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What documents do the child need for a visa, if the parents have a Schengen?

Traveling with children abroad in itself gives a lot of trouble. This applies not only to border control crossings, but also to the trip itself. In addition, additional difficulties awaiting parents in obtaining permission to enter the Schengen zone. After all, not everyone knows what documents are needed for a visa for a child. Especially, if his age is less than 14 years.

When is a child visa issued?

So, do I need a visa for a child under 2? According to the requirements of the European Union, a separate Schengen visa for children under 12 years of age is issued on a mandatory basis. And not only when the minor has his own passport, but also if his data is entered in the passport of his father or mother.

For the sake of objectivity, it is worth noting that a Schengen visa for a child under the age of 14 is much easier to obtain than for an adult. This is explained by the fact that minors do not need to provide a certificate from their place of work, prove their financial solvency or show air tickets with confirmed dates. All this is necessary to prepare parents. Children receive a visa automatically after approval of the application filed on behalf of the father or mother.

Fingerprints for Schengen visas for children under 12 years of age, do not need to remove. The only serious requirement is only the availability of a notarized permission from the second parent.

If the child travels with his parents or guardian

Not having accurate information on how to open a visa for a child, some parents make a mistake when preparing a package of documents, which subsequently forces them to waste time collecting the missing certificates.

If we are talking about the Russian legislation, the consent to get a visa for children from the second parent is not required. Departure from the country is allowed, provided they are accompanied by one of the parents. However, the laws of several European countries require the provision of such a document. And not only at the actual entry into the country, but also when issuing a visa. And since the visa document is issued on the basis of foreign, rather than Russian, legislation, the jurisdiction of which does not apply in the territory of the EU embassy, ​​notarized consent to leave the child is still necessary.

Citizens should take into account that consent to leave must be provided not only if the child goes abroad with one of the parents, but also if both parents cross the border. In the latter case, two documents are made - “mutual consent” from the father and mother.

In order to avoid problems, it is recommended to make a notarized translation of the consent in English or the state language of the “first entry” country.

Free legal phone support:

Msk +7 (499) 938-51-06, St. Petersburg +7 (812) 425-68-47, RF 8 (800) 350-83-26 (the call is free)

A visa for a disabled child over 6 years old is issued for free. If parents want to save 35 euros for a visa, then the standard list of documents submitted to the embassy or visa center, they need to provide a medical opinion of the commission to establish disability, the so-called pink certificate. It provides a benefit in paying the consular fee, regardless of the age of the child.

If children travel accompanied by a third person

The travel of a minor separately from his parents, with other relatives or as part of an organized group of schoolchildren requires the provision of some additional references. In particular, you will need to prepare the following documents for a visa to a child without parents:

  • the notarized consent of both parents indicating the full name accompanying person
  • passport of the child,
  • birth certificate,
  • certificate from the school for a Schengen visa,
  • 4 photos 3.5 by 4.5 cm.,
  • international medical insurance,
  • originals of both parents' internal passports, as well as copies of all completed pages,
  • certificate of employment from both parents
  • bank statement about the status of the father or mother account
  • sponsorship letter (if necessary).

Having a problem? Call a lawyer:

Msk +7 (499) 938-51-06, St. Petersburg +7 (812) 425-68-47, RF 8 (800) 350-83-26 (the call is free)

How to write a sponsorship letter for a Schengen visa? This document is quite simple; you can even not use a sample, but write in your own words. But since we are talking about a minor, it should be taken into account that only a close relative can sponsor a child’s trip abroad without being accompanied by parents. A typical example of a sponsorship letter is as follows.

  1. Title of the document.
  2. The content of the text: “I, full name, (date of birth, address and contact telephone number) being (indicating the degree of kinship relations) for (full name of the child) take over and guarantee payment of all expenses related to a trip (name of child, date of birth, address) to the territory (country indication) during (indicating the date of arrival and departure).
  3. Personal signature, date.

The sponsorship letter does not need a notarial certificate, however, along with it, the sponsor of the trip will have to provide a certificate of employment or a bank statement.

How to photograph a small traveler

Every passport holder is well aware that issuing a visa is impossible without submitting photos. But not everyone knows what photos are needed for a visa if it is issued for a minor child.

Making photographs of a young child has its own characteristics. Taking into account that children under the age of two or three years are not yet able to assume the position necessary for photographing documents, the embassy staff do not impose strict requirements on the quality of photographs. The main condition here is only that the kid looked into the camera, and his head kept straight.

You need to photograph a child on a monochromatic light background. If you take photos at home, then you can use the wall of the refrigerator. Take care that the light on the face of the child falls evenly. For this, it is best to use not only the upper artificial light, but also natural light. Ready photos are printed on matte paper in the amount of 4 pieces.

The process of registration

If the child has not yet reached the age of 12, the submission of documents to the embassy or visa center can take place without his participation. This is explained by the fact that children under the age of 12 are exempt from mandatory fingerprinting.

If the trip is planned as part of the whole family, with both parents, then in some embassies do not require notarially certifying permission from the father or mother to leave the child for a visa. It is enough for both spouses to appear for an interview, having prepared permission for the consul in simple written form.

Submission of documents by attorney for a child visa to the Schengen needs notarization. In addition, a power of attorney for a visa for a minor must be issued from both parents.

Filling in the form

Usually, most parents who are planning a foreign trip for the first time with their minor son or daughter, vaguely imagine how to fill out a Schengen visa application form for a child. A sample of filling in a form for a Schengen visa for minors, available on our website, will help in this problem. With it, you can quickly fill out all sections of the questionnaire for subsequent submission to the embassy or visa center.

An important detail of the procedure that you should definitely pay attention to is the question of who signs the visa application form for a child. Usually this document is filled in by one of the parents, even if the teenager is already a high school student and can answer the questionnaire himself.

