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Spoiling for infertility


Not absurd, my girlfriend after removing the damage of the dark trail did not remain. Filmed only damage to health, and not on childlessness.

Means this is just a coincidence. This fact was checked more than once by many experts in the field of magic, and it was confirmed that the bands from the rings is not a complete indicator of the presence of damage. Look even at the program with Lena Kurilova, where she also says that she inspected this method on her own clients. People came to her with very strong damage and did not leave any marks on their rings. And those who damage and was not close - on those rings in some places were given bands. If we believe this way, then in childhood at school we had all the girls with damage.

Unfortunately, infertility in our time is a very common problem. That is the conclusion I come to. after all, how many women who, with visible external health for years, cannot conceive a baby, there are such people among my acquaintances. After reading the article, I tend to think that this may be damage.

Problems with conception as a result of damage: signs and ways of deliverance

Problems with conception are due to violations in the organs of the reproductive system. Then you have to seek help from doctors.

But sometimes experts spread their hands, not understanding why an absolutely healthy couple can never have a child.

What to think in this situation? Damage to infertility is precisely such a “diagnosis” willy-nilly comes to mind, especially to those who believe in the other world.

Who can be a victim

The object of witchcraft ritual may well be a representative of any gender. Of course, women are subject to magical effects most often, but men are not immune from the evil influence from outside.

A young girl is able to “program” a rival for infertility, who thus wants to separate her with a man. It may be revenge for your own destroyed happiness.

Almost every member of the fair sex has an episode in life when she had to compete with someone in love affairs.

A man is often “spoiled” because of anger or because of all the same revenge. Rituals on the inability to conceive offspring by men often lead to irreparable consequences: from a decrease in sperm motility to impotence.

Physical and psychological symptoms

The magical intervention in the life of a person will necessarily affect his state of health. The first damage will cause problems with the genital organs, especially the uterus. But there are other signs that you should know about. So, a person under the influence of magic can face:

  • an inexplicable feeling of fear and loneliness (I feel like crawling on a wall if there is no one in the house),
  • frequent migraines and agonizing headaches, which are difficult to escape even with medication,
  • the deterioration of night sleep and the appearance of nightmares,
  • olfactory hallucinations when smells are felt that others do not notice,
  • irritability and aggressiveness, especially in relation to the partner,
  • a sharp change in weight in any direction, most often under the effect of damage, people seem to dry before our eyes.

The person on whom damage is induced, sometimes just does not recognize. It becomes different, so the presence of one of the signs will not be an indicator of sorcery effects. Only a complex of several, or even all of these symptoms can be considered a sure sign of damage.

Indirect signs

These include:

  • total bad luck, which manifests itself in all areas of life,
  • deterioration when visiting a church, simply being unable to be in a holy place,
  • the strange behavior of pets, who are known to be very sensitive to everything mysterious,
  • the appearance in the dwelling of all the "shit", like mice or insects.

It is necessary to analyze what has changed in life in the near future. If there are too many negative and strange changes, this will be an indirect sign of the influence of otherworldly forces.

Detection of damage through rituals

If doubts remain, then you have to resort to magic. Traditionally, four rituals are considered the most informative: using eggs, bread, a wedding ringlet, or olive oil.

  • With the help of bread. You just need to hold a piece of rye bread in your palm, and then throw it in a container with spring water. What happened? If the bread has sunk to the bottom, then anxiety is justified.
  1. Through the ring. It is desirable that it was a wedding, but it will come down and the one that is just often worn. It should hold the ornament on his cheek and go to the mirror. If the trace darkened, then there is damage.
  1. With olive oil. Put oil in a glass of spring water and see what happens. If everything is “pure”, the oil should retain its shape, and not disintegrate into many small droplets.
  1. Using raw eggs. It is necessary to pour spring water into a container, and then drive a raw egg into it, while reading the prayers. The presence of witchcraft will be spoken of by the “abnormal” state of the protein: its heterogeneity, the presence of dark patches or streaks.

The real magician or grandmother with the gift will best understand how to recognize damage to infertility, so if you can, you should use the advice of a specialist.

Before you believe in the action of otherworldly forces, we recommend that you read the article on how pregnancy planning begins. From it you will learn about general recommendations before pregnancy, what specialists you need to visit, what tests to pass as a couple, and each separately, as well as useful vitamins for the reproductive system.

