no matter where, when and with whom. Do not be afraid. You are not mad, and do not become a depraved woman. Just matured egg, and the time of ovulation. These processes are inherent in nature and you cannot get away from them. In this way, the body signals that it is time to fertilize an egg.

4. Food and drink are natural aphrodisiac

One of the strongest aphrodisiacs for men is the pumpkin. If you want to arouse an irresistible desire in him, offer him drinks or treats made from pumpkin. Instead of coffee, for example, you can quench your thirst with pumpkin latte. To increase your own libido and prevent sexual dysfunction, eat apples every day in your diet. Stock up on chocolate for a romantic evening. This very tasty product can increase not only your sexual desire, but also your partner.

5. Caressing the nipples, you can quickly reach orgasm

Each person has several erogenous zones, with the stimulation of which he gets immense pleasure and a more sparkling orgasm. But did you know that the main such zone is the nipples? When a man caresses your breasts, it causes a contraction of the vaginal walls and the production of oxytocin, which contributes to increased sensitivity. Do not forget that the stimulation of your partner's nipples will give him no less pleasure.

6. Crocodile litter used as a contraceptive.

Very interesting fact from the ancestors. Did you know that the ancient Greeks used crocodile litter as a means to help protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy? Contemporaries and now guess how they learned it. However, you can be calm, today this tool has lost its relevance.

8. Orgasm disables the brain.

Did you know that during an orgasm, the woman in the brain switches off the amygdala, and she is no longer able to think or control the movements of her body. If at the crucial moment you noticed that your beautiful head is crammed with extraneous thoughts, the right signal that it is time to make changes either in the equipment or in general to look for another partner.

9. Income Matters

Scientists have conducted research and made sure that men whose girlfriends earn more are prone to erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, active sex life contributes to the growth of human productivity. Therefore, you should not get depressed, be more active in bed, and you will increase your chances of expressing yourself at work.

12 tips on how to improve intimate life

Tip 1: Smell good! If you want to seduce someone, then choose the right perfume. It has been proven that men will be more likely to have sexual contact if a girl smells of vanilla, lavender, violet or grapefruit. But women quickly agree to have sex with men who smell like nuts, musk and ... fresh hay.

Tip 2: Sometimes take a break! If there is a lull in the relationship, which threatens to turn into hopeless boredom, then it is useful to take a break and not communicate for two days (not even call up). A small parting causes an emotional outburst. And, by the way, men experience the emotional burden of separation from a loved one more acutely than women.

Tip 3: If you do not want to be just friends, then you are constantly in front of your eyes! Men and women will not be able to remain friends if they communicate more than 3 days a week. This refers to informal communication, so that daily meetings with colleagues will not produce the desired effect.

Tip 4: Sleep at least 8 hours a day! Non-sleepy men are worse in bed and do not notice their blunders. And non-sleeping women just start to want less sex.

Tip 5: Better not have sex at work! As practice shows, in 80% this leads to misfortune - tension in relations with a partner (especially if you do not expect further development of personal relationships), unpleasant consequences, if you are caught, at risk of sexual fiasco due to uncomfortable conditions, etc. By the way 12% of people at least once had sex in the workplace. If everything was so good, then this figure would be higher.

Tip 6: Do not dwell on the female orgasm! About 30% of women regularly experience problems with him, but only 11% stop loving having sex.

Tip 7: Eat watermelons! This berry contains the amino acid citrulline, which is not only useful for the cardiovascular system, but also allows you to increase the level of male and female libido.

Tip 8: Have sex if you are in a bad mood! When making love, endorphin is released - the hormone of joy. And with his sex appears three times more than from opiate drugs.

Tip 9: Have sex if you are depressed! Daily intimate relationships are better than any kind of psychotherapy, including medication. For example, having sex is ten times more effective than taking Valium (Diazepam).

Tip 10: Women, wear heels! It was found that the girl in heels seems more sexy because of the uncertain walk, which makes her fragile and defenseless. Well, wiggling booty when walking, I think, also plays a role. In the men's wardrobe there are also sexual objects - it was found out that the majority of women are turned on by men in white shirts with sleeves rolled up.

Tip 11: Men, do not worry about the size of the penis! It has long been known that women pay less attention to its length and width than to how a man himself treats his dignity. By the way, the longest penis known to scientists is 28 cm. And what is curious: in the survey 24% of men would agree to exchange their sexual members for such a giant, and only 2% of women would agree to make love with a man with such impressive dignity.

