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Meaning and characteristics of the name Gevorg

May 6, December 9

Since childhood Gevorg strives for self-expression, therefore at every opportunity he tries to demonstrate his talents to others. Gevorg is growing up an energetic, active, inquisitive child. Kind, open and artistic boy is popular in school, he has many friends. Gevorg will never pass by the one who needs help, he fights injustice. Parents need to be attentive to raising their son, to develop his best character traits, because then a really good person will grow out of him. But it is worthwhile in childhood not to give Gevorg caresses or to hurt him badly - as a tyrant, an egoist and a tyrant will grow out of him.

Gevorg has a very developed intuition, which helps him to easily find a way out of any difficult situation. He has leadership qualities, he is a purposeful and hardworking man, so he quickly achieves success in the professional field. Gevorg is a versatile personality, he can find himself in many different professions. For example, from Gevorgov get good doctors, lawyers, photographers, scientists, psychologists, writers. The owner of this name easily learns new languages, enjoys art, loves to travel. Gevorg is a born cook, but he rarely chooses the profession of a cook, since he considers cooking only as a hobby.

Gevorg is loving, he knows how to feel a woman at first sight. Often changes partners, but only until such time as he meets true love. For the owner of this name is important not only external but also the internal beauty of the chosen one. He considers his mother to be the standard of a woman, therefore he is looking for a companion who looks like her. He will not forgive betrayal, betrayal, lie, because he himself, being married, will never allow himself such a thing. Gevorg will be a good family man, but in order to become happy, he needs to choose the right girl - conflict-free, soft, kind.

Gevorg dreams of having a large family. Children for him is the center of the universe. Even after surviving a divorce, Gevorg all his life helps his children. Family values ​​are important to him, he takes care of his elderly parents, loves to spend time with relatives. Gevorg dreams of his own home, where the whole family will gather, and in the end his dream comes true.

Secret name

The owner of such a name is a person with a contradictory, ambiguous, complex character. This is a bright, extraordinary personality, which is given the ability to control the minds of others. Gevorg is focused on leadership and has the necessary qualities. Some representatives of such a name may engage in healing, be psychics. For life and the formation of the personality of a person named Gevorg, education in childhood is of great importance.

Famous people

Gevorg II Garnetsi is an Armenian church-statesman of the 9th century.
Gevorg IV - Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, head of the Armenian Apostolic Church from 1865 to 1882.
Gevorg VI - Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, head of the Armenian Apostolic Church from June 16, 1945 to September 26, 1954.
Gevorg Erznkatsi - Armenian writer, theologian and teacher of the XIV-XV centuries.
Gevorg Marzpetuni - the historical novel of the Armenian writer Muratsan (Grigor Ter-Hovhannisyan).
Gevorg Skevratsi - Armenian scholar, warden, orator, writer, political and religious leader.
Gevorg Chaush is a leader of the Armenian national liberation movement, one of the most well-known Fedai leaders.
Gevorg Martirosyan - Armenian singer
Gevorg Mkrtchyan Mkhitarovich - Master of Sports of Russia in Karate

Astrological characteristics

Suitable colors: green, blue, turquoise
Lucky numbers: 33, 13, 20, 6, 4, 2
Planet: Venus
Metal: Copper
Zodiac sign: ♎ Libra, ♉ Taurus
Day of the week: Friday

The planet Mars.
Element: Fire, warm-dry.
Zodiac: Aries, Scorpio.
Color: Fiery red, bloody, glandular.
Day: Tuesday.
Metal: Iron.
Mineral: Magnetite, jasper, amethyst, Lappish blood.
Plants: Garlic, onion, tobacco, radish, mustard, nettle, asparagus, heather, bean, hot pepper.
Animals: Wolf, rooster, crow, vulture, horse, dog.

