What is “Qi-Klim” for when there is a menopause and how to take it?


In this article, you can read the instructions for use of the drug. Cyclic. Presented reviews of visitors to the site - the consumers of this medicine, as well as the opinions of medical specialists on the use of Cyclime in their practice. A big request to add your feedback on the drug more actively: the medicine helped or did not help to get rid of the disease, what complications and side effects were observed, perhaps not stated by the manufacturer in the annotation. Analogs of Cyclime in the presence of the available structural analogs. Use for the treatment of hot flashes, neurocirculatory dystonia and other manifestations of menopause in women, also during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The composition of the drug.

Qi-klim - herbal medicine. Cycloarthritic triterpenoids, incl. shengmanol, acetylshengmanol, have hypotensive and sedative effects, increase myocardial contractility, without affecting heart rate. In combination with saponins and phytosterols, they exhibit hypolipidemic, antioxidant and angioprotective activity.

It has an estrogen-like effect due to binding to the estrogen receptors of the hypothalamic neurons (acting on the system of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovaries). This leads to a decrease in the release of GnRH and a subsequent decrease in the secretion of LH by the anterior pituitary gland. Reducing the release of gonadotropins leads to the elimination of psycho-emotional and vegetative disorders that occur during the preclimacteric and menopausal periods and are caused by a sharp decrease in the production of estrogens with a simultaneous increase in the secretion of LH and FSH.

Increases diuresis, increases the secretion of digestive glands, relaxes smooth muscles of the intestines and urinary tract, has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect.

With regular use of products with phytoestrogens, the symptoms of menopause are relieved, the appearance of the skin is improved, even without the use of cosmetics. It has been proven that if phytoestrogens are used once a year for 3-4 months, this will delay the day when more drastic ways of correcting age-related changes are needed. And with the onset of menopause, such funds should be with you all the time. And may we not have power over time! But we can help ourselves to preserve youth, beauty and health.

Anti-aging face cream Qi-Klim contains phytoestrogens of cimicifugu, retinol and hyaluronic acid. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, restores skin elasticity and elasticity, helps to eliminate dryness and pigmentation.

Beta-alanine is well tolerated, does not lead to an increase in body weight.


Dry extract of rhizomes of cimicifuga + excipients (Cyclim).

Water + Soybean Oil + Lipoderm + Glycerin + Liposentol multi (vitamin complex) + Extract of wild cinnamon and wild yam + Hyaluronic acid + D-panthenol + Allantoin + excipients (Cyclim Face Cream).

Water + Soybean Oil + Glycerin + Lipoderm 4/1 + Liposentol multi + Extracts of tsimitsifuga and wild yam + Ethyl alcohol + D-panthenol + Allantoin (Cyclim Body Cream).

Beta-alanine + excipients (Cyclim Alanin).

Water + Argireline + Soybean Oil + Lipoderm 4/1 + Glycerin + Vitamin Complex Lipoentol Multi + Thera-Vital + D-Panthenol + Wild Yam Extract + Lecithin + Hyaluronic Acid + Excipients (Botoeffect Cream Cyclime).

Vitamin A + Vitamin E + Vitamin C + Vitamin B1 + Vitamin B2 + Vitamin B6 + Calcium Pantothenate + Folic Acid + Rutin + L-Carnitine + Selenium + Magnesium Sulfate Tsimitsifugi Extract + Motherwort Extract + Auxiliary Substances (Cyclim vitamins for women 45+) .


  • neurocirculatory dystonia (NCD) hypertonic type,
  • mild hypertension,
  • prevention of atherosclerosis,
  • climacteric neurosis,
  • tides
  • migraine,
  • insomnia.

Forms of release

Instructions for use and method of use

Is inside, the course of treatment is 1-1.5 months.

Adults take 1-2 tablets per day. the duration of treatment is at least 1 month. If necessary, the reception can be repeated.

Apply face cream with light massage movements in the morning and / or evening on the face, neck or other body parts.

Apply body cream with light massage movements in the morning and / or evening on the skin of the hands, feet or other areas of the body.

Cream Qi-Klim must be applied in courses of 2-3 months.

Vitamins for women 45+

Adults take 1 tablet daily with meals. Reception duration - not less than 2 months. If necessary, you can continue to receive.

Side effect

  • allergic reactions
  • transient pains in the stomach.


  • hypersensitivity to black cohosh and other components of drugs,
  • estrogen-dependent tumors,
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Tablets are contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.

Use in children

Clinical studies have not been conducted.

special instructions

Before use, consult with your doctor.

For gastritis with increased secretion, use with caution.

Drug interaction

In connection with the possibility of overdose is not recommended to take with other drugs containing extract of cimicifuga.

Analogs of the drug Cyclim

Structural analogues of the active substance drug Cyclim has not. The preparations are a biologically active additive (BAA), produced by Evalar and contain a unique composition of active substances.

Analogs for pharmacological group (agents for menopause and menopause):

  • Allitera,
  • Bellaspon,
  • Bravinton
  • Vinpocetine,
  • Vitaprost Forte,
  • Ginodian Depot,
  • Hormplex,
  • Grandaxine,
  • Deprime,
  • Dermertil,
  • Diazepex,
  • Divigel,
  • Divitren,
  • Duphaston,
  • Indivina
  • Inoclime
  • Klimadinon,
  • Klimadinon Uno,
  • Homeopathic climax
  • Klimakt Hel,
  • Klimaktoplan,
  • Climalanine
  • Klimara,
  • Klymen,
  • Klimodien,
  • Cliogest,
  • Kraynon,
  • Kretegus,
  • Menopace
  • Microfollin,
  • Napoton
  • Nervohel,
  • Nikoshpan
  • Like,
  • Novo Passit,
  • Nozepam
  • Ovariamin,
  • Ovestin,
  • Pausesogest
  • Premarin,
  • Proginova,
  • Relanium,
  • Remens,
  • Rudotel,
  • Sagenit,
  • Sibazon,
  • Sinestrol
  • Telektol,
  • Triaclyme
  • Feminine
  • Femoston,
  • Flogenzyme
  • Chlorprothixen,
  • Qi-Klim Alanin,
  • Estrimax,
  • Estrovel,
  • Estrozhel,
  • Estrofem.