In the questionnaire, filled in on behalf of a child who has not yet turned 14, there is no column for the signature of the minor himself. This is explained by the fact that up to 14 years of age the interests of the child are represented by his parents. However, in the questionnaire for a teenager older than 14 years old, who has a civil passport, it is required to put not only the signature of one of the parents, but also the minor himself.

Where to apply

Documents for a visa for minors are served at the first entry country visa center accredited to the embassy. Visa center services are paid and are not included in the price of the visa itself.

If the state to which the trip is planned does not have a visa center in Moscow, or a citizen wants to obtain a visa in the region of the country where he lives, the application and the accompanying package of documents is submitted directly to the consular department of the embassy or to the regional consulate.

How much is made visa

The term for processing a Schengen visa does not usually exceed 5-8 business days. If the applicant is interested in expedited visa receipt (within 1-3 days), he can indicate this in the application form, providing among the other documents submitted a justification for an urgent visit to the EU country. Such a justification may be the death of a close relative or the need for urgent treatment abroad.

Visa price for a child

How much is a Schengen for a child?
According to the norms of the European Code, adopted in 2010, a Schengen visa for children under 6 is free. However, this does not apply to the issuance of urgent visas and to the payment of the service fee.

However, the answer to the question of how long a visa is issued to a child for free is not so straightforward. Some European countries continue to issue visas free of charge for children aged 6 to 12 years. These countries include: Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Italy and Hungary.

The rest of the Schengen countries, which are not included in the list, for a single-entry visa for children aged 6 to 12 years, charge 35 euros. The same amount is paid in all Schengen countries when issuing visas to minors aged 12 to 18 years.

In which cases it is necessary to issue a child visa?

When crossing the territory of any foreign state, children are obliged to have an appropriate document giving them the right to visit the country. Parents should take care of this in advance and open a Schengen visa. Schengen visa for children is issued according to the general rules:

  • Children under the age of fourteen can travel only when accompanied by adults.
  • documents must be done in English, the originals are translated,
  • at 14, the teenager receives a passport; he is allowed to travel on his own.

Do I need a passport and a visa for a child under 6 years of age?

Previously, children under six years of age fit into their parents' foreign passports, their admission documents were pasted in there. Beginning in 2010, the baby, regardless of whether he is 1 year old or 6 years old, must have his own passport. The same rule applies to Schengen visas, which must be made out for each traveler.

List of required documents for visa

Registration of a Schengen visa is necessary when visiting European countries that have concluded an agreement abolishing passport control. It currently operates in the territory of 30 states. The collection of the necessary papers for opening a visa to a child has its own nuances, the age and the presence of accompanying adults are always considered.

Traveling with parents

Documents for opening a Schengen visa to 18 years may be slightly different, it depends on the consulate of the visited state. Consider the basic unchanged package of required papers:

  • Questionnaire It is a must-have document, regardless of age and accompanying baby. The questionnaire can be filled in by adults manually or typed on a computer. Information questions include information about the child and his parents. All fields are filled in Latin letters, and at the end is signed. If children are under 14 years of age, adults sign for them.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Color photos 2 pcs. (35x45 mm).
Among the documents for opening a visa must be a passport of the child
  • International passport.
  • Certified by the signature and seal of information about the place of work of parents. They should include information about their positions and salary.
  • Help, which confirms the solvency and financial independence.
  • Insurance policy.

All documents are translated into English, and they are notarized. If the child travels with one of the parents, then the other must provide consent (power of attorney) to travel abroad with him. In other circumstances, such as a defective family, this fact must be confirmed by the relevant documents that indicate one parent’s upbringing:

  • help single mother,
  • judicial decision on depriving a parent of his rights to a child,
  • death certificate.

Trip without parents

Cases when children travel independently are not rare. If they are minors, then parents are obliged to formalize consent to the opening of a visa, as well as to document their solvency. For a child traveling by air without adults, an agreement is signed with the airline, which will take responsibility for the escort for this time. This service is issued quickly, but it is paid.

When leaving a child abroad without parents, the list of documents should be expanded.

In addition to the main package of documents for opening a visa are provided:

  1. Sponsorship letter. It is served by the person paying for the child’s journey. Parents are not necessarily sponsors, their relatives can also become them.
  2. A document proving the family bond of the child and his sponsor.
  3. Other documents that confirm the financial position of the sponsor. This may be an account statement from the bank, a certified certificate of employment, which indicates the position held and the amount of salary, phone organization for feedback.

All these certificates are submitted along with the questionnaire and the main package of documents. They are handwritten in block letters or typed on a computer in the language of the state to which the child is sent, or in English. All original documents (bank account statements, insurance policy, copies of parents' foreign passports) are an exception and are not translated.

Journey accompanied by a third party

Together with the children's documents, a copy of it and copies of the passport of the accompanying person are submitted It is also necessary to present a power of attorney from both parents.

This permission is confirmed by a notary. It is necessary to specify in full the full name. person responsible for the child during the trip. If the child has a second parent, the relevant supporting documents are attached (certificate of his death, judicial decision on deprivation of parental rights, certificate of the missing parent).

Special cases for paperwork

Some families face special situations when they want to get a Schengen visa. They involve the collection of additional papers and references:

  1. The child travels without accompanying. The embassy must provide permission of the established sample from persons warding the baby. It indicates the validity of this consent, which should cover the visa period.
  2. If the child is brought up without parents (guardians), you must provide a judicial decision on the appointment of custody.
  3. If in the submitted documents the child’s surname differs from the parents, the originals and copies of documents confirming their relationship are also submitted by the notary. These include acts of registration of marriage, a certificate of change of name.
  4. In the consulates of some countries when applying for a visa require originals and notarized copies.
  5. Upon receipt of a multiple-entry Schengen child visa, it is worth making a power of attorney for each parent. It will allow the child to visit or leave a foreign country with one or both parents. The same agreement must be made if the child travels with relatives or without accompanying.
  6. If parents have valid valid Schengen visas, you need to submit copies and originals of their passports.
When applying for a visa, it is necessary to consider all non-standard situations so that the planned trip abroad will not fail

How long is a visa prepared and how much does it cost?

