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How to teach your baby to wipe the ass

There comes a time when your crumb grows up and you expect more independence from him. This applies, including such cases as independent trips to the toilet. By the age of 3, the baby usually runs to the pot or the toilet with the baby's lining, can clean it up and wash it off, but as for self-wiping the butt, this skill may still be underdeveloped. As with everything else, this skill needs to be mastered and improved, so that by school he has the skills to fully take care of his own body hygiene: from washing and brushing his teeth to wiping his priests.

When to start teaching a child to wipe his ass?

Psychologists and pediatricians usually recommend teaching the first independent skills from 2.5 to 3 years. During this age period, the kids want to do as much as possible themselves and they should not be forbidden to be taught some skills that seem too complicated to you. Children are individual. This applies, including training wiping priests.

It is advisable to teach the child to wipe the ass before entering the kindergarten. According to the norms in the group should not be more than 15-16 children, but even so many babies are difficult to serve only two adults - a nurse and a tutor. Especially considering that the children there go to the toilet as a group. The ability to self-wipe the ass in kindergarten - the key to cleanliness and health of your child! Failure to hygiene genitals and priests can lead to serious diseases of the genitourinary system. For example, to balanoposthitis, pyelonephritis, balanitis, bartholinitis, vulvitis. If untreated, these diseases can have very serious consequences.

Teach the child to wipe the ass

For the first attempts to self-wipe your ass, offer the child soft wet wipes. First, they are more pleasantly felt even in comparison with soft toilet paper. Secondly, the napkin is larger, so the chances are higher that the pens will remain clean after wiping. When the process of wiping priests will be adjusted, you can go to the soft toilet paper.

  • When it comes time to wipe the ass, explain to the baby that you will now do it together. Give him a napkin in your hand, tell us about the process: how, why and why. Then put his hands on top of his and wipe his ass as usual,
  • Gradually give your child more opportunities to conduct the whole process on his own. To do this, you only need to reduce the degree of control and the force of pressing your hand on the child's handle. If the child is closer to 3, then you can trust him to bring the pot to the toilet and pour it out, and then put it to the bathroom for washing,
  • After 1-5 joint training on wiping the priests, let the child do it yourself,
  • The process of wiping priests should end with a hand wash.

Make the process interesting for your baby. Let them tear off toilet paper on their own or take out a damp napkin. And at the end of the process they must be thrown out and washed off! The flushing process is very popular with many children.

Do not forget to praise the child more often. In no case can not be scolded, if it does not work or it turns out not accurately enough.

Be sure to explain that you need to wipe your ass until the napkin or piece of paper remains clean.

What if the child does not want to learn to wipe the ass?

You can try to add something to interest the child. For example, you can buy along with him a special baby toilet paper with attractive pictures and a pleasant aroma, often include training cartoons about the pot and wiping the priests.

You can add a pleasant element: to charge your child points for each successful attempt to wipe the priests on their own. For these points in the future, he will be able to buy from you tokens for entertainment in the clubs of children's gaming machines, go to the circus, the zoo, or rely on something tasty from the store. Of course, the reward scoring system will not be understandable for children under 3-4 years old, so it’s worthwhile for them to come up with something more substantial as a reward. For example, the opportunity to go to your favorite playground, view an additional series of your favorite cartoon, or go on a visit to someone’s favorite of friends.

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Article summary

At the end of the article for very busy parents we will make a small summary with answers to the most important questions.

Question: When to start teaching a child to wipe his ass on his own?

Answer: This skill is available to kids from 2.5 years. It is better to start learning when the baby starts the “I AM” period.

Question: How to teach a child to wipe the ass?

Answer: Tell in detail what, how and why is being done. Then show and give the opportunity to work out the skill.

Question: What if the child does not want to learn to wipe the ass?

Answer: Interest. The methods for this are described above.

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Teaching your baby to care for themselves, especially teaching him to wipe his ass is not an easy task. We have to worry in advance that our child knows how to go to the toilet by himself. And you need to explain to the baby and what you need to clean up after yourself, and what you need to wash your hands after this procedure.

Here are some tips that may help moms in this difficult matter:

    Not all children of preschool age are able to care for themselves, in particular, not all of them know how to wipe the ass. Although many children's specialists say that it is not necessary for a preschooler to do this on his own.

