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Janine or Byzanna, which is better for endometriosis?


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Janine or Byzanna - what is better for endometriosis? This question is logical, since in recent years, such pathology as endometriosis has been increasingly diagnosed among the representatives of the weaker sex. The treatment of this disease can be carried out with the use of various drugs, among which experts distinguish Janine and Vizanna. Which of these hormonal agents is best used in the treatment of endometriosis only a specialist will be able to answer, since each of them has a certain effect on the woman’s body.

Endometriosis is considered to be one of the common pathologies diagnosed in women of reproductive age. The treatment of this disease is carried out with the use of various medications, among which the most commonly prescribed is Vizanna, Jeanine and Duphaston. Many women are trying to find out from their doctor, which of these drugs is considered better and more effective for endometriosis. The main objective of such drugs is to reduce the growth rate of pathological nodes, the localization of which becomes the uterus and ovaries. In addition, such hormonal drugs are prescribed in preparing the woman for surgery.

Byzanna in pathology

Treatment of endometriosis involves the conduct of conservative therapy, that is, hormonal drugs are used to treat the disease. One of these effective drugs is considered Vizanna, which allows you to normalize the work of the ovaries and suppress the growth of pathological foci.

Features of the drug

Before starting treatment of endometriosis with the help of Vizanna, it is imperative that you read the instructions, according to which tablets must be taken one at a time per day and washed down with water. You can start eliminating endometriosis with this drug at any time during the cycle, and you must take the pill at the same time of day.

In the event that the patient did not take a pill or taking this drug caused her to vomit or diarrhea, the effect on the body is significantly reduced. In such a situation, it is recommended to take a pill already when a woman remembers this, and from the next day to start taking pills at the right time.

Contraindications to the drug

Despite its effectiveness, Vizanna is not appointed in the following cases:

  • The progression of diabetes, which is accompanied by vascular complications,
  • Diagnosis of acute thrombophlebitis or venous thromboembolism,
  • Neoplasms in the liver of a different nature,
  • Bleeding from the vagina for unknown reasons,
  • Allergy to the constituent components of the drug,
  • Age up to 18 years.

Recommendations for taking the drug

Before the appointment of Vizanny, the specialist conducts a survey of the woman, and also studies her history. Acceptance of Vizanna leads to the fact that in the female body there is a suppression of the process of ovulation, although it does not apply to contraceptive drugs. After the abolition of this medication, menstrual recovery occurs in about 2-3 months.

In the event that a woman has an ectopic pregnancy or problems in the functioning of the fallopian tubes, then the decision on the appointment of the drug is made only after the ratio of the possible risk and benefits of treatment.

The appointment of Duphaston with endometriosis

Often, with endometriosis, a drug such as Duphaston is prescribed. Treatment with it is considered effective, because in its action it is identical to progesterone. Duphaston is a drug of natural origin, so its intake is not accompanied by the appearance of side effects. A feature of this drug is that it does not accumulate in the female body, so its use is permitted even during the carrying of a child.

Duphaston with endometriosis has a certain effect on the body, which is expressed in a decrease in the level of estrogen and an increase in progesterone. The causes of tissue growth in endometriosis can be varied, but most often this pathology develops with an increased content of sex hormones in the body.

Duphaston has the following effects on the female body:

  • Reduces contraction of myometrium,
  • Restores the blood supply to the reproductive organ,
  • Blocks the selection of simple logs.

Side effects

It is necessary to take Duphaston two tablets twice a day, but in any case it is necessary to discuss the dosage with your doctor.
Duphaston may cause the following side effects:

  • Severe headaches
  • Pain and discomfort in the mammary gland,
  • Severe swelling of the lower limbs,
  • Liver diseases,
  • Allergic reaction.

Endometriosis and Janine

Janine is a hormonal contraceptive that inhibits ovulation. Components of this drug are female hormones such as gestagens and estrogens.

Janine is often prescribed for endometriosis, as well as for pathologies such as:

Janine does not allow the decline in the female body of sex hormones and its main constituent component is dienogest. It serves as an analogue of the female sex hormone and has a depressant effect on the body.

Janine and endometriosis in recent years are considered inseparable concepts, since it is widely used in the treatment of this pathology.

Composition and release form

Vizanna is a hormonal drug, in which micronized dienogest is the main active ingredient. This is a special hybrid steroid with intensive progestogenic activity, which is several times higher than the effect of natural progesterone on endometrial cells.

The composition of the medicinal product includes auxiliary components:

  • lactose monohydrate,
  • povidone,
  • potato starch,
  • magnesium stearate,
  • microcrystalline cellulose.

The drug is available in pharmacological form of tablets. The instruction indicates that each tablet contains 2 mg of the active ingredient of dienogest.

Vizanna is packaged in blisters of aluminum foil, each of which contains 14 tablets. Carton packs can contain 2, 6 or 12 blisters.

Pharmacological action Vizanna

The therapeutic effect of Vizanna is antiandrogenic and progestogenic. As a result of the use of the drug for endometriosis, the instruction for which is in each package, the active substance is quickly bound to the progesterone receptors located on the mucous membrane of the surface of the reproductive organ.

The positive effect of the drug is that it does not cause the accumulation of excess fluid in the female body, and also has no effect on the level of blood pressure. Visanna perfectly suppresses the foci of endometriosis, and prolonged use of the drug contributes to their atrophy.

It is necessary to take tablets of Vizanna orally, after taking the medicine is quickly absorbed by the mucous membrane of the digestive tract. The active ingredient dienogest is excreted in the urine.

Benefits of Vizanna with endometriosis

The description of the drug emphasizes that Vizanna has several advantages over other medicines used to treat endometriosis.

The main benefits of the drug:

  • High level of bioavailability, which is at least 91%.
  • Powerful positive effect on the endometrium.
  • The main positive point is that the therapeutic effect is achieved in a short time with low dosages of dienogest.
  • Does not cause menopause, has no effect on the state of the cardiovascular system.
  • The drug is almost completely excreted from the body, not accumulating in it.

Despite the fact that Byzanna is a hormonal medicine, even a long course of treatment does not cause such undesirable changes as increased body hair growth, acne, sudden drops in blood pressure, a rapid increase in body weight, etc.

Mode of application

In order to treat endometriosis and other gynecological diseases affecting such an organ as the uterus, the following treatment regimen is used - on a Vizann tablet once a day. The course duration is at least 5-6 months, but in some cases the use of the medication can last up to a year. The decision in each case is taken by the attending physician.

The drug is recommended to be taken daily at one time, drinking plenty of water. The drug is recommended to prescribe, regardless of the patient's menstrual cycle. You can start drinking pills any day. During the period of menstruation does not break, pills are used as usual.

If for any reason the drug was not taken in a timely manner, in no case should the dose of Dienogest be increased the next day. The patient takes one tablet of Vizanna.


Despite all the advantages of Vizanna, like any hormonal drug, it has its own contraindications. Any gynecologist will say that Dienogest will help a woman in such cases as:

  • the formation of blood clots in the venous vessels,
  • diabetes and other disorders of the endocrine system,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • hepatic or renal dysfunction,
  • neoplasms of benign or malignant nature,
  • vaginal bleeding of unknown origin,
  • individual intolerance to the components that make up the drug,
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

Side effects and overdose

In most cases, a side effect after the use of the drug is observed for the first time after the administration of the drug, which may indicate an adaptation of the body to the medication. During the course of treatment, negative actions decrease and disappear.

The most common side effects are:

  • Depression moods, apathy,
  • Irritability, aggressiveness,
  • Weakness, constant fatigue,
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Severe headaches
  • Acne,
  • Weight gain
  • The appearance of bloody discharge from the genital tract,
  • Disruption of the normal menstrual cycle,
  • The feeling of heaviness, overcrowding in the mammary glands.

Some women after taking Vizanna may experience nausea, vomiting, a sharp decrease in sexual desire. Negative effects may vary for each individual woman. Most often, side effects occur during the first 3-4 weeks of therapy, after a while unpleasant symptoms diminish and completely disappear.

Analogs Byzanna

Effectively, endometriosis can be cured with the help of the Vizann medicine, or its analogue can be used. Among the main analogues of Dienogest stand out:

  • Yarin,
  • Silhouette,
  • Estrovel,
  • Janine,
  • Kleir,
  • Detytsiklen,
  • Duphaston.