Values ​​of letters of the name

G - the desire for knowledge, entering into a hidden secret, the ability to understand everything in an inseparable relationship with life, attention to detail and the need to do everything in good faith.
E - the need for self-expression, the exchange of ideas, the tendency to act as an intermediary, insight through the ability to enter the world of secret forces. Possible talkativeness.
B - sociability, communication with life, unity with nature. Creative personality, looking to the future.
About - deep feelings, the ability to handle money. To complete the implementation, however, a person must understand his purpose. The presence of this letter in the name shows that the goal has been prepared for it and you need to use your rich intuition to distinguish it from the bustle of existence.
R - the ability not to be deceived by appearances, but to delve into the being, self-confidence, the desire to act, courage. Being carried away, a person is capable of stupid risks and is sometimes too dogmatic in his judgments.
G - the desire for knowledge, entering into a hidden secret, the ability to understand everything in an inseparable relationship with life, attention to detail and the need to do everything in good faith.

In other languages

Gevorg's character is complex and ambiguous. As a rule, it is an extraordinary person with a very strong character and influence on other people. Some owners of this name possess not only leadership skills, but are capable of extrasensory perception and healing of people. Much in their life and temper depends on the education they receive. The love and support of parents are capable of making Gevorg a patient, wise, cheerful and struggling person with injustice. But as a child, it is worth insulting or not giving this child a caress, as a tyrant grows out of him and a selfish, aggressive, unpleasant tyrant.

If parents love and support him, he will grow up a wise, fair, patient man. A child who remained in his childhood without parental caress, who held a grudge in his heart, may later turn into a despot, aggressive ambition. Such a name would be a good option for a boy-Aquarius. He will be distinguished by discernment, rebellious, rebellious nature, the desire to live by its principles and rules. Gevorg-Aquarius will study life in all its manifestations, especially the unknown and mysterious, and he himself will remain a mysterious and attractive personality.

As an employee, Gevorg is decent, hardworking, able to find a worthy use of an analytical mindset. He can become a good psychologist, doctor, scientist, priest, writer, massage therapist, yoga trainer. Gevorg's uneasy nature makes his family life not the most harmonious. Because of him, conflicts constantly occur in the family, it is not always possible for spouses to find a common language. Gevorg does not accept the clarification of relations, therefore he tears this knot at once, divorcing his wife. He never forgets children, continues to actively communicate with them and educate them. He does not indulge them, appeals with restraint, but fair treatment of them cannot be taken away from him.

Nature has given Gevorg wonderful health. He has an excellent physical form, a large supply of energy, and he rarely needs to attend medical facilities.

Characteristics of the name Gevor

Positive features: An ardent opponent of injustice, but can not interfere in the affairs of others, if it does not concern him in any way. Friends in trouble does not throw, boldly rushes to their defense, so he has many friends, but not all of them are truly devoted. Gevor knows each of them the price, but without communication with them can not exist. He is very proud that it does not prevent him from easily adapting to different people, if circumstances so require.

Negative traits: Gevor in his behavior is not ordinary, and often his actions are incomprehensible to others. However, he is always respected for his own opinion, and Gevor enjoys authority in the team. By itself, he is not going to reckon with the principles adopted in society, but for Gevor there are moral norms, which he follows.

Character name GevorA: It must be said that the meaning of the name Gevor is very interesting to investigate, since its owner, as a rule, can boast a bright personality. Gevor is characterized by analytical thinking with a developed intuition and excellent memory - these qualities often help him to succeed in life. Gevor can easily predict how this or that work will end, which allows him to do the right thing.

It is known that Gevor can be entrusted with a responsible business and be sure that such a person will cope with the task at the highest level. By the way, one of the qualities inherent in the name of Gevor is a heightened sense of justice. Here Gevor is ready to defend the truth to the bitter end. This is especially true of situations in which Gevor’s close people are involved.

Gevor and his personal life

Love and marriage: In the sphere of love relationships - in his personal life, Gevor is not too lucky, his difficult nature does not allow him to find complete understanding with his wife. He is demanding, picky, grumbling. He does not know how to hide his irritation, if something does not go well at work, his bad mood strongly affects family relations. But Gevor himself values ​​peace in life most of all, so his wife will have to silently take down all the nagging of Gevor, calm him down and be tolerant. If Gevor does not contradict, he quickly calms down. But with children, the name Gevor behaves completely different, they never irritate him, he brings them up in strictness, but always gives them the opportunity to feel loved and desired.

