Pregnancy 37 weeks


The 37th week of pregnancy is the next 7 days in anticipation of a miracle and full alertness. From the point of view of medicine, the baby at this time is already full-term, therefore, childbirth starting at 37 weeks is not considered premature. Women with the first pregnancy, as a rule, wear up to 39-41 weeks. With the second and third pregnancy, childbirth takes place a little earlier in the period of 37-38 weeks. Future moms expecting twins also have every chance to safely give birth at 37-38 weeks.

What happens to the baby?

Fetal development at week 37 is in the final stage. Children born at this time are fully prepared for their appearance and the first independent breath. All systems in the body of the fetus are already ready to begin to function at full at any time. Now the hormone cortisone is actively produced. This is a substance that contributes to the final disclosure of the lungs after birth. The intestines of the baby begin to work, which is filled with the first feces - meconium.

Despite the fact that the baby is already ready for independent existence outside the mother’s womb, its development continues. All nerve endings are enveloped in a protective film, and this will continue for the first year after birth. The cartilages of the tiny nose and ears become harder, hair appears on the head. Their length is from 5 mm to 4 cm. The fluff on the body has completely disappeared, the lubricant is distributed over the body or remains only in the folds.

If the fetal movements still remain active, then this week they may decline. Some mothers notice a decrease in the activity of the child at 35 weeks, other babies calm down only to 38. It depends on the weight and size of the baby, as well as the free space in the uterus. In most cases, the movements of the crumbs become a little more sluggish after lowering the abdomen. Now he is less likely to jerk hands and feet, but for somersaults he simply has no place. Mom can feel how the baby moves the handle, sucks her finger and hiccups. This is also considered movements, and they must be felt every hour.

What happens to mom at 37 weeks pregnant?

By week 37, a woman can gain up to 14 kg. This weight gain is considered the norm. For pregnant women, twins are allowable to gain up to 16 kg. Those mothers who scored much more, it is recommended to arrange a few fasting days. Reducing weight and bringing it back to normal will have a positive effect during the upcoming delivery.

The favorable time of pregnancy, when the woman was not tormented by any pain and discomfort, passed. Now to the already familiar heartburn, mild nausea, shortness of breath and swelling, new sensations are added. All of them are connected with the preparation of the woman’s body for childbirth:

  • pelvic bones hurt, pelvic bones move apart, letting the baby’s head fall down,
  • there may be shooting pains in the perineum and legs, which are also associated with the extension of the pelvic bones,
  • they become more frequent and become more painful during training fights: the stomach becomes stone, the waist hurts, the lower abdomen hurts,
  • urges to urinate and defecate become more frequent.

At the 37th week of gestation, precursors of childbirth in primiparous and multi-mothers appear:

  • The mucus plug that covered the entrance to the cervix uterus departs. It can be displayed as a lump sum or several times. As a rule, in the second case, a woman, especially from the first pregnancy, may not even understand that she has already lost a mucus plug. The mucus may be yellow-pink or slightly brownish with bloody streaks. It is important not to be afraid, the presence of bloody veins in the mucus is allowed, as long as there is no bleeding from the uterus.
  • The stomach goes down, which means the child has begun to move toward the exit. In primiparous, the abdomen descends 2-3 weeks before giving birth, and in multiparous ones - 1 week or even several days.
  • The chair is liquefied. This is most often due to the fact that the uterus descends and begins to push the intestines harder.
  • Training fights are felt every day.

In the second pregnancy, women can easily distinguish the started contractions from training ones. But mothers with the first pregnancy often panic every time during false bouts. It is possible to distinguish real contractions from training ones by the following signs: false contractions are short in time and not regular, it is impossible to predict when the next one will begin. If contractions become more frequent, become stronger and longer, it means that the birth has begun - urgently to the maternity hospital.

Frequently asked questions on the forums

Q .: 37 weeks of pregnancy, why do the bones between the legs hurt?

A: To facilitate childbirth and the progress of the fetus through the birth canal, at the end of pregnancy, the pelvic bones move apart. It occurs under the influence of hormones, the bones soften a little and diverge. At this time, the pelvis is experiencing a huge load on the part of the child. Long walks increase tension in it, which leads to the appearance of pain.

Q: Can I take a bath at the 37th week of pregnancy?

O .: You can take a bath, but only warm, not hot. The water temperature should be no higher than 37 degrees. It is not recommended to lie in the water for a long time too, 10-15 minutes will be enough.

W .: 37 week, the child is very active. They say that by this time activity should decrease, is it normal that this is not happening?

A: The decline in the activity of movements of the baby in the later periods is a frequent phenomenon, but not a dogma. If the child is still as active as in the earlier periods, this is in the order of the norm.

What should mom do at 37 weeks?

First of all, at 37 weeks, the bag must be collected at the maternity hospital. Births are just around the corner and may begin even this week, so it is important to be prepared.