Is it possible to take "Chi-Klim" in the period of menopause?

"Qi-Klim" is a anti-menopausal remedy of plant origin, so it is designed specifically for women in menopause. Its main purpose is to combat the side effects of menopause, namely:

  • tides
  • sweating
  • sleep disturbance,
  • heart palpitations and high blood pressure,
  • dizziness and headache
  • weakness and fatigue
  • psycho-emotional disturbances in the form of nervousness and mood swings.

The drug produces a rejuvenating effect and inhibits skin aging. It can completely eliminate the symptoms of menopause.

The effect of taking Qi-Klima can be seen already in 2-4 weeks.

When to start drinking pills?

Take "Chi-Klim" is only after consultation with the gynecologist. Just like that, you can not drink them at will.

Most often, the need for the drug occurs in women after 40 years, when they gradually appear precursors of menopause, namely:

  • facial wrinkles
  • dry skin
  • gray hair
  • irritability,
  • sweating and hot flashes.

These symptoms are a reason to go to the hospital.

Menopause on average begins after the age of 45 years.

Active substance

"Chi-Klim" refers to the group of non-hormonal herbal preparations, namely to phytoestrogens. The active ingredient is racimosa cimicifuga extract - an analogue of the female sex hormone estrogen. Due to this composition, the drug eliminates the estrogen deficiency.

In addition to the main component in the composition of the tablets there are such excipients:

  • starch,
  • cellulose,
  • calcium stearate
  • silicon and titanium dioxide,
  • iron dyes.

"Chi-Klim" is produced in the form of tablets. The plate contains 20 pieces, in the package - from 1 to 4 plates. In one tablet, the dosage of active ingredient is 20 mg.

Application scheme

The dosage is selected by the doctor individually for each woman. Usually prescribe 1 tablet 2 times a day. It is advisable to drink daily at the same time so that there is an equal period of time between meals.

For example, you can drink at 8:00 and at 20:00. Between the reception is exactly 12 hours. You can not miss any reception or time. The maximum permissible time deviation is 30 minutes.

The course duration is determined by the gynecologist. The minimum treatment period is 3 months. "Qi-Klim" refers to drugs of cumulative action, that is, its effectiveness increases with the duration of use. It is advisable to stop taking after the 6-month course.

Contraindications and side effects

The manual says that "Qi-Klim" is a drug, so it can be used only after consulting a doctor. It is contraindicated to take medicine in such cases:

  • individual intolerance,
  • estrogen-dependent neoplasms,
  • pregnancy and lactation.

In case of myoma and endometriosis of the uterus, as well as in the presence of any chronic diseases, the drug can be taken only under constant supervision. Caution is to drink pills for liver and kidney diseases, brain injuries and epilepsy.

Among the side effects can be identified allergic reactions, in rare cases - weight gain. With an overdose, the liver may be dysfunctional.

Drug cost

You can buy "Qi-Klim" at any pharmacy. The price can vary from 284 to 378 rubles. for 60 tablets.

"Qi-Klim" helps with any estrogen-dependent manifestations of the menopause. Despite the fact that the drug can be purchased in a pharmacy without a prescription, uncontrolled use is prohibited.

The course was prescribed by a doctor, the result is satisfied. It didn’t immediately work, of course, but by the third week I already began to feel myself a man, less nerves, the pressure stopped jumping, the tides became less frequent, and then completely gone, so I advise.

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Cyclim reviews of women with menopause

Total Messages: 30

10.02, elenarabotinaHello! I am 48 and I already have manifestations of menopause. For me it was a shock! Hot flashes, headache and mood swings tortured me. I went to the doctor. She advised Qi-Klim. I drink it already the 3rd month. I feel much better than before. Symptoms decreased or disappeared altogether.

While I will continue to take it further, but with interruptions, as indicated in the instructions.

27.01, Irena Tell me, did anyone of you use Qi-Klim cream? Does it have a positive effect? I'd like to keep the skin young.

25.01, Irina Good afternoon. I have been taking Qi-Klim for 3 months now. I am 49 years old. From the beginning, I was confused about my condition and did not understand what was happening - fatigue, lack of sexual attraction, headaches. I went to the doctor and then I was stunned that it was menopause.

The doctor advised Qi-Klim - while everything is fine, I feel good. The symptoms are gone.

January 20, MariaMne 51, Cyclim I drink a year and a half already. It helps me to avoid hot flashes and other delights of menopause. I drink because it helps well and not hormonal

January 16, OlgaB53. I have been drinking for three years now. Start drinking before the 50th anniversary, I was afraid of menopause. I carry well. There is no manifestation of menopause. When I drink, I do not get better. I don’t know about tides.

December 19, Elena Mne 46, and the first signs of menopause overtook me very suddenly. At first, I even sinned at the rhythm of life, tiredness, and then I understood - it began! I don’t remember how I came out on Cyclim, but I liked the effect right away and since then I have been drinking it all the time. The tides are gone, the chest is stiffened, the imbalances of mood have ceased to pester. Now I live quite a full life, especially in this matter now without delving into it!

09.12, AnastasiaPyu Qi-Klim, a year and a half - the result is very good for me. The condition returned to normal after 3 weeks of taking the drug. There were forces, the mood stopped jumping, and most importantly - the headaches were gone. I tried to stop drinking - over time, the symptoms started to return again slowly, so I came back to him. Now everything is normal, full of strength and energy.

