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Coconut oil hair treatment and protection


Solid oily substance, which is obtained from the pulp of coconut, called the pantry of minerals, acids, vitamins necessary for the beauty of curls. It is immediately absorbed into the dermis, delivering “usefulness” to the hair follicles. The tool is appreciated in home cosmetology for a pronounced effect: after the procedures with the use of products from a tropical nut, the result is no worse than after going to the salon. Moreover, the changes are noticeable literally after the first session.

What care will get strands

The enormous benefits of coconut oil for hair due to its unique composition: the nutrients contained in the tool, act in a complex. What can we expect from such a product?

  • Nutrition. For treatments using this component, dry hair will be especially grateful. The tool nourishes the hair, struggling with brittle hairs, gives damaged curls health. It eliminates the split ends problem: “sticks together” them, prevents re-sectioning.
  • Moisturizing. The beneficial properties of coconut will be appreciated by curls damaged by chemical perm or frequent staining. Intensive moisturizing - a pledge of elasticity, natural shine, "live" look.
  • Strengthening. Oily "wrench" will help to forget about the problem of excessive loss of hair. The tool helps to strengthen the curls, stimulates their growth.
  • Protection. Hairdressers recommend taking natural substance with you on vacation. This tool is able to protect against the adverse effects of salt water, the scorching sun, dry wind.
  • Antiseptic action. The tool is known for its antibacterial action. This healing property of the tropical nut works against dandruff, itching and excessive dryness of the scalp.

3 ways to use coconut hair oil

In home cosmetology, an oily substance derived from coconut is used in different ways. What can you do with it? There are three options.

  1. Add to store shampoo. Some beneficial substances are added to the usual care product. This is done directly during the washing of the hair: they simply mix an oily substance and regular shampoo in the hand. This technique creates a protective layer on the curls, prevents possible damage when combing, wiping with a towel. You can not mix anything, and use a natural remedy instead of balm: apply after shampoo, rinse.
  2. Use without supplements. It is recommended to oil the coconut strands once a week. The procedure is simple: a natural remedy is applied to dry curls, hold for at least an hour, and then washed off. If the hair is greatly weakened and looks deplorable, the substance is left overnight. You need to know the nuances of the procedure: in case of increased greasiness of the hair, only the tips are covered.
  3. Prepare a cosmetic mixture. The use of coconut oil for hair in the composition of the masks can be compared with a double blow to the troubles of the strands. Useful substances of natural remedies interact with the "usefulness" of other components of the mask, thereby providing a truly effective care. When preparing masks, essential oils, dairy products, fruits, honey are added to the main ingredient.

Which oil is better

Coconut oil, like any other, exists in two forms - refined and unrefined. Both types are used in home cosmetology, but you need to know certain nuances. A homemade hair mask with coconut oil is more often prepared from refined substance, although it is believed that the maximum benefit can be derived from unrefined.

The paradox is easy to explain: usually masks assume application along the entire length, including the roots. But the unrefined substance can not be applied to the roots. It provides an excellent hair care effect, but when it comes into contact with the skin, a concentrated composition can cause a rash. But if you put it on the tips - split hairs "sealed."

If chop the coconut pulp

An oily substance from an exotic product can be obtained at home and then used for cosmetic purposes. What is needed for this? Coconut and a few minutes of free time. Follow the simple six step instructions.

  1. Put the coconut in a container and open it.
  2. Grind the pulp in a blender.
  3. Add to the pulp two cups of hot water (not boiling water).
  4. Mix thoroughly, place in glass container.
  5. Send the closed container to the fridge for a day.
  6. The next day, collect in a separate container frozen coconut oil, which is formed over the pulp.

Sampling hair: 6 compositions

The mixture with the addition of coconut oil can change the hair beyond recognition. From the first application, the curls become shiny, take on a more well-groomed and healthy look. With prolonged use of the tool you can get rid of split ends, excessive fluffiness. Spit-laden with nutrients grows faster, acquires density. Repeating popular recipes for masks is not difficult: the ingredients are available, and cooking takes a minimum of time.

Honey-coconut food

  • coconut oil - two tablespoons (in solid form),
  • honey - a teaspoon.

  1. Mix the ingredients.
  2. Put the ingredients container in the water bath. Heat until the main component is melted.
  3. Add five drops of your favorite essential oil (you can without it), mix.
  4. Apply the mixture for half an hour at full length.

Dazzling gloss with essential oils

  • coconut oil - two tablespoons,
  • rose essential oil - two drops,
  • Rosemary essential oil - the same.

  1. Melt the main ingredient.
  2. Add cosmetic oils.
  3. Apply to dry curls for half an hour.
  4. To enhance the effect, wrap your head - plastic wrap plus a towel.

Reinforced with yolk, glycerin and wine vinegar

  • butter - two tablespoons,
  • glycerin - half a tablespoon,
  • wine vinegar - 10 ml,
  • single egg yolk.

  1. Mix the ingredients.
  2. Spread on wet hair, paying special attention to the roots.
  3. To warm the head.
  4. Wait forty minutes.

Milk and Oat Recovery

  • coconut oil - two tablespoons,
  • milled oatmeal - the same
  • milk is the same amount.

  1. Stir the melted butter base with the rest of the ingredients.
  2. Apply the mixture. Warm up
  3. After half an hour, rinse.

If hair grows fat fast

  • coconut oil - two tablespoons,
  • sea ​​salt - the same.

  1. Mix the salt and coconut product in a hard consistency.
  2. Place the ingredient container on the steam bath. Heat until the salt is completely dissolved in melted butter.
  3. Apply, warm.
  4. Keep about an hour.

Smeano-banana growth

  • coconut oil - two tablespoons,
  • sour cream (preferably fat) is half as much
  • banana - half.

