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What reviews of Cardioactive from Evalar: hawthorn, omega 3 and others

I have been friends with Cardioactiv Evalar for several years and periodically take vitamins for the heart with hawthorn and Omega-3 after the first symptoms of tachycardia, blood pressure jumps and chronic fatigue. Now I accept CardioActive Taurine - a new tool that will help me to support not only the heart, blood vessels and nerves, but also my eyesight. Many people with heart problems prefer these drugs, judging by the reviews on the Internet. Perhaps the reviews I picked will help someone make the right choice. Good luck!

Ulyana, 35 years old

Recently, I have been grabbing my heart all the time, since with my daily rhythm of life there is no way to relax, have a rest, sleep and eat normally. I decided to visit the doctor and be examined. The doctor advised to support the work of the heart with natural herbal medicine, and suggested ordering and purchasing CardioActive Hawthorn. I was satisfied with the price of 212 rubles and the fact that there is no gluten and sugar in it.

In the composition there is an extract from hawthorn fruits and flowers. I respect this plant for its composition, as often drank hawthorn decoctions. With its biologically active substances: hydroxycinnamic acids, flavonoids, glycosides, saponins, and also microelements, including potassium and magnesium, hawthorn strengthens and nourishes the heart, maintains a working rhythm. I took 2 tablets 2 times a day with food — 20 days. It has become much easier to endure daily loads, even breathe.. After 10 days, repeated the course. There was a "second breath", energy, increased efficiency. Claims to vitamins no.

Nikolay, 30 years old

Daily stressful situations at work and intense physical activity led to rapid fatigue and colic in the heart zone. As a circus actor, at my age it is still too early for me to think about retirement, but I wanted to support my heart. My wife ordered via the Internet vitamins for the heart "CardioActive" with hawthorn. I chose a tool not for reviews, but for composition. There are a lot of things to maintain the heart in these vitamins: coenzyme Q10, vitamins B6 and B12, folic acid and trace elements that we lose along with our nerves. Now, for only 19 rubles a day, I am improving my heart already during the 2nd course. After the first 20 days of admission, it became easier to transfer loads to rehearsals. The main thing - the heart stopped tingling, which helped not to disrupt the performances.

Valentine, doctor, 35 years

"Heart" statistics are now very young because of the crazy rhythm of modern life. Thanks to an inexpensive, but enhanced nutrition for the heart - the CardioActive, the hawthorn can get rid of interruptions in the work of the cardiovascular system. Potassium and magnesium, folic acid, vitamins of group B are necessary for the heart during intense loads and stresses.

In 4 tablets (daily dose of 2 tabl .. x 2 times) magnesium and potassium asparaginate contains 300 mg of hawthorn extract (from flowers and leaves) - 800 mg, which is enough to maintain vigorous work of the heart and saturate the blood with vitamins. In one capsule also contains 60 mg of coenzyme Q10, in 4 - 240 mg. The heart will always be young if it is replenished with this coenzyme. It slows down the aging process. Its lack in the body occurs with age, since its concentration in the blood is reduced by 25%.

In order to avoid a decrease in the metabolism of the heart muscle, the appearance of cardiovascular diseases. The cardioactive hawthorn should be taken by young energetic and older people to improve immunity and activity, provided that there are no allergic reactions to the components.

Regina, 25 years old

Daily stressfulness “loosened” my nerves, and to get up from the couch and force myself to go to work at a kindergarten, you need to exert maximum energy. I tried to drink my grandmother's Cardioactive with hawthorn, 2 ampoules, in the morning and evening. A week later, I felt that I became calmer. Two weeks later, I felt a surge of strength, and my nerves at every stressful situation returned to normal after half an hour. And I just need this. In my group there are a lot of active kids, in order to cope with them, you need to have “iron nerves”. To all caregivers and preschool nurses - I recommend.