How to remove damage to infertility alone

If there is no doubt of damage, then you need to urgently remove it. First you should try to find a lining. In the case of infertility, these can be pieces of a stump or a rotten tree, which are associated with the impossibility of rebirth.

They are placed under the rugs in front of the door, especially close people can even hide in a pair of pillows. However, there are other types of lining: needles, burnt matches, croup, hair strands.

Such things can often be found in the loot of doors, under beds, furniture.

If a thing (pad) is found, then it must be wrapped in cloth, not touching with your hands, and burned when the sun sets. Also, some experts advise to simply throw found at the intersection.

As for the hex, there will also have to make a choice, since there are at least three ways:

  • You can go straight to church and tell the priest about the problem and your suspicions. Of course, he will not take the hex, but he will surely tell you which prayers are most effective in this case.
  • It is worth trying to find a good magician who knows his business. It is he who is able to not only destroy the damage, but also to do it correctly, without negative consequences.
  • If it is decided to act independently, then you will have to use one of the ancient rituals described later.

Ritual on Ivan Kupala

On holiday, you need to get up before dawn and go to the spring. With a must have a clay container. Having gathered water and bringing it into the house, with the rising of the sun, it is necessary to stand bare-footed on the ground, turn to face east and pour a third of the liquid brought onto you During this action a spell is pronounced:

“It spreads, is reflected, the bad dissolves, the evil in darkness plunges, the good comes to light. Let it be so! Amen".

During the day, two more identical rituals are held: at noon and during sunset.

In order for the ritual to work, you need to observe such a restriction: from the very awakening and to complete purification you cannot talk even with the closest people.

Egg haulage

It is more complicated here, so the procedure itself must be trusted by another person, relative or friend. After sunset, all doors are locked, and the “tainted” sits facing east.

His assistant, reading the prayers, should gradually carry out a fresh chicken egg in all parts of the victim's body, starting from the top (roll back damage). In total, at least 33 rolling movements should be completed, and the procedure should be completed where it began - at the crown.

Read "Save and Save" or another prayer, which will advise the priest. Egg after the ritual is carried away into the forest and left under a bush.

Restriction: three days after the removal of damage in this way, no one can borrow money or lend it yourself.

The sooner the magical effect is neutralized, the greater the chances of the victim to do without the sad consequences in the form of disease or complete infertility.

How to determine the damage to infertility: signs, features

This kind of magic can bring pretty quickly almost every professional. But the damage to infertility is removed quite difficult. Practically only women are involved in this magical direction.

It is they who are the target, and customers are also mainly women. Some try to take revenge on their rival, others simply seek to do harm by putting their failures on others. Therefore, every woman of childbearing age needs to know how to identify and remove damage to infertility.

How does the damage on a woman?

How to strengthen the family?

Damage to infertility can be imposed not only on women.

Male infertility is often the result of the negative impact of an abandoned woman who is eager to humiliate her ex-husband, to make him miserable, inferior.

But still most often women suffer from infertility resulting from magical manipulations. They have problems with the uterus or other genital organs.

All attempts to get pregnant end in failure. Usually the source of the induced negative are mistresses, seeking to get someone else's husband.

Or abandoned wives, whose goal is to destroy the life of a successful rival. A prolonged reading in the church gives only a temporary improvement in the condition. Conception occurs, but the woman cannot reach the delivery.

In most cases, abortion occurs.

Among the signs of the presence of damage causing infertility, we can note the following.

  1. Fear of being alone. A person is afraid to be alone even for a short time.
  2. Nightmares.
  3. Fear of the dark.
  4. Tainted man is haunted by unpleasant odors.
  5. Begins a "black bar" in everything.
  6. Pain syndrome of unknown etiology.
  7. The appearance of dry mouth.
  8. The appearance of age spots.
  9. Sudden alopecia or obesity.

The fact that induced damage says a combination of several symptoms. If only one symptom could be identified, then this is a coincidence. In general, one can only independently identify damage to infertility, but a professional should characterize it and remove it.

There is an interesting ritual to identify damage to complete childlessness. This requires simple water and a piece of rye bread. Holding it a little in your hand, you need to lower it into the water. If there is no negative, the bread will drown. If everything is in order, it will continue to float on the surface.