  1. Mash the banana.
  2. Mix the fruit with melted butter and sour cream.
  3. Apply for half an hour.

4 more tips

Reviews of beauties who chose coconut care for themselves are captivating: girls say that their hair looks well-groomed and grow many times faster. In order not to be disappointed in the result, remember four useful tips:

  1. Regularity = performance. Home masks need to be done weekly. If hair breaks, splits, looks unhealthy, then the number of procedures should be increased: make a mask twice a week.
  2. Consider the type of hairline. Coconut oil is a universal remedy, any hair will be grateful for it. However, the composition of the masks includes not only this component. Consider which ingredients can be used for a particular type of curls, which can not.
  3. Spend allergotest. It is easy to believe the individual tolerance of an oily substance: you need to put a couple of melted drops on your wrist. It is advisable to ensure that there are no allergies to all the natural components of the cosmetic mixture, and in particular those that are common allergens - honey, herbs, and some fruits.
  4. Take breaks between courses. Experts believe that the hair get used to the masks after 15 procedures. We need to give them a break. After making 15 masks, let your hair “catch your breath” for a month or two.

Masks can be made on clean or dirty hair, you can wrap the mixture, and you can skip this step, you can rinse with plain water and shampoo, and you can use herbal decoction - everything is at your discretion. Consider that the mask with coconut oil for hair should not be too liquid by its consistency, otherwise it will simply drain out from the strands before it can be cured.

Reviews: "Hair as good as new!"

I bought solid coconut oil in a pharmacy, melted it in a water bath and applied it to the entire length of my hair and rubbed it into the roots. Dudded her head in a towel and walked for at least an hour. After the first procedure, the strands are just silk - shiny, soft, well-groomed!

I put coconut oil on my hair all night. I put on a special hat and sleep. In general, in some program they said that the Indians have such gorgeous hair, because they lubricate them with oils all the time. The scalp is very fond of oil, in particular coconut.

Immediately adapted it for such a mask:
I added yolk, a teaspoon of cinnamon, 5 drops of coconut oil and a teaspoon of a hair mask (not necessary, but it is easier to wash off) into gelatin (t. Spoon + 3 tbsp. Of warm water). Under polyethylene and a towel for 30 minutes. You can warm the hair dryer a little bit, but the cinnamon will still warm up. .

Cinnamon has a brightening effect.
Girls, if I had known about such a mask before, I would now be the owner of a beautiful blond hair under the belt

I ordered coconut oil on the Internet, but it is not in a bottle, but in pieces, it is made liquid only when heated in a water bath. I like the way it smells, and I gladly put it on all my hair for the whole night, and in the morning my head is in the usual way. After each such procedure, the hair becomes “as good as new” - it just shines and perfectly fits into the hair.

The composition of the oil

In order to understand how the use of coconut oil for hair can be useful, you should at least be approximately oriented in what is included in its composition. First of all, these are acids combined in various proportions: up to 55% lauric, 11% oleic, 10% caprylic, 9.7% capric, 8% myristic, 5% palmitic, 1.3% stearic.

Lauric acid, which makes up most of the coconut oil, has pronounced antimicrobial and bactericidal properties, which allows it to be used for effective protection against a variety of adverse conditions. Oleic acid, which is also quite a lot in the composition, acts as a powerful natural moisturizer, and cypress acid is considered an excellent natural pH regulator.

It is worth noting that there are a lot of offers on the market, different in price, and some other elements, often not so noticeable and obvious, so that they can easily determine the quality and naturalness of coconut oil. That is why you should always look at the composition. In the international format, it should include the following marks: lauric acid, oleic acid, caprylic acid, capric acid (or decanoic acid), myristic acid, stearic acid, palmitic acid. This is perfect for shopping.

With rare exceptions, other permissible elements can be added - natural fragrances. All other impurities may indicate unnatural oil. At the same time, many experts recommend taking the option and without fragrances, because in itself, coconut oil is usually a pleasant unobtrusive smell.

It is important to note that this substance has heat-resistant properties, that is, its quality is not lost at all and does not decrease when heated. At room temperature, it is usually of solid consistency and begins to melt only when the air temperature exceeds twenty-six degrees.

Sometimes during melting, the structure of the oil remains non-uniform. For example, whitish grainy inclusions appear in it. However, such manifestations do not mean that the oil is spoiled, but only that it is unevenly melted, and you just need to warm it up a little more before using it as part of the mask.

The benefits and effects of oil

The huge benefits of coconut oil for hair manifests itself even when it is used in its pure form, without additional enrichment with essential oils. Moreover, in its pure form, it can be used very often, without fear of any side effects and consequences for the hair and skin. The easiest way to use is to heat a small amount of oil in your hands and evenly distribute it over the entire length of the hair.

It is important to note that coconut oil unrefined forms a film on the skin surface, closing the pores. That is why, when used on the hair, it is better to retreat a couple of centimeters from the roots. There is also an incredibly small percentage of women for whom such a substance is not suitable. But to notice this simply and easily, you can stop using the substance to restore the hair to its former state.

For those who are not sure or for the first time uses coconut oil, it is recommended to take only refined. Although it will be deprived of a pleasant tropical characteristic flavor, but it certainly will not cause any discomfort. It also should not be rubbed into the scalp.

How best to use coconut oil - each girl chooses at her own discretion. This may depend on the type of hair and their individual reaction to the care products, the presence of certain problematic aspects. And, of course, much depends purely on personal preferences - someone likes fragrant blends, someone likes to put money on the night, and someone needs a regular fifteen-minute mask several times a week.

There are several common recipes that can be used to precisely or slightly modified to suit individual needs and requirements.

Selection and purchase

When buying oil, it is first and foremost important to pay attention to ensuring that it is as fresh as possible. Although it is worth noting that it can still be stored for quite a long time, a little more than two years, thanks to its preservative properties. However, the fresher the product and the more recent the date of its manufacture, the better.

You can buy this oil in specialized stores of organic cosmetics, including - on the Internet. The ideal option can be considered the acquisition directly "from the motherland" of coconuts, including from India.

Hair loss

Use coconut oil for hair loss - one of the most common options for cosmetic procedures, and, it should be noted, one of the most effective.

For damaged and dry hair, an ideal option would be to apply a small amount of oil, slightly heated in the palms, along the entire length of the strands before each washing of the head. If desired, you can wrap curls in film or put on a hat, but this is not a requirement and it is possible to do without it. Time, by the way, is also not an obligatory criterion, it all depends on personal convenience. Although it is worth noting that coconut causes little irritation, does not smell and does not flow. It is even applied to the body as a moisturizing milk (which does not need to be washed off).