Yarin is a modern medicine that effectively slows down the growth of pathological tissues and has a pronounced contraceptive effect. He has excellent reviews, does not cause an increase in body weight and increased body hair. Yarin is considered one of the most effective medicines against many gynecological diseases; Janine has a similar effect.

Silhouette - combined oral contraceptive, which helps in the treatment of endometriosis. Its use leads to the rapid destruction of disease foci, activation of recovery and normal functioning of the uterus. The composition of the drug is the active ingredient dienogest. The drug is taken according to a specific scheme, which will tell the gynecologist.

Estrovel - a modern herbal medicine that is used for the prevention and treatment of many gynecological diseases. The tool contains phytohormones, which are natural analogues of female sex hormones. Estrovel is prescribed for myoma, endometriosis of the uterus. Tablets must be taken one or two times a day.

Klayra-contraceptive prescribed for many gynecological pathologies. The drug effectively inhibits the functioning of the ovaries, reduces the production of estrogen and stops the growth of diseased endometrial cells. The main active ingredient is estradiol Valeriate. The medicine is taken 1 tablet per day.

Detytsiklen. Many women confirm the high efficacy of the drug in the fight against endometriosis. The drug is recommended to be taken on a tablet per day, for 21 days. The first positive results can be seen after 3 weeks of regular use.

Duphaston is a hormonal medicine that eliminates not only the signs, but also the cause of endometriosis. The drug normalizes hormones in the female body, reducing the concentration of estrogen and stopping the growth of cells. Due to the regular intake of the drug, there is a decrease in the endometrial layer.

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All right you doctor prescribed. Duphaston is a progestogen and not progesterone in its pure form. It suppresses excess estrogen and supports progesterone. An excessive amount of estrogen and / or progesterone deficiency in the second phase and are the cause of endometriosis and hyperplasia. Only it is very necessary to drink it very carefully. You have been assigned the standard, as for the 28 day cycle. It is necessary to take 1 tablet 2 times a day no earlier than two days after ovulation. If you suppress the estrogen in the first phase, the follicle does not burst and a cyst is formed. And endometriosis is better to remove. Public hospitals do hysteroscopy and laparoscopy for free. Only during the operation, large foci are removed, the remaining ones can be finished with a medicamental treatment as prescribed by the doctor of course.

Girls, I'm talking about endometriosis. I was assigned Duphaston from the 16th to the 26th day of the cycle. For the treatment of endometriosis of the uterus. The doctor said the type of "all that is unnecessary, the drug will collect and with the monthly withdrawal." But even hormone tests were not prescribed. But Duphaston is progesterone! Tell me, did anyone at all help duphaston get rid of endometriosis? Or reduce its manifestations?

Black cumin oil if not in the pharmacy, then it is sold in the Muslim departments, and if there is no such thing either in the Internet.

Hello, I didn’t have 6 months of my doctor’s health. The doctor said to drink dyuhuston drank for 10 days, 2 tablets a day, then after 2 days my months went abundant, and after months I was told not to take 5 days and then again from 1 to 16 a day to drink who had it

Good day ! I have set - endometriosis! I didn’t give me the tests, they made 2 times ultrasound, 1 showed 11 mm, 2 - 9 mm. have appointed Duphaston! I accept on 1 t. 2 times a day. within 10 days - appointed course! I still have a disease sakh. diabetes, type 1, heavy. the form ! since April, I have been having secretions, then dark, then of a gray color, pulling the lower abdomen. at the moment I accept Duphaston, the discharge seems to have begun to pass quietly, but my underbelly continues to pull! Maybe tell me something or give advice on what to do. Thank you in advance .

Girls! I understand that I’ll now say something entirely about another medicine BUT! ALL WHO HAVE ENDOMETRIOSIS! DRINK OIL OF BLACK CREAM! I drank a teaspoon in the morning with a natoschag drinking water. BOLI HAVE GONE and with it endometriosis! I'm just in shock! No words what a miracle oil! I recommend to everyone! drink only gently, it affects everyone differently, someone drinks 2 times a day, I'm alone, because it affects the hormones too, the cycle can be lost. I’ll say right away that in the first month there may be spasms, since endometriosis is a kind of growths, and the oil removes all growths, including Onco.It can hurt not only the lower abdomen, but everything that is not healthy in your body, there will be an aggravation and this is good! the oil will bring out parasites and endometriosis, at the same time clean the liver. I myself have been drinking for a year with interruptions, I don’t argue for a long time, but the effect is 100 percent! Girls all wish to recover! Be smart, try only without fanaticism))

Anastasia, tell me what time you took a break when you drank black cumin oil a year. Thank!

Hello! Wilt about duphaston this medicine has a side effect of breast cancer. Saw 6 months in the chest seal was formed. I have a feeling that the medicine is being promoted.

Girls, I'm talking about endometriosis. I was assigned Duphaston from the 16th to the 26th day of the cycle. For the treatment of endometriosis of the uterus. The doctor said the type of "all that is unnecessary, the drug will collect and with the monthly withdrawal." But even hormone tests were not prescribed. But Duphaston is progesterone! Tell me, did anyone at all help duphaston get rid of endometriosis? Or reduce its manifestations?

I have taken it. WAS ENDOMETRIOSIS! in general, as they say, to cure it to the end is not possible BUT! reduce it almost to nothing! if you treat it by constantly changing drugs and medications or alternating them! I was treated for 4 years. The goal is pregnancy! Once again I am writing to you girls! try all the tools that you offer and listen to your body that suits you. I'll tell you what I was treated. 1. Saw black cumin oil for about a year with an interval of 3 months. and a break of 1 month. Oil copes well with cancer "growths" as we know. Endometriosis refers to a benign tumor. Also be careful oil can disrupt hormones. If it is broken, then Apilak is an indispensable remedy for the restoration of hormones. This is royal jelly. It is enough to take a month and you will see your cycle as accurate as a clock. Then grasses such as "Borovoy uterus" and "Red Brush" should be drunk for at least half a year, and generally longer, especially if the stage is neglected. Do not neglect the "Duphaston" between herbs and butter, I also took it. All this in the aggregate and alternation of all these means I achieved: painless menstruation, their normal consistency, and the color became red at the beginning and at the end as it should be in healthy menstruation! And finally, PREGNANCY. The main thing is not to mix all these tools together and alternate and listen to your body! Good luck to all and effective treatment!

Hello Anastasia, please tell me how you took black cumin oil (more)

I was also diagnosed with Endometriosis 2st, through (transvaginal examination) no pain whatsoever I feel. Pregnancy does not occur, and the MC is one day.

I was given adenomyosis. Monthly were very abundant, bleeding opened on day 2, the gasket was filled in 10-15 minutes and so on for 2 hours. In order to prevent endometriosis, it was prescribed to drink duphaston from 16 to 25 ds. My headache and severe acne on the face and body ached on dyufaston! Saw 6 months, menstruation became a little less abundant, but rather clots became less, and so continued to pour! I stopped taking the drug and started. in its first cycle after cancellation, menstruation was in the form of a daub. The second month is the same, one daily is enough! Smears a week already! I went to an ultrasound, a cyst of the left ovary 4.5 cm ***** 2.5 cm! The gynecologist said drink regulonlon to restore the cycle and treat cysts! Naturally, adenomyosis has not gone anywhere! In short, duphaston shot me a whole cycle and added new gynecological problems to adenomyosis in addition! How will the epic itself do not know.

Someone faced with a similar problem when canceling duphaston?

Ketonal duo, Ketonal + no-shpa injections in one syringe. I am saved only by this.

I was prescribed for endometrial hyperplasia. Tests for hormones also did not take. Appointed by the results of the ultrasound of the pelvis. Accept until start. Therefore, it helps or not, I can not say. Only I will be taken instead of duphaston. This is an analogue.

Girls, I'm talking about endometriosis. I was assigned Duphaston from the 16th to the 26th day of the cycle. For the treatment of endometriosis of the uterus. The doctor said the type of "all that is unnecessary, the drug will collect and with the monthly withdrawal." But even hormone tests were not prescribed. But Duphaston is progesterone! Tell me, did anyone at all help duphaston get rid of endometriosis? Or reduce its manifestations?