Tip 12: Love each other and love sex with each other! It is proved that high-quality sex greatly affects the relationship of partners. Regular lovemaking, which suit both partners, in 86% of cases leads to the emergence of love between them. At the same time, 74% of couples break up due to unsatisfactory sex, even if at first men and women loved each other very much and there were no other reasons for cooling feelings.

1. "Only after the wedding" - it's worth it.

Spent the night with a loved one only after the marriage ceremony? If yes - our congratulations! Your future looks really bright. Researcher Dean Bisbee from Brigham Young University (Utah, USA) interviewed 2,000 people aged 19 to 71. Some couples have been married for only a few months, others for several decades. They were offered a questionnaire for 300 questions, among them was a proposal to tell about when they slept with a partner for the first time, and how happy and stable their relationship was.

The results of the study were more like sexual abstinence propaganda. Couples who waited with the “first time” before marriage, tied not only noticeably stronger bonds. They were also much more satisfied with the relationship. Why, they even found sex with each other much more interesting than couples who “tried” before the wedding.

Why? Bisbee believes that couples choosing sex before the wedding, because of love passion, do not notice everything else - and this means that one partner can easily “overlook” a serious lack of another.

2. Sex is the best source of happiness in the world.

David Blanchflauer from Dartmouth College (New Hampshire) and Andrew Oswald from Warwick University interviewed 16,000 Americans for their sexuality. The result was in the best traditions of "Captain Obvious" - nothing makes us so happy as sex.

The conclusions turned out to be banal, Blanhflower and Oswald decided to “stand out” differently - namely, they took and transferred happiness to money. Here is their conclusion: a couple who have sex at least once a month, "earns" thanks to this, about 40,000 euros per year! In other words: the one who has no sex at all should earn 40,000 euros more annually to be as happy as the married couple described above.

3. Sex will cure the scene from fear.

Is every new exam a real stress for you? Ahead of an important presentation - and my knees treacherously shaking? Psychologist Steward Brody at the University of Paisley in Scotland has excellent advice for you: you must have sex before an important speech. Why?

At the request of Brody, 22 men and 24 women recorded information about their sexual activity for two weeks. After the expiration of this period, they all had to complete the task - and always before witnesses. Some gave a speech, others - solved a mathematical puzzle. Then Brody took blood from them for biochemical analysis.

As a result, he noticed that the most relaxed were those participants who have had sex in the last two weeks. And vice versa, those “experimental”, who had not had sex in the last 14 days, were the most nervous.

The researcher concluded that a key role here is played by a hormone called oxytocin. It is released during sex and during stressful situations it relaxes the body.

4. Sex has a beneficial effect on the heart.

At least for men. Shah Ibrahim of the University of Bristol (UK) has watched 2,400 men from the city of Cairphilly (Wales Province) for 20 years. As it turned out, regular orgasm reduced the risk of heart attack and stroke by 50%! For this, adds Ibrahim, you need to “not filonit” and make love 3-4 times a week. What can you do - from nothing is just nothing.

5. Female tears - death for male libido.

An Israeli researcher Shani Gelshtein from the Weizmann Institute conducted a real crazy experiment. She asked the two women to watch some sad movies and collect the shed tears in the beaker. Then Gelshtayn found 50 male volunteers and asked everyone to hold a strip tester under their nose. Female tears were applied to some of the strips, plain water with salt added to the other.

The results were surprising. Men who breathed "tears" found sexy women in the photos shown less attractive! And when they were shown a film with beautiful actresses, their interest in them turned out to be noticeably lower than expected. Physiological changes were also noted - testosterone levels dropped in saliva.

Gelshtayn believes that tears transmit chemical signals — and they appeal more to empathy (sympathy, understanding) than to libido.

6. Overweight seriously damages your sex life.

Nathalie Byos of the University Paris-South XI conducted a survey among more than 12,000 French. Result: complete people not only have much less sexual partners, but are also more likely to earn erectile dysfunction (if simply, impotence).

7. Women associate sex with submission.

Amy Kiefer from the University of Michigan planted the participants in her experiment in front of the monitor. The screen displayed various words. Kiefer asked subjects to respond as quickly as possible to words that are related to submission. The words were of two types - related to sex or completely neutral. The test has begun ...

And what do you think? As soon as the women saw the word meaning sex, they immediately reacted to it as “submissive”! The conclusion is obvious - sex and obedience for the beautiful half of humanity are not much different from each other.