The man named Gevor, by his nature, is extremely jealous, although he is trying to hide this fact from others. At the same time, he himself is an ardent opponent of that someone is jealous and infringed upon his freedom of action. Just can not live without scandals, and this causes a lot of trouble to their loved ones. They are strict with their children, but take care of them, wishing that they would grow up to be worthy people. It must be said that in family life, Gevor constantly suffers from contradictions and difficulties in communicating with his family. However, with regard to friends and acquaintances, Gevor, on the contrary, tries to behave more restrained with them and adhere to generally accepted standards of behavior. So it turns out that friends for the name Gevor are sometimes more important than their spouses. In addition, he trusts his relatives and friends more, and therefore behaves as openly as possible, without pretending.

Gevor is stubborn, but kind, stubborn and capricious, and at the same time do not tolerate conflicts. Does not make reproaches, jealousy scenes. Himself quite jealous, although it hides it carefully, considering it as its weak point. Eternal contradictions and difficulties in communication haunt him in his family life. All of the above applies to the family, with friends and acquaintances, he does not allow himself to be so treated. Gevor is a merry fellow and a humorist, he knows many funny stories.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: Gevor is well versed in the financial issue, can be successful in the political sphere and to the natural sciences. In general, the meaning of a name can try itself in various fields and be a good expert.

Gevor translated from Hebrew conquering. The name Gevor is thorough in everything that he undertakes. He is fond of politics, well versed in financial matters. To the natural sciences, interested in everything that surrounds him.

Health and energy

The name Gevor perfectly adapts to almost any circumstances and often does so in order to look better in the eyes of others than it actually is. As for his personal life, here Gevor may also have problems due to the fact that he is often picky and in disputes. If the spouse has enough patience to withstand such tricks of Gevor, then, quite possibly, the partners will be happy in marriage. But often Gevor does not marry once and breaks up with his wives is not friends.

Gevor, in fact, lives by the laws that are invented to him. To the opinion of others, he is simply indifferent. In a dispute, he often defends his point of view as the only correct one. For the same reason, I categorically do not accept any advice from the outside. But Gevor himself is always ready to come up with some kind of recommendation, as he is sure that he knows how to live. Sometimes, any global problems do not touch Gevor at all, and a trifle, on the contrary, is capable of ruining. This is further complicated by the fact that the name Gevor is very picky about himself and can survive if something goes wrong with him. Although, thanks to a developed intuition, Gevor most often manages to prevent unpleasant phenomena and problems.

The name and its value depends not only on the origin, but also on the time of year when the child was born. We recommend to read how the character and fate of the name by year of birth affects and get acquainted with the list of names that fit all signs of the zodiac.

It is important to know what the name means so that it harmonizes with the name of its owner - in terms of sound and phonosemantic significance.

Compatibility of the name Gevorg, manifestation in love

The “ideal” device of the world is presented to you as a heavily armed fortress, able to withstand any siege due to the fact that the storerooms are full and the arsenal is kept in perfect order. All “military actions” are pre-calculated in detail, and you are ready to protect yourself and your family from any external encroachments.

But the fact that for you is an “inviolable stronghold” can become a prison for others. By imposing your views on the lives of your loved ones, you limit their freedom of choice by offering to use their own ready-made solution.

Watch out Many impregnable fortresses fell because someone inside wanted to go outside and opened the gate. You should always remember that your choice should be coordinated with those for whom it is, in essence, made.

Compatibility with signs of the zodiac

This name will suit a boy born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, that is, from January 21 to February 19. Aquarius is very similar to Gevorg in rebellious nature and inherent insight. Under the influence of this sign, Gevorg will retain the mystery of his soul, curiosity, the desire to explore the unknown, the contemplation of life. Conventions and rules will be alien to him, he will live by his own laws and principles.

Pros and cons of the name Gevorg

What are the pros and cons can be noted in the name of Gevorg? In addition to the rarity and unusualness of this name, it is difficult to distinguish obvious advantages in it, because it is rather badly combined with Russian surnames and patronymic names, has no harmonious abbreviations and diminutive forms, and the character of the owners of this name is far from positive.

This is what Gevorg can say about health. As a rule, it is an energetic, physically developed man who rarely gets sick and hardly ever goes to doctors.


Gevorg is a creative person, looking forward to a dream, a future. He has such traits as unselfishness, empathy, humanism, a sense of duty. This guy is very attached to his home, family, homeland. A sense of patriotism and national pride are inseparable from the concepts of family, maternal love and fatherly duty.

