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What to use oils to strengthen the nails

Essential oils for nails and cuticles are used quite often today. They are added to base oils, with them make baths for hands, nails and cuticles, compresses, sometimes used in pure form. For you, we have compiled a description of 22 essential oils that will be useful in the care of nails and cuticle.

Do not forget that using essential oils for nails and cuticles or for any other purposes, the fragrance plays an important role. Applying essential oils for nails and cuticles, you will get a greater effect if you like the scent.


1. What kind of oil is used for?
2. Essential oils: descriptions and recipes
Ylang ylang
Tea Tree
3. Application of essential oils for nails

Essential oils for nails and cuticles What for what?

The long list of essential oils for nails presented below will help you choose the one that suits and pleases you. But for convenience, first, essential oils for nails and cuticles are divided into groups according to useful properties:

For exfoliating nails: cedar, bergamot, pine, patchouli, myrrh, thyme, frankincense, ylang-ylang, lavender

For brittle nails: rosemary, sandalwood, lemon, bergamot, thyme, pine, patchouli

For whitening: lemon, grapefruit

Against the fungus: tea tree, wormwood, sandalwood (as an auxiliary component), chamomile (as an auxiliary component)

To moisturize the nail and care for the cuticle: myrrh, geranium, sandalwood, patchouli, sage, chamomile

For growth: tea tree, rosemary, chamomile

Ylang ylang

Essential oil ylang-ylang strengthens nails, eliminates delamination, is used during polishing. With regular use of ylang-ylang oil, nails become stronger, healthier and smoother. This essential oil can be used for pure nails. To do this, you need only 1-2 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil, they need to be evenly distributed on the nail plate and cuticle and rub. It usually takes only 1-2 minutes. Oil is quickly absorbed.
When polishing the nail plate before the procedure can be applied to the nail essential oil ylang-ylang. This will help to strengthen and more careful grinding.
Firming essential oils for nails and cuticle: 1-2 drops of ylang-ylang oil mixed with 5 ml of jojoba oil. The resulting mixture is applied both on the nail and on the cuticle, carefully rubbed with massage movements. The rest of this mixture can be distributed on the inside of the palm.

Lavender essential oil softens the cuticle, promotes the healing of minor injuries, strengthens the nails. Lavender essential oil for nails, cuticle and skin of the hands will be most useful in the winter season to restore skin and nails after extreme temperatures and stay in heated rooms, where the air is often too dry.
To restore and strengthen the nails 1-2 times a day can be applied and rubbed with massage movements 1-2 drops of pure lavender oil.
Essential oils for nails and cuticles - 5-7 drops of lavender essential oil mixed with 10-15 ml of any base oil, such as apricot, peach or grape seed oil. You can also use macadamia oil as a base. This mixture can be applied to the surface of the nails and rubbed into the cuticle or just keep your hands in the resulting composition for 15-20 minutes.
For the care of skin and cuticle - You can add lavender essential oil to the cream at the rate of 5 drops of oil per 10 ml of cream.

Tea tree oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil from fungus Nail is considered one of the most effective natural remedies. Also essential oil of tea tree will do. to restore and strengthen nails, stimulate their growth and soften the cuticle.
To fight the fungus Tea tree oil is applied in its pure form to the damaged areas of nails and skin several times a day.
Also against nail fungus effectively make compresses with tea tree oil. To do this, the oil is applied to a cotton pad, the disc is pressed against the damaged area of ​​the nail, wrapped with a bandage on top for a more tight pressing. Keep such a compress is recommended from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Such compresses should be done every day or every other day, in the latter case, instead of a compress, tea tree oil is applied several times a day to the damaged areas of the nails and the skin around.
To restore, strengthen and grow nails Tea tree essential oil is mixed with one of the base oils suitable for nails. This may be olive oil, macadamia oil, apricot kernels. The mixture is prepared at the rate of 5-7 drops of essential oil per 5 ml of base. Apply the composition 1-2 times a day by rubbing a small amount into the nail and skin.

Lemon essential oil for nails and cuticle is used as a firming and bleaching agent. When applied to the skin, it stimulates blood circulation, which ensures the supply of essential trace elements, moisturizes and whitens.
For whitening nail plate is used or rubbing or fragrant. In the first case, a small amount of pure oil is rubbed with massage movements 1-2 times a day. In the second, 10 drops of lemon essential oil is mixed with 5 ml of any base oil. 15-20 minutes keep the nails in the bath. Lemon essential oil will help restore the natural color of nails after removing varnish, working with spices or any other dyes.
!Important! Make sure that the sun does not fall on the skin treated with essential oil of lemon. It is recommended to apply this oil at least 1-2 hours before sunbathing.

Bleaches, gives shine to nail plates, prevents burrs, cares for the cuticle.
For whitening and with strong stratification and brittleness oil is used in pure form. (See recipe in description 4. Lemon)
To strengthen the nails grapefruit essential oil (5 drops) is mixed with almond oil (5 ml). The resulting mixture can be used for normal rubbing, and as aromavannochku.

Excellent natural remedy against fragility and delamination of nails. In addition, rosemary essential oil promotes the acceleration and growth of nails, gently cares for cuticles. When contact with the skin, rosemary essential oil activates and accelerates blood circulation. Methods of use and recipe cm 2. Lavender.
To strengthen the nails essential oil of rosemary and accelerate their growth the most effective means - bath with sea salt. For her you will need
-2-3 drops of rosemary essential oil
-1 cup of warm water
-1 teaspoon sea salt
The bath is used 20 minutes, 2 times a week, for a month.