8. Women have a "gene orgasm."

At least, that’s what scientist Tim Spector thinks of from St. Thomas Hospital in London. Together with his colleagues, he interviewed 4,000 twins for their sexual lives. Approximately one in three women reported that, after sexual intimacy, they either never experienced an orgasm or felt satisfaction very rarely. As Spector notes in her article, the inability to achieve ecstasy during sexual intercourse is 34% due to heredity.

9. From rich men, women experience orgasm more often.

And another psychological curiosity. Thomas Pollet from the University of Newcastle quite seriously asserts that women whose partner is rich have an orgasm more often. Pollet's hypothesis is based on data from a survey conducted in China. 5,000 people, incl. 1 534 women having a sexual partner filled out a questionnaire with questions about sex life. After analyzing the results and discarding all unnecessary, the scientist just threw up his hands: it turns out that the more money a man earns, the more often his passion reaches the highest point of bliss during sex.

10. There are 237 reasons to make love.

Can not think of a reason to persuade your beloved to have sex? Check out David Bass and Cindy Meston study at the University of Texas. A few years ago, they interviewed 400 people about why they decide to have sex. The result was surprised - people called 237 variety of motives!

Found 238th reason? Write about it in the comments!

Orgasm in a dream and cycling

According to the results of anonymous surveys, both men and women are able to experience an orgasm in a dream. And starting from a certain age, the ability to control the intensity of sensations appears. Both those and others most often wake up after such a dream.

Scientists from around the world claim that cycling reduces the sensitivity of the genitals. And this applies to both women and men. It’s enough just a few hours a day to spend on the saddle of a bicycle, as the degree of satisfaction will decline.

Man and sex

Do you know such interesting facts about men and sex?

  • It turns out that the ejaculation rate is as much as 44 km / h, and in total, about 15 liters of sperm-containing fluid are produced during life. True, the numbers are impressive ?!
  • It is amazing that only 200 sperm from 100 million units get to the egg.
  • Men who are not dependent on tobacco, according to statistics, more often have sex. Conclusions should be made. Smoking not only adversely affects health, but also reduces sexual activity.
  • Men, it turns out, are less sensitive than women, in the literal sense. The fact is that about 4 thousand nerve endings are concentrated on the penis. Whereas on the clitoris about two times more.
  • Among men who are in a permanent relationship, 75% get full satisfaction and orgasm.
  • Strong stress can reduce the length of the penis to a minimum. It is really possible to increase the size. For example, by reducing the fat layer at the base of the penis, it visually adds 1 cm for every 5 kg of discarded weight.
  • It turns out that in future men an erection first appears in the last trimester of fetal development.

Interesting facts about sex destroy all the myths about sleepless passionate nights. The fact is that the average duration of sexual intercourse is 6-10 minutes. Максимальное количество повторов без медикаментозной стимуляции не превышает 3-4 раз. С возрастом способность мужчины продлевать время до семяизвержения усиливается, однако снижается частота половых актов.

10 интересных фактов о сексе

Давайте их рассмотрим:

  1. Беременность - не повод отказаться от секса при отсутствии медицинских противопоказаний. There is no reason for concern if everything is in order. During pregnancy, sexual arousal in many women becomes chronic, as blood circulation increases in the small pelvis.
  2. Self-assessment has a great influence on the number and frequency of sexual acts. So, guys up to 20 years old are satisfied with their appearance, if they have a lot of sexual partners. Girls, on the contrary, having high self-esteem, carefully choose their partner.
  3. Sex enhances the body's immunity. The explanation for this is as follows. It turns out that a third more immunoglobulin is found in those who regularly experience an orgasm. It is enough to experience the peak of enjoyment just 1 time per week to be strong and healthy.
  4. Sex in women becomes brighter, and the excitement is stronger when refusing oral contraception. This is due to hormone levels.
  5. Sexual fantasies that often occur in men indicate a lack of romance in their relationship, whereas for women it is a sign of satisfaction.
  6. During intercourse, testosterone, which falls along with sperm on the vaginal walls, has a positive effect on the body's activity.
  7. Men are especially sexy consider smells, remembered in childhood. Therefore, many are unexpectedly excited by the smell of baking or sweets.
  8. First sex most often happens either in summer or on the eve of winter holidays.
  9. Sex will be brighter if you stimulate the female breast intensively enough. This creates a contraction of the muscles of the uterus and vagina.
  10. It turns out that scenes of same-sex love excite women just as well as traditional subjects.