The meaning of the name Plato, the origin, character and fate


Meaning of the name: Translated from the Greek name Plato means "broad", "wide".

Name origin: Plato is a Greek name that is widely used throughout Europe. This name has received worldwide fame thanks to the ancient Greek philosopher - Plato. The patron saint of the name is Plato Studii, who devoted himself to monastic life. He was one of the few people who was literate and was rewriting sacred books, for which he was repeatedly subjected to persecution of pagans. In our time, the name Plato is rare.
Other forms: Plato, Plato, Platoha, Tosha, Plato, Plata.

Name feature

In his childhood years Plato was active, conflicted, stubborn, very curious. He develops much faster than his peers. She does well at school, but teachers often complain about his behavior. He has many friends, loves to rise above other children. As he grows older, Plato becomes softer, kinder, more patient, but he is also principled and stubborn. He likes to act clearly, quickly and harmoniously. However, he rarely uses his qualities and is content with what he has. He is talkative, active, easy to talk, but rarely is the soul of the company.

Plato is not a sociable person; he is more busy with his thoughts and likes to solve only his own problems. The main meaning in life is his work, he always strives for independence and independence. He does not tolerate other people's instructions and is always sure that he is right. Plato is patient and hardworking. Thanks to these qualities, it achieves success in work.

Inside, Plato is very kind, he can console in a difficult moment, lend a helping hand. But, nevertheless, puts its own interests above all. He does not like to go to visit, but he likes to receive guests in his house.

Name character

Men named Plato have contradictory character, their unselfishness can be replaced by prudence, and charm - by arrogance. Since childhood, Plato is growing up a stubborn child, such qualities persist for life. He is stubborn, and does only as he sees fit. Men with this name are not sociable, do not have many friends, but at the same time they are responsible and independent. The life path of Plato is often difficult, there are many obstacles in his path that he tries to fight on his own. He is always confident that he does not need the help of his relatives, and he will cope with his own problems. He is ready to help other people, but he is of the opinion that in life you need to look for yourself ways out of difficult situations and be responsible for your actions.

"Winter" - prudent, stubborn,

"Autumn" - little talkative, independent,

"Summer" - kind, charming,

"Spring" - rebellious, hardworking.

Fate name

As a child, Platosh is very smart, he is naughty and stubborn, very curious. Prefers to be friends with adult guys, likes to quarrel and provoke conflicts. Plato quickly grabs any information, he is hardworking and confident. Not seeking leadership, but never to be left behind. Plato does not have true friends, as he likes to demand too much from them. The owner of the name has an independent nature, he is persistent, strict with himself and his surroundings.

In the professional sphere, Plato often achieves great success, he rarely works as a leader, but always enjoys the authority and respect of other people. The owners of this name have excellent professional data, they know how to understand difficult sciences, find original solutions in difficult situations.

Plato has an independent character, he does not tolerate coercion, and is never served on someone else’s influence. Men with this name have a well-developed intuition, they easily grasp information and also quickly love to act.

In the professional sphere, Plato will be suitable for work in which he can express his need for conversation. It will make a good politician, journalist, critic, diplomat, official, psychologist.

In family relationships, Plato lacks reliability and perseverance. If his woman has a strong character, then she takes over the entire household. Plato's wife should not be worth hoping for Plato's attention, he does not know how to express his feelings, but, nevertheless, he is strongly attached to children and his wife

Plato's health is strong enough, but he often complains of back pain and intestinal problems.

Brief history of the name Plato

Astrologers are still arguing about the origin of the name. However, answering the question of whether Plato is a Russian name or not, all specialists have a fairly clear answer - no. According to the most popular version, the name Plato has ancient Greek roots and is translated into Russian as "consolation". The most popular name is found in the post-Soviet space, as well as in European countries such as Greece, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Italy.


The name Plato, the meaning of which we will consider in this article, is associated with the number 1. The unit indicates that its owner is a rather purposeful person who is ready to sacrifice much in order to achieve his goals. These people, as a rule, have innate artistry and have a highly developed imagination. Leadership qualities, which are also inherent in these people, will help to achieve significant results in their career and business.

The unit indicates that its owner is constantly in the spotlight. Using innate oratorical skills, Plato is able to subjugate others, to achieve their goals, resorting to outside help. Knowing the meaning of the name Plato, we can say that this man is quite proud of himself. He is a very good friend who will extend a helping hand to his friend.