I'm 20, I have endometriosis. A cyst was cut out on the right. They left it on the left. I have already taken Duphaston around the year. I took a break for a couple of months. hellish pains resumed, and so on. Neither dufaston nor other drugs treat endometriosis. But they hinder the development of the disease, remove pain, and help get pregnant. My grandmother from Italy sends me Duphaston. If you need to contact me. Not only is it cheaper and 100% not fake.
And in no case do not settle for the "miracle" injections. Especially if you are young. It is very dangerous !! Many doctors simply make money, and you can be left disabled (((
Do not make tests for endometriosis, due to the fact that one of its causes is lowered progesterone ..
Girl all good luck, health! Who knows the best way to treat or alleviate the pains of this sore, waiting for advice !! And how to get pregnant with endometriosis ??
Thank you all, bless you))

Girls, I'm talking about endometriosis. I was assigned Duphaston from the 16th to the 26th day of the cycle. For the treatment of endometriosis of the uterus. The doctor said the type of "all that is unnecessary, the drug will collect and with the monthly withdrawal." But even hormone tests were not prescribed. But Duphaston is progesterone! Tell me, did anyone at all help duphaston get rid of endometriosis? Or reduce its manifestations?

A beautiful description of the drug Vizanna - saw it, it does not help a fig.

there was a strong thrush, and is it possible to douche if endometriosis ??

Treated endometrial hyperplasia with duphaston saw on a tablet in the morning and in the evening for 6 months. the result is excellent, everything is over. 5 years have passed since the treatment, and yesterday I was again diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia and duphaston was prescribed again for 8 months. I will drink, already bought. I consider 5 years without endometriosis an excellent result, usually this sore returns after 3 years))

ENDOMETRIOSIS! in general, as they say, to cure it to the end is not possible BUT! reduce it almost to nothing! if you treat it by constantly changing drugs and medications or alternating them! I was treated for 4 years. The goal is pregnancy! Once again I am writing to you girls! try all the tools that you offer and listen to your body that suits you. I'll tell you what I was treated. 1. Saw black cumin oil for about a year with an interval of 3 months. and a break of 1 month. Oil copes well with cancer "growths" as we know. Endometriosis refers to a benign tumor. Also be careful oil can disrupt hormones. If it is broken, then Apilak is an indispensable remedy for the restoration of hormones. This is royal jelly. It is enough to take a month and you will see your cycle as accurate as a clock. Then grasses such as "Borovoy uterus" and "Red Brush" should be drunk for at least half a year, and generally longer, especially if the stage is neglected. Do not neglect the "Duphaston" between herbs and butter, I also took it. All this in the aggregate and alternation of all these means I achieved: painless menstruation, their normal consistency, and the color became red at the beginning and at the end as it should be in healthy menstruation! And finally, PREGNANCY. The main thing is not to mix all these tools together and alternate and listen to your body! Good luck to all and effective treatment!

Hello. I have adenomyosis, foci of endometriosis. Dalaparu was told that stage 1-2. After it, they said, let us immediately take care of it. They made a stimulation but a passage. Then they prick Diferelin 3.75. There were 2 injections. Now they came monthly for 65 days after the last injection. And this freaking brown discharge at the end ((((it means all the treatment did not benefit. I don’t know what to do. I just dropped my hands.

I was prescribed for endometrial hyperplasia. Tests for hormones also did not take. Appointed by the results of the ultrasound of the pelvis. Accept until start. Therefore, it helps or not, I can not say.
Only I will be taken instead of duphaston. This is an analogue.

Girls, I'm talking about endometriosis. I was assigned Duphaston from the 16th to the 26th day of the cycle. For the treatment of endometriosis of the uterus. The doctor said the type of "all that is unnecessary, the drug will collect and with the monthly withdrawal." But even hormone tests were not prescribed. But Duphaston is progesterone! Tell me, did anyone at all help duphaston get rid of endometriosis? Or reduce its manifestations?

Bullshit this your Duphaston. They also registered to drink it from day 16 to day 26. I didn’t solve the problem at all, but I built up a huge cyst on the ovary! Now it is necessary to do both lapar and hister! And I am still silent about side effects (((I do not advise anyone to drink this *****!

Girls, tell me. The doctor prescribed 5 days to take Duphaston 2 times a day, a diagnosis of endometriosis (there was a delay of 2 weeks, no pregnancy), after Duphaston, a course of vitamins cyclovitis. I drank Duphaston, I went monthly, I drink vitamins according to the scheme, do I need to drink Duphaston and how?

“Black cumin oil helps from all diseases, except death,” said the Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace to him). My doctors knew the infertility sentence, and after taking black cumin, two weeks later I discovered that I was pregnant!

I have taken it. WAS ENDOMETRIOSIS! in general, as they say, to cure it to the end is not possible BUT! reduce it almost to nothing! if you treat it by constantly changing drugs and medications or alternating them! I was treated for 4 years. The goal is pregnancy! Once again I am writing to you girls! try all the tools that you offer and listen to your body that suits you. I'll tell you what I was treated. 1. Saw black cumin oil for about a year with an interval of 3 months. and a break of 1 month. Oil copes well with cancer "growths" as we know. Endometriosis refers to a benign tumor. Also be careful oil can disrupt hormones. If it is broken, then Apilak is an indispensable remedy for the restoration of hormones. This is royal jelly. It is enough to take a month and you will see your cycle as accurate as a clock. Then grasses such as "Borovoy uterus" and "Red Brush" should be drunk for at least half a year, and generally longer, especially if the stage is neglected. Do not neglect the "Duphaston" between herbs and butter, I also took it. All this in the aggregate and alternation of all these means I achieved: painless menstruation, their normal consistency, and the color became red at the beginning and at the end as it should be in healthy menstruation! And finally, PREGNANCY. The main thing is not to mix all these tools together and alternate and listen to your body! Good luck to all and effective treatment!

Girls, tell me. The doctor prescribed 5 days to take Duphaston 2 times a day, a diagnosis of endometriosis (there was a delay of 2 weeks, no pregnancy), after Duphaston, a course of vitamins cyclovitis. I drank Duphaston, I went monthly, I drink vitamins according to the scheme, do I need to drink Duphaston and how?

Good day! As for the treatment of endometriosis, I will say right away if there is an endometrial cyst, then laporoscopy is the most effective treatment. I encountered this problem. First 3 months of conservative treatment of anti-inflammatory, then hormonal Novinet. There was no effect. Sent to the operation laparoscopy. I will say right away you shouldn't be afraid of it. Laparoscopic removal of a cyst will help to completely get rid of it and of all other foci of endometriosis, and they usually always exist. On the peritoneum, intestines, etc. the operation is not long; they also do not hold on to the hospital for a long time. Discharged 5-7 days after surgery on average. Then courses are assigned 3 injection Diferelin or Buserelin. They cause artificial menopause. It can also be transferred. At the first injection there are practically no sensations, only the monthly ones stop, but there can be breakthrough bleedings very similar to the monthly ones, they should not be afraid if it is in the first month of treatment with Diferelin. At 2 and 3 months of treatment, all the delights of menopause are felt: fever, sweating, weakness. But everything passes without a trace when the course of injections ends and after 90 days approximately from the last injection, the menses are resumed. Then I was appointed duphaston, which I drink from the 11th to the 25th day of the cycle. I carry Duphaston well. Monthly go very smoothly, the pain is also gone. On Uzi everything is fine. Very grateful to my doctors who led me. Treat endometriosis can and should be. Many modern and effective methods, the main thing is not to despair.


Birth control pills for endometriosis act by suppressing the activity of the ovaries and the continuous administration of progestin. Initially, the doctor must prescribe a test pill for three months.

If the patient does not develop any complications, the duration of therapy increases to 6-12 months (depending on the results of the ultrasound). The rate of successful pregnancy after discontinuation of contraceptive use is 40-50%.

Jess and Lakinet.

Jess is most commonly prescribed for endometriosis. The drug consists of two types of pills: a placebo and a combination of estrogen and gestagen. The standard regimen: 24 days active pills and 4 days - placebo.

Important! Treatment of endometriosis with the drug Jess should be stopped after curettage. Otherwise, endometrial atrophy may develop. Immediately after surgery, it is better to drink Tranexam (the drug will help prevent bleeding).

If after several months of taking Jess, endometriosis has not disappeared, it is recommended to replace the contraceptive with Lactinet. The drug is taken in the same way as Jess, but as part of no estrogen.

Women who are not approached by Jess, as well as adolescents who have just begun to have sex, are prescribed so-called mini-dranks called Regulon. The drug contains a minimum concentration of hormones (active substances: desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol).