08.11, Ekaterina A couple of months to drink Qi-Klim is not enough, in my opinion. At what point it became easier for me not to remember already, but definitely not immediately. Perhaps nutrients should accumulate in the body. Keep up the good work, you will definitely feel the improvement. With the tides will be much easier, believe me. I've been drinking it for over a year now.

July 16, Tatyana Nikolaevna My menopause began at the age of 50 and with symptoms such as hot flashes, irritability, constant mood swings. I tried to drink Qi-Klim-absolutely did not fit me. She turned to an endocrinologist (she didn’t immediately turn to nothing), and she advised me to take a drink on Estrovel. A week later, I felt a surge of strength, and sexual desire returned.

03.08, OlgaMy doctor said that Cyclim helps only at the level of self-suggestion.

Hello! I am 42 years old, and monthly disruptions began. The gynecologist prescribed cyclim. Which is better to accept. Go to review

December 16, 2015 23:24

Hello! It is recommended to take exactly the kind of Qi-Klim, which recommended by the attending physician. These drugs vary in composition.

Simple Chi-Klim is a medicinal product based on tsimifuga extract, which has an estrogen-like effect and a positive effect on the vegetative nervous system of a woman. The drug can be used during menopause and menopause to alleviate unpleasant symptoms. Chi-Klim 45+ is a vitamin preparation based on amino acids, group B vitamins, rutin, ascorbic acid, selenium, extracts of tsimifuga and motherwort, etc. which is used to improve the general well-being of women in menopause.

Feedback found helpful: 1

Need advice from a pharmacist

December 14, 2015 23:12

Hello! I am 42 years old, and monthly disruptions began. The gynecologist prescribed cyclim. Which one is better to take just Ci-Klim or Ci-Klim 45+ (daily dosage will be 2 times less)?

Feedback found helpful: 7

Is it possible to drink Qi-Klim not for 2 tablets, but one by one? I am recovering greatly. Especially growing belly. Go to review

August 1, 2015 21:38

Hello, Alya! To achieve the best effect, as well as to prevent the development of possible adverse reactions, this drug is recommended to be used according to the recommendations of the manufacturer and the attending physician. The manufacturer recommends the following regimen: 1 tablet twice a day. If necessary, increase the dose to 2 tablets of the drug twice a day.

Feedback found helpful: 2

Responses to review:

Dear pharmacist! Qi-Klim is not a dietary supplement, but a medicine. My doctor only recommended it to me. Go to review

Reviewed by Sheer_Beauty on August 14, 2015 2:34 PM

March 31, 2015 21:21

Using 2-year cyclima, everything is fine, drank periodically, 3 months ago, the menopause began, night tides began, immediately began to drink tablets after 3 weeks the tides stopped, I feel great, though the appetite is atrocious, I really want to eat, I don’t know it’s connected with tablets I am very afraid to recover, but I do not want the tides to return))

Feedback found helpful: 2

Reviews of Chi-Klim

You can talk for a long time about how I struggled with the onset of menopause symptoms. Well, that time about Qi-Klim heard feedback. After a week of reception, I noticed a small result. It became much easier to fall asleep and wake up, after some time, shortness of breath and sweating disappeared. In general, Qi-Klim helped me out in this difficult struggle with menopause!

And I am pleased with the drug Qi-Klim, I read the reviews, it’s really good indeed. I remember the first weeks of manifestation of menopause, like a bad dream! It is good that a friend advised this remedy. Now I feel fine, there are no headaches, pressure surges. Such a feeling that, thanks to Qi-Klim, stresses began to get round.

I went to a doctor because symptoms that I did not understand were hot flashes, sweating, and headaches. She advised taking Chi-Klim. I accept it 2 months. I feel better, I will continue to use it. Headaches were gone, hot flashes almost disappeared.

good day. I suddenly realized for myself that I began to have menopause. I became nervous. hot flashes and headaches and terrible sweating began. What I just did not try. I felt terrible. I went to a doctor I knew, he advised me to Qi-Klim. I accept it 3 months. Feeling has become much better with him. while intends to continue to use it further.

It helps very well! All the symptoms of menopause have disappeared and even after 5 months the menstruation returned! Apparently the estrogen (female hormone) accumulated in the body with cyclic, which ceases to develop with age, but with cyclic it comes in microdoses along with the extract of cecicyphage, which contains this hormone natural form. It is good to take a cycle for a long time, at least six months, then take a break not more than a month, and if the menopause symptoms return, then start taking it again, it is not worse than that! Only better!

It helped quickly. Passed dizziness, stopped jumping pressure. I began to look good, sleep well.

I took Menopace about 6 months. Then she felt the effect. Again, the tides began, small, but about 4 times a day. I started taking Qi-Klim a week ago, 2 tablets per day. No tides, almost from the second day of admission.

side effects - 0, there was a high working capacity - I could sleep for days and not do anything, my mood was great!

Sources:,, http: //www.medkrug .ru / medicament / show_opinion / 2994

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Use of Qi-Klim Tablets In the Period of Climax

Many women are concerned about the upcoming age-related changes, loss of attractiveness, slimness and lightness of the figure. Age-related changes are not only aging of the skin, the appearance of wrinkles and gray hair, reducing physical strength. In the body goes and hormonal adjustment, there are changes in the reproductive system of women, menopause occurs.

The main symptoms of menopause are hormonal disruptions, irregular menstruation, uneven emotional background, depression, libido impairment, change in shape, weight gain, the appearance of wrinkles. From the many problems associated with menopause, help to get rid of the drug Chi-Klim, developed by Evalar. Products of this company are widely represented in the market. The company Evalar uses only natural, environmentally friendly raw materials for the production of its products.