How are the effects on the customer or performer?

If a person causes damage or appeals to a magician with a similar request, for him in the future everything may turn out in the most unsightly way. For a long time, practicing strong magicians know how to put a defense to avoid backfire.

But newcomers are always faced with the need to pay. In this case, the problems can affect not only the black ritual performer himself, but also his family, for example, children.

Sometimes retaliation is manifested in the aggravation of existing health problems, sometimes in the destruction of relationships with people.

If the damage to childlessness was imposed by a woman who was unable to give birth, she almost always becomes pregnant after such a ritual. Only a born child will never bring her joy. He will be sure to have any abnormalities and will give the mother more grief than joy.

TRAINING OF MAGIC: https: //www..com/watch? V = ZtoEkTxhJhc With the help of Pts

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In this video I will tell you how to find out if there are any damage on you.

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How do you know if you have damage or the evil eye? remove the damage

The ritual of removing damage, the evil eye, love and fire spell.

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How to quickly remove induced damage to infertility?

Too quickly get rid of damage will not work. Among the possible rituals one of the easiest is the rite with a chicken egg. It is better to entrust the carrying out of the ritual to the mother or another close relative who definitely does not harm and who knows how to remove damage to infertility.

The rite is performed after visits in the days of the waning moon. Healed is freed from all that is superfluous: from jewelry, accessories and excess clothing, he sits facing east. First, you need to roll an egg on the head as if outlining the shape of the crown, make 33 circles.

Then they descend along the spine, roll an egg over all other parts of the body and return to the head. This egg must be carried to the forest and left there far from human eyes under a tree. A month later, they return to this rite and do everything anew.

It will have to be done until pregnancy occurs.

Another effective ritual capable of overcoming infertility is held on the Kupala night. A spoiled woman should handle it herself. On the night of July 6, July 7, a woman wakes up to the light and goes to the well to get water. It is even better to take water in a spring.

Water tank should be made of clay (earthenware, porcelain). When water is brought into the house, it is necessary to pour it into 3 vessels in equal volume. The first part should immediately pour yourself on the head. At the same time it is necessary to stand barefoot on the ground facing the rising sun.

At the moment of douche, a conspiracy is pronounced:

“It spreads, is reflected, the bad dissolves, the evil in darkness plunges, the good comes to light. Let it be so! Amen".

Similar actions should be carried out at lunch with the 2nd part and at sunset with the 3rd part.

You can hold a short ritual that fits in 4 days. For him prepare 48 rods, 12 per day. These rods need to whip the fence and say these words:

“I beat you for infertility. Help lime. To give fruits to the garden, and to give birth to a slave (say the name) children. As I say, so be it! ”

Immediately such a ritual rarely helps to remove damage, but with a periodic reference to it, you can get a good result.

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Symptoms of witch influence

Often offended women, abandoned by their lovers, try to ruin the life of a separated woman by resorting to the most non-standard methods. The most cruel variant of revenge is to deprive the rival of the joy of motherhood.

Often this damage can be imposed simply out of envy, and the victim then suffers for many years. Damage to infertility can be easily noticed, because the main indicator of its presence is the inability of a girl to become pregnant.

It is not necessary to exclude the fact that this may not be the result of a magical attack, but a problem of a different nature. Signs of sorcery effects are most often:

  • the victim is an absolutely healthy woman, but medicine cannot explain why she cannot become pregnant,
  • the girl has a constant headache for no particular reason
  • frequent insomnia,
  • the fear of loneliness, even short-term staying alone with itself instills horror in itself,
  • manifestation of deviations of a psychological nature (especially clearly noticeable if a person has not previously suffered from mental illness),
  • constant losing streak,
  • panic fear of the dark
  • appearance in the house of animals such as rats and mice.

If you have damage to infertility, then most of these symptoms appear almost immediately. The presence of 1-2 points is not an indication that you are under magical influence.

Perhaps flower female happiness signs

In order to ascertain the presence or absence of a magical attack, perform a simple rite that can lift the veil of secrets and say for sure whether there is damage on you or not.

Damage to infertility - defined using riatals

Take your own (preferably) wedding ring. If this is not, take what you wear most often (it is important that it was gold). Swipe the jewel over your cheek. If the trail is red (normal reaction to pressure on the skin), then you are not under magical influence. If the trace becomes black, then you are spoiled by sterility.