Many travelers are concerned about the questions: how much is the registration of a child's Schengen visa and for how many years can a child open it for free? It all depends on the country visited, the age of the child and the features of receiving documents:

  • some countries (Germany, Austria, Poland and others) provide free visas for children up to 6 years old,
  • when departing to Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, it is possible not to pay the visa fee for children under 14 years old who are written in the foreign passports of their parents,
  • страны Франция, Дания, Италия требуют полной оплаты детской визы, если у ребенка есть загранпаспорт.

Цена визы для ребенка будет зависеть от типа документа и запрашиваемого срока пребывания. При получении туристической, мультивизы, обычной визы на короткий период или долгосрочной стоимость будет варьироваться от 30 до 70 евро. Если использовать услуги визовых агентств, то потребуется добавить еще 25 – 35 евро, не учитывая стоимость дополнительных услуг. You also need to pay a consular fee.

To open a child visa, you must carefully and correctly execute and prepare all the documents. It is better to do this timely 2-3 months before the expected departure date. Usually the terms for issuing a child visa are 7-14 days. It all depends on many factors: the type of visa, its terms, the age of the child and who he will travel with.

Schengen visa for children up to 6 years

Until March 2010, the children entered the parents' passports, and a Schengen visa for a child under 6 years old was pasted in a document (paper passport) for his mother or father, with whom he went on a trip.

According to the order of the Government of the Russian Federation, from 2010, children, regardless of age, must have personal passports.

A Schengen visa for a child up to 6 years old can be made even if his parents do not have marks on the presence of a daughter or son in the passport. Due to the fact that the documents of children and parents are processed independently of each other, it has become easier to send babies abroad with third parties if there is such a need.

According to the European Code, Schengen for children up to 6 years old is done without paying a consular fee. However, countries are entitled to regulate this ruling. Therefore, before submitting the papers, it is better to clarify this point in the consulate of the required state.

Schengen type for children from 6 to 18 years

In accordance with Russian legislation, children are considered to be persons under 18 years old inclusive. Within this category there are no fundamental differences in either the design or the rules for using the document. Schengen for children up to 12 years old is not much different from the similar document for younger children.

The only exception is the time of obtaining a passport. If up to 14 years, children can theoretically be entered in the passports of their parents, then if there are fresh photos glued in there, they have the right to travel according to this document. However, starting from the age of 14, a Schengen visa for children up to 18 years of age can be obtained exclusively in the child’s personal passport.

Visa procedure

As soon as a child turns 14, he is entitled to travel unaccompanied by adults. Therefore, it is possible to execute documents independently, having collected all the necessary package of papers.

But how can a child make a Schengen visa, if he has not yet reached that age? In this case, it must be requested simultaneously with the documents for at least one of the parents or for the third person responsible for the child on the trip. If adults already have a valid Schengen, then a copy of it attached to the main set of documents will be enough.

The form is included in the list of mandatory documents that must be submitted to the Schengen for a child. Regardless of whether the children go on a trip alone, with their parents or as part of a group, the questionnaire is completed for each child individually. The form can be filled in by hand, or online, immediately by sending it electronically.

Questions will include information about both the parents and the child. The form is filled in Latin letters. At the end is signed. A parent or official guardian signs for a small child, children over 14 years old sign their name.

List of documents for Schengen visa for children under 18

Documents for a child for a Schengen visa at the consulates of different countries may request a little different. However, the main package of papers is always the same. It includes:

  1. questionnaire
  2. birth certificate,
  3. certificate from the place of study,
  4. 2 color photos 35x45 mm,
  5. international passport (if available),
  6. passport of one of the parents, if the child is entered there,
  7. insurance policy,
  8. power of attorney from the father and / or mother to leave the child abroad, if one of them does not accompany him,
  9. certificate of employment of parents with information about the position, salary, duly certified by seal and signature,
  10. confirmation of financial solvency.

If a child has only one parent, it is necessary to provide papers confirming this fact:

  • death certificate,
  • court decision on deprivation of parental rights,
  • guardianship court decision
  • a certificate from a single mother or other evidence that the parent brings up the baby on their own.

If the child goes abroad with a third party, then the following documents must be attached to the main package:

  • copies of parents' civil passports,
  • sponsorship letter.

A sponsorship letter is a paper that contains information about the person who takes all the expenses of the child’s travel.

This person can be a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, as well as an adult brother or sister. The letter must be accompanied by a document showing the degree of kinship between the sponsor and the child.

To properly prepare this paper, use the example on the link - a sample letter of sponsorship for a child for a Schengen visa.

Valid term of a visa

Since children under 14 cannot travel abroad unaccompanied, the validity of their visa must coincide with the terms of similar documents of their parents, trustees or third parties accompanying them. The short-term Schengen visa for children is the easiest to issue, since for one-time travel abroad no special documents are required.
Multiple Schengen can be issued only if there is a cross power of attorney of the parents to each other. But even in this case, a child’s visa may be denied if consular officers suspect that the baby may be without an accompanying person at any time during which the document is valid.

The cost of a Schengen visa for a child

Schengen for a child up to 2 years, and in some cases up to 6 years in most countries, the agreement is free of charge. Such states include Germany, Poland, Sweden, Austria and others. Information on such discounts should be checked directly at the consulate of the country where the trip is planned.