This week, the woman will have to visit her doctor, who will conduct a full examination. At this time, the doctor assesses the condition of the cervix: to what extent it has softened and how much it has shortened, whether the mucus plug has come off, how much it has opened. Although childbirth can occur only after a couple of weeks, after the tube has retired, the cervix opens slightly. Normally, its disclosure is up to 1 cm.

Also at the reception, the doctor determines the location of the fetus and measures the width of the pelvis. Based on this data, he can prescribe a woman’s planned cesarean section. The main indications for this are: large fruit, narrow pelvis, pelvic presentation of the fetus with a weight of more than 3.6 kg, the transverse position of the fetus. In the case of a planned caesarean section, a woman is hospitalized at week 38, examined and carried out the operation.

In the later periods it is important to closely monitor the sensations of the woman: baby movements, vaginal discharge, and general well-being.

If you start to notice often petrification of the abdomen, or pain in the lower abdomen from time to time - tell your doctor. This week, the uterus may be in good shape, which often causes premature delivery. Especially, this applies to those who will be held a planned caesarean.

If fetal movements have become lethargic, and you do not feel them within a few hours, this is a reason to be wary and consult a doctor. The doctor will hold the fetal CTG, according to which he will be able to draw conclusions about his condition. It is important to prevent hypoxia, because the placenta is aging, and can no longer cope with the delivery of the right amount of oxygen and nutrients.

Abundant watery discharge can talk about the leakage of amniotic fluid, this should also be reported to the doctor.

Birth in the 37th week of pregnancy

Time is ticking, the day when the baby arrives is approaching, and this causes concern for the future mother: What will I feel? How will everything happen? Is everything going fine? Will the birth be fast? How much does it hurt? All this is natural for any mommy experiences at the end of pregnancy.

It is not worth much to wind yourself and make fear. Do not listen to those who have already given birth to girlfriends and relatives who tell all sorts, including not very bright stories. Do not read online articles about how the childbirth passes and what complications can be. All this will put you in a panic, sow fear of what is coming - why do you need extra stress?

Adjust yourself to the fact that you will need to work hard, do everything possible to help the baby come to light. Learn to breathe properly during contractions and attempts, these skills will definitely come in handy. Adjust yourself to the positive, live with the joyful thought that you will soon meet your baby, you will be able to hear his first cry and squeeze a small warm lump to yourself. Do not be afraid of anything, because he / she feels all your experiences inside you.

37 week gestation

Great news this week - baby is ready for birth! And although the time of delivery has not yet come, they will no longer be considered premature if they come now. By this time, the child is ready to accept, assimilate and digest food: the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines is lined with a villous epithelium, which will absorb nutrients, the infant's original feces, meconium, are already formed, and peristalsis is activated. The child is able to suck her mother's breast - he is already quite strong and has accumulated enough subcutaneous fat, so that the skin is almost smoothed. Heat exchange processes go smoothly, the baby will be able to keep and maintain heat in the body at the level necessary for life.

The born baby can already breathe independently, the lungs are ripe enough. In addition, at 37 weeks of gestation, the hormone cortisone is produced in a small body, which brings the pulmonary system to perfection, that is, the final maturation.

Birth will not be so much stress for the baby as it would have been before. The adrenal glands took care of this: they greatly increased and produce a special hormone that helps the infant adapt to life outside the womb. As you can see, fear of childbirth is no longer necessary, although the development of the child at 37 weeks of pregnancy is still ongoing.

The liver of the baby strenuously accumulates iron: it is needed for the production of blood cells, which it will provide the baby in the first year of his life.

The process of covering neurons with protective shells responsible for the coordination of movements continues. The establishment of neural connections will last until the birth and beyond - for a whole year.

In the 37th week of pregnancy, your child is absolutely unique: he has individual features, his own skin pattern has formed, marigolds, hairs have grown (although it is quite possible that your miracle will be born bald), nasal and ear cartilage hardened. The bones of the skull are still quite soft and elastic, because, passing through the mother's pelvis, the head will be deformed. Two openings remain completely open, which will close only a few months after delivery. Lanugo fluff has almost disappeared from the body, as well as generic grease, the remnants of which are collected only in the skin folds. The little head and small tummy are now equal in circumference. Its size already reaches 48-50 cm and every week increases on average by 1 cm, and the weight reaches 2,900 g. Of course, in this sense all babies are different.

Places in the tummy for the baby is less and less, but it does not stop growing. It’s cramped up there, and mom feels pretty good, especially when the pussy tries to “dance”: sometimes it makes the movements even painful, especially the pushes in the hypochondrium.

A belly at the 37th week of pregnancy can start to go down little by little, which the woman will be unspeakably happy about: firstly, it means that the birth is approaching (and she is tired of carrying the load - what can I say), secondly, at last she can breathe air full breasts (how long it was not!). True, instead of this, there will be pain and a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen and the perineal area - the tummy begins to press down with its weight.