The next method is using of bread. Take the product (it is important that it is rye) and put it in a container with water. If he immediately falls to the bottom, then you need as soon as possible to seek help from a professional.

The latter method can even determine exactly what damage is on you. Pour holy water in a saucer and drip a little on top. oils. Remember the shape of the drop. If after a couple of minutes, it changes its shape, it means that the damage to infertility you put on the photo. If the oil has preserved its shape, then there is no negative program for you.

Getting rid of the damage yourself

Damage can be "knocked out" of a person with the help of rods. Для обряда вооружитесь двенадцатью ветками одного и того же дерева. Сломать их нужно рано утром. Проводите одинаковый обряд в течении 4-х суток и сможете навсегда избавиться от порчи на бесплодие. В первый день возьмите 3 ветки, идите к старому забору из дерева и начните его бить ветками. При этом шепчите:

Я бью тебя за бесплодие. Помоги извести. To give fruits to the garden, and to give birth to a slave (name) children. As I say it will be.

Similar actions are performed for the remaining three days.

On our site, you can also read an article about the independent removal of damage and the evil eye of other species.

The saving power of water against spoilage

Water cleans from any negative energy and cope with a variety of magical attacks. In order to remove damage to infertility, type water in 3 different springs. On the way home do not talk to anyone. At home, pour liquid from all three vessels, repeating:

The king of the river. Give water a little loose on the light of the health of a servant of God (the name of a slave).

Such a plot will only help from a weak negative program imposed by an inexperienced or weak sorcerer.

How to remove damage to infertility using eggs?

Using an egg, you can save yourself from almost any negative program. It is able to take from the person all the negative energy that surrounds it, and completely clean the victim's biofield.

Independently conduct a ritual is prohibited. Better trust your very close relative. Ritual takes place on the 17-19 lunar day after the sun goes down.

Close all doors and windows tightly, put crosses on yourself and the victim, and put the sick person so that he looks to the east.

After that, take a raw chicken egg and can proceed to the ritual. Run them first along the face, then along the back, chest, abdomen, arms and legs. In this order should be held 33 times. When rolling out whisper text "Our Father".

  • a prayer to the saint who bears the same name as the sick one
  • a prayer to any saint whose icons are in your house (they need to be placed near the venue of the ceremony).

After the ritual is completed, carry the main attribute away into the forest and place it under a large bush. The victim of damage has three days after the ritual to refuse to borrow money or lend someone something.

Remove any damage, even infertility, you can own. The main thing is to be ready to protect yourself and your loved ones from black magic. Watch your own feelings carefully. Since it is fairly easy to remove the damage detected in time, you can protect yourself.

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Signs and symptoms of damage to infertility

To rule out a generic curse, analyze the situation: is there anyone else among your relatives who, for some unknown reason, cannot have a child?

If there are any, then it is not about damage to you personally, but about the curse of the race. Generic curses are harder to remove and cannot cope on your own.

If among your relatives there are no more, then there is damage done to someone specifically (you or your spouse).

Men and women have not only a different physiological structure, but also differ in energy bodies. The male energy body is “recharged” through a certain point located on the crown. Through the same point, the man eats and reproductive energy.

In women, their energy body draws its energy through the genital area - through the uterus. That is why, if there was an energy intervention - targeting damage - then, most likely, the results of this negative impact will be visible in these zones.

Another sign of energetic intervention is how a “tainted” person feels in the church, especially while serving. As a rule, being in the temple, the victims of damage are experiencing dizziness, discomfort and a certain weakness.

Another clue may be the behavior of domestic animals, especially cats. Cats are much closer to the subtle world than humans, and they are able to sense those who are corrupted. They try to avoid such people.

In addition to the symptoms described above, there are a number of symptoms of induced damage:

  • increased fatigue
  • unreasonable and frequent headaches,
  • fear of darkness, loneliness (bordering on paranoia),
  • disturbing sleep with bad dreams,
  • weight gain or, on the contrary, its loss with a constant feeling of hunger,
  • deterioration of the skin and rapid aging,
  • feeling of irritation to the partner.