The basis of the drug Chi-Klim is an extract of cimicifuga - a plant from the group of phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are plant hormones, and in order for their action to manifest, they must accumulate in the body, and this takes time. Therefore, an immediate effect should not be expected from the drug, and it is necessary to drink the drug in a course of 3 months. Tsimitsifugi extract levels the hormones of a woman, prevents aging of the skin, renews cells, and contributes to an increase in the content of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin. This tool is an alternative to hormonal drugs.

The use of Qi-Klim tablets during menopause is harmless to the female body, it helps to prolong youth by taking healthy dietary supplements. The drug is sold in packs of 60 tablets. It helps with osteoporosis, relieves or significantly reduces headaches and migraine manifestations, normalizes heart rate and blood pressure, eases menopausal flushes and reduces their frequency. In addition, it helps improve performance and normalize sleep, reduces nervousness and irritability, stabilizes mood.

Most often, Qi-Klim is prescribed to women over 40 years old to strengthen the body, and also as a restorative after operations on the organs of the reproductive system. It can also be taken as a dietary supplement. Take the drug should be one tablet with meals twice a day. Reception course - 3 months. If no other doctor recommendations.

Contraindications to the drug - uterine myoma, endometriosis, tumors, pregnancy, lactation, idiosyncrasy. Before using Qi-Klim tablets during menopause, as well as Chi-Klim cream, you should consult with your doctor, as in some cases they cause allergic reactions. Be healthy and always stay young and beautiful!

If you have already tried Qi-Klim, please share your experience by leaving a review in the comments section.

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The information on our website is informative and educational in nature. However, this information is by no means a self-medicinal benefit. Be sure to consult your doctor.

Qi-Klim vitamins for women 45+: instructions for use and reviews

After 45 years, the female body needs special support, since this period is marked by the extinction of reproductive and sexual function. This is manifested by hormonal restructuring of the body: female hormones are produced every day in a smaller amount, due to which cardinal changes begin in all systems. The menstrual cycle is disturbed, psycho-emotional disorders occur, pain is disturbed in different parts of the body, heat exchange is destabilized, the cardiovascular system suffers, bone and other tissues are weakened. But to facilitate the tolerance of menopause, prolong youth and support the body during this period can and even should be. For this in the modern world there are many drugs of different forms and origins.

The most effective is hormone replacement therapy, but it is not for everyone because of the wide range of contraindications and side effects. No less effective is its alternative is homeopathy, phytohormones and parapharmaceuticals. The latter preparations are biologically active supplements in the form of vitamins and other useful active substances. Though they sparingly, but rather effectively perform their functions in relation to the organism, and in combination with phytohormones they are indispensable anticlimacteric drugs. Such a drug is Chi-Klim, instructions for its use and the features of which are presented below.

Application and features of Qi-Klima

Tsi-Klim, a non-hormonal drug, is represented by the Evalar pharmaceutical company, which is currently the largest and most reliable domestic manufacturer of bio-additives. The supplier positions Qi-Klim as vitamins for women of 45 years old, implying that in most cases the drug is prescribed and used during the period of standard menopause. But this tool is often used with early menopause (35-40 years), and in the period when menopause is induced artificially.

The complex of vitamins and microelements contributes to the synthesis of hormones and the maintenance of normal body function.

The drug is used for such manifestations of menopause, as irritability, sudden mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, apathy, stress, which is caused by psychological and emotional disturbances. The tool is also used for headaches, unpleasant sensations in the pelvic and lumbar spine, with jumps in blood pressure and other cardiovascular disorders. These and other discomfort occur on the background of hormonal imbalance, which is the main target of the drug Qi-Klim. It not only helps to cope with unpleasant symptoms during menopause, but also has a preventive effect on a number of diseases that affect the already weakened body of a woman. Also, vitamins for women 45+ and cream Qi-Klim in a complex are able to rejuvenate the body, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of doctors and the weaker sex.

The composition and mechanism of action of the drug

The drug has a completely natural origin.

Its main active substance is Tsimifuga extract, which simulates the action of estrogens - the main female hormones. The extract is included in most anticlimacteric analogues.

The substances of this plant from the time of the Indian tribes to this day in different countries are very popular in the fight against menstrual pain and menopausal symptoms. The extract of rhizomes contains phytohormones - substances whose action is similar to estrogen. Those. Tsimifuga, entering the body, acts on the estrogen receptors of the brain, as a selective modulator, and due to this stabilizes the balance of hormones. As a result, the work of the thermoregulation center returns to normal, where false signals about overheating cease to flow, the tides disappear, they are no longer followed by chills, the body temperature remains normal, bouts of sudden tremors and goosebumps disappear. Also, Tsimifugi substances have a beneficial effect on the receptors of the ovaries and liver, bone tissue, preventing a number of diseases and discomfort from developing. Along with all this action, the active substances do not act on the endometrium and mammary glands, and, unlike hormonal drugs, do not contribute to the development of any tumors.

This component in the composition of Qi-Klima from Evalar, thanks to its sedative mechanism of action, ensures the balance of the psycho-emotional system. With the help of it, stress, irritability, insomnia and drowsiness, neurosis during menopause are lost.

Included in the vitamins and other trace elements have a complex effect, a beneficial effect on the metabolism and the work of all body systems, as well as ensuring the normal synthesis of hormones.