It is only important not to overdo it and not to apply an excessively large amount of the substance. In appearance at normal dosage, the hair should look only as slightly oily, but not more than that. Excessive amounts of coconut oil will not cause much harm, however, there may be difficulties with flushing. It will require more shampoo soaps, which can lead to an unpleasant feeling of excessive dryness of the scalp.

To begin to wash the oil off the hair, for a start, it is worth simply running clean water, to which only a small amount of shampoo or other detergent is added. At the same time, the conditioner is not needed, since the oil absorbed into the hair perfectly fulfills all its relevant functions. If the hair quickly grows fat, after washing the head, you can rinse the head with water with a decoction of herbs or slightly acidified with lemon juice.

Some hairdressers also recommend rinsing medium carbonated mineral water - it stimulates the scalp after applying numerous cosmetics with oils and similar elements.

Hair protection

To protect hair on the beach - from the hot sun and salt water - coconut oil fits just perfect. In this case, its use is also quite simple and may well be carried out in the conditions of even a simple recreation center, a removable cheap room.

According to the recipe, the liquid should be properly heated in a water bath. It is evenly distributed on the hair (with a special emphasis on the tips) with a sprayer, in a very small quantity, so that the hairs do not stick together. After that, just walk through the hair with a brush made of natural bristle and that's it.

In addition to directly strong and effective protection, such a simple action will help the hair to get a very brilliant and lively attractive look. So it is even possible to maintain health, having the most attractive and stylish appearance.

Только не стоит рассчитывать исключительно на целебные силы чудесной субстанции – польза головного убора состоит не только в том, чтобы защитить волосы, но и предупредить ожоги кожи и возникновение солнечного удара. Yes, and the combination of used oil and caps can give much more expressive results.

Basis for masks

Coconut oil is used for hair growth, protection and moisturizing, restoring and improving. It can be used independently or as a very convenient and effective basis for the most different kinds and types of masks. Such effectiveness is dictated, first of all, by myristic acid, which is included in the composition and which facilitates the penetration of components of cosmetics into the skin or the surface of the hair.

For greasy hair, the use of coconut oil and a mustard mask is recommended. This combination not only makes the mustard mask more plastic, that is, easier and more convenient to apply, but also helps protect the scalp and hair from drying out.

You can mix a small amount of coconut oil with gelatin to create a gelatin mask, perfectly serving as a progressive regenerating hair balm. The same bright effect can give oil wraps, carried out by a dense mixture of coconut and burdock oils.

Hair treatment

In order to understand how to treat hair with coconut oil, you first need to clearly understand exactly what problems need to be fixed first and which form of use will be most convenient.

So, for the treatment should choose refined oil, which will act as a component of other cosmetic masks or as a separate form applied over the entire length of the hair. Unrefined oil is best used for the treatment of tips, restoration and protection of hair.

Refined oil is obtained from unrefined natural in several ways: either by heating or by carrying out chemical reactions of various kinds. It almost does not smell and is slightly inferior in its properties to the natural, which is obtained thanks to the cold-pressing technology.

However, it is worth noting that during processing, the qualitative composition of the oil does not change at all. Especially, if we are talking about full compliance with all the subtleties of the relevant technological process.

In turn, unrefined oil is much more suitable for intensive treatment and restoration of hair. It has a thicker consistency and a bright rich smell, made from natural coconuts first, cold pressed. This method allows you to fully preserve the entire composition and fortified filling of the final product.

Other applications

Coconut oil may well fit not only for the hair itself. It is able to replace butter in the kitchen, while cooked dishes are not only tasty, but also healthy. Due to its antifungal and bactericidal properties, coconut oil is quite able to gently and delicately heal from the inside.

The use of anti-wrinkle substance has given very good results, and the bright effect of slowing down the photo-aging of the skin is also evident. Facial masks, which will include a certain proportion of coconut oil, can get rid of many skin problems, including fungi and various inflammations.

Incidentally, the very high effectiveness of coconut oil is seen in the application against minor scratches, to accelerate the healing of bruises. Pet owners, especially cats, will appreciate it. Incidentally, in the case of cat scratches, coconut oil not only helps them heal faster, but also disinfects wounds, which is also quite important, because under the claws of small predators, even domestic ones, there is often a huge number of different bacteria and harmful viruses.

The use of coconut oil is not limited to these areas. If you wish, you can find hundreds of different recipes on the Internet related to cosmetic, medicinal or gastronomic applications, often - even cross-border ones. For example, massage coconut oil became very popular, which allows you to relax perfectly with pleasant aromas.

Is it advisable to use coconut oil for hair growth?

And it is no coincidence. After all, the beneficial properties of this oil are known to many. Lauric acid, which is part of the oil, makes it very popular and in demand. Why it happens?

Lauric acid is a basic fatty acid. It is even part of breast milk! So, coconut and products made from it, have the ability to improve immunity, rejuvenate, perfectly strengthen your hair.

In addition, a big plus coconut oil is its ability to restore the skin. It is even recommended to apply on the skin during pregnancy, to give it elasticity, moisturize it and prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

The oil contains many useful macro-, as well as trace elements, vitamins that strengthen hair and positively affect their growth. If you apply it regularly, you will notice how the hair becomes thicker, stronger and more silky. Due to the fact that they begin to split and fall less, they become thicker. In addition, they break and fall out less. This has a beneficial effect on their appearance.

Types of Coconut Oil

In total there are 2 types of oils:

  • Unrefined - widely distributed in the food industry, it can be used for cooking, as a dressing for various salads. It has beneficial effects on the body, rich in various minerals and vitamins. Is rich in fat sources that are important for a balanced balanced diet. In addition, it can also be used for cosmetic purposes, for example, applied to the hair. Natural oil has a thicker consistency and retains all the beneficial properties, as it is not subjected to additional processing.

  • Refined oil - oil that is being cleaned. Because of this, coconut oil loses some of its nutrients. Therefore, it is considered the least useful. Refined coconut oil is widely spread in cosmetology. Many cosmetics are made on its basis.

How does coconut oil affect hair?

  • Accelerates hair growth.
  • Makes hair more elastic, docile and silky.
  • Contributes to the preservation of moisture in the hair structure.
  • Thanks to the oil on the hair, a protective film is formed, which serves to protect the hair from negative consequences.
  • Protects hair even at thermal influence (hair dryer, curling iron, etc.).