It should be remembered that if we are talking about damage, then there should be in the presence of not one sign or symptom, but a combination of several.

Popular methods for determining damage

You can determine the damage and folk methods:

  1. With the help of a wedding ring. It is necessary to hold the ring on the cheek. If after the ring on the cheek remains a trace - a dark band, then, perhaps, damage was imposed on the termination of the race.
  2. With the help of rye bread. You must take a piece of rye bread in your hand and hold it in your hand for a while. Then drop this piece of bread into a glass filled with spring water. If the bread sinks - it means that damage has been imposed on you.
  3. With the help of chicken eggs. Take a glass of spring water and an egg. Reading the prayer “Our Father” over a glass, carefully pour the egg into the water. Egg white is very sensitive to negative energy, so if it has lost its homogeneity or black dots appear in it, this means that there is damage on you.
  4. With olive oil. Put oil in a glass with boiled water. If a drop spreads without retaining its shape, this means that damage has been imposed on you. This method reveals the damage induced by the photograph.

Egg damage removal

To carry out this ritual over the victim of damage should a close relative, whom she fully trusts. Another condition of this ritual for the removal of the energy impact: it should be carried out in the phase of the waning moon, strictly after sunset, after being prepared:

  • prepare a fresh chicken egg in advance,
  • close the doors to the ritual room;
  • from the victim of damage, remove all jewelry, including the watch,
  • Sit the victim facing east.

Start the ritual with the head: roll out the egg, accompanying each turn with prayers. In total it is necessary to make at least 33 turns. Next, the spine and each part of the body should be processed with egg turns, in conclusion return to the running in of the head.

After completion of the run-in, take the used egg to the forest, where it is necessary to leave it under the bush.

The person over whom the ritual of removing damage has been performed must not borrow or give money for three days.

A month later, the rite can be repeated.

Ritual on Ivana Kupala

Folk magic knows another equally effective ritual for removing damage to infertility, but, unfortunately, it can only be done once a year - on Ivan Kupala’s day.

It is important to remember that from the moment of awakening and up to the end of the ritual it is impossible to talk! A female victim can do this ritual on her own.

To do this, she should wake up before dawn and go to the well or to the spring for water. You should take a non-metallic vessel with you — an earthenware, porcelain one — large enough in volume. Type in the water source and bring it home. Brought water divided into three equal parts. The first is used immediately, and you should do the following:

  • go to the ground
  • face the sun
  • pour water over yourself, pronouncing the words of the conspiracy:

“It spreads, is reflected, the bad dissolves, the evil in darkness plunges, the good comes to light. Let it be so! Amen".

Repeat this ceremony on the same day two more times - at noon and at sunset.

If you are not confident in your abilities or doubt that you can carry out the rituals necessary for the purification yourself, then contact the church or the current magician for help.

If you are not able to conceive a child for a long time, and doctors are powerless to help you, then do not delay the resolution of this issue for a long time, so that the problem does not turn into karma.

The magician, in addition to the ritual of purification, may also offer to purchase all kinds of amulets and amulets to help pregnant women (those who cannot take the child away from miscarriage), which are recommended to be worn and kept with you at all times.

On the consequences of defining damage

The main consequence of this type of damage can already be judged by its name - infertility occurs in the victim of the ceremony.

In women, this affects the reproductive organs, in which the uterus most often suffers. In this case, the woman simply cannot conceive a child, and if the pregnancy does occur, then the child cannot be carried out: miscarriages occur most often in the early stages.

A man can also be a victim of energy intervention for infertility. In men, the effects of damage can manifest themselves in different ways: from sedentary sperm in the semen to impotence.

Unfortunately, damage to infertility in our days is much more common than we would like. Such magic is attractive in that it is easier to impose damage than to remove it. That is why you should know the main signs of such exposure and be able to quickly remove them.

Let your home be full of happy childish laughter!

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If the thought about the possible induced damage to infertility originated in your head, the question arises - how to determine the induced negative and whether it can be removed. All this is possible - practicing magicians talk about a number of symptoms that indicate the induced negative program and how to get rid of it all.