  • the substance L-carnitine (levarnitin), which during menopause in the body is in short supply, is responsible for the normal metabolism and the normal functioning of muscle tissue,
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is responsible for the restoration and normal growth of cells of all types of tissues, blood vessels, stimulates immune processes,
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol) suppresses the excessive breakdown of progesterones, which supports the functions of thermoregulation, normal blood pressure, muscle tone,
  • Vitamin A (retinol) supports the natural water balance of the mucous membranes, preventing the vaginal dryness and other discomfort, the thiamine and riboflavin (vitamins B1 and B2) restore and maintain the function of nerve cells,
  • pyridoxine (vitamin B6) provides glucose balance,
  • Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) affects the synthesis of estrogen by the adrenal glands and supports normal metabolism,
  • vitamin B9 (folic acid) helps the hematopoietic and immune system, rutin, responsible for the density of blood vessels with capillaries and normal blood circulation, supports the normal operation of the cardiovascular system at all stages of menopause,
  • Selenium, whose action supports the work of all body systems, is involved in the normalization of all disorders and the relief of most unpleasant symptoms.

Thus, Qi-Klim for women over 45 years old is ideal because it contains phytohormones, vitamins and trace elements necessary for the fair sex at this age.

The manufacturer Evalar presented Qi-Klim in two dosage forms: tablets for oral administration and cream for external use.

Qi-Klim tablets have a weight of 200 mg and are available in 60 pcs. packaged. The Qi-Klima instruction prescribes its administration in one pill twice a day with meals. It is important to take Cyclim, as well as all dietary supplements, with food for better digestibility of active substances. You need to drink pills continuously, at the same time (at regular intervals). Since the drug has a cumulative effect, it should be consumed for at least three months. If you use these pills for six months, you should take a break and consult with a specialist for the appointment of further therapy.

You can take the drug as the only means, and in combination with other medicines. The correct pattern of use can only be determined by a specialist, taking into account all the features of your body and the individuality of the flow of menopause.

The cream is recommended to be applied twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. The skin should be pre-cleaned, and movements - smooth, light and massage. As a rule, it is applied on the face, neck, decollete, hands and other parts of the body, where the elasticity of the skin is noticeably reduced. Already after 10 days of application of the cream, the skin becomes more elastic, wrinkles are smoothed and the complexion is evened out.

Both dosage forms of this tool is recommended to store no more than two years at room temperature.

Contraindications and side effects of medication

Unlike hormonal medications, Qi-Klim has practically no contraindications. These include individual intolerance to the main plant substances or an allergic reaction to the vitamins or trace elements contained in the complex. It is not recommended to use the tool during pregnancy and lactation. It should also be especially wary of women with estrogen-dependent tumors or suspicion of such. When endometriosis or uterine myoma does not preclude the use of the drug, but its use is under the strict supervision of doctors.

Also, due to the presence of selenium, it is worthwhile to consult with a doctor before the therapy those who have thyroid disorders.

Analogs of Qi-Klima

Anti-climacteric analogues are presented by both foreign and domestic manufacturers. They have a natural and synthetic composition, hormonal and not. According to the active substance - Tsimifuge, the analogues of this tool are represented by Estrovel, Feminal, Remens. And also, Klimadinon reviews of doctors about which only positive.

Also, analogs are presented in the form of various dietary supplements for menopause: Ladys Formula, Femivell, Femikaps and several others.

Reviews of doctors and patients about the drug

Reviews of Qi-Klim are mostly positive. Among experts, this tool is in great demand than its counterparts. This is due to the small number of contraindications in relation to the high efficiency and natural basis of the drug.

Qi-Klim 45+ is great for its audience, helping women get rid of hot flashes, irritability, stress, insomnia, pain in the genital area, headaches, heart palpitations, draining mucous membranes and skin. Due to the high content of vitamins and trace elements in Qi-Klima, its action is complex. It helps not only to stop all types of climacteric symptoms, but also to strengthen the body as a whole. A big plus of the drug is that its substances in action are effective prevention in the fight against cardiovascular diseases, osteochondrosis and a number of other ailments. It is not addictive and side effects. Since the effect of the drug is cumulative, its result makes itself felt for a long time after the cessation of the course of therapy. Appointed as part of therapy, and as an independent drug.

About Qi-Klim-cream can also be heard mostly positive reviews. Most of the female representatives are delighted to note that already after the first week of its use, the skin becomes radiant and fresh, wrinkles are really smoothed out, and vascular nets disappear.

Thus, we can conclude that this is an effective and affordable domestic drug that has not only a complex anticlimacteric effect, but also visibly rejuvenates the female body both from the inside and outside.

Qi-Klim - reviews of doctors

A woman during her life goes through certain stages of hormonal changes in the body, each of which is displayed on her well-being and childbirth. The final stage of hormonal changes in the female body is considered to be the menopausal period, when the production of female sex hormones disappears, which makes it impossible to conceive, bear and give birth to a baby. For many women, menopause is not only the cessation of fertility, but also a signal of the aging of the body. Therefore, many women are very afraid of the onset of menopause, and some by all means are trying to push him away. Normally, menopause begins at 45 - 50 years. It should not be perceived as a tragedy, because this is a physiological process for which every woman should be ready. Unfortunately, menopause in women is not always easy. Statistics show that almost 70% of women in this period experience a number of unpleasant symptoms, worsening the quality of life. Among such symptoms, the most pronounced are sagging, frequent headaches, fatigue, increased tearfulness, which is replaced by irritation and other symptoms affecting the life of a woman. In addition to internal changes, the woman begins to notice and external: the hair loses its natural shine, becomes brittle, dull, gray hair appears, also as a result of reduced estrogen production, changes occur with the skin, wrinkles appear, the skin loses its elasticity. All these symptoms speak of the approach of old age, but the woman should perceive them as a new stage in life. In order to reduce the appearance of menopause, slow down the aging of the body, women often seek the help of doctors endocrinologists or gynecologists. В тех случаях, когда симптомы климакса и вправду снижают качество жизни женщины, некоторые врачи могут назначать заместительную гормональную терапию, которая не совсем полезна для здоровья.