Improper learning of this process can lead to multiple problems. For example, if you shame a child all the time for having wiped his ass incorrectly or did not do it at all, the child may refuse to go to the potty. And sometimes worse - the baby will walk "By and large" everywhere (in the corners of the room, under the table, under the high chair, etc.), but not in the pot. And their "Adventures" he will hide in every possible way. Conclusion: never shout at the child, but tell and show him how to correct yourself "Serve".

  • Teach your baby and show him how much paper you need to tear off so that it is enough for this procedure. What for? Because the baby can use all the toilet paper that he has on hand. He does not care whether it is a small piece or a whole roll.
  • Try to teach your baby to use wet wipes. Put them so that the child sees them. And so they attracted the baby, stick to the package with napkins an interesting sticker.
  • Explain to the baby why you need to keep your ass clean. Tell us that if it is dirty, it will itch, itch, and also produce an unpleasant smell.

    While bathing a child, tell him that it is necessary not only to splash in water, but to wash well with soap or gel. Teach your baby how to do it right.

  • It is bad if you teach your child only to wipe your ass. Be sure to tell your child to wash their hands after using the toilet. Put the soap so that it is in his field of view. And in order to interest him, teach a child to sing songs to microbes, which he washes away from his hands.
  • Keep the toilet, the pot and the washbasin clean. All children are very curious. Instead of doing their own thing, the little ones will start "Study" dirt: rip off your fingers or even try it "To taste".
  • While studying, try to be patient. Jokes apart. Never insult the baby, do not call him a freak or a klutz. So you can “Scare” a child who will be afraid or even hate the pot and all procedures related to the toilet.
  • It seems that there is nothing complicated. But this is the opinion of adults. Kids are not as agile as their parents. Have patience, because to teach a child even to such an ordinary business as wiping priests is not easy.

    Optimal age

    Experts recommend that the child be taught the first independent actions by the age of 2.5-3. Psychologists point out that during this period, kids tend to separate their own personality from their mother and make awkward attempts to reproduce the skills of adults. However, the question of how many years to begin learning, decide the parents themselves. Do not forbid the crumbs to help wipe the dust or sweep the floor. It may seem that while the kid is not ready to do something on his own, but everything comes with experience.

    Groups of preschool institutions are usually staffed by 15 people, who have to serve the caregiver and the nurse. The trip to the toilet is carried out collectively, which further complicates the work of teachers.

    If the child is able to wipe the ass without assistance, you can not worry about the state of his health. The lack of personal hygiene skills after going to the toilet causes a number of diseases of the urogenital system, among which pediatricians note:

    Ignoring the presence of these diseases is dangerous for the health of the baby. All diseases are easier to prevent than to treat and eliminate possible complications.

    Learning sequence

    The period of diapers smoothly replaces the stage of habituation of the child to the pot, but in these cases the initiative to observe the hygiene of the baby lies entirely on the mother. If this continues, you can quietly skip the time when the crumb will be ready for independence. Many mothers explain their behavior by employment, because it is much easier and faster to wipe the ass itself and continue to do household chores. At school age there will hardly be an opportunity to care for a child, so independence will not interfere with it.

    It is enough to regularly offer the child to learn a new skill so that the training is successful. Children do not immediately succeed, so even the fifth attempt can be a failure. Swearing and shouting at the child is impossible, so as not to discourage him from learning new things. It is important to note that he is well done, and be sure to praise in order to stimulate independence (see also: how to develop independence in a child correctly?).

    At the initial stage, it is better to show the child that it is more comfortable to wipe off while sitting. If the crumb shows a desire to wipe the ass standing, it is necessary to prompt how to bend down properly. It does not matter in what position the baby is trying to master the skill.

    The correct sequence of actions

    Before you teach a child to wipe the ass, it is important to think through every detail. The baby must remember the sequence of movements, so that an internal protest against learning fails:

    1. The hand of the child is placed on the hand of the adult, the adult wipes the ass, and the baby remembers the movement.
    2. The next time you can give the napkin in hand to the crumbs, and put your own on top, controlling the process of purification. Every day there should be more and more freedom in the actions of the baby, for which an adult gradually loosens the pressure on the child’s hand.
    3. When the baby shows independence and is confident in his own actions, you can offer him to wipe himself off.

    It will be useful to explain to the baby that after wiping it is necessary to check the cleanliness of the napkin or paper. If it is clean, then the priest is also clean. After using the toilet, the child must wash his hands. Having developed this useful skill, it is easy to accustom the baby to cleanliness.