Note: if your hair gets dirty quickly and constantly looks greasy, then choose refined coconut oil. If you have already purchased unrefined oil, then do not despair. When applying, avoid hair roots. Because if you ignore this advice and apply oil to your hair along the entire length, they will quickly become dirty, and you will have to wash them more often. So, you will wash off the natural protective film, and it will not have time to form. Consequently, the quality of the hair will deteriorate.

The positive effect of coconut oil for hair:

  1. improvement of metabolism
  2. increased hair growth
  3. increase the volume of hair,
  4. healthy and gorgeous hair look,
  5. hydration and nutrition of dry and damaged strands,
  6. anti-dandruff
  7. antimicrobial and protifungal action,
  8. protection from the negative impact of the environment (wind, sea salt, sun) and from damage from the use of styling tools and various tools.

Coconut oil - one of several oils that are able to penetrate into the hair and nourish it, restore water balance, seriously improve the health of the curls, add shine and silkiness.

For whom is suitable and is an indication for use:

In principle, it fits almost everything: with curly (curly) hair, and for dry, and for dyed. But there are still a few exceptions:

  1. thin hair: you can apply, but in very small doses, otherwise you can get stuck to each other heavy strands,
  2. fatty.

Oily hair oil.

Experts do not advise simply to apply pure oil - it will be very difficult to wash off, but there is a way where it will still work - as part of the masks.

Application: rules

Before using coconut oil, be sure to read the rules:

  • decide on the oil itself:

- unrefined - it is impossible to apply on the roots and scalp (many undesirable consequences), only on the hair itself along the entire length,
- refined - applied wherever necessary, even the scalp can be massaged (the same effect as unrefined one should not be expected).

  • if the oil is in the form of a piece, then it is great to drown even if it is simply squeezed in your hand,
  • need to apply quite a bit - a teaspoon. The rule does not work here: You will not spoil porridge with butter!
  • essential oils are not recommended to be added to coconut,
  • Apply warm oil, heated in a water bath.

Rules for flushing oil from hair - be sure to check out for fewer troubles and disappointments in the use of this oil, and others too.

There are 2 options: buy and make it yourself. Yes, yes do at home. No matter how much a coconut is an exotic fruit, it’s still not been a wonder in our stores for a long time and it is quite possible to purchase it.

So how do you make coconut oil yourself ?!

Take a coconut nut. We pierce it from above, where there are 3 indentations. These grooves are the weakest spot in the coconut. Drain the milk. Next, you need to knock it on all sides with a hard object so that the top shell falls off. To clear internal flesh from a brown layer. Grind the cleaned pulp and pour hot water (no more than 40 degrees Celsius) and place in a water bath. Hold 2 hours. Throw the resulting mass on a gauze and squeeze. Leave the liquid in a dark, cool place. It will gradually harden and flake, the very coconut oil that we need will come to the surface. Pierce a layer of oil - drain the liquid below!

The resulting oil will of course be unrefined. When using it, be sure to follow all the rules above.

You can also buy this oil in the stores of organic cosmetics, Indian goods or via the Internet. But beware of fakes. It is very easy to fake. Be sure to carefully review the label, composition, manufacturer. No preservatives, perfumes, E-nis. Shelf life - about 2 years. If more, then the oil is not very high quality.

And now a few recipes using coconut oil:

just applying oil on hair :

take the oil and apply over the entire length (if the oil is refined, then you can apply on the skin and massage). Top wrapped with cellophane (additionally put on a hat or tie a towel) - not necessarily, if desired. Keep about an hour and wash off with shampoo.

Some masks, which includes coconut oil, as well as how to properly use, apply, as well as personal experience of the application (reviews):

butter and sea ​​salt (for greasy hair)

Take oil and salt 1: 1. We mix everything and heat it up a little so that the salt melts. Apply to full length. Be sure to ensure before use that there is no allergy to the components. Top wrapped with cellophane and dress cap. Keep 40 minutes. Wash off with shampoo.

butter and sour cream (for brittle hair)

We take butter (2 tablespoons), banana (½) and sour cream (1 tablespoon). We mix everything. Apply at full length and can be on the roots. Cover with cellophane from above (additionally put on a hat or tie a towel). Hold for 1.5 hours. Wash off with shampoo.

A warning!

If you use dairy products in the composition of the masks with oils, then they (and butter, and kefir or sour cream) must be heated so that the entire mask does not later stiffen on the skin and hair.

The benefits of coconut oil.

The composition of coconut oil includes oleic acid, which is very beneficial effect not only on the hair, but also on the skin and has antiseptic properties. If you have skin problems, it peels off, then coconut oil will help solve this problem. Another remarkable property of this oil is that it regenerates the skin well and can remove fine wrinkles. For dry skin - this is generally a super tool.

Stearic acid in coconut oil makes the skin more elastic. Palmitic acid nourishes the skin with oxygen, the skin is better restored. Plus to useful acids in coconut oil there are a lot of different vitamins that saturate the skin and hair.

How to use coconut oil? They can smear the face, neck, decollete, lips to moisturize and protect from the sun. Even this oil can be used as a tanning cream - the skin is protected from drying out, and the tan sticks very well. To combat acne, you can also use natural coconut oil, although they say that it is very gummy. If you use home-made oil, your skin and hair will only say thank you.

You can also smear your elbows and heels with this oil to moisturize. And, naturally, use for hair. In this article I will write in detail how to use coconut oil for hair, what kind of masks can be made for different skin types.

Effect on the hair of coconut oil.

Coconut oil for hair can be of great benefit. It restores the hair structure, nourishes it, makes hair smooth and strong. Most often there is a need to use coconut oil for weak and dry hair, for curly, resistant to styling. For hair that often suffer from dyeing, curling, blow-drying. If you regularly make masks for hair based on coconut oil, the hair becomes shiny, smooth, soft, easy to comb and fit.

But it is important to understand that a miracle will not happen after one procedure. Hair must be “treated” regularly for quite a long time. The time it takes for you to achieve the desired result is not possible to predict, because everyone's hair has different, different degrees of damage, different structure.

Apply coconut oil to your hair 2-3 times a week if the hair is damaged and dry. If the hair is oily - use oil once a week.