Достойную альтернативу гормональным препаратам может составить такой лекарственный препарат как Ци – Клим, который облегчает симптомы климакса, обеспечит организм женщины энергией и бодростью. The uniqueness of the drug is that it contains only natural substances of plant origin, as well as vitamins, macro and microelements. In order to take the drug Qi - Klim benefited the female body, it should be taken after consulting with a doctor and only according to the indications. The reviews of gynecologists about this medicine are quite positive, which allows the use of the drug both during menopause and as a preventive measure for women who have crossed the 45th summer milestone. The only thing you need to pay attention to when taking a medicine is that taking it may cause a weight gain.

Qi-Klim is a complex drug that is intended for women in the period of menopause or menopause. The drug belongs to the drugs of plant origin, helps to prevent and stop the development of a number of gynecological diseases that can develop against the background of a deficiency in the production of female sex hormones - estrogen. Herbal components that are contained in the composition of Qing - Klim in its composition contains phytoestrogens, which in their structure are very similar to estrogens. Phytoestrogens in the composition of this drug can stimulate the production of elastin, collagen, hyalouran acid. This allows you to improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails, improve the functioning of internal organs.

In the composition of Qi - Klim, the active ingredient is zimitifug dry extract, also vitamin A, E, C, B1. AT 2. B6, folic acid, L-carnitine, selenium and other components that play the role of auxiliary substances. The drug is produced in the form of round pink-colored tablets. The package contains a blister with tablets number 60, 90 or 30 pieces.

Pharmacological properties

Qi-Klim - anti-menopausal medicine has a complex effect on the work of the female body. The use of the drug not only allows you to perform a shortage of female sex hormones, but also has a slight hypotensive and sedative effect, improves the cardiovascular system, eliminates the psycho-emotional state, autonomic disorders. The active components of the drug have a positive effect on the whole body, as well as the appearance of the woman, stimulates the biochemical processes in the body. Regular use of this drug will ease the symptoms of menopause, slow down more cardinal treatments. Vitamins in the composition of the drug can improve the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, and the presence of L-carnitine stimulates brain function, increases stress resistance, provides the body with energy, increases vitality. The drug has the following properties on the woman's body:

  1. estrogen-like effect - reduces the symptoms of menopause with estrogen deficiency in the female body,
  2. sedative, relaxing action - eliminates nervousness, relieves irritability, a feeling of anxiety and tearfulness,
  3. stabilizes psycho-emotional state - relieves apathy, increased fatigue, depressive thoughts,
  4. has a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system,
  5. reduces the risk of osteoporosis,
  6. normalizes heart rate, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and heart failure,

It is important to understand that the therapeutic effect of taking Chi - Klim will manifest itself gradually and only after 2-4 weeks a woman will be able to see visible improvements. If after 2 weeks of taking the drug, a woman will notice a rapid increase in weight, you should visit a doctor.

When designate Qi - Klim

The natural drug Qi - Klim is indicated for women in menopause, as well as during menstrual irregularities. The main indications for taking the drug are the following states:

  1. premenstrual syndrome,
  2. mental and emotional disturbances during menopause,
  3. circulatory disorders
  4. vegetovascular disorders
  5. hormonal imbalance
  6. recovery after gynecological operations,
  7. nerve strain
  8. climacteric delay,
  9. depressed mood
  10. insomnia.

In addition to the main indications for taking the drug, it can be taken by women over 40 who want to preserve youth and beauty, have a high level of libido. Qi - Klim, an excellent prophylactic against osteoporosis, which can appear in almost every woman during menopause and is accompanied by increased fragility of the bones. Taking this medication will help reduce the risk of other diseases that may occur during menopause.

Instructions for use

Instructions to the drug says that you need to take Qi-Klim tablets during the meal period, drinking plenty of water. The standard dosage is 1 tablet 2 times a day. The course of treatment should not exceed 3 months.

Tablets Qi - Klim, unlike hormonal drugs, is well tolerated by the body. Reviews of doctors, as well as reviews of women themselves, report that the medicine does not cause any side effects, does not affect the work of other organs, and gives rather high therapeutic results.


In the instructions for the drug, you can find information that it is not recommended to take in case of hypersensitivity to the composition, as well as in the presence of tumor-like processes in the woman's body.

Patients with pathologies of the liver, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, epilepsy are taking the drug with caution. Given that the drug still has several contraindications, it is worth taking it only after consulting a doctor.

Side effects

In very rare cases, after taking Qi - Klim, abdominal pain and allergic reactions may appear. Other contraindications to the drug was not observed. It is important to note that with long-term use of this medicine, a woman can gain excess weight, which very often scares women who watch their figure.

In the instructions for the drug there is no information that after taking Qi-Klim, pronounced adverse reactions of the body can appear, but still some feedback from women who have taken this remedy suggests otherwise. Some people, after 3 weeks of taking the medicine, began to increase their weight, cramping pain appeared in the lower abdomen, chest tightness, acne, acne, and other unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, if you trust the reviews of women, then we can conclude that this is not such a safe drug. Therefore, it is better to conduct the ego only on the recommendations of experts.

Doctors reviews

Varvara Sergeeva, 43, Moscow, gynecologist

For some women, the onset of menopause becomes a real catastrophe, while I'm not talking about internal health problems, but about the mental state. Some ladies begin to feel their inferiority, every day they are looking for new wrinkles on their face. I always advise such patients to accept this period as the next stage in life, where nothing changes. When menopausal women really need the help of drugs, there is no significant disruption to their body, I can advise you to take the natural drug Qi-Klim, which does not contain hormones, but still helps to gently relieve menopause and slow down the skin aging process. , hair, support the work of internal organs. I can say with confidence that the drug truly works and with regular use will bring amazing results!