Exactly the same composition have drugs Marvelon, Novinet. It is necessary to take a mini-drink only 21 days a month, after which a week-long break should be taken. It should be noted that Marvelon, Regulon, Novinet with endometriosis do not have a cumulative effect. That is, a positive result is observed only in the process of taking medication. After the cancellation may develop relapse.

Lindinet is taken in a similar way. The drug is not very common: it is usually prescribed to women who are hypersensitive to desogestrel. The composition includes ethinyl estradiol and gestodene.

Those who already have a child, it is recommended to put a ring Novaring. With endometriosis, characterized by constant relapses, this option is considered optimal.

How to treat endometriosis of the uterus by medication using gestagens?

All progestins act by decidualization and local endometrial atrophy. The most popular representative of this group is Duphaston. Tablets consisting of didrogesterone are effective both in eliminating pain and in arresting the growth of endometrial tissue.

The standard dosage of Duphaston according to the instructions is 20-30 mg / day. The duration of medication for endometriosis is selected by the doctor, individually for each patient. However, throughout the duration of therapy, it is strictly forbidden to skip tablets.

Alternatively, Duphaston may be prescribed Visanne for endometriosis. The active component of the drug is micronized dienogest. Visanna interferes with the normal nutrition of endometriotic tissues, which leads to their further death.

Standard instructions for use prescribes taking one tablet once a day. However, the treatment regimen and dosage can be adjusted by the gynecologist. It is important to ensure that the reception Vizanny did not last more than 15 months in a row.

The above preparations are also suitable for the treatment of uterine adenomyosis. But you need to prepare for the fact that ovulation may disappear at the time of treatment. Other side effects of Vizanna and Duphaston include:

  • Weight gain
  • The appearance of edema,
  • Depression, an inexplicable feeling of anxiety,
  • Smear with blood.

Also, do not forget about contraception, because the lack of ovulation during treatment is not the rule. Condoms should be preferred, because gestagen preparations for the treatment of endometriosis can interact negatively with oral contraceptives.

What is applied vizanna for endometriosis

Visanna with endometrial nodes helps to normalize the hormonal background of the body. The drug has a complex effect: it contains phytoestrogens, vitamins and trace elements. The active ingredient of the drug is dienogest, which has a gestagenic effect (reduces the release of estrogen).

The use of drugs in Russia is only gaining popularity, but positive results have already been obtained regarding its positive effect on the elimination of the pathological symptoms of the disease.

Dienogest inhibits the activity of sex hormones and contributes to the normal functioning of the uterine epithelium. If you follow the dosage, you can reduce the symptoms of pathology within a few months: pain in the lower abdomen, bleeding from the vagina, mucous discharge. The final stage of the Byzantine is the reverse development of the pathological cells of the muscular layer of the uterus and ovaries.

The main dosage form of the drug is tablets. They are available in packages. On average, its cost is 2500 rubles. Pills lasts about 6 months.The drug should be taken on any day of the menstrual cycle, regardless of the meal. When it was not possible to take the drug at a specified time, no need to worry. There will be no particular harm to the body.

Contraindications to receiving Vizanna with endometrial nodes:

  • Vascular diseases: varicose veins and thrombophlebitis,
  • Allergic reactions
  • Liver pathology,
  • Lactation and pregnancy.

    In case of non-compliance with the dosage of tablets, side effects may occur:

  • Headache,
  • Nausea and vomiting,
  • Decreased sexual desire
  • Slight weight gain
  • General weakness
  • Abdominal pain,
  • Depression,
  • Anemia.

    To eliminate them, you need to properly select the dosage means.

    How does duphaston in endometriosis

    Duphaston with endometriosis is highly effective, as it is an analogue of the hormone progesterone. The active ingredient of the drug is dihydrosterone. This chemical compound is an analogue of the precursor for the synthesis of progesterone.

    The drug is natural, so when it is used reduces the risk of side effects. The tool does not accumulate in the body, so it is allowed for use during pregnancy and lactation.

    Its mechanism of action is to reduce estrogen and increase progesterone. The reason for the growth of endometrial tissue has not yet been elucidated. However, in most women, the disease appears when the concentration of sex hormones increases.

    Additionally, duphaston reduces the contractility of the myometrium, prevents the release of prostaglandins (substances that activate inflammatory reactions), and normalizes the blood supply to the uterus.

    Clinical studies have found that duphaston with long-term use reduces the risk of cancerous transformation of healthy cells into tumor cells. On the background of medication in women decreases the pain of the menstrual cycle.

    Usually duphaston is used 2 tablets 2 times a day. However, in each case, the dose of drugs is selected individually. When taking it, side effects may occur:

  • Headache and dizziness,
  • Painful sensations of the mammary glands,
  • Leg swelling,
  • Individual intolerance.

    Such effects are rare, and there are no contraindications to duphaston for endometriosis.

    Janine and endometriosis when prescribed

    Janine and endometriosis are compatible concepts. Very often, this drug is prescribed for the growth of the mucous membrane of the uterus. The drug is prescribed for polycystic ovaries. endometritis and "chocolate" cysts.

    The mechanism of action of zhanina is based on preventing the decline of female sex hormones. Its basis is dienogest - an analogue of the female sex hormone. This active ingredient has a depressant effect.

    Another important component of the drug is estradiol. It is a type of estrogen produced by the ovaries. Estradiol promotes the active growth of ovarian follicles. For the normalization of the menstrual cycle and the elimination of pathological changes in the uterus, Janine and Duphaston are the drugs of choice. Both have minimal side effects. With the correct dosage of complications from taking these pills is not observed.

    Janine and endometriosis - the topic is actively discussed in medical circles. The drug recently appeared on the domestic market, but in a short time showed a good therapeutic effect in this disease.

    However, there are other popular medicines for this disease.

    Mirena with endometrial nodes

    Mirena with endometriosis helps to constantly fight the disease for 3-5 years. The spiral is T-shaped. It is inserted into the uterine cavity and gradually secretes progesterone, a hormone that prevents the development of nodes in the uterine mucosa. The average installation time Mirena - 5 years.

    Due to the specific effect of the drug in the people is called "endometrial hormonal system."

    The history of the use of this contraceptive began in 1990. Tablets are popular in medicine, as they have a long prolonged effect. When using Mirena, there is no need to take pills for a long time.

    Installation features Mirena:

  • In women, in the first 3-6 months after the installation of this spiral, spotting may be observed. Severe vaginal bleeding can also occur, continuing until the body becomes accustomed to the intrauterine device.
  • After 4-6 months, ovulation and menstruation stop. Depot medroxyprogesterone will be fully operational in 6 months throughout the entire installation period. Mirena.

    However, if women experience a long delay in menstruation, Mirena must be removed.

    Red brush for the treatment of endometriotic nodes

    The red brush is a medicinal plant that grows on the slopes of Altai and in the Altai steppes. Its scientific name is Rhodiola four-member. Its uniqueness lies in the presence of natural hormones, called phytoestrogens.

    Red brush for the treatment of endometrial nodes - folk recipes:

    The red brush is useful not only for endometriosis, but also for menopause, mastopathy. The plant is a rich source of microelements, phytoestrogens. When infertility in some cases, the tool may contribute to conception. When the tubal obstruction is caused by endometriotic nodes, plant hormones can eliminate the obstacle.

    With the use of drugs can be a decrease in sexual function, there is increased sweating and sleep disturbance.

    In some women, taking a red brush can be a violation of the menstrual cycle and ovulation. In such a situation, it is necessary to exclude the use of drugs.

    The drug can be used to stimulate ovulation in the form of decoctions, teas and infusions. Broths should be drunk in the second phase of the ovulatory cycle from 15 to 25 days.

    Promisan for the treatment of endometrial diseases

    Promisan has a natural origin and has a pronounced anticancer activity due to the content of antioxidants in large quantities. This non-hormonal agent has fewer side effects in comparison with all the above medications.

    The uniqueness of the drug is to prevent cancer transformation of uterine cells and ovarian tissue. This drug is available in the form of blisters (20 capsules each). The preparation contains trace elements:

    What are the useful properties of promisan:

  • Prevents recurrent cervical dysplasia after surgery,
  • Stops dysplasia and promotes the reverse development of endometrial growths,
  • It prevents the occurrence of ovarian and breast cancer.