Also, in some Russian girls, their hair reacts rather strangely to masks from coconut oil - they overdry. Although it would seem, on the contrary, the oil should moisturize. If you are among those with hair that also behaves after a coconut mask, then the next time you need to dilute coconut oil in half with other hair care oil (burdock, peach, olive, argan, jojoba, avocado, shea).

How else does coconut oil affect hair?

  • It creates a protective layer for each hair, because of this, the hair is less damaged during drying, combing, curling and other manipulations
  • Strengthens hair
  • Accelerates hair growth
  • Nourishes the hair roots
  • Fights dandruff, seborrhea
  • Perfectly nourishes hair, makes it shiny and strong
  • Gives extra hair
  • Regulates the sebaceous glands

How to make coconut oil at home.

If you have not found a shop in your city where you can buy good coconut oil, do not trust online stores and just want to save money, prepare coconut oil for hair and skin at home!

Homemade oil will be 100% natural, without additives. It will retain all the beneficial properties of coconut, it will contain as many vitamins as possible, it will be fresher. And, as practice shows, homemade butter “heals” hair better than purchased one. BUT, this method is not for the lazy. With coconut will have a little tricky. But believe me, it's worth it. You will get very high quality unrefined coconut oil, which will give beauty to your hair.

So, for the preparation of butter, take 2 coconuts. Choose coconuts, too, need good, ripe, not rotten. Pay attention to the "eyes", they must be the same color with the coconut itself, not much darker. Next, shake the coconut - gurgling should be heard in it.

It happens that the milk in the coconut begins to ferment, an unpleasant smell appears, the nut begins to rot. How to choose a good fruit? Pay attention to the number of hairs, there should be a lot of them. That is, the coconut should not be bald, this indicates its old age. Eyes should be dry, without holes. On the surface of the coconut should not be white spots of mold and cracks. Smell the coconut, it should not have any smell. An unpleasant smell indicates the deterioration of the product.

Weight is important, not coconut size. Coconut should be heavy, not less than 400 grams.

The price of coconuts in different cities and stores will be different. In Magnet, coconuts are 60 rubles each, that is, 2 pieces will cost 120 rubles.

When coconuts are bought and brought home, you need to drain the juice from them. To do this, make two holes with an awl, scissors or a thin screwdriver in two eyes. Water will flow out of one hole, air will flow into the other. If you make only one hole, water will flow out literally drop by drop. Drain the liquid from the two coconuts in a bowl, it is still useful.

Next, coconuts need to split and get the flesh. To easily detached the shell, take a hammer and start knocking a nut along the equator while turning it. The shell will begin to crack.

Руками снимите скорлупу, можете поддеть ножницами при необходимости. Далее разломайте орех на несколько кусочков. Ножом очистите шкурку кокоса, наподобие, как Вы чистите картошку.

Натрите мякоть кокоса на мелкой терке. Кокосовый сок, который слили в самом начале нужно подогреть на водяной бане до температуры 40 градусов. It is very important not to overheat, otherwise the benefits will be lost, the oil will be cold pressed. But in a cold environment, the oil will not separate, because the melting point of coconut oil is 25 degrees.

If there is no cooking thermometer, drip heated juice on the back of your hand, it should be lukewarm, a little warmer than your hand.

Put grated coconut pulp in a blender, pour a little boiled cold water and whisk well until smooth. This mass should resemble a thick sour cream consistency.

Put the broken mass from the blender and pour the warmed coconut juice into it. Mix thoroughly. Leave to stand at room temperature for at least 5 hours, longer.

When the mass has settled, it must be filtered through cheesecloth. Put the gauze on a bowl, put the coconut mixture in it and squeeze well. Get coconut cream. Pour them in a jar, close the lid and send them overnight in the refrigerator. When cooled, the fat rises, hardens, and the water stays below.

Do two holes in solid fat and drain the water. The bank remains pure coconut oil - high quality, healthy and natural. Store this oil in a clean jar for no more than 6 months.

Coconut chips, which remain after the production of oil, can be used as a body scrub. Dry the shavings, add a few tablespoons of olive oil and orange essential oil. Get a great scrub.

Where to buy coconut oil for hair.

Coconut oil is sold in specialized cosmetic stores, as well as in stores “all for soap making”. In some pharmacies, you can also find coconut oil, but there it will be in a bubble of small volume, possibly with various additives.

Also, a large selection of coconut oil is in online stores that send it from Thailand or other tropical countries. If you yourself are going on a trip to Africa, to Thailand - then be sure to buy this oil there.

When choosing coconut oil, be sure to read the label. On the front side it can be written that it is 100% natural oil, and in the composition there may be additional ingredients, even mineral oil, which is obtained by distilling fuel oil. In good oil there should not be any fragrances, preservatives.

The most useful oil is unrefined first cold pressed (unrefined coconut oil of the first cold pressing), it retains a maximum of useful substances. Many manufacturers, to increase the yield of oil during the spin cycle, pre-heat coconuts. This reduces the beneficial properties of the finished product.

How to use coconut oil for hair.

Hair can be nourished with pure coconut oil without mixing it with any other products. How to do it right? There are several ways to use coconut oil for hair. But for all of them it is necessary to bring the oil into a “working” state.

As you know, at temperatures below 25 degrees, this oil hardens, becomes solid, white. This is because it contains a lot of saturated fatty acids, which become liquid in warmth. And hair oils (all oils!) Better penetrate the inside of the hair in a warm condition.

Therefore, before use, coconut oil should be heated in a water bath to 40 degrees. This is the ideal temperature at which the oil penetrates well into the structure of the hair, but it does not lose its beneficial properties.

When the oil is heated, it becomes liquid and transparent. The main thing - do not overheat! And another important point - the oil should be applied to the hair a little, otherwise it will be very difficult to wash it off, the hair will look greasy.

You can also apply the oil on the ends after shampooing (only for dry hair) and do not rinse. Use a small amount of oil for this.

Next, just wash your hair with shampoo. It is better to choose a shampoo with natural ingredients. In order to wash the oil well, you may need to apply shampoo more than once.

Masks to strengthen hair.

1. Ingredients (for all hair types):

  • coconut oil - 1 tsp
  • burdock oil - 1 tsp
  • rosemary oil - 5 drops

Mix all the oils and rub this mass into the hair roots. Leave for 30 minutes, then wash your hair in the usual way.