The meaning of the letters in the name

When interpreting any name, you need to know the meaning of each letter:

  • P - the pursuit of perfectionism. This man is extremely important to see order in everything. He is very concerned that people around him will think about him. He is quite a gambling and vindictive person with an excellent visual and emotional memory.
  • L - outside the box thinking and artistic personality, who, as a rule, are accustomed to rely on their own intuition and logic. They are good psychologists who easily rubbed into the credibility of people. Men who have this letter in their name, are distinguished by their egoism, as well as dismissive attitude towards others. It is extremely difficult for them to part with their loved ones and relatives. These men are extremely jealous and capricious. They need to receive a sufficient amount of attention from others.
  • A - this letter, located at the very beginning of the alphabet, indicates an irresistible desire to achieve goals. The man whose name implies this letter is distinguished by his striving for moral and physical balance. These people are very hardworking and try to avoid monotonous work. They always take the initiative and are not afraid to take responsibility.
  • T - this letter indicates that this man is fully developed. He has a fine mental organization, quite vulnerable and romantic. This man has a well-developed intuition, and also easily finds a way out of any life situation. The letter says that its owner is inclined to compassion and generosity.
  • About - sociable, cheerful and as open as possible. They are real workaholics and have inborn artistic talents. For these people, professions are excellent, where there is an opportunity to show innate abilities, for example, the ability to analyze. Men whose name contains the letter O are reliable. They become great friends, business partners.
  • H - strong people with steel willpower. They are rather hardworking, but they hate “monkey labor”. These men marry late, as they take the choice of the second half extremely seriously, scrupulously. They are attractive, have an analytical mindset. They are great friends and love to care.

Characteristic name Plato for a boy determines the owner of high intellectual abilities. If astrologers are to be believed, then the children named by this name are, as a rule, extremely persistent and purposeful from an early age. However, they prefer to be friends not with their peers, but with guys who are much older. This is explained by the fact that they are able to gain invaluable experience from more experienced comrades, to learn a lot of new things.

Knowing the meaning of the name Plato, one can say that the character of the boy will be rather complicated, independent. These boys absolutely do not tolerate violence. They are almost impossible to force to do anything. If you want Plato to fulfill your request, you need to find an individual approach. This boy can be bribed only by kindness and affection.

Plato, the meaning of the name we are considering, can be quite charming and at the same time arrogant person. He is very attached to people. Plato spares neither energy nor time nor money if there is an urgent need to help his neighbor.

Adolescence and character

Plato's name is characterized by such traits as leadership and the ability to convince people. At school, this guy will enjoy authority among peers. He quite often finds himself in various absurd situations, most of which occur solely through his fault. He is the real leader. Despite such strong character traits, Plato is very suspicious. Any failure can knock him out of a rut.

The school program is given to him very hard. However, thanks to perseverance and hard work, he will be able to get a good education. Every year Plato is changing literally before our eyes. From a small hooligan, he grows up as a serious and sensible guy, who is sometimes quite secretive.


The man, whose name is Plato, is usually a man of his word. He prefers to talk less and do more. He is extremely demanding as to his own person, and to the people who surround him. An adult Plato is becoming less sociable, but always happy to see friends in his house.

He is accustomed to achieve everything on his own. Plato needs constant movement forward, physical and spiritual development. He sets himself exclusively ambitious goals, which he necessarily achieves. At the same time, he is not at all interested in what others think.

Love and family

The meaning of the name Plato tells us that this man is very in love. The girl, to whom he will experience sincere sympathy, will be in the seventh heaven with happiness. Plato - romantic nature. He will give expensive ornaments, flowers, present a real fairy tale.

Most often, a man named Plato - Monogamous. Despite the fact that he is rather impulsive, charismatic, temperamental and very much liked by girls, Plato remains faithful to his wife until the end of his life. For the sake of the family, he is ready to go on almost everything. As a rule, the father becomes already at a mature age after he has built a successful career and will stand firmly on his feet.

He is a strict but fair father, whom children love very much. Having become a father, Plato seeks to spend more time with his family, to instill the correct manners in children. His main goal is to give good education to children. In this he is fully helped by a loving spouse.

But with age, this man can become unbearable. From a loving husband and an exemplary family man, he is able to turn into a rude, uncontrolled own emotions. From his behavior, most often, the spouse suffers. Plato almost never pesters his children, tries to support them morally and financially until the end of his days. They reciprocate.

Famous people

The list of famous people named Plato is huge, since the history of the name goes back several thousand years. The list is headed by the old static comedian Plato, who lived in the V century BC.

However, the most famous Plato was the ancient Greek philosopher, who gained knowledge from Socrates, and then became a teacher of no less famous Aristotle.

What is the meaning and origin of the name Plato

First you need to understand where it came from. The origin of the name Plato is not in doubt among researchers. It has Greek roots, it became widespread in Russia along with the adoption of Christianity. Platonida - this is his female form, which is not popular now.

What does the name Plato mean? "Broad-shouldered" - so it translates from the Greek language.


- Totem animal - a lion.

- Auspicious color - golden.

- Sign of the Zodiac - Leo.

What does Plato mean for a boy? This question is asked by many parents who are going to give it to their son. Active, naughty, restless, curious - such is the owner of a name in childhood. Little Plato rampantly strives for everything new, without thinking about accuracy and caution. The boy, who is so called, easily finds a common language with his peers and older children. Little Plato has many friends, in any team he feels like a fish in water.

What else can you say about the meaning of the name Plato for a boy? Moms and dads is not easy to be engaged in his upbringing, as the child is stubborn and independent. Patience and affection will help to achieve the desired from him, forcing the boy to something is useless. The energy inherent in Plato, it is important to send in a useful direction.

Problems with learning from the owner of the name occur infrequently. Plato has an excellent memory, a lively and flexible mind, extraordinary thinking. He grasps everything on the fly and is also distinguished by hard work. He is more attracted to the exact sciences than the humanities.