Lilya, 45

Because of heart failure, I have to drink expensive medicines in handfuls, injections into a vein and muscles for three months. We had a young doctor at the station, and she advised me to take "CardioActive Omega-3" in order to maintain heart tone. For two weeks I didn’t feel any improvement, I was even depressed, but the course didn’t stop. When the drug was over, I noticed that the deterioration did not happen, and I somehow forgot to monitor my condition.

I repeated the course, which saved me from another treatment with injections and pills. Now for 2 years I have been drinking only these vitamins - 1 capsule per day for 30 days, then I take a break for 4 months. I feel good. And the cost of 400 rubles, compared with the amounts I used to spend, is simply a budget savings.

Olga, 50 years

Closer to the retirement age, I began to feel bad: my heart aches, my nerves do not stand up, fatigue is overwhelming. I read reviews and bought at once two types of Cardioactive with hawthorn and Omega-3. First saw them with hawthorn, then a month later - fish oil. While the saw, like the heart was not pricked, was not nervous over trifles, the head stopped hurting. And as soon as I graduated from this course, everything started anew. I feel some kind of irregular rhythm inside my heart. With any conflict or stress - “looking for something” with a half turn. One can see a little one of fish oil and hawthorn extract for the treatment of shaky nervous system and maintain the tone of the heart and blood vessels. I always knew that it was impossible to believe advertising and reviews on the Internet, but I did!

Rose, 30 years old

Since childhood, I hear about the benefits of fish oil for heart activity. Therefore, with tingling and sudden palpitations, the “heavy” head bought capsules of fish oil in a gelatin shell CardioActive Omega-3. In a jar - 30 pcs., Cost 286 rubles. 1 capsule per day is enough for just 1 month. Fish oil does not smell, so swallowing is easy. Allergies to fat and the shell is not. After 3 weeks of administration, the weight went away from the head, and there was no interruption in the heartbeat. I will continue to receive.

Nikolay, 28 years old, doctor

I bought my mother CardioAktiv Omega to improve the functional state, maintain the tone of the cardiovascular system and the level of blood cholesterol. If you believe the manufacturer, the capsule contains fish oil from Norwegian salmon in the amount of 1000 mg, as well as 35% Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). In our body, PUFAs are included in the structure of the cells of the heart, brain, blood vessels and blood. In addition, they contribute to the regulation of important properties of cell membranes: excitability, microviscosity and permeability. These properties affect the vital activity of the body in terms of the activity of the brain, the state of the retina and the transmission of signals between nerve cells.

PUFA Omega-3 is a building material for eicosanoids - biologically active substances with pronounced antioxidant activity, participating in maintaining the rheological properties of blood, vascular tone of blood and bronchus, normal blood pressure, composition and condition of the mucous membranes and improving the immune status. Simply put, for a healthy heart and nerves of their parents, fish oil in Omega-3 CardioActive is needed!

Elena, 30 years old

Chronic lack of sleep, poor nutrition, stress, speed lead to diseases of the heart, blood vessels, head and nervous system, impairs vision. In my 30 years I already felt it on myself. I was interested in a new medicine, although it seems to be not a medicine, but vitamins (pills) or dietary supplements - CardioActive Taurine for the heart and blood vessels.

I did not find any reviews for vitamins, because this is a new drug. I decided to try it on myself, I took 2 courses with a break. In the tablet - 500 mg of taurine. I know that taurine is present in the body in the skeleton, the heart muscle, the brain, it happens in the muscles and improves their activity. It is needed to improve the blood supply and metabolism of the heart muscles, from cataracts. For athletes, it raises the tone, blocks homocysteine, which is more harmful than cholesterol. Under stress, taurine protects the heart muscle by blocking and binding catecholamines, which overload the heart muscle cells with calcium ions.

If you take taurine, you can avoid necrotic processes in the cardiovascular system. Personally, after 2 courses of this new drug - CardioActive Taurine normalized pressure and stabilized heart rhythm. I suffered from arrhythmia since childhood, now for half a year I do not notice it. I want to note that the excipients are present: 57 mg of povidone, 18 mg of microcrystalline cellulose, 17.2 mg of croscarmellose sodium, 4.8 mg of calcium stearate, 3 mg of colloidal silicon dioxide. For those who suffer from heart failure, diabetes, deterioration of vision, intoxication from long-term intake of cardiac glycosides - tablets with taurine Cardioactive are suitable. I was pleased with the new drug!