    Promisan also prevents inflammatory changes in the uterus and helps normalize ovarian function.

    To summarize: Vizanna, Janine, Duphaston and promisan are the most popular drugs for endometriosis. The individual option is the Mirena intrauterine device. It provides a long-term therapeutic effect due to the metered distribution of progesterone. The hormone is gradually sprayed from the depot, located in Miren.

    Endometriosis and its consequences

    Often patients with endometriosis get a prescription, which means oral contraceptive - "Yarin". Medical reviews indicate the quality of the drug, how much is able to perform its function hormonal agent.

    Endometriosis is a disease from which you cannot protect yourself. The disease manifests itself in the development of endometrial cells (uterine tissue) in atypical places. This may be the penetration of growths in the myometrium of the main organ of the reproductive system, in the postoperative scar, mammary glands, vagina.

    The tumors themselves are benign, but they are prone to an abnormal increase in size and difficulty in the activity of other organs.

    The presence of endometriosis in the uterus disrupts vital processes:

  • Attachment of the embryo when it is impossible to get pregnant.
  • Bearing a baby who successfully attached is not in place of the tumor. But with the development, the fetus does not have enough space in the uterus, it receives less oxygen.

    Painful and heavy menstruation, when a progressive disease requires curettage of the inner layer of the reproductive organ, and possibly removal.

    Using the opinions of experts, the reason for the development of the disease is formulated: the endometrium itself grows most actively during the first part of the monthly cycle, when estrogen governs women's health. Most often, this is due to reduced progesterone production in the next part of the cycle.

    Since endometriosis was triggered by hormonal excess (estrogen), it is suggested to artificially introduce a woman into a state of menopause or to carry out treatment by increasing one hormone.

    The most popular series of such contraception are “Yarin” and the similarly “Janine” action. These artificial hormones enter the bloodstream and give a signal to the brain that it is necessary to stop the production of its own, natural active substances. The body of a woman during this period "resting" from the hormonal monthly processes.

    For women who are planning to have children, it is better to use such medications and slow the growth of tumors so that the pregnancy can proceed successfully. After delivery, the issue of endometriosis requires further consideration by physicians.

    Drug action

    "Yarin" is appointed by gynecologists, dermatologists, endocrinologists.

    The tool operates in several directions:

  • Stop menstruation, therefore, stop their development of benign growths. The effect is achieved by preventing the release of the egg from the ovaries. Ovulation does not occur.
  • The secretion of a special secret in the uterus, which resembles mucus, is reduced. Sperm becomes difficult to penetrate to the neck of the reproductive organ.
  • The composition of this OK includes drospirenone. The substance neutralizes hormones that promote weight gain (causing increased appetite), removes excess fluid from the cells.
  • Combating male-type hairiness (on the face, arms, chest, and abdomen) reduces the amount of acne (due to the slowing down of the activity of the sebaceous glands).
  • This monophasic drug contains a combination of estrogen and gestagens (progesterone). First, there is a cessation of "feeding" of tumors, and then - they stop in the development, the processes of degeneration are possible.
  • Right to choose

    Despite some similar features, the existing drugs have their differences. Often, doctors at the women's clinic offer patients with endomatosis a drug called Yarin or Jeanine. The first is more effective, the proportion of the main active substance in it is higher. But chemical formulas, the content of some excipients can affect the portability of the tool.

    The differences between these analogues are as follows:

    1. “Yarin” is a relatively new drug, the effect of which is reminiscent of “Janine”. The main difference is in the content of a substance similar to progesterone. In "Janine" is 2 mg, in a competing drug - 3 mg.
    2. “Yarin” is sucked in 1.5 hours (on average), “Zhanin” takes effect after two.
    3. Contraindications of similar drugs are almost the same, but "Janine" is not prescribed for problems with metabolism. In contrast, a similar medical preparation (“Yarin”) rather normalizes weight.
    4. If there is a positive effect of the latter medication on the treatment of endometriosis and improvement of the general state of health even after the cancellation for some time, then “Janine” is limited by its effectiveness only within the framework of the therapeutic course.

    The treatment of such an unpleasant disease as endometriosis often requires surgical intervention. If hormonal contraception does not work, surgery will be scheduled. But even in such a situation can not do without OK. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the gynecologist - and recovery or planned pregnancy will occur in a couple of cycles after the end of the course.

    What is the drug "Janine"

    It is a hormonal contraceptive drug that suppresses ovulation. It consists of two types of female hormones: estrogen and gestagen. These are normal hormonal substances of the female sexual cycle.

    The secret of the mechanism of action of the drug "Janine" is that the regulation of the sexual cycle in the body occurs on the basis of feedback: if there are not enough hormones in the blood, their production is stimulated, if a lot of them are suppressed.

    The drug artificially creates an increased level of hormones in the blood, and the body significantly reduces the production of its own, only they can affect the organs and tissues. And under the influence of the components of Zhanin themselves, ovulation does not occur.

    Drugs that have only progesterone hormones in their composition, for example, Duphaston, Vizanne, Utrogestan, act in a different way. They contain synthetic progesterone (pregnancy hormone), which suppresses the effect of estrogen (other sex hormones), as a result of cyclic changes in the endometrium does not occur.

    What is the effect of Janine on endometriosis

    What exactly causes endometriosis is still unknown. However, it has been studied that hormone imbalance plays a significant role in this. Why is the treatment of endometriosis Zhanin effective enough? It is based on the mechanisms of action of the drug.

    After ovulation in the second half of the cycle, under the action of hormonal substances of the woman’s body, intensive preparation of the reproductive system for pregnancy begins, manifested, among other things, by the proliferation of the uterine mucosa. In case of illness, this is characteristic both for the normal inner lining of this organ, and for additional foci. As a result, depending on their location, the main symptoms of endometriosis occur. blood discharge, menstrual disorders, pain. Janine prevents the occurrence of ovulation - the release of the egg from the ovary - and therefore the post-ovulatory changes of the uterus (endometrium) will be mild.

    What symptoms does Janine eliminate

    The instruction to the drug informs that it is struggling with bleeding, pain and disorders of the menstrual cycle, which are the main, though not the only, symptoms in endometriosis.

    Blood secretion during menstrual bleeding is normal due to the fact that the mucosa newly formed in the second half of the sexual cycle is rejected and the vessels are damaged. Since the drug suppresses ovulation, there is no excessive formation of endometrial tissue. The reduction of pain is also connected with this - endometrial tissue does not grow, does not cause inflammation around, does not squeeze the nerve trunks.

    Like any hormonal contraceptive, Janine, according to the instructions, regulates the sexual cycle, making it strictly periodic, reducing the profusion of menstruation, alleviating pain, if there is one.

    How to take the remedy

    The instruction states that the medicine is equally effective if endometriosis is localized in the genitals (genital form) and outside (extragenital).

    The components of the drug "Janine" have high activity in the body, which allowed him to create with the lowest possible doses of hormones.

    With endometriosis, doctors have developed different regimens, they are individually selected for each woman, so consulting a doctor is necessary!

  • Contraceptive scheme. To drink the drug "Janine" begin on the first day of menstruation and continue for exactly three weeks, then they take a break for a week, then continue. After three cycles, blood clotting, liver functions are monitored by biochemical blood tests, endometrial foci.
  • Prolonged scheme. Unlike the first variant and the reception of an agent for the prevention of an unwanted pregnancy, Janine is prescribed for endometriosis not for 21 days with a break for a week. It needs to be taken in a row for 63 or 84 days, then a week break is necessary. In addition to the direct influence of the components of the drug on the organs and tissues, the number of menstruations is artificially reduced in this regimen (instead of three or four, alone), which also has a beneficial effect in the treatment of the ailment. The duration of administration is relatively small, given that the progesterone drug "Vizanna", in addition, the diagnosis of "Endometriosis" should be drunk for a sufficiently long time - up to 9 months, in order to achieve a good effect.

    Do medications have contraindications

    Yes, like any medicine. It is dangerous to apply it in the following pathologies:

  • leg varicose disease,
  • high blood pressure
  • angina pectoris,
  • diabetes mellitus
  • allergic reactions to it,
  • hormone-dependent malignant tumors,
  • liver diseases.

    Also, pregnancy and the period of feeding the baby, major traumatic injuries and surgical interventions are contraindications to the use of the drug.