2. Ingredients (for oily hair):

  • coconut oil for hair - 1 tbsp.
  • Kefir - 2 tbsp.

Heat coconut oil for hair with kefir in the water bath, stirring. The mixture should be warm, but not hot. Apply to dry hair before washing for 1-2 hours. Shake your hair with a film or in a bag for better penetration. Wash your hair with shampoo.

3. Ingredients (for dry hair):

  • coconut oil - 2 tbsp.
  • extra virgin olive oil - 1 tbsp.

As usual, the oil is heated to a warm state, apply to the entire length of the hair and scalp. Wrap up the film and hold at least 1 hour. Then wash your head.

4. Ingredients (for all hair types)

  • coconut oil - 2 tbsp.
  • tocopherol - 15 drops
  • pyridoxine - 15 drops

This mask with vitamins very well restores the hair structure, makes them stronger and stronger. Mix all the ingredients, a little melt the oil in a water bath and evenly apply to clean hair. Apply to the roots do not need to retreat from the roots of centimeters 10. Remove the hair under a plastic cap, soak for half an hour. This mask is no longer washed with shampoo, but with a decoction of nettle.

Nourishing hair mask.

  • coconut oil - 2 tbsp.
  • honey - 2 tsp.
  • lavender oil - 2 drops

Honey and oil - a very good combination that will nourish the hair, make them shiny and healthy. How to use in this case coconut oil? Put honey and butter in a bowl, put it in a water bath and melt to a liquid, slightly warm state. Also do not forget to drop lavender oil into this mass. Stir thoroughly. Apply to wet hair (not washed, just moistened slightly with water). Apply only on the length of the hair, without affecting the roots. Shake your head with plastic and a towel or scarf. Hold for 1 hour, then wash your hair.

Mask for hair growth.

  • coconut oil - 2 tbsp.
  • banana - 0.5 pcs.
  • sour cream - 1 tbsp.

This mask is a very good way to use coconut oil for faster hair growth. By the way, I have already written an article on how to quickly grow hair. It is available on a dedicated link.

To make this mask, mash half a banana in mush, add homemade sour cream (it has more nutrients than in the shop) and coconut oil. Warm up everything in the water bath and rub into the roots of the hair, making a head massage. Spread the remaining mixture evenly over the entire hair length. Make a warming construction of the film and towels. Keep the mask for at least 40 minutes, then rinse with shampoo.

Use coconut oil to nourish your hair, especially if your hair is dry and damaged, and also lacks natural shine. Write comments on the use of coconut oil for hair, share your experiences.

Coconut oil for hair: method of application and application features

Coconut oil is used to solve various problems with hair. Accordingly, the methods of application are different. Based on what effect you want to achieve, choose the method of application that is right for you. You can use it in its pure form or make various hair masks using oil. In addition, they practice adding oil to the ready-made, purchased hair masks. How much is coconut oil? The price in a pharmacy starts from 200 rubles and depends on several factors. The main - volume.

It is important to understand that it is necessary to heat it up before applying the oil to the hair. How to do it?

  • Transfer the required amount of oil to a plastic container. After that place this container with oil in warm water. 5 minutes will be enough.
  • You can also use a microwave to heat the oil. The main thing - do not overdo it!

And how much to keep the oil on the hair? Many people mistakenly believe that the longer the oil will be on the hair, the better the effect. This is a big misconception. Because the oil has a fatty consistency and clogs the pores with prolonged contact with the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to limit the time of oil contact with hair. The most optimal is 30 minutes. During this time, the oil perfectly nourishes the hair and skin, but does not have time to clog the pores. That is, you will achieve the greatest effect from its application!

Wash off the oil without harm to the hair

How to apply coconut oil to the hair, we figured it out. Hold the oil on the hair for 30 minutes, and then what? The next stage, we will wash off the oil. For this we need shampoo, it is better to use the one in which there is the least amount of silicone. To begin with, adjust the temperature of the water; it should not be too hot or cold. Make the one in which you will be comfortable. Hot and cold water has a bad effect on the structure of the hair and contributes to its destruction.

We proceed to the next stage - the direct removal of oil. Rinse your hair well using shampoo. If necessary, repeat the procedure 2 times. To consolidate the effect is best to use hair care products. Or a balm, or a special cosmetic mask. At the very end, apply an indelible oil on the ends of the hair, it will prevent their breakage. And your hair will look luxurious.

Coconut oil for dry hair

This mask with coconut oil for hair growth is very popular. For its preparation, we need:

  • Water, ¼ cup.
  • 3 grams of coconut oil (½ tsp)
  • Castor oil, 10 grams (2 tablespoons).
  • ½ tsp glycerin.
  • 1 tablespoon of lanolin (natural fat).
  • Teaspoon melted pork fat.

Mix coconut and castor oil, lanolin, fat. Heat the mixture over low heat. Water is also heated and mixed with the mixture. Add glycerin. Stir the mixture until smooth.

Apply the resulting mask on the hair along their entire length, wrap the head with cellophane and with a towel on top. Leave for 10 minutes. After remove the mask with shampoo. Rinse hair 2 times if necessary. Rinse with water. Enjoy your voluminous and saturated hair.

Oily hair masks

What ingredients do we need?

  • 40 grams of kefir, about 4 tablespoons.
  • Coconut oil 1 tablespoon.

Heat coconut oil either in a water bath or in a microwave, as in the previous method. Separately heat kefir. Mix all ingredients.

Apply the homogeneous mass to the hair, cover with film or cellophane. Wrap your head towel to keep warm. After 30 minutes, rinse hair with water. Wash off the remnants of the mask with shampoo.

Lush volume masks

In order to strengthen your hair and give it a luxurious look and a lush volume, you will need colorless henna. Immediately it should be noted that you should not worry about the color of your hair, because such henna does not dye hair, even blond. So do not hesitate. Henna strengthens the hair structure and makes it thicker. What ingredients do we need for cooking?

  • Colorless henna.
  • Coconut oil.
  • Hot water (amount written on henna packaging).

Open the henna and fill it with the required amount of water. Stir and bring to a uniform consistency. She will look like sour cream. Wait 20 minutes. Add 5 tablespoons of coconut oil to the resulting mass. Stir.