As a rule, a Schengen visa for a child is cheaper than an adult. However, there is no law regulating prices. Therefore, the agreement countries set their own rules. For example, the consulates of Finland, Switzerland, Belgium and Hungary do not charge a fee for children under the age of 14, provided that they are written into the passports of their parents. And the services of Italy, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, on the contrary, charge a consular fee for children of all ages if they have their own passport.

Where to apply for a visa

Wherever you decide to apply for a visa, children's documents are best done together with adults. The easiest option is to contact a travel agency. This way will save you time, but it will be the most expensive financially.

The second option is optimal.

A Schengen visa for a child can be issued at one of the visa centers. These institutions are designed to unload consulates, increasing the flow of tourists. At the same time, they make life easier for tourists, helping to deal with documents, taking relatively little money for it.

The last way - the consular service at the embassy. Being financially the most budgetary, in all other respects this option is much more difficult. There can be obtained a Schengen visa for the child, if the parents already have a lot of experience in traveling and paperwork.

Options for leaving a child on a Schengen visa

One should never forget that children can travel abroad only with those adults who have been designated when applying for a visa.

If the child goes abroad with one of the parents or without them, you must take with you the powers of attorney that were used when applying for a visa.

This power of attorney may be asked to present before boarding the aircraft.

The general list of documents for a Schengen visa for children

The list of documents required for obtaining a Schengen visa for a child is two-thirds the same as for an adult. First, list them briefly, and then analyze each in more detail.

  1. Visa application form.
  2. International passport
  3. Birth certificate / passport
  4. Photo
  5. Health insurance policy
  6. Sponsorship letter
  7. Airline tickets, hotel voucher

Schengen visa application form for children

The application form for children’s Schengen visa is filled in by parents / guardians and is signed by them. I told how to fill in the application form for a Schengen visa in a separate article, there is also a video. Here I will list the main nuances. The form is filled in:

  • In English or in the language of the country in which the consulate is applying.
  • On the computer or by hand, but only in block letters

Graphs, the filling of which is different from the questionnaire of an adult.

Item 19 "Professional activities"

For a schoolboy it is written - PUPIL (student) or SHKOLNIK, for a preschooler it is written that way - DOSHKOLNIK.

Item 20 "Address and phone number of the employer"

For the student, the address and telephone number of the educational institution in which he is studying is indicated, in other words, the contact details of the school / gymnasium.

Clause 33 “Applicant’s expenses”

For minors, the name and surname of the parents is indicated.

Clause 37 “Applicant’s Signature”

Let me remind you once again that one of the parents puts the signature for the minor.

Minor passport

The requirements are exactly the same as for the international passport of an adult:

  • Validity of at least 3 months after the expiration of the visa
  • 2 blank (blank) pages,
  • No additional covers.

Also do not forget to make a copy of the main page of the passport.

Minors children under 14 years old can get a Schengen visa on the passport of one of the parents. To do this, it must be entered in the child's data and pasted his picture.

Birth certificate / passport

A certificate of birth and a copy of it (the original is returned) or a notarized copy of the certificate must be attached to the set of documents for a Schengen visa for a child.

If the child has reached the age of 14, then a civil passport must also be attached to the birth certificate. Make a copy of the main page of the passport, the page with a mark on the issuance of the abroad and the page with registration (registration) in Russia.

Attention! It happens that the planned trip coincides with the 14th anniversary of the child, that is, it is not possible to issue a common passport in time. Then you need to apply for this passport, take the relevant certificate and attach it to the set of documents for a visa.

Schengen Visa Photos

The requirement for the photo is best clarified on the website of the consulate of the country whose visa you are going to request. In most cases, the requirement is: size 3.5 to 4.5 centimeters, color, clear, clean and contrast.

The photo should be taken no more than 6 months ago. This is followed. My mother applied for a visa to Hungary twice (with a difference of a year) a set of documents with the same photo. The second time she requested fresh photos.

Sponsorship letter

As a rule, the child’s sponsor is one of his parents. Even in the case when he does not travel with him.

An example of a sponsorship letter in the photo below is the most common form to fill it out. She checked, that is, a visa for it has already been issued. Most consulates of the Schengen countries accept sponsorship letters filled out in Russian. If you know those where English is required, please write in the comments.

A letter of work on wages (it must contain an outgoing number) and / or a bank account statement on the availability of funds must be attached to the sponsorship letter. You also need to attach a copy of the main page of the general passport of the sponsor.

If a child’s stay in Hungary is paid for by a third party, then these documents must be submitted in his name. In this case, the third party provides a notarized letter of guarantee.

Airfare and proof of stay

The number of documents for a Schengen visa for a child includes documents confirming the purpose of the trip, which include tickets (by plane or train) to and from, and a hotel booking voucher or electronic booking with the name and surname of the guests. Anticipating your question, I answer that booking with Booking and booking with Airbnb will do.

In addition, a certificate from the school with the signature of the responsible person must be attached to the set of documents. We are talking about cases when a trip abroad is planned in the non-canadian period.

Additional documents for the Schengen visa for minors

The list of additional documents required for registration of a Schengen for a child depends on who the minor travels abroad with. There are three main situations:

  1. Child rides with parents
  2. The child travels with one parent
  3. A child travels without parents (with a grandmother, aunt, etc.).

Below I tell you what documents you will need to attach to the general set, depending on the situation.

Child rides with parents

The easiest option in terms of design of Schengen for children. If the child goes on a trip to one of the countries of the Schengen agreement together with both parents, then no additional documents, except those specified above, are not required. In this case, it is even possible that the child does not have his own passport and his data are entered in the passport of one of the parents.

