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Sab Simplex for newborns - how quickly suspension works with constipation and colic, side effects and price

In babies after birth, the digestive and nervous systems are imperfect. The lack of enzymes necessary to digest food is reflected in the well-being of the infant. Up to about 4 months, almost all children experience discomfort in the tummy in the form of bloating and colic. There are many medications to alleviate the condition of newborns, but not every medicine is suitable for all children, without exception, due to their physiological characteristics, allergic status. Some of the medications have side effects and almost all are contraindications.

Indications for use of the drug SAB simplex:

  • physiological swelling in the intestines of newborns. The medicine will not help with infectious diseases, enzymatic disorders, although they can also manifest as abdominal pains, bloating and crying of a child,
  • Gastrointestinal examination of the gastrointestinal tract (FGDS, ultrasound, radiography, MRI, CT)
  • surfactant poisoning (detergents).

How does the SAB simplex work?

The main component that is part of the SAB simplex is called simethicone. Is a compound of silicon dioxide with dimethylsiloxane, which has a carminative effect. Simethicone plays the role of defoamer in the intestinal lumen. It breaks large gas bubbles into smaller ones, which are absorbed into the intestinal wall and are removed by peristaltic movements. Thus, in the intestinal lumen, the amount of gas decreases and colic disappears. The drug does not enter into chemical bonds with other drugs or organic compounds of the body, and is displayed through the intestinal lumen in its original form.

How to take the drug SAB simplex?

  • How to give SAB simplex: the medicine is given in the form of drops, for each age its own dosage. Before use, the bottle must be shaken and turned down with a pipette, measuring the required number of drops.
  • How many drops to give: children from 1 month to one year to eliminate colic to give 15 drops in the process of feeding or immediately after it. If the baby is fed with the mixture, then you can add the medicine in a bottle with food. SAB Simplex is compatible with any liquids: milk, water.
  • Kids on breastfeeding sab simplex It is convenient to give, diluted in boiled water or milk, with the help of a dispensing part of a syringe or a teaspoon, before applying.
  • How often to give SAB simplex: Doctors recommend using this medicine. twice a day: during feeding - 15 drops and before bedtime - 15 drops.

If necessary, the dosage can be stretched over several feedings, this applies to infants who are often applied to the breast (free feeding) and toddlers - “artificials” with strong colic: 10 drops per feeding, at intervals of 3 hours. According to the instructions, the drug can be given up to eight times a day.

If the use of an SAB simplex is due to preparation for a diagnostic examination, only the attending physician prescribes the dosage, time and frequency of taking the drug.

Laxative drugs based on lactulose (Duphalac) and the drug SAB simplex for constipation are taken together, since lactulose causes gas formation.

When is SAB simplex contraindicated?

As with any drug, SAB Simplex has contraindications:

  1. obstructive (with impaired patency, motility) disorders of the gastrointestinal tract,
  2. congenital malformations of the gastrointestinal tract with impaired patency,
  3. individual intolerance.

An allergy to SAB simplex can appear as a reaction to simethicone, as well as to its flavors and preservatives. Then you need to ask the pediatrician to choose another suitable drug for the baby.

SAB simplex can be used during gestation and lactation. Since the medicine does not penetrate into the blood, it is absolutely safe for the fetus and the infant.

How does SAB simplex differ from analogs?

The average price for an SAB Simplex package for newborns is 200 - 240 rubles. The cost of these drugs on the market is about the same. Many analogues have become very popular among doctors and parents, but, nevertheless, the SAB simplex compared with them has many advantages:

  1. Espumizan or SAB simplex: the active ingredient in the preparations is the same - simethicone, but in different dosages. In the SAB simplex in 1 ml - 69.19 mg of the active substance, and in Espumisan in 5 ml - 40 mg. SAB simplex is more convenient to use: 15 drops to the reception, and Espumizan - 1 teaspoon, which is not always possible to give a small child. Because of this, Espumizan ends more quickly, with the same bottle volume as that of the SAB simplex. It should also be noted that Espumizan's advertising is actively broadcast in the media, which has led to frequent fakes of the drug.
  2. Bobotik and SAB simplex: in both preparations contains simethicone, about the same concentrations. The bobotik is used no more than 4 times a day, and the SAB simplex can be given at each feeding. Cost of the first drug - from 150 rubles, which is an undoubted advantage.
  3. Baby Calm or SAB Simplex: completely different in composition preparations that can be applied in parallel. Baby Calm contains a mixture of vegetable oils, which, in addition to the carminative effect, also have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative effects. If the baby is very restless, suffers from severe colic, then Baby Baby will be a good supplement to the drug SAB Simplex.