"CardioActive" Evalar improves the functional state of the heart and blood vessels

Non-medicinal drug "CardioActive" Evalar is an effective food for the cardiovascular system, which is produced according to high quality standards of GMP. This natural remedy contains the most important components for the heart: hawthorn flower and fruit extract, coenzyme Q10, omega-3, taurine from the best world manufacturers.

In the CardioActive, there are trace elements necessary for the heart, contributing to the normal life of all the cells in the body. With their lack of disrupted the natural work of the heart muscle, it is difficult for it to receive oxygen and those nutrients that are delivered with blood. Therefore, for the nutrition and strengthening of the heart requires an additional intake of drugs containing substances that support the rhythm of the heart.

CardioActive hawthorn - strength and endurance of the heart.

One tablet of Hawthorn CardioActiva contains a high dosage of extract of flowers and hawthorn fruit - a source of flavonoids and tannins. And there are also trace elements - potassium and magnesium. All these biologically active substances improve the functional state of the heart and blood vessels. Take the CardioActive hawthorn, it is a strong diet for the heart, which makes it strong and resilient, saving you from the youthful heart statistics and the negative effects of the stressful rhythms of modern life.

CardioActive - vitamins for the heart.

As part of special vitamins for the heart, CardioActive is what is necessary for heart health: coenzyme Q10, folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12. The scientifically based composition of CardioActiv vitamins for the heart are the components that play a key role in maintaining heart health. The main one is Coenzyme Q10. Due to the maximum content of Coenzyme Q10 - 60 mg in one capsule - CardioActiv vitamins help strengthen the heart and blood vessels, contribute to the production of additional energy to maintain normal heart function and slow down the aging process.

Folic acid has a positive effect on the metabolism of a number of vitamins and cholesterol, supports the normal metabolism of amino acids. This means that the heart and blood vessels will be healthy and continue to work in full force. It is necessary for the development of the circulatory system, is involved in blood formation, contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells.

Vitamin B6 is involved in the metabolism of proteins, fats, cholesterol. It is necessary for the body to digest amino acids and essential fatty acids. Vitamin B6 participates in the regulation of fat metabolism in the liver and the formation of hemoglobin, contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 plays an important role in the metabolism of amino acids. Supplementing Vitamin B6 together with vitamin b12 prevents artery blockage.

CardioActive Omega-3 keeps cholesterol under control

Omega-3 fatty acids are not synthesized in the human body, their intake with a normal diet is not enough in most cases. Therefore, if you want to maintain heart health, then you need to eat natural fish oil from Atlantic salmon with a high content of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids daily - at least 35 percent. One capsule of CardioActive Omega contains 1000 mg of Norwegian Salmon fish oil. This high dosage helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels and vascular wall tone.

It is interesting to note that scientists were able to state with confidence that the cause of the absence of cardiovascular diseases in the population of Greenland was the regular use of products containing Omega-3. To date, scientists have conducted more than 5000 studies of Omega-3, which made it the most studied natural component.

Ask at pharmacies!

Exclusive distributor in Moldova "Virim Іmpeh" SRL

Chisinau: st. A. Botezatu, 5, phone: (022) 24-36-33,40-66-84

Balti: st. Stefan cel Mare, 60A, tel. (0231) 9-21-88 and st. Alexandru cel Bun, 5/1

Miracle supplement that will remove the symptoms of the IRR, give vitality, help the heart, relieve PMS and transform your life in general!