Important! Please note that in all cases (and in those listed below) parents (at least one of them) or accompanying (grandmother, etc.) must have a passport with a Schengen visa. You cannot apply for a visa at the same time! So, my mom's visa has already ended, her nephew never even had it. First, my mother collected her set of documents (she is a pensioner), received a visa, and then my sister (my nephew's mother) collected everything needed to get a Schengen visa for a child, including a copy of my mother's foreign passport with a visa issued, and applied for a visa Centre.

The child travels with one parent

If the child travels with one of the parents (mom or dad), then a Schengen visa for minors will be issued only if you have permission (you also need to provide a copy) to leave the child abroad from the second parent, notarized.

In the event that the second parent has died, a certificate of his death must be provided with the set of documents. If his whereabouts are unknown, and this is often the case, you need to go to the police and get the relevant certificate. If the second parent is deprived of parental rights, a court decision is necessary.

You also need to attach a copy of a passport, a copy of the visa and travel ticket of the parent who leaves with the child.

All this applies equally to the guardians of the minor, for whom a Schengen visa is issued.

Child rides without parents

Very often, a Schengen visa for a child is issued for travel with a grandmother, less often with other relatives who are not parents of a minor. My mother and nephew (grandmother and her grandson) arranged visas separately, since according to the rules a person accompanying a child should already have a issued Schengen visa. That is also the same as in the case of parents. We need a copy of a foreign passport, a copy of a visa and an accompanying ticket.

You also need a notarized permission from BOTH parents in which you must indicate the person in charge for the minor child. In this case, the name of the grandmother. If one of the parents is not (dead or missing), a death certificate or police certificate will be attached.

One more important nuance: a minor who travels abroad without being accompanied by parents must have his own passport.

Council for the collection of documents

At first glance, it seems that the documents need to collect a huge pile and the task of obtaining a Schengen for a child is difficult. In fact, everything is not so scary. I advise you to write a list of all the documents in your notebook or on a separate sheet and put + in front of references / copies / confirmations that are already collected and you have available.

The current list of documents for a Schengen visa for a child can always be viewed on the website of the embassy of the country to which you are going. As a rule, it is placed in the section “Consular Information”.

Do not forget that the consular fee for a Schengen visa for a child is exactly the same as for an adult. In Hungary, as in most countries of the Schengen Agreement, it is 35 euros. If a Schengen visa for a child will be processed through the visa application center, then a service visa will be added to the consular fee. Its minimum size is usually 20-30 euros, sometimes more.

I hope the article was useful to you. Any questions? Ask them in the comments to this post.

Always yours, Daniel Privolnov.

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In which cases such permission is issued

После того как вступил в силу новейший кодекс, детская виза делается всем, независимо от того есть отметка о наличии сына или дочери в иностранном паспорте родителя или она отсутствует. Кроме этого, необходимо также заполнить индивидуальную анкету.

Если у папы или мамы паспорт прежнего (старого) образца, бумажный, то дети, которым ещё не исполнилось 14 лет, способны путешествовать по нему. But in order for the consulate workers to make a mark, this important document should have blank pages, with a blank sheet for each kid.

In that case, if you have already received a biometric passport, where the children do not fit in, then it is necessary to make their individual document on the little travelers, which then stamp. Children over the age of 14 must have a passport.

Schengen visa - risk to make out yourself or trust travel agencies?

List of papers required for obtaining permission if the child travels accompanied by parents (guardians)

Getting a visa for a child is impossible if mom or dad does not provide such a package of papers:

  • Foreign passport of mom or dad where the child fits. If the offspring already has its own document, you must provide it,
  • The original document on the birth of the child, and in some cases it is necessary to make a copy of this document, having first assured him of the notary,
  • Help from the place of study of the child (school, lyceum, gymnasium, etc.),
  • Color photographs, which size should be 3.5 x 4.5 cm,
  • Issued insurance policy
  • The written consent of the father or mother to leave the child outside the country, if one of them stays at home,
  • Correctly completed application form (download a sample of the application form here).
  • Consent to the processing of personal data.

The list of documents required for registration of Schengen, if the child goes to Europe with a third person

There are cases when children are sent to any competitions, on excursions with the school leader or just with friends, but without parents. In this case, the package of documents expands and it is as follows:

  • Foreign passport of the child,
  • The birth certificate of the baby (the original), as well as a copy of this paper, on which the notary's seal will stand,
  • Help with the place of study. It should indicate that such and such a child, a student is released for a certain period to travel abroad,
  • Two photos of the right size,
  • Insurance. The policy must be available necessarily otherwise no one will give a Schengen visa,
  • Copies of the completed pages of the passports of the father and mother (meaning civil passport),
  • Help and outgoing number from the place of employment of the mother or father. It must contain the following information: last name, first name, patronymic of the mother or father, general work experience, profession, salary, information about future leave. The certificate must be issued correctly, have the outgoing number and the date of its execution, as well as information that the document is issued at the place of demand,
  • Application form, duly executed

Sample Sponsorship Letter

  • Sponsorship letter (download sample). This is a paper in which the person sponsoring the child’s trip abroad is indicated. As a guarantor, one of the close ones may act: an adult brother or sister, mother or father, grandmother, grandfather, uncle or aunt. At the same time, in addition to the notarized paper, on the fact of the birth of a child, papers are added to the kit that show the relationship of the little traveler with his surety,
  • Permission to leave a child abroad without parents,
  • Documents confirming financial solvency (certificate from the bank on the status of a bank account or a document from work, indicating the salary for the last six months).
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Correct photograph

How to make a photo of a little traveler correctly so that they can be accepted at the embassy? They must comply with the following rules:

Photo requirements for a Schengen visa

  1. The size of each photo should be 35 x 45 mm,
  2. The picture is taken on rough paper, and the gamma background is allowed like this: white, gray, light blue,
  3. The face and, in particular, the eyes, should be clearly visible. Photos in a headdress are not allowed,
  4. The picture should be taken not earlier than six months before the registration of a visa for children.