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What is Sab Simplex

According to pharmacological classification, Sab Simplex for newborns belongs to the group of means of reducing gas formation, preventing the development of intestinal colic in babies. This mild drug has no adverse reactions (very rarely), has a minimum of contraindications. Kids will not refuse to receive, because the drug has a pleasant fruity aroma.

Sab Simplex is available in oral suspension form. Outwardly, it is a liquid of white-gray color, slightly viscous consistency, with a vanilla-raspberry smell. The drug is available in dropper bottles of dark glass with a volume of 30 ml (1 ml contains 25 drops). Detailed composition of safe medication for newborns:

pharmachologic effect

How fast the Sub Simplex for newborns acts depends on its working mechanism. Getting into the body, simethicone reduces the surface tension of gas bubbles, which are formed in the contents of the stomach and intestinal mucus, destroys them. Gases are released, absorbed by the intestinal walls or removed with natural intestinal motility with fecal masses. The drug has a carminative effect, relieves spasms, improves the action of enzymes.

During the diagnostic studies of the gastrointestinal tract, simethicone substance prevents the appearance of interference and image overlap, improves irrigation of the mucous membrane of the colon with contrast agents, does not allow the film to break. The active substance of the drug does not enter into chemical reactions, extinguishes the foam by physical means. The component is inert, not absorbed by the body, is displayed after passing through the gastrointestinal tract unchanged. In this regard, data on the pharmacokinetics of Sub Simplex are not available.

Instructions for use Sab Simplex for newborns

The instruction for use is enclosed in each cardboard pack with a bottle-dropper of the Sub Simplex preparation. According to her medication prescribed for newborns. The dosage depends on the age of the child, older child or adult, indications for use (differs with flatulence or preparation for diagnostic procedures). Before use, actively shake the bottle, turn it upside down and tap on the bottom so that the suspension comes out of the pipette.

How to give

Doctors are advised to take Sab Simplex newborn with fluids. Breastfed babies up to a year can get a suspension with milk, and if fed artificially, the drug is diluted with baby food or a mixture. Artificial and naturalists drug is given with a teaspoon. Older children can take medication during or after a meal, sometimes at night.

With flatulence, newborns up to a year are given 15 drops each (0.6 ml) with baby food or milk. At the age of 1-6 years assigned a similar amount per day, you can repeat the reception before bedtime. Children 6-15 years of age receive a minimum dose of 20-30 drops at a time. Adult single dose is 30-45 drops (1.2-1.8 milliliters). The duration of therapy depends on the dynamics, it can be treated with the drug for a long time.

In preparation for the diagnosis of the gastrointestinal tract the day before the study you need to take 3-6 teaspoons of Sub Simplex (15-30 ml). Before an ultrasound examination, 3 teaspoons are taken in the evening on the eve of the day of the procedure and the same three hours before it. Before endoscopy, they drink 0.5-1 teaspoon, plus the doctor injects a certain amount of the drug through the endoscope right during the process. In the treatment of poisoning should take at least 5 ml.

How often can you give

Doctors recommend that you familiarize yourself with the question of how often Sab Simplex can be given to a newborn so that there are no side effects from taking the drug. Pediatricians are advised to give the drug to children up to a year not more than three times a day. With a strong swelling of the intestine, the interval will be three hours; for the prevention of flatulence, 5-7 drops of suspension should be given twice a day. From the age of six, the treatment can be repeated every 4-6 hours a day.

Contraindications and side effects

While taking Sab Simplex in newborns rarely, but allergic reactions and hiccups can occur. Cases of drug overdose have not yet been fixed. Contraindications for the use of drugs are:

  • obstructive diseases of the stomach and intestines,
  • intestinal obstruction
  • lactulose intolerance,
  • hypersensitivity to the components of the composition.

Why Subsimplex baby?

Now more and more pediatricians recommend using Sabsimplex for newborns with colic, explaining that the drug has proven itself in dealing with this problem.

The main component of Sabsimplex (or Sab Simplex, hereinafter Subsimplex) is simethicone. It breaks up large gas formations into smaller bubbles, which, in turn, are easily absorbed into the intestinal wall and excreted by peristalsis (contractions in the intestine). Thus, the size of gas bubbles decreases, gaziki stop, and the newborn can calmly and painlessly penetrate.