Physiological and psychological signs

Any magic spell, including dark damage, will affect the physical condition of a person, not only undermining his energy potential. First of all, damage to infertility affects the work of the uterus and the reproductive system of a woman. But there are other signs of negative influence, which should be known:

  1. Unreasonable bouts of fear and desire to be alone, which was not previously observed in the character.
  2. Frequent attacks of migraine and headache, which are practically impossible to remove with the help of tablets.
  3. Problems with sleep at night, when it is impossible to rest normally due to constant nightmares.
  4. The appearance of olfactory hallucinations - a woman begins to hear smells that are not felt by the people around her.
  5. Attacks of aggression and irritability, especially in relation to the partner.
  6. A person under the action of magic simply dries in his eyes, loses weight.

As a result, a person is changing before our eyes, he simply cannot be recognized - he becomes different. The main thing to remember is that if you have several symptoms, you can talk about induced damage.

The power of damage to infertility is great

On Ivana Kupala

Removal of damage to Ivan Kupala

You can remove the induced negative yourself by reading the plot from damage to infertility, be sure to Ivan Kupala.

On the feast itself, be sure to recover to the spring or the well, the well-room, taking the earthenware jar with you.

Put water in a pot and bring it to your house - stand on the ground with bare feet and, facing east, pour 1/3 of the clean liquid brought over you.

When you water yourself, be sure to say:

“As it spreads and is reflected, so bad things are washed away from me - evil in the raw earth sinks, clean and new things are born. Yes, to be according to the word. ”

After throughout the day spend, in particular at noon and at sunset the same ritual again. The main thing on this day is to observe a certain restriction - from the moment of awakening and until complete purification, not to talk to anyone, even close ones.

Egg damage removal

You can remove from yourself the damage induced by infertility with the help of an egg - it is this simple object that can remove any induced negative from a person, purify energy and restore protective forces.

It is forbidden to perform the ritual with the egg yourself - in this version of the ceremony you will need the help of an outsider.

They carry out cleansing with the help of an egg in the period of 17-19 lunar days, when the sun sets over the horizon.

Before the ceremony, close all doors and windows tightly, each participant of the ritual puts on a cross, and put the spoilage victim on a chair, but it’s eastward. Then take a raw, fresh chicken egg and roll it over the patient's body, starting from the head to the heels, spending 33 times. At this very moment you are reading:

  • Prayer "Our Father",
  • A prayer to the saint, in honor of whom the victim of corruption is named,
  • Prayer appeal to the saints, whose icons are in the house.

When all the prayers have been read, the egg should be carried away into the forest or the park and laid, without burying under a tree or a large bush. Upon completion of the ritual for 3 days, it is forbidden to give and borrow anything, food and money, no matter how much you are asked. As you can see, you can remove the induced negative - following the rules and faith in the ritual will help to return everything to its places.

Infertility, how to get rid of damage to childlessness

Most often, people can not have children because of the evil eye or damage to childlessness (infertility). Experts are forcing women and men to undergo a huge amount of research and pass the same number of tests.

Then begins the treatment, which also leads to nothing. The couple is left alone with their terrible diagnosis.

But the reason for all is neither a lack of hormones or inactive spermatozoa, but induced damage now or done on ancestors.

How to understand that the cause of infertility is black magic

In order to understand the cause of infertility, there are two options for checking:

  1. Cause a prophetic dream with the answer,
  2. To interrogate the relatives and relatives about the strange phenomena of a family up to the seventh knee.

Such damage to childlessness is passed down from generation to generation. And stretches seven generations. With each ase it weakens, but the shifts are minor. What can cause:

  • withdrawing a husband or wife from a family where there were already children,
  • curse, pronounced by the mother,
  • the curse and tears of a child who was abandoned for the sake of a mistress or lover,
  • there were baby killers in the family
  • revenge for the hurt and shattered dreams of lovers.

If at least something is present from the listed reasons, then we can safely declare damage. But it is possible that the reason lies in the former relationship. If there are abandoned lovers, then it is possible that the real lover or lover to break family ties induces damage in just such an unpleasant way.

The consequences of spoiling childlessness

Most often women suffer from damage, with men such a misfortune is much less. With a black magical effect, a woman begins to have problems with the reproductive organs.

Diseases of the uterus and ovaries begin to stick, which ultimately prevent the woman from becoming pregnant. In men, the same story begins, damage to infertility can be expressed from a sluggish erection, to problems with the prostate.

All these diseases in both sexes suddenly appear as snow in the blue sky.