However, the belly does not always fall before childbirth, and this is also the norm. But you can predict the approaching childbirth according to your feelings: the lower abdomen begins to pull and ache.

Due to the strong tension of the skin, the tummy can itch, and the navel can turn out. Also, the strip on the stomach becomes dark, but after birth, all these changes will disappear.

Now you should listen to training fights every time: they can become more frequent and intensify, but if fights start to differ in rhythm, and all the time they become more painful and longer, then your time has come.

Ultrasound in the 37th week of pregnancy

Most likely, you have already passed the last ultrasound, during which the estimated date of birth was finally established. But it happens that ultrasound is prescribed in the 37th week of pregnancy to clarify a number of points. One of the main questions: how is the baby before the release of "at will". Most babies rush head down, because this position is the most physiological: this is the way to be born the easiest, and the uterus is of such a shape that the baby turned upside down repeats its shape, which is very convenient in conditions of catastrophic shortage of space. However, some guys sit on the ass or stacked across. Breech presentation today is not an absolute indication for cesarean section, but operative delivery can be assigned taking into account aggravating factors.

A specialist during ultrasound diagnostics at week 37 will carefully examine the baby and the degree of its development, fix the basic parameters, heartbeat, assess the condition and amount of amniotic fluid, condition of the uterus and cervix, umbilical cord, degree of maturity of the placenta. Dopplerography will most likely be conducted to assess uteroplacental blood flow.

We will have to disappoint parents who expect to find out the sex of the child on ultrasound at 37 weeks of pregnancy. The baby is practically not spinning in the tummy, he has occupied the entire cavity of the uterus - and the movements are not as active as before. The probability that the genitals will be exposed for public viewing is very low. So the question about the field of the heir may remain unanswered until birth.

Baby development at 37 weeks

As you already know, the fetus is fully formed in the 37th week of pregnancy, but not all its organs are functioning, they will work after the baby is born.

  1. Parameters and appearance,
  • The average weight of a child in the 37th week of pregnancy is 3 kilograms, with an increase of up to 50 centimeters,
  • The kid is actively gaining weight and is growing no less actively, gaining about 30 grams daily,
  • Its skin is smoothed by subcutaneous fat, there is practically no gun, and the original lubricant remains except on the folds,
  • The head circumference at this stage is equal to the girth of the tummy,
  • The face is expressive, hairs are visible on the head, and on small fingers the marigolds reach the edge.
  1. Respiratory system,

The baby will begin to breathe to its fullest only after childbirth, it is then that the small heart will begin to supply blood to the lungs, saturating the body with oxygen.

In the lungs themselves, at this stage, a sufficient amount of surfactant has been accumulated, due to which the tissues do not stick together.

In addition, this substance is a bactericidal barrier that will protect the child in the postpartum period from external negative effects.

  1. Digestive and Excretory System

The baby, born on the 37th week, is ready to eat your milk. Its stomach and intestines are covered with fuzzy fibers, thanks to which nutrients are absorbed from food, and processed food is removed from the body.

By the way, the urinary system functions in the prenatal period, but the child will be after the birth for 2-3 days. All this time, the remnants of unprocessed food, mucus and dead epithelium accumulate in the intestines.

To breastfeed without problems and not to face milk stagnation in the first days after birth, now check out the online course on Breastfeeding >>>

At the 37th week of pregnancy, the adrenal glands work in an enhanced mode, the main task is the accumulation of anti-stress hormones, due to which the body easily adapts to the postpartum stage.

The first few days after birth, the baby can sleep very much. But there is another situation: the baby or all the days and nights hanging on his chest or screaming loudly. This is a reaction to birth stress.

It is important to do everything possible to give birth naturally, not to resort to epidural anesthesia and other painkillers. Any medicine will affect the baby’s tummy and after giving birth you can become a hostage to sleepless nights.

In the 37th week of pregnancy, you can observe a decrease in the activity of the baby, the norm: 10 perturbations in 12 hours. The child sleeps more, his body accumulates strength before birth.

Know The sleep of a child is a rather sensitive, slow phase, during which the baby is completely relaxed, two times less than yours. You should protect his peace.

Mom's well-being

To say that you will flit like a butterfly in the 37th week of pregnancy, there is no possibility.

  • Да, определенное облегчение вы можете почувствовать, ведь с опущением живота может утихнуть изжога и дышать станет легче, но, вместе с тем, постоянно растущие матка и живот на 37 неделе беременности сильнее давят на мочевой пузырь, и вам постоянно хочется в туалет,
  • На данном сроке увеличивается давление на вены, что может вылиться воспалением геморроидальных узлов. Процесс болезненный и требующий лечения,
  • Одновременно вами управляют чувство усталости и бессонница. Experiences about the upcoming delivery, fees to the hospital, the inability to take a comfortable posture for sleep, the evening violence of the baby does not allow you to fully relax, but you need to rest.