    If the process of wiping the priests with wet wipes is successful, you can switch to toilet paper. When buying, it is important to consider its softness and comfort, so as not to damage the delicate skin of the baby. It is advisable to take the child with you to the store so that he chooses the preferred version of toilet paper.

    Useful recommendations

    There are situations when the baby has mastered the science of wiping the priests, but categorically refuses to do it on his own or does not even want to learn. Komarovsky advises to use additional funds to interest the child:

    1. To conduct a lesson in a game form, using a teddy bear or a doll as a ward. In this case, explain that the actions, if you wipe your ass yourself, may differ.
    2. You can buy special toilet paper with a pleasant aroma or bright pictures.
    3. It is useful to apply the method of promotion and charge points for trying to wipe the ass on their own. A certain number of points is then equal to watching a cartoon, making a pleasant purchase, or visiting a children's cafe. However, this system is unlikely to work if the child has not turned 3 years old.

    There are a lot of videos on the Internet that allow to solve the problem, but the approach to the child should be individual. If you do not stop training and periodically provide the crumb the opportunity to be a little independent, the skill will work to automatic execution.

    What is the skill

    We, adults, of course, know what the intimate hygiene is for, but the child only has to find out. It is important to explain the following to the kid:

    1. Wiping the ass after the "big things" all - from small to large, there are no exceptions for anyone
    2. If you do not wipe your ass, there will be health problems, and just unpleasant feelings,
    3. You need to be able to wipe your ass on your own, so that, being in a situation where there is no mother around, you can cope without someone else's help (read the current article: How to develop independence in a child? >>>).

    Each of the points must be pronounced with examples that you can think up literally on the go - every parent should be able to improvise. To consolidate, you can even tell a tale about wiping out the priests: remember which characters your child loves most and engage in stories.

    Learning stages

    Children are different, someone will gladly accept learning as a game, and someone will frown, not wanting to do what they are told.

    • The very first thing to start with is to think about what approach is needed specifically for your baby. For example, those children who always do the opposite, will pull a napkin out of your hands if you say that you will never let him wipe himself,
    • For any change in the child must be gently prepared in advance. Play with him in soft toys or dolls, depicting wiping priests from a toy,

    Play like this, then tell me that the doll is already big, and still still does not know how to wipe her ass for herself - wow! Everyone can, but she does not. And, for the next pot trip, ask if the kid wants to try to wipe his ass off?

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    • During the game, you can talk about hygiene, how important it is and what its non-compliance leads to. Some kids after this can even run to the pot with shouts of joy that they, too, can wipe the ass: here, mom, look!
    • Or offer yourself, ask: “Can you do that?” When it sounds not as a requirement, but as a question, and even with encouragement: “I think you will succeed,” the child will try and try more eagerly,
    • After the child does it himself for the first time, praise, if necessary - do it, but so that it does not look as if he himself has done badly. Explain how to know that the wipe was successful and you can finish it this time.

    How old to start

    Some parents want to teach the child everything quickly. And they are worried if the child still does not know how to do something, although he “should be able to” according to age. With the wipe, the story is such that there is no need to panic, even if the child, even at the age of 4, is still calling you to wipe his ass.

    The fact is that in 2-4 years old the baby is not yet able to do it so well that you do not have to help him. Therefore, you can, of course, teach and at this age - it is a simple matter - but you will have to check the baby every time.

    1. The meaning appears in the event that you give the child to the kindergarten for a full day. This will be a good help to educators - after all, they, like you, will still need to check the quality of this independence. What is not wiped priest, what is badly wiped out - there is not much difference,

    If soon the child goes to kindergarten, start preparing him for this event in advance. Watch the online course I go to kindergarten: easy adaptation to kindergarten >>>

    1. See more on the child's readiness: how much he seeks to do everything himself. And if something does not work, the child is nervous, worried that he cannot, better postpone training until better times. Perhaps for the time being just the wrong moment
    2. The optimal age is when the baby has a desire to serve themselves without the help of adults. Constantly hear: "Do not help!", "I myself!"? So it's time to learn to wipe your ass. It may be 3 years, and later

    By the way! This is just about the period when children pay close attention to their genitals and ass.

    At this age, children have not sweet: a lot of whims, resistance, the desire to do everything in spite. Вы узнаете более 12 способов, как обойти конфликтные ситуации с ребенком и жить мирно из интернет-курса Послушание без криков и угроз>>>.