Download a full list of requirements for a photo on a visa here.

Characteristic moments during the preparation of the permit

Schengen for a child can be issued in the absence of a mother or father, or both. But in addition to the main package of documents should be attached:

  • The decision of the executive body that the mother and / or father are deprived of parental rights,
  • Death document (if mom or dad is dead)
  • Help (if the baby is raised only by the mother, or only by the father),
  • Conclusion of the court on the right of trusteeship over the little traveler.
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Features clearance permissions

It will not be difficult for a child to get a Schengen visa if the parent knows some of the features that you must adhere to when entering the Schengen zone:

The child is accompanied by parents

  1. In those powers that are members of the community, minor children under the age of 14 are obliged to wander only when accompanied by their parents or their deputies.
  2. If the child is not recorded in the father’s or mother’s passport, then he must have his foreign passport or travel certificate.
  3. If the child is in another country as part of a children's team, group, guardian, or one of the parents, then you need to issue permission from the other parent or both to bring the child out of his home state. In this document you need to specify the countries that the child is going to visit, as well as the exact dates of his stay in them.
  4. If a multiple permit is issued for a child, then it is necessary to prepare two powers of attorney issued by the parents to each other. In some countries, without this item Schengen will not be given. Among these states are Italy and France.

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Correct filling the form

The application form for a child for a Schengen visa must be filled out. She is an individual.

How to fill out a form for a Schengen visa, see the video.

Its filling is done both by hand and with the help of a computer (in this case, it is necessary to hand it in electronic form). It is filled in Latin letters. What information should be entered into the questionnaire?

  1. P. 10. Information about the parent who submits documents to the consulate. The same parent puts his signature on the application, and also attaches a photocopy of the pages of his passport,
  2. P. 17. Address of residence, phone number, email address,
  3. P. 19. You need to choose - without a profession,
  4. P. 33. - about expenses. Here you need to indicate that the applicant incurs all the cost of the trip,
  5. The child’s questionnaire is signed by the parent or the person replacing him (guardian, guardian, nanny),

Sample of filling in a form for a Schengen visa for a child

For signing the questionnaire in different countries of the Schengen agreement has its own requirements:

  • In the Czech Republic, the signature is put as follows: if the child is under 15 years of age, then the form is signed by one of the parents (in their absence, the guardian or other legal representative). If a child is between 15 and 17 years old, then, in addition to the signature of the parent, he puts his squiggle and son (daughter),
  • In Austria, the signature procedure is different: for small tourists under the age of 14, they must have two signatures: mothers and fathers. A scion from 14 to 18 years already three signatures - the third of him.
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Rules you need to know

  1. Powers of the Schengen Agreement issue entry visas in different ways. Keep in mind that Germany and Austria draw up agreements for the period specified in the invitation. This means that if you have a desire to stay in these countries for longer than the allotted time, then you cannot do this. But in other countries: France, Italy, Spain, things are different: for tourists issued a multiple-entry visa, which is valid for six months, and the total period of stay in the countries of this community - 90 days.
  2. An important point to pay attention to is that the Schengen visa assumes that the first state on the tourist's itinerary should be the country whose consulate opened the visa. On another it is impossible. But to leave the territory of the Schengen Agreement can be from any country that is part of the contract.
  3. If you are planning to visit several countries with your children during the trip, then you need to issue visas at the consulate of the country where you will be the longest.
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Important recommendations

  1. The validity of the insurance document must coincide with the terms of a trip abroad.
  2. The application must be filled out only by the applicant and no one else, and it is filled out only in Latin letters.
  3. In the event that mothers and children have different surnames, it is necessary to additionally submit a paper that will confirm their relationship: marriage certificates, divorces, and also photocopies of these sheets, with a notary stamp on them.
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The cost of a Schengen visa for a child

A pleasant moment is that many Schengen states provide a visa for babies for free. However, this applies only to babies who have not yet turned 6 years old. Among the countries that provide such generosity are the following: Poland, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and some others.

But such states as Italy, Denmark, France, the Netherlands charge parents for a visa for a child of any age, if he has his own foreign passport.

But, for example, in Finland, Switzerland, Belgium and Hungary, children who have not yet turned 14 years old do not pay this fee, provided that they are entered in the passport of the mother or father.

Schengen countries

The price of this child permit in all countries of the agreement is almost the same. Only moments when children can be exempted from the fee for this document differ.

To the question: “How much does a Schengen visa for a child cost?” Cannot be answered unambiguously. Because it all depends on what type of document is needed: a tourist visa, a simple, multi-entry, long-term or short-term visa. In these cases, the price ranges from 30 - 70 euros.

In addition, you must additionally pay for the services provided by the visa center, which is about 25-35 euros. Also, if a person wants to receive additional services, for example, delivery of documents by courier or notification via SMS about the readiness of documents, then it is also necessary to pay extra for this. In some countries of the Schengen zone, a visa for children is issued free of charge if you apply directly to the embassy or consulate of the country.

Here are the approximate prices in Russia for the cost of a Schengen visa for a child:

  • Repeated visa for one baby regardless of his age - 60 euros,
  • Multiple-entry visas for two children or more - 50 euro per person.
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Visa deadlines

The time for consideration of documents for a Schengen visa is set by the consulate of each country, but this period is not less than 5 working days.

Also it is necessary to take into account the fact that consulates do not work on holidays, as well as on national holidays. Therefore, if you are going to go to Christmas holidays in Europe, then documents for registration should be submitted earlier - it is possible 2 months before departure, because on such days the visa may be delayed.

But usually, such permission is made from 7 to 14 working days.