The main thing to remember is that at the 37th week of pregnancy, the baby feels everything that happens to the mother. Be calm, tune in only to the positive wave and walk more in the fresh air.

In order not to worry about upcoming births, to know how to distinguish false contractions from generic ones, watch the course on preparing for childbirth. Easy delivery >>>

In addition to all the necessary knowledge about childbirth, in it you will find information about what to do with the baby in the first days after childbirth + how to recover quickly after childbirth.

Uterus size

  1. The uterus at 37 weeks continues to grow with the baby. Its height can reach 37 centimeters, the normal growth for the week is 2 centimeters,
  2. At this period, the body reaches 1 kilogram by weight, volume - 5 liters. However, you may experience stunting associated with a gradual abdominal prolapse several weeks before giving birth.

If you have not the first birth, then the stomach may fall just before the birth.

  1. The cervix continues to shorten and for 37 weeks you can gradually or in one clot withdraw the cork,
  2. Training contractions are gaining intensity, but do not confuse them with the increased tone of the uterus. A prolonged sensation, when the stomach becomes stone, at the 37th week of pregnancy may indicate a uterus tone. Consultation with an obstetrician is required.

Pain at week 37

You should be attentive to pain in the 37th week of pregnancy.

Another reason that the loin hurts in the 37th week of pregnancy can be an uncomfortable posture during sleep. Use a special pillow for pregnant women, which will help you choose the optimal alternative pose on the left or right side.

A few weeks before giving birth, the abdomen begins to descend, the load on the abdominal muscles increases, and you can feel nagging pains during the 37th week of pregnancy, as during menstruation. Partially remove the load can support bandage.

From time to time you will be disturbed by training contractions, at the 37th week of pregnancy, shooting pains in the crotch area may also be added to them.

At 37 weeks of gestation, your weight has increased by at least 13 kilos from the initial weight, and this is an additional load on your legs, so the feeling of heaviness, especially at the end of the working day, is ensured.

The situation is exacerbated by edema, varicose veins. As a rule, all these troubles go away after childbirth, but now you need to rest more often, lifting your legs on a pillow, you can make a relaxing foot bath. Read more about pregnancy edema >>>

Be attentive, severe swelling in the 37th week of pregnancy, which can be seen even in the morning, with a concomitant increase in pressure and protein detection in the urine, can be symptoms of a dangerous disease - gestosis, which threatens both the health of the mother and the baby.

On this issue on the site there is an article Gestosis during pregnancy >>>.

In the prenatal period, your body’s fluid and blood supply increases. This is a justified physiological process, since the generic activity is accompanied by large blood loss, and in this case, the body will normally suffer such losses.

But enhanced blood formation can affect blood pressure and cause headaches. Do not rush to take pills, relax or take a walk in the fresh air, drink green tea or mint tea. These simple manipulations will help you relax and relieve pain.

  • At 37 weeks gestation, constipation and inflammation of hemorrhoids can disturb you.

In this case, you need to adjust the food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, dairy products, at the same time, the food should be fractional, but frequent.

Bleeding. Allotment

Bleeding in the prenatal period is a pathology, a threat to your health and fetus. Excessive bleeding may indicate detachment of the placenta. The situation does not tolerate delay - urgently call an ambulance.

  1. You may notice small bloody inclusions in the discharge. In this case, there may be cervical erosion, an inflamed hemorrhoids may bleed, or a mucus plug may gradually come out,
  2. The discharge in the 37th week of pregnancy still needs to be clear or slightly off-white without smell, if you notice a sweetish smell with an increase in the amount of discharge, you should do a test for running amniotic fluid,
  3. Curd discharge with itching and burning sensation indicates thrush, it must be urgently treated, otherwise there is a risk of infection of the fetus during childbirth. Read more in the article Thrush during pregnancy >>>,
  4. Yellow, greenish discharge, with a putrid odor, indicate inflammatory processes caused by infections or bacteria. Treatment is necessary,

By the way! If your mucus plug has departed, with a strong pulling of the stomach, at the 37th week of pregnancy - this may be the beginning of childbirth, carefully watch your well-being. If the contractions become regular, then you can prepare for the trip to the maternity hospital.

Feelings at week 37

  • One of the iconic sensations of the 37th week of pregnancy is the constant urge to use the toilet, especially at night,

Of course, you are annoyed by such night walks, but in this you can find a reasonable grain - your body thus prepares for sleepless nights and jumps to the newborn at the first scream.

But to give up the liquid is not worth it, you need to drink a lot and often, because the body just needs water for a normal metabolism.

  • Another feature of the 37th week is excessive sweating and the feeling that you are hot. The blame for this increased blood circulation, and even extra kilos make themselves felt,
  • Communication with the baby through the movements is getting brighter, you can see the protruding heel through the tummy, if the baby goad decides to stretch.