    Назначать себе самостоятельно препарат «Жанин», для того чтобы вылечить эндометриоз, и принимать его без консультации с гинекологом не стоит, Вследствие наличия различных схем лечения и противопоказаний, прописать его, учитывая все тонкости, может только доктор.

    Основные факторы выбора лечения

    Важный фактор выбора лечебной тактики – возраст женщины.

    This criterion is of great importance in the appointment of therapy:

  • when endometriosis is detected from 20 to 35 years old, it is better to treat with the use of hormonal contraceptives (Janine), which will help prevent unplanned pregnancy, maintain a regular menstrual cycle and have a moderate therapeutic effect on the foci of endometriosis,
  • from 35 to 45 years old, when the risk of unplanned conception is reduced, it is optimal to take medicines that provide a guaranteed therapeutic effect (Vizanna),
  • during the perimenopausal period (45-55 years), pure Dienogest should be used.

    The second condition is the desire to conceive a baby. Young women with endometriosis, dreaming of having children, can use both drugs, but in the case of Janine, you must become pregnant after completing the course therapy, and against the background of Vizanna, you can actually fulfill your dream along with treatment.

    Control of the menstrual cycle for most women is an important condition for treatment. Cyclic reception Zhanin will provide a familiar and comfortable life - the monthly will come regularly in due time. Byzanna can completely remove critical days or become a cause for irregular and unsystematic bleeding that disrupts the usual rhythm of life.

    The therapeutic effect in endometriosis is most pronounced during semi-annual therapy with Byzanna. These pills will remove the pain and will form the basis for an effective treatment of endometriotic disease. Janine will have a significantly smaller impact on the foci of endometriosis.

    The choice of treatment is based on the totality of the age, the results of the examination and the desire of the woman to conceive a child. Selection of course therapy is always individual: the doctor will prescribe a drug to each patient that will treat endometriosis and ensure the comfort of everyday life. Desired pregnancy, gestation, baby birth and breastfeeding are the most important events in the life of any woman. This period is better than any treatment will slow the spread of endometriosis and reduce the severity of pain. However, one should be clearly aware that none of the drugs are incapable of completely ridding of endometriotic disease. After the end of the reproductive process or a course of pill therapy, all the symptoms of endometriosis can quickly return. Therefore, it is better to follow the advice of a specialist, conduct a course of treatment in a timely manner and not postpone childbearing for an uncertain future.

    Apply "Janine" in the treatment of endometriosis

    The drug of the hormone type "Janine" is a combined oral contraceptive and is very effective in the medical treatment of endometriosis. As shown by the results of numerous clinical studies in the gynecological area, the combination of the drug Janine and endometriosis in various degrees and types of its appearance show very good positive results in treating this female malady if you drink it according to the regimen. Only an experienced doctor can prescribe you the dosage and reception of Zhanin.

    Contraceptive hormones: types and effects

    To date, a positive effect in the treatment of diseases such as endometriosis give medication methods of use of such hormonal drugs, such as:

  • The antiprogestin series (which contain danazol and similar analogues, as well as mifepristone) are very effective, but have several side effects during long-term use, especially if you drink the drug in the treatment of endometriosis. For example, such as weight gain, decrease in the volume of the mammary glands, the occurrence of edema, and even cases of depression,
  • Gadnadoliberian agonists (active substances buserelin, as well as drugs based on goserelin) can cause a patient's bone tissue resorption if you drink the drug for a long time to treat such a disease as endometriosis. And, as a result, leads to the elimination of endometriosis, but also the development of the menopausal syndrome of a period previously set by nature,

    Dienogest is the first progestogen that, in combination with ethinyl estradiol, even in small quantities, provides reliable control of the menstrual cycle and has a positive therapeutic effect on uterine endometriosis through the suppression of ovarian secretion of estradiol secretion. Due to this, the “magic” anti-androgenic effect on the skin is achieved, namely, the skin of the woman becomes immaculately clean and shines with health. Acne, acne and other dermatological problems disappear, which is not the case when taking Yarin and Vizann. There was also an improvement in the condition of the hair, if you take the drug, as stated by the instructions of the treating agent, without interrupting Zanin on its own.

    Numerous studies of dienogest and its dosage have shown the effectiveness of even small therapeutic doses without interruption when used in young women of childbearing age.

    It was also noted that drugs based on this hormonal agent are much better tolerated, even when used for a long time, as opposed to taking Yarin or Vizann drugs.

    Thus, it is important to emphasize that the treatment of such a common female disease, such as endometriosis, with various medications is possible and effective, but the most reliable and not having major side effects are contraceptive hormones - oral administration - called "Janine."

    Endometriosis is currently one of the main causes of infertility in many women. Until now, there is a discussion among physicians about how to treat this disease, so that in the end a woman can become a mother. Recent studies by scientists suggest that the ability of endometriosis foci to grow and penetrate adjacent tissues makes it close to a tumor process.

    The goal of treating endometriosis is to stop the growth and atrophy of disease foci.

    Recently, for the treatment of the disease, along with GnRH agonists, drugs with contraceptive action have been widely used, in particular, such a drug as Jeanine.

    Treatment of endometriosis of the uterus Zhanin

    Dienogest, which is part of the drug, is a progestogen, which suspends the proliferation of endometrial nodes. Admission Zhanin with endometriosis leads to almost complete regression of endometrial foci.

    Since Jeanine also contains the hormone estradiol, the drug not only treats endometriosis, but also provides the woman with a full menstrual cycle.

    The tool also has a high level of bioavailability, so it is very important that for effective treatment it is necessary to take small doses of the drug.

    According to medical research, the use of Zhanin in case of endometriosis leads to the complete disappearance of endometriosis nodes (with a mild form of the disease) or partial remission in 85% of cases.

    Therefore, answering the question of whether Janin treats endometriosis, doctors agree that he shows a high degree of effectiveness in the treatment of this disease.

    How should I take Janine for endometriosis?

    According to the instructions, Janine in case of endometriosis needs to be taken a pill once a day, preferably at the same time for 21 days without interruptions. Then you need to take a seven-day break and start taking the next pack.

    Start taking the drug Janine with endometriosis should be on the first day of the cycle (the first day of menstruation). You can also start the reception on the 2-5-day cycle, but not later.

    Many women have a question about how much Janine will need to drink for endometriosis in order for the disease to recede. In clinical practice, a prolonged contraceptive regimen is currently used, in which Janine and similar agents are taken continuously for 60 and 80 days. This scheme is quite promising for the treatment of endometriosis and the preparation of women with this disease for pregnancy.

    Synthetic gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists in the treatment of endometriosis

    These drugs affect the pituitary gland and are mainly used in the late stages of the disease to relieve severe pain, or, in preparation for surgery. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists are among the most aggressive drugs, since they provoke artificial menopause.

    The most popular representative of this group: Buserelin. Introduced intramuscularly (only by the attending physician) once a month. The dosage recommended by the instruction: 3,75 mg. The injection is done in the first 5 days of the cycle.

    The disappearance of pain during therapy with Buserelin is observed in almost 100% of women. In addition, the drug has a cumulative effect, which persists for 6-12 months after cessation of treatment.

    Those who plan to treat endometriosis with gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists should be aware that ovulation can recover more than a year. Also, during treatment and until menstruation is fully restored, a woman may experience the full range of unpleasant symptoms of menopause (hot flashes, vaginal dryness).

    Non-hormonal products

    The synthetic hormonal preparations described above, prevent the growth of the endometrium, and also provoke the rejection of already overgrown abnormal tissues.

    However, the pharmaceutical market offers many effective non-hormonal agents that less aggressively affect the body. A physician prescribing such treatment usually warns that the drugs will only alleviate the symptoms, but do not guarantee a complete cure.

    Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Cycloferon in endometriosis (as well as Ibuprofen, Naproxen) is prescribed mainly for the treatment of pain, as well as the treatment of inflammatory diseases that developed against the background of endometriosis (or in addition to it).

    The instruction suggests taking 1 tablet once a day before meals. But due to the large number of side effects, the long-term use of drugs in this group is not recommended.

    Herbal preparations.

    In case of endometriosis, cyclodinone is prescribed to those for whom the natural composition of the medicine is important. Prutnyak fruit extract can trigger the timely rejection of the endometrium. It is enough to take a pill a day for 90 days, after which you can take a break.