The main indications for the use of the drug Sabsimpleks:

  1. Gaseous flatulence of the newborn,
  2. The poisoning of the child's body, various detergents surfactants (surfactants),
  3. Examination: FGDS, ultrasound, MRI, CT (hardware examination of the gastrointestinal tract),

The fact is that during such a survey, image distortion may occur. If, before the procedure, a subsimplex is used, the blurring of the pictures can be avoided, since the drug interacts with the gastric mucosa and envelops it with contrasting matter. This shell is one-piece and allows you to capture a clear frame during the procedure.

Subsimplex, after ingestion, does not pass further into the blood and organs of the intestine. Metabolism does not occur, and the drug is safely excreted by natural means.

Important! The drug Subsimplex will not help with infectious diseases and disorders of fermentation. And during the treatment of colic in the newborn has a short-term effect.

Subsimplex instruction

So, Subsimplex for newborns, instructions for use, indications and contraindications:

  1. Dosage:
  • Newborns up to 12 months, you can not more than 15 drops of the drug, during or immediately after the end of the meal,
  • In the case of artificial feeding, it is enough to add the medicine to the bottle with the mixture, or water,
  • Subsimplex for newborns during breastfeeding, you can add to the spoon with my mother's milk, before applying to the breast.
  1. How to give Subsimplex to a newborn with colic:
  • The drug Subsimplex comes in the form of drops. Be sure to shake the vial before use, turning the pipette down. Using the instructions, you should measure the number of drops by age dosage.
  1. How often to give:
  • Main recommendation: drip Sabsimplex twice (morning and evening),
  • In the instructions there is an indication that this drug can be dripped up to 8 times per day. And if necessary, it is possible to stretch the medication in three (10 drops per feeding),
  1. The existing contraindications of Sabsimplex colic:
  • Disorder of the gastrointestinal tract of a newborn (impaired peristalsis),
  • Congenital malformations of the gastrointestinal tract with the problem of patency
  • Sensitivity to the components of the drug Subsimplex.
  1. Side effects while taking Sabsimplex:
  • Subsimplex is fairly well tolerated by the body of the newborn, but, like other medicines, Subsimplex contains dye, flavoring, as well as other excipients that can trigger the onset of allergies in the newborn,
  • After taking the drug, you need some time to watch the child. If you notice any allergic reactions (itching, vomiting, redness, rash), consult a doctor immediately and stop taking the drug.

Know If your newborn has constipation while taking Sabsimplex, this is his body's response to the drug.

How to avoid or reduce the appearance of colic in a newborn

There is no consensus about the main cause of colic. Some say that this is the result of the child's stomach getting used to a new diet, others believe that colic depends entirely on the mother's diet.

Your diet can only partly affect the well-being of the child, so when breastfeeding a newborn, you should follow these recommendations:

  • Follow the principles of safe nutrition. That is, eat foods that the body of the newborn can normally take,

For more information about feeding a nursing mother, see the course on Safe Nutrition for a Nursing Mother >>>

  • Control not only the quality, but also the amount of food consumed,
  • You do not need to install the child feeding "on-mode". This is an erroneous opinion, which can lead to a small set of weight and worsen the child's health (about this in the article Feeding on demand or by the hour: which method is better? >>>)
  • While feeding, make sure that the baby’s tummy touches your belly. Thus, provide better digestion and absorption of breast milk.
  • If a newborn artificial animal, correctly measure out the amount of the dry mixture, given the increased caloric content of milk mixtures, in comparison with non-dairy cereals.

What means will help you get rid of colic and how else can you help your baby, see my video tutorial:

Reviews of newborn moms about colic Subsimplex

To understand the pros and cons of Subsimplex it is worth reading reviews on the application:

Marina, Eva's mother, 2 months.

When I found out how much Sabsimplex was worth, I was very glad that the price of a drug for newborns from colic is not big at all. But when I read the instructions, I was struck by the composition of the medicine. So much dye and flavoring. I changed my mind about buying this drug. After all, colic is not a disease or a virus, but a natural phenomenon of a child's fragile organism. Why stuff a newborn with so much chemistry?