I occasionally have a slight heaviness in my heart, but the examination did not reveal any abnormalities. Therefore, I bought the CardioActive supplement exclusively for prophylaxis. I liked the fact that this supplement is enhanced by potassium and magnesium, I was prescribed magnesium by the doctor, well, and hawthorn long ago proved itself as an excellent means for supporting the cardiovascular system. As for magnesium, this element is very useful for the whole organism and it is necessary to take it from time to time. I have never been particularly interested in the use of potassium, but after reading the relevant articles, I realized that its benefits are also enormous. Potassium:

  • Carries out regulation of fluid balance at both cellular and intercellular levels. Moreover, 98% of total potassium is located inside the cells and only 2% - at the intercellular level,
  • Balancing the water - salt balance (delaying the deposition of salts) and the ratio in the body of acids and alkalis,
  • It is the main component interacting with sodium in the implementation of the processes of transmission of nerve impulses. Also, these compounds are responsible for cellular nutrition (sugars and amino acids are transported),
  • Essential for normal protein synthesis, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, and the transformation of glucose into cellular energy,
  • Maintains excretory kidney function. At the same time transporting ammonia to them for removal,
  • Beneficial effect on intestinal motility,
  • Participates in the process of supplying oxygen to the brain, which improves memory and clarity of thinking.

In turn, if someone is interested, magnesium performs the following functions:

a positive effect on the growth of the bones

co-ordinates the heartbeat, diminishes the exacerbated proliferation,

Regulates the level of caxapa in the blood,

improves the function of breathing in a chronic disorder, emphysema, bony,

propellant medications against muscular and functional disorders, normal labor syndrome, migraines,

normalization of the context of the syndrom

reduces the negative effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy,

contributes to the health of teeth, strengthens the enamel, contributes to the deprivation of calcium, with a stone in the coronary bladder and kidney.

I trust Evalaru as a manufacturer, I often bought good supplements, so there wasn’t any particular doubt about buying-not buying. Moreover, the price of this dietary supplement is quite acceptable, I bought on the manufacturer's website for 195 rubles.

And now I propose to look at the content of hawthorn extract, potassium and magnesium tablets (in the photo below). It is quite high and corresponds to the daily need, but we must bear in mind that this is indicated in the calculation of 4 tablets. On the day you need to take two or four, I took two.

There is an abstract in two languages, a small one, but everything is clear.

In total, two blisters in a package of twenty tablets each, totaling forty. Tablets of dark, "berry" color with a pronounced herbal flavor. As I have already said, I took two per day, for a total of twenty days was enough for me, although the manufacturer recommends taking them for at least a month. You can also take this dietary supplement on an ongoing basis, in small ten-day breaks.

I began to notice the results in about a week. Although at first I had the opposite heart palpitations and against this background a mild sleep disorder, but for some reason my body reacts to magnesium. Before that, I took American magnesium and also encountered such symptoms, apparently, something in the body is in contradiction with this element. But then everything returns to normal and only positive effects begin to follow. After taking this dietary supplement, I:

- I became very calm, I no longer have sharp emotional outbursts. I have an even mood all day.

- I feel much more active and cheerful.

- the heart is absolutely not worried.

- no symptoms of PMS, although they used to kill me before.

- после недавних праздников заметила, что абсолютно не страдаю после выпитого накануне алкоголя, никаких недомоганий и головных болей.

- голова стала очень ясной. Читала в какой-то книге сравнение: ум прояснился, словно бы по пыльному стеклу провели влажной тряпкой. Примерно что-то похожее испытываю и я.

В целом очень хороший и работающий БАД, рекомендую всем, особенно если у вас есть проблемы с сердцем (лёгкие, с тяжёлыми - к специалисту), вы хотите стать более спокойным и одновременно активным человеком. Most likely I will order this supplement a second time.

Description and indications for use

About half a million people die from cardiovascular diseases in Russia every year - more than from alcohol, accidents and oncological diseases combined! And if once it was thought that it was possible to worry about heart health only after 50, today more and more people cling to the heart already at 40 and even at 35 years old!

The rhythm of modern life dictates its own rules and does not relax for a minute. It is necessary to be in time everywhere, to achieve much. Do you have time to eat right, rest, and even get enough sleep? And how does your heart feel at the same time working at the peak of its capabilities?