Sergey Trofimov, 45 years old, Krasnodar, doctor endocrinologist

In the period of menopause in the body of a woman, pronounced hormonal changes occur, but some of these changes are almost not noticed, while others are really very difficult to survive the climatic period. When a woman refuses hormone replacement therapy, I often advise my patients to take Chi-Klim tablets, which have a safe composition, and most importantly contain phytoestrogens, which are extremely necessary for the female body. Many people ask whether this drug is a food supplement, which can be answered that it does not. Despite the herbal composition, Qi-Klim has passed clinical trials, has quality certificates and is sold by almost any pharmacy. From my own observations, I can say that this medicine improves the psycho-emotional state of a woman, relieves her of the manifestations of menopause symptoms, in particular such symptoms as mood swings, sails, excessive sweating, and others. In addition, taking Qi-Klim reduces the risk of osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, and normalizes the functioning of the heart and nervous system. Despite the safe composition of the drug, taking it without consulting a doctor is extremely dangerous, since very often a woman needs to take more effective drugs, and the use of natural pills can often not bring the desired results.

Olga Vlasenko, 33 years old, Volgograd, gynecologist

The climacteric period is a new stage in the life of a woman, which very often brings unpleasant surprises that are reflected in your well-being. Quite a lot of women in menopause do not go to the doctors. Some believe that his symptoms - this is the norm and they need to wait, and others do not care. During my 10th summer practice I can say with great confidence that some women are far-fetched about the symptoms of menopause, that is, they are more worried about their appearance and the fact that they will soon grow old than for their internal health. In cases where women's complaints are minor, the test results correspond to the state of a woman, I can advise my patients to take Remens drops or Chi-Klim tablets. The last drug is relatively recently on the market, but still showed good results. Its composition contains vegetable components, as well as vitamins, minerals, which are extremely necessary for the female body to complete the work. Taking pills will reduce the symptoms of menopause, improve appearance, as well as overall health. I recommend my patients to take 1 tablet twice a day, in a course of 3 months. In cases where menopause has provoked significant changes in the body, you will need to take hormonal drugs.

Veronika Grigoryan, 40 years old, Voronezh, doctor endocrinologist

For those women who refuse to take hormone replacement therapy during menopause, the drug Chi-Klim was created, which is referred to as complex herbal remedies. All the ingredients that make up the pills are able to provide the woman's body with the necessary components, as well as hormones of natural origin, which will make the menopause softer. I believe that Qi-Klim is the medicine that will help a woman to go through menopause without sensations of the hormonal restructuring of the body, improve well-being, appearance, but women should be prepared for the fact that after the course they have gone, they will gain excess weight!

Katerina Goryanova, 31 years old, Krasnodar, gynecologist

The symptoms that are present during menopause are familiar to almost every woman after 45 - 50 years: insomnia, mood swings, nervousness, hot flashes, and others. In addition to internal disorders, women often notice the appearance of the first deep wrinkles, sitting hair, brittle nails. All these changes are extremely negatively reflected on the mental and physical health of the woman and often require outside help. In order to smooth out the symptoms of menopause, the company Evalar has created a unique drug - Chi-Klim. Taking the medicine will reduce the manifestation of menopause, improve appearance and overall well-being. The reviews of my colleagues about this medicine are very positive, but nevertheless, when I prescribe it to my patients, I inform them that after the full course of treatment, extra pounds may appear. However, statistics show that more than 85% of women gain weight after menopause, while not taking any medications.

Maria Voronina, 50 years old, Sverdlovsk, gynecologist

During my many years of practice, I can say that menopause in women can proceed in different ways and do not need to be afraid of this period. Some menopause symptoms are completely absent, and the woman goes over hormonal adjustment without harm to health. Others really need help, because the constant rush, fatigue, heart rhythm disturbances, mood swings make this period unbearable. It is possible to prescribe hormone replacement in menopause only in extreme cases and only when there is a reason for this. In other cases, you can do with safer drugs, such as Remens, Klimadinon, Chi-Klim. More questions are being asked about the last drug. In fact, Qi-Klim tablets are an excellent alternative to hormonal drugs. This medicine refers to parapharmaceuticals. The drug is 100% composed of components of natural origin. The active component of the drug is dry extract of cimicifuga, which belongs to the natural phytoestrogens. It is important to know that in order to get a positive result from taking the drug and feel the effect of the drug, it must be applied for at least 2 weeks. Therapeutic course of taking the drug is up to 3 months. I can say with confidence that Qi-Klim truly works, but it should be used only as prescribed by a doctor!

Alevtina Baranova, 40 years old, Moscow, gynecologist

When women come to me at the reception with complaints about the onset of menopause, deterioration of general well-being, I always try to explain that this is physiology and I cannot get anywhere from him! Of course, with pronounced symptoms of menopause, I prescribe a drug treatment, and I advise you to change your lifestyle, pay attention to your diet, rest mode. During the period of menopause in the body, significant changes occur, so the woman suffers not only from physical but also psychological disorders, become nervous, often suffer from panic attacks, tachycardia and other unpleasant manifestations. To reduce the clinic for menopause will help Qi - Klim, which does not contain hormones, but still has a positive effect on the body during menopause, relieves well-being and other unpleasant manifestations. Before taking this tool, women should understand that they can gain weight. It is difficult for us to predict how this or that drug will act on a woman's body, so they should only warn about possible consequences!

What is Qi-Klim and what is this medicine for?

First of all, it is worth noting that the appointment of Cyclim 45, the instructions for use of which will be discussed below - this is not a medicine, but a Biologically Active Food Supplement, which makes it less safe to use.

In order for this supplement to really work, one cannot abolish the principles of proper nutrition, otherwise there will be no effect from the intake.