Apply the mask on the entire length of the hair. Wait 30 minutes. To improve the effect, you can wrap the head with a towel. Better between the hair and the towel to make a layer of cellophane. Thus the heat effect will increase and the mask will work better.

Coconut oil for hair loss

Widespread mask of coconut oil against hair loss. And it is no coincidence. For cooking, you only need garlic (1 clove), hot peppers, no more than ¼ tsp and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

How to cook and apply a mask?

Heat the oil. Mix it with the rest of the ingredients. Massage the mixture into the hair roots. To enhance the effect, you can create a thermal effect (use a towel and cellophane). If you feel a burning sensation - do not worry. This is a normal reaction of your body to such a mask. Hold it on the hair for no more than 30 minutes, then rinse it with water and rinse the hair with hair wash.

Hair growth mask

To make this mask, you will need sea salt, coconut oil, and one egg yolk. Coconut oil for hair growth is the most popular remedy at the moment.

Mix sea salt (5 grams, or 1 teaspoon) with warmed coconut oil. To the mixture, add 1 yolk. Great, you got a coconut mask!

How to apply coconut oil on hair?

Massage the resulting mass over the entire length. Notice half an hour. Then rinse well with water. Also be sure to wash off the remnants of the mask with shampoo.

Hair mask: coconut oil and honey

Based on the name it is clear that for the preparation of this mask, we need ingredients such as honey and coconut oil. But how much? It depends on the length of the hair, but the proportions are as follows: one tablespoon of honey requires two tablespoons of preheated oil.

The resulting mixture should be mixed well to get a uniform consistency. Great, you have a great mask, which includes coconut oil for hair growth!

Spread the mask over the entire hair length, leave for 30 minutes. To enhance the effect, you can cover the hair with a towel. Better to put cellophane between the hair and the towel so that the mask does not soak into the towel and does not smudge it. Wash the rest of the mixture with water. Use shampoo if necessary.

After you complete the course of these masks, you will not have a question: “Does coconut oil help hair growth?”

People notice astounding results after using oil. They note that this is especially noticeable with regular use, at least 2 times a week. As a rule, girls note that after 2 months of applying the oil, a stunning effect is seen. First, the hair becomes thicker and thicker. Less drop out. And the growth rate is just a miracle. It increases about 2 times!

A lot of information about coconut oil for hair growth has been written on the hair forums. Reviews are all positive. People say that masks have amazing effects. They give hair not only beauty, but also health and strength.

Many people believe that everything is simple, the whole secret is in regular care. And it is no coincidence. However, many are lazy to do something, thinking that everything will come by itself. And the hair will become beautiful thanks to the power of thought. This is not true. To check the result of the oil, several girls joined together and conducted an experiment. Namely: they put a coconut mask on the hair before each wash, combed the hair with a comb with sparse teeth and washed my hair no more than 2 times a week. This is an important point to pay attention to. Many abuse and wash their hair often. Some do every day. In this case, you are doing yourself a disservice, because every day you wash off the protective layer of hair. And subsequently, he simply does not have time to form. And your hair will not have protection. They will often break down and start falling out at an incredible rate. You need it? The girls note that after applying the mask, the hair became thicker, a volume appeared. And hair growth accelerated. Isn't that great?

And there are a lot of such reviews. It is necessary to understand one thing: since you "made friends" with coconut oil, it is important to use it regularly. Otherwise, there will be no effect, and you will think that it does not work. The main thing - act! And by all means follow all the rules for using this wonderful product.


Coconut oil for hair growth is very effective. However, it should be understood that it is necessary to apply it on an ongoing basis or courses. A single mask for hair growth with coconut oil does not help. Because the effect accumulates gradually. Use coconut oil regularly! The price in a pharmacy is acceptable, it will even be cheaper than popular cosmetic hair care products, and the effect will be even better!

Secrets of using natural coconut oil for hair

Before and without chemical shampoos and hair products, girls could look beautiful and healthy. In many ways, a stunning effect was achieved through the use of natural cosmetics. Gorgeous braids washed with various kinds of decoctions, yielded to various procedures to maintain beauty and attractive appearance.

Do not think that only the flavor of coconut oil is his trump card. You only need to try a magic hair mask based on coconut oil once or just give your hair such a gentle care - you will definitely appreciate the advantages of the natural composition of such oil.

The use of coconut oil for the health and beauty of hair is justified by the chemical composition of the oil itself. It is almost 98% repeats the composition of lipids (fats), which allocates the scalp. What does it mean? If you use chemicals based on inorganic acids or alkalis, then their hair and scalp are simply rejected. Из-за такого «бережного» ухода может возникать перхоть, волосы начнут быстрее жирнеть или даже начнут выпадать. На коже головы образуется непроницаемая для воздуха пленка, которая мешает нормальной циркуляции воздуха в коже головы.But coconut oil is accepted by our hair just fine! They consider such a composition as "their". A hair mask based on natural coconut oil will be an ideal additional protection with regular use of irons, hair dryer or aggressive alkaline shampoos. Paradoxically, but the damage from coconut oil will not be oily hair: the natural composition of the substance, even with a direct effect on the scalp does not provoke increased fat and allergic reactions.

How it works?

If you want to make your strands shiny, healthy and beautiful, then use coconut oil in such cases:

  1. With hair loss. Sometimes girls confuse hair loss with brittleness. In the latter case, you should buy coconut oil for hair and once a week just put it on the entire length for a few hours, but it is better to put a hat on and fall asleep. After several months of such procedures, strands will become more elastic, strong, brittleness will disappear.
  2. Split ends. Want to grow long braids? Then, after the next haircut, you can prevent the ends of the cross section: before each head wash, just apply a couple of drops on the dry ends of the hair - you can forget about the cross section.
  3. The porous structure of the hair. If you notice that with high humidity your hair is covered with a light down, which is not afraid of ironing or styling products, your hair is endowed with a porous structure that does not allow them to retain moisture inside. Before each use of shampoo, apply the length of coconut oil. It forms a safe film and protects your strands from aggressive alkalis in the shampoo.