In order not to fall into the youthful "hearty" statistics, help your heart work properly. Take Cardioactive! It contains a high dosage of hawthorn flower and fruit extract, which increases blood circulation in the vessels of the heart and has a beneficial effect on the heart rhythm. In Cardioactive, the action of hawthorn is for the first time enhanced by “vitamins for the heart” - potassium and magnesium. They nourish and strengthen the heart, making it stronger and more resilient.

Action components included:

  • Hawthorn (flowers, leaves), due to the cumulative effect of biologically active substances, such as hydroxycinnamic acids, flavonoids, glycosides, tannins, saponins and some others, strengthens and nourishes the heart. In addition, the interaction of all substances contained in the hawthorn maintains the rhythm of the heart.
  • Potassium and magnesium are trace elements essential for the normal life of all cells in the human body. They are important in the work of the cardiovascular system. Throughout life, situations constantly arise that are associated with a shortage or an increased loss of potassium and magnesium, or with an increased need for these elements: intense stress, stress, and others. With a lack of potassium and magnesium, the natural work of the heart muscle is impaired, it is difficult for it to obtain oxygen and those nutrients that are delivered with blood. Therefore, it is necessary to compensate for the deficiency of potassium and magnesium in the body. The foods we eat contain a small amount of these microelements. Therefore, in addition to the use of products containing potassium and magnesium, an additional intake of potassium and magnesium preparations for nourishing and strengthening the heart is required.

Cardioactive - an inexpensive, enhanced nutrition for the heart, which helps it cope with the crazy rhythm of modern life, saving you from the younger “heart” of statistics!

What our heart dreams of

Modern man can not lose the burden of the problems that confronts him with life. It is difficult for him to learn to calmly relate to the unpleasant events of life, therefore, heightened work and experiences are an inevitable phenomenon of today.

We cannot give peace to our heart, but we are able to send friendly elements to help it: magnesium and potassium. They will support him in the most tense moments. It is for this purpose that Hawthorn Cardioactive (Evalar) is being produced: to help a healthy heart cope with exercise.

Well-coordinated duet

The main component of the dietary supplement "Cardioactive Hawthorn" ("Evalar") are vitamins of the heart: magnesium and potassium. Magnesium performs a number of important functions in the body:

  • prevents coronary artery spasms,
  • promotes rhythmic contraction of the heart muscle,
  • slows down the production of blood-clotting substances
  • effective at lower pressure
  • inhibits the formation of free radicals and prevents the aging of the body.

Potassium, in turn, is responsible for the correct water-salt balance of cardiac cells and the transmission of nerve impulses. Together they form an inseparable duet: if potassium is washed out of the body, then magnesium also leaves it. A lonely heart begins to fail.

So that the heart does not go hungry

Magnesium and potassium are macronutrients, i.e. substances that the body needs in large quantities. The daily need for potassium is 2.5 - 5 g, and magnesium, we need about 0.8 g per day. These grams can be obtained only in the process of nutrition. With potassium, this problem is easier to solve; there is a lot of this element in available foods: tea, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, dried apricots, wheat bran.

But magnesium in ordinary foods is rare: our soils are poor in this element. Spinach, shrimp, shellfish can not form the basis of our diet, and the usual consumption of beef, liver, nuts is not enough to fill the daily need for magnesium. Here biologically active additives come to the rescue, especially Hawthorn Cardioactive (Evalar). It feeds the heart with the missing elements and keeps it healthy until the old age.

Hawthorn - medicine for the old heart

The old heart does not determine the age of a person, it can be tired in young people. The hawthorn flowers and berries can restore the functional abilities of the heart muscle. They are important components of Hawthorn Cardioactive ("Evalar"). The therapeutic effect is provided by the flavonoids and procyanidol oligomers contained in the berries. They bind substances that weaken the muscle of the heart and relieve congestion in it.