The action and description of the means of Chi-Klim Alanin

This medicine can relieve the female body of hot flashes and excessive sweating. Also, the tool is able to relieve headache, including strong, to control the work of the heart and blood vessels, to keep normal blood pressure. The drug is able to normalize sleep and put in order the emotional sphere of a woman’s life in order to increase her performance and vitality. When menopause bones become incredibly vulnerable, so the drug solves this problem, saturating the bones with calcium and making them less fragile and prone to fractures.

Attention! Even before you start drinking these pills, you need to understand that it has a cumulative effect.

This means that instantly the result from its reception will not appear. It will be necessary to wait a few weeks, only then there will be a noticeable improvement.

Instructions for use of Alanin's Qi-Clima are compiled in some detail and highlight the following effects on a woman's body:

  1. Increases cheerfulness, gives the strength to live and positively look at the world.
  2. Maintain normal hormonal levels.
  3. Protects the body from aging.
  4. It helps not to overwork, protects from stressful situations.
  5. Relieves depression and irritability, which are typical for menopause in general.
  6. It protects against osteoporosis, prevents calcium from leaching from bones in large quantities.
  7. Maintains a normal and healthy sleep, facilitates falling asleep.
  8. Keeps the correct metabolism, and does not allow a woman to gain excess weight.
  9. Keeps libido and sexual attraction.

Drug Release Form

Qi-Klim Alanin is available in the form of tablets, which are recommended as a means capable of replenishing the amount of missing hormones in menopause. There are vitamins Tsi-klim Alanin, they are prescribed as a fortifying agent for menopause.

Keep in mind that the instructions for use of Chi-Klim Alanin is somewhat different from the use of the most biologically active additives.

As for vitamin Tsi-klim, they can be used for a complex with a biologically active additive. There is also a cream Qi-Klim for external use, which helps to cope with dry skin and pigment spots on it. Cream Qi-Klim can be used as a cosmetic to ensure that menopause skin remains smooth and beautiful, since Chi-Klim cream has no contraindications to use and is not a drug.

Составляющие препарата Ци-клим 45

Данный препарат имеет следующий состав:

  1. Витамины А, С, Е — нужны для поддержания здоровья и молодости кожи. Поддерживают здоровье сердца и сердечно-сосудистой системы.
  2. Phytoestrogens. These are safe analogues of female sex hormones, which are part of Qi-Klim Bio and help to fill their missing amount. Interfere with the manifestation of aging of the body, maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. Helps to reduce the symptoms of menopausal syndrome (irritability, sweating, hot flashes, headache, bad mood, etc.).
  3. Motherwort Extract. This component is needed in Qi-Klim Bio in order to facilitate falling asleep and ensure healthy sleep. Motherwort also helps to get rid of bad mood, nervousness, supports the normal functioning of the nervous system.
  4. Magnesium. It is necessary in Chi-Klim Bio to reduce the impact of stress factors on the female body, creates a positive psychological attitude.
  5. Kartinin and climalin. Charge the body with positive energy, improves metabolism, effectively combating fat deposits on the body of a woman, especially effective Qi-Klim Bio in the hips and abdomen.

Indications for use of the drug Chi-Klim Bio

Qi-Klim vitamins for women 45 years of age is assigned to those who are experiencing menopause, as well as those who have undergone surgery in the reproductive organs and now need a period of rehabilitation.

Attention! Qi-Klim vitamins for women 45 years old can be taken only on the recommendation of the attending physician and not all, because before his appointment a medical professional should clearly assess the condition of the woman plus the level of her sex hormones.

All women taking the drug should be monitored regularly by a doctor. That is, the question of whether it is possible to take Qi-Klim Evalar without a prescription of a physician is definitely a negative answer.

The main reason why Cyclim Evalar is prescribed after 40 years is the deficiency of the female sex hormone estrogen. In some sources you can find information that this hormone is a hormone of youth. That is, with a sufficient amount of it, the woman looks young and attractive, and when the hormone is not enough, the aging process begins. Many women perceive this as a real tragedy. And this is not surprising, because wrinkles appear on the skin, hair loses its attractiveness, nails begin to break and peel off, a rather serious amount of excess weight appears.

Reception of Qi-Klim tablets will help stop these processes and preserve female youth.

Attention! In developed countries of Europe, taking such drugs in 40-45 years is considered quite normal, therefore, women 50-55 years old, living in these countries, look much younger and more attractive.

How to apply dietary supplement Chi-Klim 45 during menopause?

This drug is taken 1 tablet 2 times a day, it should be done with meals. The course of drug treatment is 3 months, as this drug has a cumulative effect. However, the doctor may prescribe an individual regimen of treatment with this medication, depending on the woman's well-being and the level of her sex hormones.

If a doctor prescribes you a cream Qi-Klim Evalar, then you need to apply it externally, with light movements. It is applied on the skin in the morning and evening, that is, twice a day. If you use the cream regularly, you can note a significant improvement in the skin, increase its elasticity, attractive appearance.

The drug is dispensed from pharmacies without a prescription, but this does not mean that you can make it uncontrolled reception and use.

Analogues of Chi-Klim

There are no analogs of Qi-Klim, since the tool contains unique substances in its composition, and this structure has not yet been able to be reproduced by other manufacturers. There are other drugs used in menopause, but their composition is very different from Chi-Klim.

That is, it does not make sense to look for a complete analogue of Qi-Klima.

Thus, with regard to the drug, Chi-Klim is a fairly effective drug to combat the symptoms of menopause. Efficiency is manifested in the fact that the tool is presented in various dosage forms. And its unique composition allows to solve almost all the problems that confront a woman who has entered the age of menopause. That is, if you experience problems with well-being during the period of menopause, then you have a direct path to the doctor: for tests and for various types of examinations, and if you really need it, then the doctor will prescribe an adjuvant.

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