As for the person who is guilty of infertility, then everything will return to him in triple size. To get rid of the damage, he (she) will have to go to you and beg for forgiveness.

How to see the culprit in a dream

This option of calling a dream is an assistant only for identifying enemies. All you need to do - do not sleep until midnight. Exactly at 00.00 we pour a handful of salt into the pan and fry for a few minutes until the heat from the salt begins. We put the pan out of the open window and counting the stars with the index finger (even if you don’t see them, just imagine), we pronounce the words of the conspiracy:

“One, two, three, four - these stars in my hand, five, six, seven - these stars are for enemies. I have a lot more, it means winning me. You, the stars, show me who the evil in the family sent me. Who sent infertility.

Now we close everything and go to sleep. In the dream, people will be shown who is the culprit.

In cases where people are familiar. Already easier. So how do you know who to fight. If you dreamed of strangers, then carefully study their style of dress to determine the approximate time of guidance.

A popular way to remove damage

The removal of such damage is a long process. If a person is familiar, then damage to infertility is much easier to remove. All prayers and conspiracies will be directed at the culprit. First of all, we order forty minutes for the enemy (you already know him). Weekly we put candles for the enemies in front of the Semistrelnaya icon and read prayers for the purification of the family and the forgiveness of sins. Not less than three.

Depending on when the damage was induced on infertility, treatment will last. Most often the process takes from six months to a year. You can notice improvements after three months.

Removal of damage to the egg

For the ritual you need a chicken egg and holy water. It is recommended to carry out all actions on the leaving moon. Put the spoiled person on the chair, take the egg and roll it on the head and shoulders. At the same time read the plot:

“I don’t roll an egg, but I banish damage. Infertility leaves, children's laughter comes to the house. Amen".

Sentencing the text you need to make an egg 27 circles in a clockwise direction. Next, roll the egg in all parts of the body of the human disease. At the end of the ritual, give the spoiled person a wash with holy water. The egg must be carried to the street and hidden under the first tree. You can repeat the rite once a month.

How to avoid becoming a victim of damage to childlessness?

Install protection against damage is much easier than then suffer from the effects of black magic. You will need a regular pin and spring water.

During the growing moon, pour water into a glass and put a pin in it. After put on the windowsill, so that moonlight could fall on the glass. Ваш амулет защиты будит готов, после трёх ночей.

В дальнейшем приколите булавку на одежду, которую чаще всего носите.

Снятие порчи (1)

Снятие порчи (1) Порча–это еще более страшное магическое воздействие, чем сглаз. Из-за порчи рушатся семьи, расходятся люди, возникают болезни и страдания, ломаются судьбы. Никакое психологическое, религиозное или медикаментозное воздействие порчу не снимает. Порчу можно

От порчи Читают тридевять (т. е. двадцать семь) раз: Не я говорю, не я хворь лечу. God heals and helps, and the Mother of God blesses. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Tikhon Reverend, Antip Vodopol, Console, pacify, Take away all defacements, take away all diseases. Blow, chase and

From spoiling to infertility

From damage to infertility If a woman or a man is damaged by such damage, cut 12 rods and every day, taking three rods in your right hand, beat them on any fence with the words: I beat you for infertility. Help lime. To garden fruits to give, and to give birth to a servant of God (name) of children. Like me

From damage If a person is dull and lethargic, loses weight or, conversely, spreads it, if he is, as the witnesses say, damaged, you need to take salt from seven yards, that is, ask for a pinch of salt from neighbors with 7 yards. Put the salt in a mug of water. Buy a candle in the church. In the morning at the dawn of the 13th day

From damage to livestock

From the damage to livestock The damaged livestock loses gaiety, eats badly, shudders, gives little milk, or all the milk flows from the udder to the ground arbitrarily. The cows lie on the ground and no longer get up. First of all, you need to take a broom, which was not washed up before, and sweep the yard, saying

From spoilage I will arise, the servant of God (name and patronymic) in the morning, early, blessing and crossing, with fresh water I will wash, rub off with a lot of water. I pray to the Lord God, I, the servant of God, will go from the hut to the door, from the courtyard to the gate, from the street to the curtains. I will pray and submit to the east, east

Infertility Keep ficus flowers in the house, and also helps keep the bars