In adulthood

As the owner of the name Plato grows up, his character changes for the better. Calm, poise - qualities that are increasingly manifested. Plato is no longer so stubborn, even though she still reluctantly makes a compromise. He successfully uses his persistence to achieve his goals.

Plato has many positive qualities. This man is endowed with inventiveness, intelligence, talent. The energy of the name gives its owner a powerful life potential. Diligence, the ability to wait - qualities that allow him to succeed in almost any activity. Kindness is another positive trait of Plato. He readily comes to the aid of those who need it.

The characterization of the name Plato indicates that its owner has certain disadvantages. Many people are deterred by his sharpness in communication, cynicism. This man may seem overly ambitious, able to behave unrestrained and rude. He often looks at others from the height of his own superiority. Fortunately, Plato knows his own negative traits, he tries to work on them.

Friendship, communication

In adulthood, the owner of the name Plato is no longer as sociable as in childhood. A man does not seek to surround himself with a large number of friends. His circle of communication decreases, he allows himself to be approached only by the most worthy. In Plato may appear such qualities as closure, modesty.

The man, who is so called, likes to receive guests in his house. However, he is extremely reluctant to accept invitations from friends to visit their homes. For close people, Plato is not easy with him because of his excessive demands.

How is life of a man named Plato? It can wait like dizzying highs and lows from conquered peaks. Due to his resilience, this man is always ready to start all over again, failures cannot break him. Even if Plato falls, he will certainly rise and soar even higher.

The owner of the name can not be attributed to the darlings of fate. All he has to achieve their own labor.

Hobbies, hobbies

Plato is attracted to everything related to nature, its mysteries. He is more willing to spend time alone, listening to the breath of the wind, than attend a noisy party. Plato will be happy if he manages to settle down in a quiet and picturesque area, become the owner of his own house. He will surely break the garden, to which he will pay a lot of attention.

The man, who is so called, likes to solve the riddles of the universe. This man is closely following all the discoveries in this area. Plato is also keenly interested in science and philosophy.

Reading is another owner's passion. Plato is a man who can often be seen with a book in his hands. It is hard to say anything specific about his literary predilections. Plato can attract both classic works and "light" novels. With pleasure this man reads about travels, including intergalactic ones.

Career, business

Обладателя имени Платон едва ли можно отнести к числу карьеристов. Однако если он выберет профессию, которая ему подходит, у него есть все шансы преуспеть в ней. Платона совершенно не привлекает работа в команде, он предпочитает заниматься своим делом в одиночестве.

Препятствием на пути этого мужчины к успеху может стать его равнодушие к мнению окружающих. Because of this, Plato's relations with colleagues and superiors may deteriorate. His advancement on the career ladder directly depends on whether he learns how to get along with others, take into account someone else's opinion, seek help when it is really necessary.

Plato is hardworking, responsible, purposeful. These qualities help him cope with any task, no matter how difficult it is. Thanks to his diligence, this person can achieve a high position, along with which financial stability will come. However, this will take a lot of time.

The most Plato suitable professions that are related to the exact sciences. However, he can succeed in creative work, if he has this or that talent.

Love sex

What does the name Plato mean, if we talk about his influence on the personal life of a man? The man who is so called does not have a penchant for romance. Girls who dream that they are long and beautifully courted, it is better to stay away from him as far as possible. Plato is unlikely to sing serenades under the windows of his darling, to surprise her with surprises. He will never present a bouquet of flowers to his girlfriend, as he believes that every gift should be practical and useful.

A big role love in the life of Plato does not play. He will feel comfortable with a woman who is close to him in spirit, causes him respect. In relationships, this man prefers specifics and clarity, trying to incline the girl he likes to intimacy as quickly as possible. Having been refused, Plato will simply go in search of another. For a long time to conquer the impregnable fortress this person will not.

Marriage, family

The man, who is so called, does not have an inclination for early marriage. By the choice of the second half, he fits extremely responsibly and even captiously, can evaluate several candidates at the same time, compare them with each other. External beauty is an important factor, without which a woman will not have a chance to win his heart. Plato attaches great importance to the mind of his chosen one, assesses the level of her intellectual development. Finally, the future wife of this man must certainly be economic.

The owner of the name is unlikely to become an exemplary husband, although he does not attach much importance to his own shortcomings. This person is not inclined to diplomacy, often abrupt with his wife. Marriage does not play an important role in the life of Plato, he is not ready to make efforts to preserve it, although divorce can be a serious blow for him, a reason for plunging into depression. His second half should not count on his care and tenderness. Plato will constantly criticize her actions, even those that easily forgive himself. He is convinced that he helps his wife become better when he points out her shortcomings.

Soft and sensitive ladies better stay away from this man, as they will not be happy with him. Next to Plato can be only a wise and strong-willed woman who agrees to turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of her husband.

Surprisingly, from the man, who is so called, can make a wonderful father. Plato is cold to his wife, but he loves his children very much. This man is happy to spend time with his heirs, floods them with gifts. It is the children who become his close people.