    If there are suspicions of inflammatory diseases, you can drink Gynekol on the basis of yarrow and uterine uterus. One tablet, taken 2 times a day, will help eliminate pain.

    Biologically active additives.

    It is necessary to remember that dietary supplements do not treat endometriosis, and do not have proven clinical efficacy. However, some drugs have earned a lot of positive feedback from patients.

    In particular, Indole Forte on the basis of broccoli helps to normalize hormones. Ovariamin is more often prescribed for the treatment of ovaries, but it can set up a cycle that is confused with endometriosis.

    Does the drug Janine help in the diagnosis of endometriosis

    The use of oral contraceptives for the treatment of gynecological problems can be successful and effective if you follow the recommendations of a specialist. Janine with endometriosis provides a double effect - protection from unwanted pregnancy and a decrease in the symptoms of adenomyosis. The hormonal drug acts on the endometrium, suppressing the spread of foci of pathology. However, it is necessary to take into account all the pros and cons of the drug: taking Janine tablets should be after consulting a doctor and conducting a comprehensive examination. The drug does not treat endometriosis, but is able to slow the spread of pathology. Reviews of doctors are optimistic - with the selection of the correct treatment regimen, we can expect an improvement in the quality of life for endometriotic disease.

    What is Byzanna

    Vizanna (dienogest 2 mg) is a synthetic progestogen, the original drug of the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer Weimar GmbH and Co.

    Generics (analogs) Byzanna: today does not exist

    The drug Vizanna 1 tablet Vizanna contains 2.0 mg micronized dienogest

    • In 1 blister 14 tablets.
    • In one carton box:

    2 blisters: 28 tablets (2x14) or

    6 blisters: 84 tablets (6x14) or

    12 blisters: 168 tablets (12x14).

  • The tablets are white (almost white), the surface is flat, the edges are beveled.
  • On one of the surfaces of the tablet logo "B".
  • Blister of the drug Byzanne

    Price: for one package of Vizanna (2x14)

    from 2600 rubles and above

    Dienogest is an active substance and the international non-proprietary name of Vizanna.
    It is a special hybrid steroid with pronounced progestogenic activity1 which significantly exceeds the effects of natural progesterone on the endometrium.

    1 Progestagenic activity is an action similar to the effects of progesterone on target organs, including the endometrium.

    How do female sex hormones act on the endometrium? How is Vizann different from other progestins?

    Dienogest - a representative of hybrid drugs. It differs significantly from the known types of progestogens: chemical formula, small size of the molecule, other new characteristics.

    Thanks to hybridization, dienogest combined the positive properties of the derivatives of progesterone and 19-nor-testosterone.

    Visanna has a high specificity for progesterone receptors1.

    1 The biological activity of steroids is determined by the presence in cells of any tissue of various protein receptors that are specific to certain hormones.

    Once in the blood, highly specific bioactive substances (natural or synthetic) can bind only with one type of receptor. Less specific "collaborate" with several. This explains a number of undesirable side effects of many hormonal drugs.

    Dienogest does not show affinity for estrogen receptors, androgens, and corticosteroids or, according to most researchers, it is extremely insignificant. Therefore, Byzanna practically does not produce the extra effects inherent in many gestagens.

    Specificity of Vizanna to progesterone receptors

    Visanna in endometriosis

    Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory immune and hormone-dependent disease caused by the proliferation of ectopic endometrium outside the uterine mucosa.

    Hormone therapy for endometriosis is based on the similarity of the biological characteristics of conventional endometrium and endometrial tissue: if progesterone inhibits the growth of the uterine mucosa, then it should reduce the foci of endometriosis to the same extent.

    However, in practice, this axiom does not fully work. After all, the ectopic endometrium is not identical to the uterine lining. What is its difference?

    1. Due to the high activity of the aroma enzyme, endometriotic tissue leads autonomous (independent of the central regulation) synthesis of estrogens from androgens introduced by blood.
    2. In the outbreak of endometriosis:
      • the concentration of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins increases,
      • dramatically increases the effect of growth factors (in particular cytokines TGF-beta, VEGF),
      • neoangiogenesis is accelerated - the formation of additional blood vessels that feed and increase the viability of pathological tissue,
      • apoptosis slows down - the natural death of endometriotic cells.

    All this leads to an active poorly controlled estrogen-dependent growth of the disease focus, a change in local immunity, inflammatory reactions, the development of debilitating pain syndrome, menstrual disorders and, ultimately, infertility, reduced quality of life and depression.

    Visanna not only provides an antiproliferative effect inherent in all gestagens. It affects all of the above mechanisms for the development of endometriosis. Therefore, it is considered the drug of choice for the treatment of this disease.

    The mechanism of therapeutic action Vizanna with endometriosis

    The composition of Zhanin

    Like most oral contraceptives, the drug consists of 2 hormonal components:

  • estrogen (ethinyl estradiol at a dosage of 30 μg),
  • progestogen (dienogest at a dose of 2 mg).

    This composition repeats the natural hormonal processes in women, so long-term use of the drug does not adversely affect the body. The main contraceptive and therapeutic factors are the following pharmacological effects:

  • suppression of ovulatory release of the egg,
  • deterioration of cervical sperm permeability, occurring against the background of thickening of cervical mucus,
  • improvement of the quality of the menstrual cycle (restoration of regularity, reduction of pain syndrome, reduction of menstrual blood loss),
  • decrease in the concentration of androgens in the blood of women (antiandrogenic effect).

    The instructions for use indicate the only indication for using Janine - contraception. However, reviews of experts show that the drug can and should be drunk for therapeutic purposes.

    Indications for use

    In addition to protection from unwanted pregnancy, the drug is prescribed in the following cases:

  • treatment of pain syndrome in endometrioid disease,
  • correction of violations of the menstrual cycle,
  • therapy of endometrial hyperplastic processes,
  • impact on ovarian function when functional cysts are detected,
  • восстановление гормонального фона после хирургического вмешательства по поводу лейомиомы или эндометриоза,
  • борьба с угревой болезнью.

    Жанин относится к эффективным средствам гормональной контрацепции, в котором сочетаются несколько полезных действий на женский организм. However, as with other contraceptives, the drug can have a negative effect, so taking the pills is possible only after visiting the doctor.

    The composition and effect of the use of "Zhanina"

    Contraceptive combined spectrum of action "Janine" has in its composition 30 micrograms of ethinyl estradiol and 2 milligrams of dienogest.

    The positive effect of the contraceptive "Janine" and the method of its use

    The oral contraceptive "Janine" of the combined action perfectly normalizes the monthly cycles. Intermenstrual bleeding in the middle of the cycle was detected in rare cases and in small quantities.

    Numerous clinical testing of this contraceptive has shown the negative impact of its components on the blood lipid composition, carbohydrate metabolism of the female body, on the level of hemostasis coefficients, which generally positively characterizes the drug "Jeanine".

    The treatment of endometriosis with this drug is usually prescribed according to the schedule and is usually two to three months of continuous administration. Such an extended scheme of the so-called prolonged contraception gives a good effect in the fight against endometriosis of the uterus, if you drink the drug without missing it. But it should be remembered that it is strictly contraindicated to prescribe yourself any treatment without visiting the doctor or drinking Janine according to your own scheme. Since only a specialist can, based on all the tests, prescribe an individual treatment that suits you. It will also determine how many days it is necessary to drink the drug and how many days the break should be in the course of treatment.

    Sitting waiting for an appointment at the gynecological office, you can hear “live” reviews about how endometriosis is treated. Your neighbor in turn, whether Zanin’s method prefers or, for example, Yarina or Vizanna, and how the doctor ordered her to drink the medicine and helped her to this drug. Also on the World Wide Web you can find a lot of different blogs, where you can find reviews on how contraceptive Janine helped many women, if you drink it strictly according to a doctor's prescription and most importantly, you need to take any medicine regularly. And then the treatment will give the expected effect.

    Our readers recommend!

    Duphaston with endometriosis

    In all these cases, in the endometrioid tissue, in whatever organ it is, the same changes occur during the menstrual cycle as in the mucous membrane of the uterine cavity (endometrium). In the first phase of the menstrual cycle. Phases of the menstrual cycle: disruptions are unacceptable mucous membrane under the influence of female sex hormones estrogen grows, and areas of endometriosis grow. At the onset of the second phase of the menstrual cycle, the female hormone progesterone becomes the main hormone, which suppresses the growth of the endometrium, but causes it to secrete mucus.