Be prepared for unpleasant blows to the ribs or internal organs, the child has enough strength, therefore, the blows are significant.

  • Along with the feeling of fatigue, you are governed by the desire to clean up the house, to prepare a nest for the baby.

Do not take on all the cleaning, attract your household, especially if you need to climb to a height. In your position such acrobatic numbers can be dangerous, with a big tummy it is easy to lose balance.

Cold in the 37th week of pregnancy

The best recommendation regarding cold in the 37th week of pregnancy is prevention and avoidance of crowds and stuffy spaces.

At this time, the fetus is practically unprotected, the placenta at the 37th week of pregnancy may already be 2 or 3 degrees of maturity and, due to its weakness, does not constitute a barrier to viruses and infections.

Protect your baby can only his immune cells, but this may not be enough.

At the first symptoms, such as cough, sore throat, runny nose, you need to start treatment, bypassing prohibited drugs. What can be treated safely, read the article Cold during pregnancy >>>.

If you feel normal, the discharge is normal, and the cork has not yet come out, then you can safely, if you wish, have sex in the 37th week of pregnancy.

Sperm acts favorably on the cervix, contributing to its normal disclosure during labor.

Alcohol at 37 weeks

Alcohol during pregnancy are in the zone of taboos, without them, your body may well dispense. Before drinking a glass of wine or beer, weigh all the risks.

Alcohol negatively affects the nervous system of the baby, namely, it is actively developing at this stage. In addition, alcohol can cause an increase in blood pressure in the vessels and even provoke contractions.

And do not forget that childbirth can begin at any time, and when you arrive at the maternity hospital, you are unlikely to attract doctors.

Lifestyle and preparation for childbirth in the 37th week of pregnancy

Nobody can give you an accurate forecast when exactly the birth will occur. Of course, during the ultrasound you were told the date of the baby, but you need to be prepared in advance.

  • Wherever you go, carry an exchange card with you,
  • At home, you should have already collected a bag in the maternity hospital (read the current article: Preparing for childbirth in the maternity hospital >>>),
  • Find out in advance in the hospital where you decide to give birth, how much their services cost or what you need to purchase on the list,
  • If you decide to give birth to a partner, by the 37th week of pregnancy your partner should have already passed all the necessary tests, you will need to attach supporting documents to your exchange card,
  • No matter how tired you are, find strength for a walk in the fresh air. Constant lying is fraught with extra kilos, and they do not need you. But from the trips it is better to refuse, shaking can cause the beginning of labor activity.

Your nutrition during the prenatal period should change somewhat.

  1. You still eat in small portions, but at least 7 times a day,
  2. You need vitamins A and C. You can find them in vegetables and fruits,
  3. Do not refuse cereals and dairy products, they contribute to good digestion,
  4. Emphasis should be placed on foods that are high in iron, eat beets, buckwheat, pomegranates and tomatoes, boiled liver,
  5. Do not forget about the liquid, at least 1.5 liters of water without gas, green tea, kefir or low-fat yogurt. It is important to eat first courses every day.


  • As a rule, during the prenatal period, ultrasound is not prescribed, however, if you suspect entanglement at 37 weeks of gestation, you can be sent for a diagnosis in order to assess the criticality of the situation and exclude oxygen starvation of the fetus

Know The entanglement is not a reason for the rejection of natural childbirth, an experienced obstetrician will help the child get out, holding the umbilical cord in the right place.

  • And to assess the condition of the fetus is possible not only with the help of ultrasound, but also using a cardiotocograph. This device measures the baby's heartbeat, uterine circulation, signals oxygen starvation or fetal hypoxia (read more about fetal hypoxia during pregnancy >>>),

If necessary, such a survey can be conducted daily.

  • The situation with the pelvic presentation of the fetus deserves special attention.

At the 37th week of pregnancy, the baby should already take a head down position, all other postures are pathologies, only a specialist can decide whether you will give birth naturally or have to do a cesarean section (read in detail in the article Pelvic presentation of the fetus >>>).

At 37 weeks of gestation, the development of the fetus is at the final stage, the organs are formed, now they are being improved and the accumulation of useful substances, such as iron for the future independent blood formation.

Know A baby born at this time is considered fully mature and will be able to breathe and eat on its own.

About caring for a newborn baby, as well as how to swaddle him, bathe him, properly hold on his hands and many other issues, see the course Happy Motherhood: soft care methods >>>.

How is your 37 week gestation? Is everyone prepared for childbirth? Share your news in the comments.

How many months is it

As a rule, most pregnant women believe that they will bear a child for 9 months. However, this is not entirely true belief. Doctors are counting a little differently. If we consider the standard pregnancy, without any deviations, it will last 280 days.

There is such a thing as obstetric month. So it is equal to 28 days, that is, it is exactly 4 weeks to 7 days. Therefore, week 37 is the first week in the ninth obstetric month and the onset of labor at this time is quite normal.