His desire for self-expression from childhood is manifested in the desire to show his abilities. The child is very active, artistic, charming and kind. Few can resist such a boy sincere smile.

Adult Gevorg is a very reliable person. He is not able to betray, knows how to remain silent. Quite often it becomes the "soul" of the company, but he never needs a large male society. She is able to listen to someone else's “confession”, to help with advice and financially. He is touchy, but unforgiving.

A man with an Armenian name Gevorg achieves a goal in his life thanks to diligence and accuracy in everything. Deep intuition helps him in many ways to find a middle ground, to overcome difficulties with an ironic smile and condescension. He is valued for the fact that he knows how to find the right solution in unforeseen and difficult everyday situations, he is not afraid of responsibility.

Hobby and profession

Gevorg has brilliant culinary abilities. He rarely cooks a strict recipe. His dishes are always with a "twist", tasty and unusual. Therefore, he can safely connect his life with the culinary business.

He is also very often fascinated by the romance of adventure. He becomes an archaeologist, a historian, an ethnographer, a military man, a traveler, and even a pilgrim.

But more often he chooses the creative profession. Gevorg has musical abilities, subtle perception of the artistic world. He is seriously interested in art, studies ancient languages, cooking secrets, is familiar with astrology.

Often, the choice of employment men influence parents. Then he can devote his life to the profession of a priest or a family craft. The problem in choosing activities is complicated by the fact that the secret of the name in Gevorg hides a creative and multifaceted character. He tries to find his vocation in many areas, often changes jobs and loses the success achieved. The most difficult to determine the choice of the activities of the guy whose parents are engaged in financial business. He does not like such a profession, but very rarely finds the strength to go against the will of loved ones.

Love and family

Keen and sexy Gevorg is well versed in girls.He knows how to appreciate their beauty, but most of all he wants to understand the inner world, especially the female character. Do not tolerate lies, betrayal and treason. His ideal of femininity is always the mother.

He marries for love. A woman who becomes his wife is lucky. The family life of such a couple develops happily. The ideal of the Gevorg family is a large family. It is in her that the caring and gentle nature of the father dissolves. He seeks to build a large private house. It is in him, next to his relatives, he finds a happy personal haven.

Characteristic spell name

G - the desire for new knowledge and excellence, attention to detail, integrity. Such a person has the gift of clairvoyance and telepathy. Risk prone and extreme. Its distinguishing feature is disgust. In love, fickle, often changes partners.
The letter "G" at the beginning of the name indicates the unpredictability of its carrier.
The repetition of the letter in the name gives the person an intellectual gift.

E - persistence in achieving goals, sociability, the need for personal growth and self-expression, the desire for power, insight. The owner of the name with this letter is capable of decisive actions. Often acts on emotions, without thinking about the consequences. In conflicts, prefers to act as a mediator. Endowed with simplicity and charm, able to magnetically act on others. Because of the love of freedom is alone in life.

B - the ability to easily find a common language with people, creativity, unity with nature, a realistic outlook on life. The carrier of the name with this letter has a rich imagination, developed intuition and the gift of foresight. In love becomes a romantic and passionate partner. Not capable of betrayal.

About - activity, stubbornness in achieving the desired, the desire for sensory knowledge of the world and yourself, insight. The carrier of the name with this letter is able to dispose of money. This is a cheerful, kind and helpful person. In love, capable of deep sincere feelings.

P - courage, commitment to action, responsibility, ability to delve into the essence of what is happening, self-righteousness. The carrier of the name with this letter is an optimist. Not discouraged and does not give up in case of failures. Prone to risk. As a life partner, she chooses a strong spirit, loyal and able to support a partner in a difficult moment.

Characteristic name for numerology

6 - internal strength, responsibility, scruples, honesty, justice. Such a person is able to solve any problem. He is hardworking, inventive. Able to make informed and smart decisions, find a way out of a difficult situation, smooth out conflicts. Lucky and successful in life. Strives for career growth and material wealth. He likes to surround himself with luxury. He takes care of his family, does not spare his strength for the sake of her well-being. Sociable, optimistic about life. Able to attract attention, to gain the trust and respect of others, to lead people. He attaches great importance to the image. Happens arrogant, stubborn.