The heart is again able to rhythmically pump blood through the vessels. Oligomers are antioxidants, they clear coronary arteries from plaques and rejuvenate the heart. "Cardioactive with hawthorn", taken in the initial stages of heart failure, is able to cope with the disease and eliminate its consequences

Why do you need dietary supplements

Around the products of Evalar, there are disputes and charges. Perhaps the opponents of dietary supplements and the company's millions of incomes are somewhat right. Dealing with dietary supplements is easier than with drugs. Instructions for drugs describe the pharmacological action, list indications and contraindications, determine the dose and the risk of their excess, list the side effects.

If we take the package "Cardioactive Hawthorn" ("Evalar"), the instruction will be quite simple.

The description of the therapeutic action says how bad a person is without potassium, magnesium and hawthorn, and the indications for use promise a solution to all problems. Dosage: Consume the entire pack for 20 days, and after 10 days, if you like it, repeat it again. Contraindications? Well, of course, pregnant, lactating, children under 14 years old.

And yet, if you suddenly have a heart sore, and you don’t have suitable herbs at hand, you can go to the pharmacy, buy Hawthorn Cardioactive (Evalar) and drink it, as stated in the instructions. Because "Evalar" is a folk medicine, put on an industrial basis. These are the grandmother's recipes that help us not get sick seriously.

So someone needs it.

Competition has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, and medicine is no exception. Doctors criticize dietary supplements as useless and even harmful. But research on this topic yet. Medicines, prescribed by doctors, bring almost more harm to the body than good. Despite the criticism of certified doctors and people allegedly affected by Evalar products, the company is expanding the range of its products. They continue to be in demand, especially heart remedies.

Last year a new tool came out - Cardioactive Taurine, it supplemented the line, which included Cardioactive Vitamins for the Heart, Cardioactive Omega-3, Cardioactive Hawthorn (Evalar). The reviews about this series of dietary supplements are positive: people write that they have improved sleep, gradually and imperceptibly the pressure drops, the irritability disappears and the calm state becomes habitual. The heartache subsides and fear goes away with it. And if dietary supplements continue to buy, it means that people are confident that they can help.

CardioActive Hawthorn

CardioActive Hawthorn is designed to support the work of the heart and strengthen it. It is assumed that regular use of the supplement makes the heart muscle stronger and stronger.

  • hawthorn extract - 200 mg,
  • potassium asparaginate - 75 mg,
  • magnesium asparaginate - 75 mg.

Take CardioActive 1-2 tablets, 2 times a day. The course lasts 20 days. Then you need to take a break for 10 days if you wish to continue the treatment.

The price in the pharmacy - 250 rubles for 40 tablets. They are enough for 10-20 days of administration, depending on the dosage used (2 or 4 tablets per day).

Feedback from a doctor. CardioActive Hawthorn can be used as an additional agent in the treatment of chronic heart failure. A positive effect on a healthy heart is unlikely. Hawthorn acts through a moderate cardiotonic effect. Potassium and magnesium normalize muscle contractility.

CardioActive Heart Vitamins

The supplement is designed to maintain heart health and slow the aging of the body. It contains the following components:

  • coenzyme Q10 - 60 mg,
  • vitamin b6 - 2 mg,
  • vitamin b9 - 200 mcg
  • vitamin b12 - 1 mcg.

Take CardioActiv Vitamins for the heart 1 capsule per day, with meals. The course is 30 days.

The price in the pharmacy - 530 rubles for 30 capsules. They are enough for a month of regular admission.

Feedback from a doctor. Vitamins in the composition of CardioActive contained in sufficient doses. But there are only three of them. And the supplement is more expensive than high-quality multivitamin complexes containing dozens of vitamins and minerals.

But in the presence of coenzyme Q10. It is supposed to be good for the heart. True, evidence of the effectiveness of this substance is not too convincing. In the treatment of cardiac pathology, it is definitely useless. But there is evidence that coenzyme Q10 in the long term reduces the risk of acute cardiovascular events. For this dietary supplement will have to take for life. In the course of 1 month long there is no point. Either drink CardioActiv Vitamins for the heart all your life, or you should not even begin.

The dosage of coenzyme Q10 in the composition of dietary supplements is not too high. In studies, doses of 50 to 200 mg per day were used (with vitamins CardioActive, a person receives 60 mg Q10 per day).