Wiggling, weight and size of the fetus

At this time, global processes occur in the body of a child:

The adrenal glands increase in size. They become more kidneys. It is necessary for the production of the hormone. It will reduce the effects of stress that the baby will experience during birth.

The liver accumulates iron, which is necessary for the normal provision of the baby with blood cells in the first year of life.

The mucous membranes lining the child’s stomach and intestines are completely covered by the villous epithelium, so that the child can receive and digest food. The intestine begins to shrink more actively.

The neurons of the child are covered with a protective sheath, which is necessary for normal coordination of movements in the future. This is not a quick process that will last until the very birth and throughout the first year of the baby's life.

The cartilage in the nose and ears becomes firmer. At the same time, the bones of the child’s skull remain soft. This is necessary for easier passage of the baby through the birth canal. Two fontanelles are not tightened with bone tissue at all.

At this time, the features of the face were clearly formed in the baby, they are clearly distinguishable. Also appeared individual drawings on the fingers (fingerprints).

The skin becomes lighter, the lanugo disappears. But the eyes and hair have not yet acquired a permanent color.

The lungs of the child are developing intensively. This process is facilitated by the hormone cortisone, which is produced in increased amounts by the mother's body. As long as the lungs are “turned off,” immediately after the appearance of the crumbs, blood begins to flow to the light. Surfactant is enough for the child to breathe normally.

The immune and endocrine system, the sense organs continues to form.

The weight of a child at 37 weeks is 2.8-2.9 kg and he continues to increase every day. The growth of the fetus at this time can reach up to 49 cm, and the circumference of the head and abdomen equal. Every day there is less and less space in the uterus, because the woman clearly feels even minor movements of the child. This is not surprising, because every week only a child grows 1 cm.

At 37 weeks of intrauterine life, the child should take its permanent position. In 95% of cases, the baby lies head down, although other options are not excluded.

Sometimes the movements of a baby can bring uncomfortable and even painful sensations to a woman, because he has grown noticeably and can be pushed with more force. The future mother needs to listen to the movements of the child. He must move at least 10 times at 12 o'clock, that is, almost every hour. If the child moves much more often or, on the contrary, there is no movement for several hours, then you should definitely consult a doctor.

Harbingers of childbirth at 37 weeks of pregnancy

At the 37th week of pregnancy, childbirth can begin. First of all it concerns women who give birth not for the first time. Anyway, you need to be prepared for the fact that childbirth can begin at any time.

It is important that relatives know how to behave if women start to have contractions. You should also take care of the bags that you need to take with you to the hospital. You should not go far from home, and the exchange card and mobile phone in general should always be kept at hand.

The following signs may indicate the upcoming birth:

Omission of the abdomen. The stomach may sink lower, resulting in less pressure on the chest and it will be easier to breathe. However, not every woman's belly goes down, and this symptom may never appear.

The lower the fetus is located, the stronger the painful shooting in the perineum and lower extremities will be. The skin on the abdomen tightens harder, resulting in a slight itching. To get rid of this problem, you should use a moisturizer.

Some women have a slight inversion of the navel. As a result, a dark line may appear in the center of the abdomen. There is nothing wrong with that, since after the birth this line will disappear.

Naturally, the pressure on the intestines and the bladder is increasing, which means that toilet trips are becoming more frequent. The closer the moment of birth, the quieter the child begins to behave.

Exit mucus plug. The passage of mucus plug, which covers the cervix, is another precursor of childbirth. She can go out a few days before the birth, and a few weeks before. Again, the output of the tube is an optional process. The mucus plug is represented by thick, sticky secretions. It turns out, as a rule, not the whole traffic jam, but part of it. Discharges can be clear, pink, brown and even bloody streaks.

Energy recovery. Before the onset of labor, women often feel a surge of strength and energy. Their mood rises, there is a desire and strength to engage in various matters, as if opening a "second wind".

Discharge of water. Waters can move during fights and before they start. Be that as it may, if a woman saw liquid discharge running down her legs, you must either go to the maternity hospital on your own, or call an ambulance brigade. And do not wait for contractions, as the discharge of water always indicates the beginning of labor.

Weight loss, loss of appetite. During pregnancy, a woman's appetite increases, but a few days before giving birth, it can, on the contrary, decrease. Sometimes, 3-4 days before the birth of a child, women refuse to eat at all, since the desire to eat is completely lost. At the same time, a decrease in body weight of 1 to 2 kg is possible.

Diarrhea. Sometimes the stool may become liquid the day before the birth. Поэтому, когда на фоне полного здоровья возникает диарея, вполне закономерно, что женщина спустя пару дней окажется в родильном доме.

Капли молозива на одежде. Многие женщины начинают замечать на бюстгальтере или на кофте небольшие пятна. Если их поднести ближе к лицу, то можно ощутить молочный запах. Это первые капли молозива, которые также указывают на скорое появление ребенка на свет.