Olesya, child 2 weeks

About four days ago, the baby had constipation, her baby’s tummy was soft, leaking. I started giving Duphalac, and then the doctor prescribed a simplex, now my daughter farts less and sleeps during the day. I read that the result of taking the medicine immediately, but mine still does not pokakat. I will wait,

Catherine, mother of twins, 3 weeks

Sabsimplex helped me, the newborn began to cry less and the tummy decreased, not so bloated. Good medicine, only confuses the composition. I hope we have no allergies manifest. I try to give infrequently, can skip the period of colic with small losses,

Svetlana, Petit's mother, 1 month

My baby is big since birth. Always eats a lot, milk, unfortunately, a little. It is necessary to feed a newborn with a mixture. As soon as I began to do this, so began our sleepless, tearful nights. They called a doctor, he wrote baby-kalm (did not help). And then a friend recommended a remedy for colic Sapsimplex. But it did not help. We coped with the problem using the Soft tummy workshop.

What is the result? Да, действительно, Сабсимплекс — это эффективный лекарственный препарат для устранения колик у новорожденого.

Unfortunately, it does not eliminate the root cause and, despite all the existing advantages, the drug sabsimplex remains an unnatural medicine, which contains dyes and flavors.

Yet, no cure for colic in a newborn has clear evidence of effectiveness in combating this problem.

You can, of course, continue to experiment with your child, but it is better to use in this situation, time-tested safe means.

If your newborn has such a problem, do not rush to flee to the pharmacy and buy chemical drugs.

Start with simple and affordable methods for each mother to help the child in the fight against colic and gas.

Your baby’s health is in your hands!

Sab Simplex - instructions for use

The popularity of the drug due to its natural composition, so to cope with the problem of flatulence in infants get without harmful chemistry. Instructions Sab Simplex contains all the main characteristics - from the composition to the dosage, contraindications. The sweet white taste, viscous in consistency, is distinguished by a fruity odor (raspberry and vanilla flavors), a number of beneficial properties, convenient use, since Sab Simplex is sold complete with a pipette.

In what situations is this medication useful? When intestinal colic appears, as a result of excessive pressure on the abdominal cavity, which makes the baby restless, moody, tearful. Pharmacologically inert Sub Simplex helps to reduce the surface tension of the gastrointestinal tract, slow down the formation of gases, and accumulate - to break down and easily withdrawn from the body of the newborn, while everything happens physiologically.

Inside the bottle of a popular remedy for flatulence in newborns is a mixture of a number of useful substances. The main active ingredient of Sub Simplex is simethicone (an organic compound made of dimethicone and silicon dioxide), which is a carminative agent with surface-active properties. Excipients - carbomer, citric acid, sodium saccharinate, sorbic acid, sodium citrate dihydrate, water, and some others - are present in the preparation Sub Simplex in minor doses.

Release form

A drug that helps normalize flatulence, comes in suspension. Since Sab Simplex is intended for oral administration, such a dosage form, in which useful substances pounded to the smallest particles are mixed with a liquid, is optimal for calculating the dosage and convenient for caring for a small child. Oral administration of Sub Simplex facilitates the process of drug absorption by the walls of the stomach, intestines, which gives a quick effect effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The digestive tract of a child in the first months of life is configured for harmonious work, but not everything goes smoothly. When the contents of the stomach or intestinal mucus is exposed to gas bubbles, bloating, discomfort, pain, and the crumb becomes capricious. The action of the suspension helps to release gases, normalize the work of peristalsis, removing the symptoms by physical means. Sab Simplex is not absorbed by the body and is completely eliminated from the body.

Dosing and Administration

Although simethicone-based Sab Simplex is available for over-the-counter purchase, it is safe for babies, women during pregnancy or lactation, diabetics, you should always consult with your doctor before use. The specialist will help you to choose the dose of Sub Simplex so that the use of the suspension will be useful, it will improve your well-being, it will relieve you of unpleasant symptoms. Before use, the vial should be vigorously shaken, turned over and tapped on the bottom.

The dosage of the drug Sub Simplex in the diagnosis of increased gas:

Composition Sub Simplex

The active ingredient of the product is simethicone - a mixture of silicon dioxide and dimethicone 350 in the ratio of 7.5%: 92.5%. 100 ml Sub Simplex contains 6.919 g simethicone, and also auxiliary components in insignificant quantities, among which:

  • sorbic acid
  • sodium cyclamate,
  • hypromellose,
  • polyglycostearyl acid ester compounds,
  • sodium saccharinate,
  • carbomer,
  • sodium citrate,
  • lemon acid,
  • sodium benzoate
  • vanilla and raspberry flavors.

All these substances will not harm even the baby, who is not yet a month old, but they can significantly improve his well-being.