CardioActive Omega

CardioActive Omega, as the name implies, is used as a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Supplements are positioned as a means to control the level of cholesterol in the blood. Composition:

  • fish oil - 1 g,
  • Omega-3 PUFA (in fish oil) - 350 mg.

Take CardioActive Omega 1 capsule per day. The course lasts 1 month.

Price in the pharmacy - 370 rubles for 30 capsules. They are enough for a month of admission.

Feedback from a doctor. There is no doubt that omega-3 acids are good for the heart during lifelong intake. But CardioActive Omega is not their best source. Sellers suggest using PUFA in too small doses, you need at least 5 times more. In addition, CardioActive Omega is a very expensive source of fish oil. Similar supplements in the pharmacy can be bought several times cheaper.

CardioActive Taurine

CardioActive Taurine is positioned as a means to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It is recommended for the treatment of heart failure and diabetes.

Active ingredient: taurine. This amino acid is contained in a dose of 500 mg per tablet. The drug is taken as follows:

  • with heart failure - 500-1000 mg per day, in 2 divided doses, a course of 30 days (maximum daily dose - 3 g or 6 tablets),
  • in case of poisoning with cardiac glycosides - 750 mg per day,
  • with diabetes - 500 mg, 2 times a day.

The price of 340 rubles for 60 tablets. Depending on the dose used, the package lasts for 10-30 days.

Feedback from a doctor. Taurine has a moderate cardiotonic action. But it is expressed weakly. It hardly makes sense to use this amino acid in heart failure. Taurine is not prescribed in clinical guidelines and orders of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. In the case of heart failure, other more effective drugs are used. Taurine is an agent for complex therapy, the cardinal effect of which on the results of treatment is unlikely.

Areas of use:

Agree with you absolutely! I can also leave only positive feedback on cardioactive! The drug works completely, while it is so inexpensive. removes all symptoms in one course!

I want to leave a review about cardioactive with hawthorn. I can say that this tool literally helped to cope with pressure and cholesterol. Of course, they followed the diet and all the other facts, but they are very glad that they did without lethal chemistry and such a herbal remedy, natural, helped!

drug super! The composition is perfect, the price too. I recommend it as a prophylaxis, tests will return to normal in sugar and cholesterol after the course!

Agree with you! I already have the entire department drinking from my filing at work! We who are with omega-3, it is generally in the form of pop, very good taste! I think many people will use the drug. because in the composition there is nothing that can harm. Well, if only intolerance is not.

I totally agree! very good drug for maintaining the activity of the cardiovascular system. Evalar has many good preparations, but here the perfect composition is straight for the perfect price! very good!

The heart is the most important and most important organ for a person. Behind him need special care. In our youth, we attach little importance to how important it is to monitor our health and start prophylaxis on time (I emphasize) so that we do not begin treatment! Until they started to bother me with tingling in my heart, I didn’t go to the doctor, but this time I had to. The specialist said that my heart is fine, you just need to reduce physical exertion and try to eat as little fat and fried as possible. And I was prescribed the drug Cardioactive for the prevention. It contains hawthorn flower and leaf extract and vitamins. Natural herbal preparation without chemistry and all sorts of additives. I took it for three weeks 1 tablet 2 times a day. Thank God, the stitches in the heart area have passed, and I began to feel much better! I think that this was also facilitated by a well-established diet and the fact that I had less daily exercise.

Super vitamins for the heart at a super price that will help support your heart and blood vessels in order - Cardioactive. I started taking Cardioactive as a preventative measure. The heart and blood vessels are under enormous stress, they are responsible for all the organs of our body, and it is simply unrealistic to get all the vitamins and microelements in the right doses daily, through food. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to the help of additional vitamins. Vitamins are inexpensive, it will be more expensive to treat everything in the complex, so for prevention I recommend definitely! The complex includes all the most useful and necessary: ​​folic acid, vitamins B12 and B6, coenzyme Q10, without which not only the heart, but the whole body grows old!