Боли в животе, поясничные боли тянущего характера, схватки. The fact that labor will soon begin will be indicated by nagging pains localized in the lower abdomen. They also capture the lower back and may resemble the painful sensations that a woman experiences before the next menstruation.

However, the most obvious sign of imminent labor is labor. We are not talking about uterine training cuts, not about Brexton-Higgs contractions, which take place without pain, but about real contractions. Therefore, if a woman experiences similar sensations, it is necessary to go to the maternity hospital.

Braxton-Hicks contractions are called false because they do not signal the onset of labor. They can be removed by taking a cold shower, or simply changing the position of the body. These contractions are characterized by severe pain, and the interval of rest between them is constantly decreasing.

Takes or hurts the stomach at 37 weeks of pregnancy

The stomach can go down as in the 37th week of pregnancy, and a week earlier or a week later. If this does not happen, then do not worry. Sometimes the stomach does not fall to the birth and this is a variant of the norm.

If the stomach is lowered, it does not mean that labor should begin in the coming hours. It is possible that a woman will bear the child for another 1-2 weeks. However, it will be much easier to breathe.

Along with breathing easier, other difficulties come along. Thus, pain in the lower abdomen may increase. If the pain goes to the lower back and has a cramping character, then this may indicate the beginning of labor.

Discharge at 37 weeks gestation

Do not panic, if the underwear will be visible traces of discharge - this is a variant of the norm. They may also contain mucus, which makes the discharge lasting. Thus the mucous stopper departs. Discharges often turn brown, whitish or pink. Sometimes the cork goes completely. In this case, it looks like a lump consisting of milk jelly or silicone. To confuse the mucus plug with something else is difficult. By volume, it can fit in two tablespoons, often in such a lump there are bloody threads. If a woman has completely come out with a mucus plug, then there is no doubt that childbirth will begin very soon.

Greenish, yellowish or dark brown discharge, mucus with foam or with lumps resembling cottage cheese, are not a variant of the norm. When such discharge occurs, you should go to the doctor’s appointment as soon as possible. It is possible that there was an accession of any infection, from which it is necessary to get rid before the child is born. After all, it can become infected with almost any disease at the time, as it will pass through the birth canal.

If a woman discovers bleeding, it is necessary to call the ambulance as soon as possible. Blood often indicates detachment of the placenta. This is a very dangerous condition that threatens the life of a child.

When pouring out the waters, it is also not worth delaying the call of the medical team. It is impossible not to notice them, as streams run down the legs. They indicate the beginning of labor. Sometimes the amniotic fluid does not come out all at once, but in portions. This indicates a violation of the integrity of the membranes. If a similar situation arises, you should also consult a doctor.

We do ultrasound

A woman for a period of 37 weeks should visit the gynecologist every 7 days. At this time, the doctor monitors the preparation of the body for childbirth, can examine the cervix, be sure to listen to the heartbeat of the child.

As a rule, the planned ultrasound, which is the third in a row, the woman has already passed. However, another ultrasound is sometimes required, for example, when it becomes necessary to clarify the position of the baby in the uterus. Sometimes he does not go down head down, but turns his back or sideways. In this case, there may be a question about caesarean section.

During an ultrasound examination, the doctor assesses the size of the fetus, the condition and amount of amniotic fluid, and compares it with the norm. In parallel, it is necessary to clarify the maturity of the placenta, the state of the umbilical cord, uterus and cervix.

A woman at this time can explore the maximum information on breastfeeding, find any artificial nutrition that could replace the mother's milk is impossible. It contains antibodies and other unique components that are urgently needed by the growing body. Also it is necessary to master the subtleties of care for the baby, because he will be born very soon.

We hand over analyzes, we pass inspection

If there are no abnormalities during pregnancy, then the woman will need to pass urine for a general analysis. The doctor will also measure her blood pressure, measure the height of the bottom of the uterus and the volume of the abdomen.

The height of the bottom of the uterus is 37 cm. If this indicator is exceeded, the doctor may suspect polyhydramnios. Often this becomes a reason for referring a woman to the maternity hospital. This will allow doctors to constantly monitor the situation. If the height of the bottom of the uterus has decreased, it means that the baby will soon be born, as this indicates its omission.

As for protein in the urine, then normally it should be absent there. If the protein in the urine appeared shortly before delivery, then this is an alarming signal. It is possible that a woman starts pre-eclampsia. This is one of the severe forms of toxicosis that develops in late pregnancy. Other signs of preeclampsia are: blood pressure jumps, the appearance of edema, weight gain. At this time, the child will suffer from lack of food and from oxygen starvation. In parallel, the load on all organ systems of a woman increases.

What complications can be on the 37th week of pregnancy?