Indications for use according to the instructions

Indications for the appointment of Sab Simplex newborn are:

  • flatulence, intense gas formation, flatulence, accompanied by abdominal pain and frequent crying of the child,
  • preparation for diagnostic procedures associated with the study of the gastrointestinal tract (ultrasound, radiography, esophagogastroduodenoscopy),
  • acute poisoning with powders and other detergents, including surfactants, with their accidental ingestion.

Sab Simplex is strictly prohibited to use in the case of:

  • if obstructive gastrointestinal diseases are diagnosed in a newborn,
  • intestinal obstruction or individual sensitivity to simethicone or any other compound that is part of the drug.

How to give Sab Simplex breastfeeding and artificial feeding

Before using the bottle Sub Simplex thoroughly shaken. To do this, it should be quickly turned upside down and knock well on the bottom: the suspension will begin to actively flow into the pipette.

With colic and strong gas formation, it is recommended that newborns and infants be given 0.6 ml (15 drops) of suspension at each feeding. If the baby eats breast milk, the medicine is diluted in a small amount of water and given just before applying. Sab Simplex is remarkably compatible and blends perfectly with any liquids, including water, milk and the mixture. Therefore, crumbs, "artificiality" it is simply added to the bottle of food. For maximum effectiveness, the drug should be ingested every 4-6 hours.

According to the instructions for use it is possible to give Sab Simplex and a newborn breastfed. A child who is often applied to the chest, experts recommend reducing the dose to 10 drops and give them every 3 hours. For prophylactic purposes, Sub Simplex is used in a dosage of 6 drops, 2 times a day. If the baby is very suffering from colic, you can give the medicine before bedtime. To find the optimal treatment regimen in each case, you should contact a specialist. The drug is designed for use as part of a long course of treatment.

The first time after starting the drug, you must carefully monitor the newborn, because it is possible the development of allergic reactions. Cases of Sub Simplex overdose are not registered.

Its features have its reception and for other indications, in addition to digestive disorders, in newborns:

  1. Preparing to examine the digestive tract. In preparation for radiography, a pipette is removed from the vial and give the baby 3 teaspoons (15 ml) of the preparation the evening before the test. Preparation for an ultrasound scan requires taking 3 teaspoons of the agent in the evening the day before the examination and the same amount 3 hours before the diagnostic procedure. If there is a need for endoscopy, immediately before it give 2.5–5 ml of suspension (0.5–1 teaspoon). It is also allowed the introduction of several milliliters of the drug during the procedure directly through the endoscope.
  2. Surfactant poisoning. In case of poisoning with detergents, the recommended dose for is 5 ml (1 tsp).

Important! In the appointment of laxative drugs based on lactulose (for example, Duphalac), provoking increased gas formation, they should always be combined with Sab Simplex.

The drug should be stored in a dark place at a temperature not exceeding +25 ° C. A drug remains valid for 3 years, after which it is better not to use it.

Video Sub Simplex from colic

The drug has several very popular analogues and sometimes it is difficult for the mother to decide which drug is better to choose in the fight against colic. Let's try to compare Sub Simplex and three other common tools.

  1. Espumizan or Sab Simplex? It is worth noting that 1 ml of Sub Simplex suspension contains 69.19 mg simethicone, which is higher than Espumisan L, but less than Espumizan Baby. The most important advantage of Sub Simplex when choosing between two means is the price, which is higher for Espumizan.
  2. Bobotik or Sub Simplex? Bobotik, like Sub Simplex contains simethicone. The dosage is very similar, but doctors do not recommend using Bobotik more often 4 times a day. At the same time Sab Simplex is permissible to give during each feeding. As for the prices of these two funds, it is about the same.
  3. Baby Calm or Sub Simplex? Unlike Sab Simplex, its main component is a mixture of vegetable essential oils, which has anti-inflammatory, sedative and analgesic effects. If a child has strong colic, the drugs will complement each other well, but one Baby Calm will most likely not cope.

Preparation for studies of the digestive tract

To prepare forradiography the day before the study in the evening you need 16-30 ml of the drug.

To prepare for UltrasoundYou must take 15 ml of the drug the day before the study, in the evening and another 15 ml before the study.

To prepare for endoscopy2.5–5 ml of medication should be consumed. During the study through the endoscope in addition, you must enter a few more milliliters of Sub Simplex.

In the treatment toxic detergents The dose and mode of administration depends on the clinic of the disease and is usually 5 ml.

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