    Treatment of endometriosis is better to start in the early stages of the disease, when there has not yet been a significant proliferation of tissue.

    Conservative treatment of endometriosis is hormone therapy. For this purpose, synthetic analogues of the female sex hormone progesterone, for example, duphaston, are prescribed. Duphaston is a drug for oral administration with a selective progestogenic (corresponding to progesterone) effect on the uterine mucosa. It ensures the onset of the secretion phase in the endometrium. Shown with a deficiency of endogenous progesterone - progesterone deficiency Progesterone deficiency: how to eliminate it. including endometriosis, dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation, which may accompany endometriosis).

    Under the influence of duphaston, the growth of the mucous membrane of the uterus cavity is suppressed. At the same time, the growth of areas of the same cells in other tissues is suppressed. As a result, pain, intermenstrual bleeding, menstrual bleeding becomes less abundant. But most importantly, the process of endometriosis is suppressed.

    At the same time, the menstrual cycle is not disturbed, the egg cell is maturing and leaving the ovary (ovulation), menstruation occurs at the usual time. This means that during the treatment with duphaston, a woman can conceive a child.

    There are general guidelines for the appointment of duphaston with endometriosis. But in order to achieve maximum effectiveness of the drug, its dose should be selected individually, in accordance with the nature and severity of the lesion of this or that organ. The daily dose of duphaston should be evenly distributed into several doses throughout the day.

    Duphaston is taken in case of endometriosis in a daily dose, individually prescribed by a doctor, divided into 2 - 3 doses from 5 to 25 days of the menstrual cycle or constantly for at least six months, and sometimes more - the duration of the course is determined by the doctor.

    Zhanin's effect on the body and actual performance

    In essence, the drug Janine is a hormonal contraceptive.

    It combines two main effects at once: on the one hand, it protects from unwanted pregnancy, and on the other, it can be used to treat endometriosis.

    It is also prescribed for polycystic ovaries, so that we can speak with complete confidence about the complex effect.

    The composition of the drug

    In its composition, Janine is a low-dose combination drug. Its main progestin component is dienogest. It is a type of progesterone, a female sex hormone, produced in the second menstrual phase by the ovaries.

    Dienogest inhibit the growth of endometrial cells. Simply put, it is enough to start taking Janine, and endometriosis will begin to gradually disappear due to a decrease in the foci of pathology.

    Another important component of the drug is estradiol, which is a type of estrogen produced by the ovaries in the first menstrual phase.

    Estradiol stimulates the active growth of the ovarian follicle, which leads to the release of the egg - ovulation. Due to this, it is possible to normalize the menstrual cycle and eliminate the cause of the violations found by the doctor.

    If Janine did not help, then duphaston for endometriosis should definitely help, find out its features.

    And what are some ways to treat endometriosis? In this material you will find all the methods used today.

    Medical facts

    Doctors' reviews of Zhanin in endometriosis are based primarily on the actual data, not on the sensations of the patients. Among them are the following:

  • The effectiveness of the drug is on average 85%, that is, in most cases, it is effective.
  • Bioavailability of the drug is approximately 90%. This means that it is well absorbed by the body. With a low dosage of active ingredient, the risk of side effects can be reduced to almost zero.
  • In the course of the medical texts, it was found that almost all patients taking Janine and endometriosis began to regress, and there were other positive changes: body weight returned to normal, and acne decreased.
  • The menstrual cycle becomes much more regular, normalizes and stops causing painful sensations.

    Zhanina course

    You need to know about the conditions of admission and clarify them with a doctor. The general instructions for taking Zhanin with endometriosis is quite simple:

  • Take the drug must for 63 days without interrupting the course .
  • Every day you need to takeone dragee each. and preferably at the same time.
  • For the full course will be used three packs drug.
  • After the full course you need to do week break .

    Thus, during the reception of Zhanin, the patient will have no menstruation - with the normalization of the cycle, the menstruation will take place once every three months, during the break.

    Why does this nasty disease appear at all? Read about the causes of endometriosis of the uterus and you will always be ready.

    Another endometrial pathology is endometritis, what are its features and what treatment is used here.

    And how to treat its chronic version, you will find in the article.

    Janine and endometriosis: treatment of endometriosis with zhanine:

    Modern contraceptive drugs can not only prevent unwanted pregnancies, but also bring a lot of other positive aspects. For example, they allow you to stabilize hormones, get rid of endometriosis, facilitate the flow of menstruation, reduce ICP, solve problems of a pathological nature, prevent ovarian cancer. The topic of this article is Janine and endometriosis. How to use this drug to treat endometriosis?

    Janine and endometriosis: benefits of treatment

    The advantages of oral contraceptives are that they are ideally suited for the treatment of endometriosis at early stages in women of childbearing age, in particular in young women. The fact is that janeen and endometriosis began to bind together not so long ago. Janine, this is the drug of the modern generation. It contains a small, well-dosed amount of hormones that are introduced into the woman's body gradually. The drug has several advantages in treating the problem of endometrial ingrowth.

    Janine and endometriosis: how to apply?

    The drug Janine with endometriosis eliminates the need to stop the monthly for six months. This procedure has long been considered the only option that causes a natural and relatively fast atrophy of problem foci. However, it did have significant side effects. In particular, the fact was that such a delay could have adverse consequences in terms of future pregnancy. The drug Janine does not cause such an effect.

    Janine with endometriosis is designed to stabilize the processes in the reproductive system of women. In case of endometriosis, the drug acts according to its program and methodically eliminates the shortcomings of the system, gradually suppressing the work of the disease cells. The course of recovery may take different times - the period of treatment depends on the size of the problem and the individual reactions of the body.

    The drug Janine with endometriosis greatly reduces the pain of menstruation, and other symptoms of endometriosis. In conjunction with other medicines, janin behaves well, which allows you to conduct parallel strengthening and immunomodulating therapy.

    The drug is composed of substances that are considered prophylactic in the issue of prevention of endometriosis.

    Not all COCs are suitable for the treatment of endometriosis. But it is Janine and endometriosis that will give good results in combination. Although it is better to use the drug as a preventive measure. Take care of your health in advance, because there is a risk of complete loss of reproductive function after endometriosis.

    Recently, classical methods of treatment of the disease undergo a major revision. This is due to the fact that surgery for endometriosis often leads either to relapse or to infertility, due to the loss of part of the reproductive apparatus. Then, as medical treatment often does not bring the effect, or translates the disease into the status of a sluggish chronic disease - which is not so bad, but still. The treatment of endometriosis with zhanin has become an intuitive method. The positive aspects of such treatment is the topic of this article.

    Treatment of endometriosis zhanin: features of drug treatment

    Janine, like all modern contraceptives, is still under the supervision of vigilant statisticians on the topic of detecting global evil. Indeed, the attitude to drugs like Zhanin is twofold. However, those who are faced with reproductive organs problems use them for treatment with great efficiency.

    Not many people know, but the use of COCs is a tacit prevention of ovarian cancer, it helps to cope with polycystic cysts, the formation of follicular cysts, and endometriosis, in particular. Therefore, treatment of endometriosis is considered by Zhanin and not by other COCs? The fact is that this particular drug Janin contains a sufficient hormonal rate to stabilize the normal processes of vital activity, during which endometriosis is simply supplanted.

    Treatment of endometriosis Zhanin: positive points

    Treatment of endometriosis zhanin: positive points

    The drug Janine in the treatment of endometriosis is perfectly combined with other medicines, and rarely causes strong side effects in patients. It gently stabilizes hormone levels and brings the body back to normal.

    The use of Zhanin in the treatment of endometriosis does not provide for stopping menstruation for half a year, which is very important for the body. While there was no other option, treatment, it was one of the most radical methods. Today, hormone levels can be equalized without damaging the normal function of the female body.

    The drug Janine for the treatment of endometriosis is a new generation of drugs, and contains a small amount of hormones. Therefore, he rarely has fundamental side effects, such as weight gain, problems with the cardiovascular system, renal failure.

    The drug is available in general sales and has a very reasonable price. What is also very important for the majority of the female population suffering from endometriosis.

    Of course, Janine is not a panacea. But the treatment of endometriosis Zhaninom can give hope in cases where it is not, and the results when they are no longer expected. Therefore, before you go to the operating table, try to exhaust all the possibilities, including this one.


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