The bones and nails of the child continue to grow, which requires calcium. It is also necessary for the most pregnant woman to prevent the development of hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

No less important is the regular intake of vitamin D, which will prevent the development of rickets in a child.

In addition, a woman should monitor their weight. A quick raise is dangerous. So, if the fetus is large, it increases the risk of a child getting injured while passing through the birth canal. Woman is threatened by numerous breaks.

The main danger in late pregnancy remains eclampsia. It is the first cause of death among pregnant women around the world. Including it concerns the developed countries. Eclampsia does not occur instantly, it is always preceded by preeclampsia. It is important not to ignore the first signs of impending toxicosis.

If the child is in pelvic presentation, then in this period it is no longer possible to change his body position. In this case, the woman is hospitalized before the onset of labor, after which the issue of caesarean section will be decided.

What can and can not?

It is very important that a woman does not experience serious physical exertion in the 37th week of pregnancy. If a feeling of tiredness comes over, it is necessary to postpone all business and rest. Do not be shy to ask for help from loved ones.

Nutrition. It is important not to overeat, so the portions should be small, and the number of approaches to the table per day should not exceed seven times. If the appetite disappears, then you need to move to light, but nutritious meals. You should not include in the menu products that can trigger the occurrence of allergic reactions. For example, it is citrus or chocolate. From the menu you need to remove smoked, salty and spicy dishes. In this case, a woman needs to drink enough fluids. As drinks suitable non-carbonated water, compote, tea, juice. It is best to refuse from store juices, since their sugar content is very high.

Vitamins. From the very beginning of pregnancy, a woman should receive vitamins. You should not abandon them at a later date and even after childbirth. However, the doctor should select the optimal drug.

Sex. Doctors say that in the normal course of pregnancy, an intimate life can be saved until the very birth. Studies have been conducted, which allowed to establish that the semen is a substance that prepares the cervix for disclosure. However, after the release of mucus plug, intimate life must be abandoned, as the risk of infection to the fetus increases.

Sport. At the 37th week of pregnancy, loads should be discarded, although, under the instructor's control, light exercises can be done to maintain muscle tone. You also need to take walks in the fresh air, but at a slow pace. Permitted to do breathing exercises.

Medication, passing procedures. Without the permission of the doctor can not take any drugs and carry out any medical procedures. Any therapy prescribed by the doctor.

What can affect the fetus?

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, the baby continues to sleep a lot. At this time, the child's sleep has not only a fast, but also a slow phase. During the fast phase, his eyeballs are moving, slight twitching of the fingers is possible. During the slow phase, the baby is completely relaxed. It accounts for about 40-60% of the entire duration of sleep.

While awake, he sucks his fingers, can touch and play with the umbilical cord. The child distinguishes well the voice of his mother and father, reacts to the inclusion of his favorite music, may begin to move more actively during a loud conversation. A woman in late pregnancy is not recommended to visit places with high noise levels.

It is also not necessary to often be in closed rooms, where a large number of people accumulate. Indeed, in this case, the risk of catching SARS or ORZ increases, which may adversely affect the condition of the fetus and the woman herself.

It is important that the expectant mother eat well. Substances with a pungent odor or addictive food can adversely affect a child’s health. Therefore, it is important to completely eliminate the ingestion of a woman's alcohol, drugs and tobacco smoke.

Answers to questions on the 37th week of pregnancy

    In the 37th week of pregnancy often pulls the belly. This is normal? Could this indicate an early onset of labor? If false contractions occur more frequently and become more painful, this may indicate an approach to labor. However, if this is the first birth, and the stomach is not lowered and the mucus plug has not moved, then it is quite possible that the baby will be born only in 1-2 weeks.

    The first pregnancy is 37 weeks. Strongly sore legs, lower back and pelvic bones. What is it? This is quite normal sensations. Pain in the lower limbs due to compression of the vessels and nerves of the uterus. Such pains are not dangerous for women or for children. To alleviate the condition, you need to relax more, have a foot massage, wear comfortable shoes. Pain in the lower back and in the pelvis often indicate a prolapse of the fetus, which leads to the separation of the pelvic bones.

    My weight increased by 37 kg at 37 weeks. Many do not eat, but I think that the extra weight is still there. Is it so? Weight gain, which is 17 kg, is a slight excess of the norm, but this is not critical. It is important before birth to limit the use of sweets and flour products. The menu should be more vegetables, fruits, dairy and dairy products. It is important that excess weight is not formed due to edema. If he was recruited gradually, then there should be no cause for concern. If the weight has increased dramatically, for example, within 7 days, then you should definitely go to an appointment with a specialist.

    Article author: Lapikova Valentina Vladimirovna | Gynecologist, fertility specialist

    Education: The diploma “Obstetrics and Gynecology” was obtained at the Russian State Medical University of the Federal Agency for Health and Social Development (2010). In 2013, graduate school in NIMU them. N.I. Pirogov.