Making a visa for a little traveler in 2018 is not so difficult. Therefore, you should not be afraid that something will not work out for you or you will incorrectly do or fill in the documents. Before collecting all the papers, it is better to clarify the register of documents on the official website of the embassy or visa center of the state that you want to visit.

When a visa is issued for a child

A Schengen visa for children under 12 years of age is not necessary if they go on vacation or another trip with at least one of their parents. It will be necessary to issue permission to leave the second parent and notarize it at the notary, but the child visa itself will look like a mark in the passport of the adult attendant. There is a lot of controversial information on this subject on the Internet, but it’s worth being guided by the norms of the EU Visa Code. Whether a child is required for a child under 2 years old or not is not necessary to find out, since very young children also fall into the category described above and can be entered into the passports of their parents.

According to Russian law, a foreign passport can be issued even in childhood, but he still can not use it without the permission of the parents.

A Schengen visa for a child up to 14 years old is issued only if he travels with someone from adults. This may be a father, mother, next of kin, a teacher or a school curator. After 14 years, the stamp will be stamped in his personal passport and not in the passport of his parents or other accompanying person.

Fingerprints for Schengen visas for children are taken only if they have already turned 12 years old. This is required for registration of a biometric passport, which accelerates the passage of visa control at the airport or at another border checkpoint. Biometric passport is issued for 10 years.

List of documents if the child is traveling with parents (guardians)

If you are thinking about how to open a visa for a child, then for a start it is worth exploring what requirements visa offices of different European consulates put forward to applicants. For children, a separate application form is filled out, and if the child is older than six years, then a receipt of payment of the fee must be included in the package of documents. An adult who is also responsible for the accuracy of all the information entered is responsible for all questions on the questionnaire. A questionnaire is compiled in two copies.

The main list of papers:

  • profile,
  • a photo,
  • insurance policy,
  • international passport (if any),
  • copies of parents' passports,
  • birth certificate,
  • certificate from school (for students),
  • consent to a visa for children from the second parent (if someone is traveling alone or if the family is divorced).

Visa for a disabled child has features. Even for older children, documents at the visa application center are issued free of charge when it comes to the first group of disabilities. An accompanying person with a disabled person can count on benefits. To confirm the disability group and receive benefits, it is necessary to provide along with the main package of documents also a “pink certificate”, which indicates which disability group is established.

The embassies put forward their individual requirements for documents. For example, it will be necessary not only to provide notarized consent to leave one of the parents, but also if the father or mother has already died - the death certificate. If the whereabouts of the parent is unknown, then a police report is taken. To issue a multiple exit permit for a child, the permit is drawn up cross, i.e. from both parents in case he travels with different persons during the entire “corridor”.

List of documents if children travel with a third party

Documents for a visa to a child who travels without parents duplicate the above list with the only difference that usually in this case is attached a children's passport, power of attorney and a sponsorship letter from parents or other relatives who take over the cost of the trip. It is issued in any form and contains contacts and personal data of the sponsor, as well as his written obligation to pay for the trip.

  • in any form (without notarizing),
  • in Russian or foreign language,
  • with telephone, address and e-mail,
  • attached with an income statement for the last six months, bank statements.

For the student's travel, you may also need a certificate from the school to get a Schengen visa. It is made on the official school letterhead, with the address, phone number of the educational institution, the class in which the child is studying. If you trust to accompany the children to unauthorized persons (for example, a tutor or a teacher in a school), then a notarized power of attorney (from both parents) will also be required from you.

If mom and dad are missing

This is the most difficult option in terms of visa. If one of the parents has died, then a death certificate is simply provided. This eliminates the need to issue an exit permit. In case of deprivation of parental rights, you can submit a court decision and this will also remove all questions.

It is more difficult if the father is unknown or his whereabouts cannot be established. It will be necessary to draw up a certificate from the police, to seek a court decision recognizing a person as missing, or to receive a certificate stating that the baby is raised by a single parent. It is impossible for children to travel abroad if one of the parents opposes and refuses to issue permission from a notary. It is especially difficult to resolve the issue if the parent has already sent a statement of disagreement to the border service. In this case, you may simply not be let out abroad at the airport.

If the child is an orphan, all questions with a visa fall on his legal guardians (their appointment is fixed by a court decision, a copy of which must be provided to the consulate). The director of the orphanage may also be the legal representative of the interests of the child.

How to photograph minors correctly

For a child visa you need to take a few photos. It is advisable not to do them on your own even if you have expensive photo equipment. You can contact any of the studios that are engaged in photographs for visas and they will do everything in accordance with the rules. The exception is photos of babies that are really easier to do at home.

  • colored,
  • in paper form
  • the right size (3.5x4.5 cm)
  • in accordance with the standards set by the embassies.

The image should be on a light background and the child should sit straight and look strictly in front of him. The clarity and contrast of the photos must be maintained at a professional level.

Permission procedure

Permission to leave a child for a visa is issued at any notary within an hour. To do this, parents need to come to him with passports (internal), birth certificate of the child and funds (from 600 to 1.5 thousand rubles). Do not confuse permission and power of attorney. The consent of one of the parents is necessary if someone is traveling alone, and a power of attorney for the child for a Schengen visa, if you trust your child to a third party. Notarization is required in both cases.

The resolution states:

  • personal data of parents and child,
  • addresses and contacts
  • dates and country of the trip,
  • parent passport numbers
  • data of the accompanying person
  • consent to leave.

The power of attorney for registration of a visa for a minor contains the contact details of the accompanying person and is certified by the signatures of the parents.

If one of the parents refuses to give consent to leave, you can cancel the trip or try to get a document through the court. The second option may take at least 2-3 months, the permission received will be valid for a particular trip, and not for the rest of your life.

The rules for obtaining permission from parents or issuing a power of attorney cease to operate after the child becomes an adult.