Shining skin of the face and body with coconut oil

This universal composition is not only a real find for those who cherish the hope of long thick braids, but also for girls who have tried all face and body skin care products from the mass market and natural oils. The first and undoubted advantage of coconut oil for the face, we have already described above - its chemical composition is almost identical to the natural fat of our skin, body and scalp. This means that the oil will not cause allergic reactions and clog pores.

The first method of applying coconut oil for the face - hydration and nutrition. Due to the unique composition of coconut oil penetrates the skin, nourishes and moisturizes it. Coconut oil instead of face cream can be used even in the cold - the composition does not freeze and does not damage the skin, unlike cosmetic products on a water-based or simply water-based basis.

The second use of coconut oil for body and skin is a golden tan. It has long been proven that the oil has a UV filter with an indicator of 5. This is an excellent solution for sunbathing on the beach for owners of dark skin. With the advent of the first rays, you can smear the hands or feet with such oil, then the still tender spring sun will pester even the white skin. An additional bonus you get moisturizing the skin, getting rid of chapped skin of the feet and prevention of stretch marks.

Speaking of stretch marks. They arise from sudden changes in height or weight. Due to the fact that the skin is not sufficiently elastic for such changes, after a few extra pounds you may notice unpleasant red, and then white grooves - stretch marks, or stretch marks. It is very difficult to get rid of them, and it is possible to completely clean the skin of the traces so hated by many women only by the method of laser. A more effective remedy in this case will be the prevention of such manifestations by moisturizing the skin. Combine the use of coconut oil from stretch marks along with a contrast shower that will restore blood flow to the skin and stimulate a quick recovery of damaged areas.

The use of coconut oil in food

Did you know that edible coconut oil is an undoubted attribute of the cuisine of the peoples of Polynesia and Indian cuisine? In fact, it is not just an exotic additive in your diet, but also a really useful tool for frying and baking.

Many supporters of a healthy diet refuse to fry in oil, not only because of the high caloric content of the product, but also due to the fact that carcinogens, which negatively affect the general state of health, are released as part of ordinary vegetable oil. Unlike the usual sunflower oil, coconut does not emit carcinogens even when heated to temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius!

Many will be surprised and say: a useful substitute for sunflower oil has long been invented - Italians and Greeks have been using olive oil for hundreds of years, and their nutrition is considered very balanced and rewarding. But the fact is that olive oil does not stand frying at high temperatures. Housewives who have once tried to fry meat or other product in olive oil know that it will simply curl up. And coconut oil does not just stand, but also does not form dangerous carcinogens or unhealthy fats.

In addition to the absence of carcinogenic properties, coconut oil has the following advantages:

  1. Regulates metabolism and helps the body absorb vitamins. With him, any pharmacy complex is absorbed many times faster and better.
  2. Regulates the thyroid gland. In this case, you can use the oil in the dishes, and add as an exquisite seasoning for fruit salads, desserts. The accent will be a teaspoon of this oil in a coffee drink or dessert.
  3. Clears the intestines. Thanks to the oil structure, coconut oil helps to clean the intestines and start digestion.

Cautions to use

The properties of coconut oil, like any other product, simply can not be perfect at all. Applying such an active natural component, you should not forget about such precautions:

  1. Hair masks should not be used too often. The fact is that the protective film is washed out of the hair gradually. If you “load” hair with coconut oil all the time, then the strands eventually become dull and lifeless. Just take a short break in two months after the same mask duration.
  2. Despite the benefits of food use of oil, you should observe the daily rate in the ratio of fats. Even a healthy product in large quantities can not be called diet!
  3. Be careful to use coconut oil for problem and oily skin. Too much moisturizing and nourishing of the skin can provoke an increased oiliness of the skin, which will cause the appearance of closed comedones.

For dry skin, coconut oil is better than finding a remedy, and when choosing cosmetics for oily, combination and problem skin, you should consult a specialist. The benefits and harms of coconut oil are 80% to 20%. This means that if you manage to buy natural coconut oil without additives and additional components, most likely you will get extremely good use of the product. Observing the above recommendations and cautions, you only get the beneficial properties of coconut oil.

By the way, to determine a good oil is easy. It should have a gentle characteristic smell without sourness or bitterness. The color of the oil should be transparent white, with a slight pearl tint. Pay attention to the two aggregative states of this oil: at temperatures below 22 degrees Celsius, it will be hard and resemble soft crumbling wax. If the oil is heated or left in a room with a higher temperature, it will become liquid and convenient to use. It is best to heat the oil in a water bath or with a warm towel before the procedure, but in a pinch, a microwave oven will also work. Now you can see how one jar of products can replace your expensive cosmetic mask, balsam and serum for hair, moisturizing cream for the face, body and hands, and even a vitamin food complex!

Super moisturizing and healing hair care is COCONUT OIL.

Today I am sharing with you another hair product.

All have heard about the benefits of butter for a long time, and no matter how it was, vegetable, flaxseed, olive and coconut. I tried almost everything on myself, and now the coconut oil unrefined by Dolphin Coco is in line. On the Internet, you can read in detail about the benefits of unrefined oil, both for cosmetic and food purposes, because you can endlessly list its benefits.

You can apply oil anywhere

  • for moisturizing the skin in summer and spring
  • use instead of hand cream
  • use in the care of the tips of the hair and as a mask for the entire length of hair
  • excellent massage oil that can be used even for babies
  • As a cooking oil coconut like to use eminent cooks, as it is one of the few that do not emit carcinogens, even at high temperatures. By the way, I tried to fry cheesecakes on it.

Basically, I use it as a hair mask, first I warm it up, so that it becomes liquid, in a water bath. Next, I apply it on the hair, fairly abundantly, on top of the food wrap, hat and walk for two hours in this form. At the end of time I wash off with shampoo. It is washed off very easily, I wash my hair two times. The effect of moisturized and shiny hair.

I remember what my hair looked like before, two years ago. They climbed and flogged, broke, as much as I tried the means they just did not count. Now I discovered natural cosmetics, what nature gives us. I began to read the composition and see what I plan to apply to myself. I do not exclude that in conjunction with all the means there is a result, but the condition of the hair not only depends on the masks and shampoos, it also depends on your nutrition.

Now my hair looks like this, the breaking of hair has noticeably decreased, earlier it was already visible from the middle of the length. I use oil for 4 months, once a week.