How to fill in the form

A sample of filling in a form for a Schengen visa for minors can be found on our website. Personal data is filled in legible and Latin letters. If there are difficulties with the translation, you can search the Internet for a table with symbols.

  • enter the name and surname
  • indicate date of birth, nationality, gender,
  • Mark the parents 'data and the type of travel document to be used (for example, parents' passport),
  • specify the date of issue and other information about the passports of parents,
  • mark the school or university where they are studying today, as well as their address and telephone number,
  • enter the purpose of the trip (tourism, study, guest visit),
  • financial guarantees (expenses are borne by the parents or the host person abroad),
  • address of the child.

Who signs up a visa application for a child depends on his age: up to the age of 14, parents do it, after - he himself. If children had a surname change, this must be indicated in the questionnaire. The questionnaire is filled out in great detail. For example, if a visa is issued as a transit visa, then you will need to specify the entire travel route with the dates and places of border crossing.

The questionnaire can be filled out on a computer (this way it will be easier for the consulate staff to view it). Then it needs to be printed out in several copies and signed. You can find the questionnaire in electronic form on the website of the embassies themselves.

Where to get a visa

Documents for a visa for minors are submitted to visa centers or directly to the consulate of the country where you apply for a visa. Sometimes intermediary services are provided by travel agencies that help their clients to quickly settle visa formalities.

Please note that the visa center services are usually paid, but payments are rigidly fixed and can not exceed a certain level.

The cost of a child visa

How much is a Schengen for a child depends on his age. Up to six years old, when traveling, you will not be given a consular fee at all when applying for a child visa. For paperwork for children from 6 to 12 years will need to pay 35 euros. This is a requirement of the EU Visa Code.

The following shall be exempted from the payment of the fee:

  • schoolchildren and students who travel to EU countries for the purpose of learning,
  • representatives of student organizations that are planning to take part in any events in Europe,
  • kids up to six years old.

Therefore, the question “Till how many years a visa is free for a child” sometimes does not sound quite correct. Formally up to six years, but if you send a school child to a language school and document this, then you will not be charged for a visa either.

Children under 12 years old are not required to be fingerprinted for a biometric passport. Accordingly, they were exempted from the state duty in the amount of 1.5 thousand rubles. If you make out a child visa through intermediaries, the service can cost at least 35-70 euros, depending on the country where you decide to go.

Documentation before obtaining a Schengen visa

When the question arises how to open a visa for a child, then for this, first of all, you need to worry about the availability of all relevant documents.

Filling out the form is carried out by a parent or guardian. Signed form compiler. The questionnaire is filled out in English or the language is state in the country where the trip is planned. Data can be entered in a form on a computer or by hand. In both cases, the paper is filled out only in block letters.

Entering data into a child’s questionnaire is different from an adult questionnaire. In the column on the professional activity put "student" or "preschooler." You can also write "student."

Where an adult indicates the place of work, the child’s or teenager’s application form indicates the address of the place of study or kindergarten that the child is visiting.

The claimant’s expenses cannot be entered into the claimant’s data, since he does not have earnings, but he cannot be ignored. The names and surnames of parents or legal representatives are recorded here, since they are responsible for the maintenance of the minor.

The application for a Schengen is not signed by the child, even if he already knows how to put his signature. The form is signed by one of the parents or guardians.

international passport

A Schengen visa for children is placed in the passport. From 2018 this document is obligatory, even for newborn babies. In order to make an appropriate note in the passport, it must meet the requirements of:

  • passport validity must end at least three months after the expiration of the visa,
  • There should be at least two pages with no other marks,
  • The document does not include additional covers.

Birth certificate or passport

Making a Schengen for a child under 14 is impossible without a birth certificate. Only a notarized document can replace it. A copy is also attached to the certificate. The original is returned to parents or legal representatives.

Teenagers from 14 to 18 years old will need not only a birth certificate, but also a Russian passport. Originals and copies are also required.

If you plan to travel with a child under 14 years old and the trip falls at the time of obtaining a Russian passport, then parents or guardians are required to ask all the relevant documents and get a certificate. It is attached to the package of documents for visa instruction.

Medical insurance

Medical insurance is a mandatory document for a visa for both adults and children. The following requirements are imposed on the policy:

  • Coverage must be at least 30,000 euros, in dollars the amount is 50,000,
  • without franchise,
  • should be accepted in all EU countries.

When traveling with a parent

When traveling with one of the parents, the notarized consent of the mother or father staying at home is required. A copy of the consent is also attached to the documents.

If the child is raised by only one of the parents, then a paper will be required confirming the relevant status.

When a minor goes on a trip with only one of the parents due to the death of the second, a death certificate must be submitted for registration of the Schengen. Attached is a copy.

When it is not possible to obtain consent for a minor’s departure abroad from one of the parents for the reason that he is hiding or his location is simply unknown, then the relevant certificate issued at the police station can replace the document.

In the case of depriving the father or mother of parental rights, the relevant decision of the court is attached to the package of documents.

When traveling unaccompanied

If a child or teenager travels not with his parents, but with someone from his relatives, then the presence of a visa is a prerequisite for receiving a Schengen. You will also need a copy of the passport, Schengen and a relative's air ticket.

A minor will not be given a visa if the notarized consent of both the father and the mother is not submitted. It assigns the person responsible for the child and all personal data of the accompanying person is entered in the form. If one of the child’s parents is not present, the relevant documents are attached to explain this fact.

How long does the resolution do?

Permission to obtain a visa for a child is from 5 to 8 working days. This period may be reduced to 3 or even 1 day. This is possible if there are documents justifying the urgency of the trip - a certificate of the death of a relative or the need for urgent treatment.

A visa is required for traveling abroad to EU countries. It does not matter who makes the trip - a baby, a child of 1 year or 3 years, or an adult.