Bergamot essential oil eliminates delamination, strengthens thin and brittle nails. Especially effective is bergamot oil for nail restoration after extension. The result will be noticeable after 1 week of daily rubbing 1-2 drops of essential oil of bergamot into the nail plate. You can also use aroma oil seeds (cm 2. Lavender-For nails and cuticle) and a bath with salt (cm 6. Rosemary)

Geranium essential oil is suitable for strengthening nails and moisturizing the cuticle. Geranium oil also has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect. The most effective recipe:

- 5 ml of almond oil,
-3-5 drops of geranium essential oil

The resulting mixture by grinding rubbed until absorbed. This composition is also suitable for the cuticle. After using the geranium essential oil, the nails become stronger and healthier, the cuticle looks neat and well-groomed.

Orange essential oil helps strengthen and restore nails, nourishing care for the cuticle, can be used for bleaching with lemon essential oil. And so the recipes.
Essential oils for nails and cuticles to strengthen: simply rub a few drops of essential oil into the nails with massage movements until it is absorbed several times a day. Or we mix essential oil of orange with one of the main oils, you can take olive, wheat germ or coconut. The ratio of 5 ml of base oil and 5 drops of essential.
Essential oils for nails and cuticles for whitening: 7 drops of lemon essential oil and 5 drops of orange essential oil are mixed with 5 ml of any base oil. 15-20 minutes keep the nails in the bath. After that, a few more minutes with massage movements, rub the remaining oil in the cuticle, nail and skin around.

Sandalwood essential oil soothes the skin, moisturizes the cuticle, strengthens the nails, gives them a well-groomed appearance and healthy color. Sometimes used in mixture with other oils to fight fungus. Getting on the skin and cuticle, the essential oil of sandalwood promotes healing of cracks, softens and moisturizes.
To strengthen and moisturize: simply rub a few drops of essential oil into the nails and cuticle with massage movements until it is absorbed several times a day.
Against the fungus: 4 drops of essential oils of tea tree and lavender, 2 drops of sandalwood essential oil are added to 2 liters of warm water.

Mandarin essential oil in its properties similar to the essential oils of other citrus. It strengthens the nails, helps grow healthy nails, gives a healthy color and well-groomed appearance. The most effective essential oil of mandarin in the salt bath:
-2-5 drops of tangerine essential oil
-1 cup of warm water
-1 teaspoon sea salt
The bath is used 20 minutes, 2 times a week.

Patchouli essential oil well strengthens and moisturizes the nails and cuticle, prevents the appearance of burrs. Eliminates brittle nails.
To strengthen and moisturize: simply rub a few drops of essential oil into each nail and cuticle with massage movements until it is absorbed several times a day. This oil can be added as a moisturizing component to any oil composition for nails.

Essential oil of pine for nails is not used as often as other oils from this list, but it can be no less effective.
To strengthen the nails The following recipe is used:
-20 ml wheat germ oil
10 drops of pine essential oil
Nails are immersed in the mixture for 5-10 minutes, then the remains of the oil are massaged into the nails and cuticle with massage movements until absorbed. Such aromavannochki recommended not more than 2 times a month. And in between, you can use any other essential oil to strengthen the nails.

Thyme (Thyme)

Thyme or thyme essential oil is effective for brittle and splitting nails, giving them shine and care for the cuticle. Apply this oil by simply rubbing a few drops of essential oil into the nails with massage movements until it is absorbed several times a day. Oil masks or aroma oils can be made: 5 ml jojoba oil and 10 drops of thyme oil.

Sage essential oil gently moisturizes the skin of the hands and cuticle, heals minor wounds and scratches, and strengthens the nails. Bath with sage oil is recommended to use after a manicure. To do this, 5-7 drops of sage essential oil are added to 5 ml of base oil (jojoba, macadamia, olive). For nails and cuticles, this composition is a real miracle!

Essential oil of myrrh strengthens and moisturizes the nails, cares for the cuticle, has antiseptic properties. Rub it a couple of times a day in the nail plate and cuticle, the result will be after a few days. Essential oil of myrrh is ideal for daily care. It can also be used as an additional active ingredient with any nail, cuticle and skin care products. To do this, you need essential oils for nails add only 2-3 drops to each serving, for example, hand cream or nail oil.

Rose essential oil is suitable for permanent care of the nails and cuticle. This oil moisturizes and nourishes, helps strengthen the nails and prevent their fragility. Moisturizes the cuticle and helps get rid of agnails. Rose essential oil for nails can be used as well as geranium oil (see №8 Geranium)


Palmarosa essential oil is effective in caring for the cuticle and restoring damaged nail plates. It prevents burrs. Great for use at the beginning of the day. The essential oil of palmorosis for nails and cuticle can be used as well as geranium oil (see №8 Geranium)

Due to its soothing and healing properties, chamomile essential oil is suitable for eliminating burrs, moisturizing the cuticle, strengthening the nails and accelerating their growth. Chamomile essential oil works well with lemon essential oil. You can apply them in turn, and you can prepare the following composition: 5 ml of coconut or almond oil, 5 drops of chamomile and lemon essential oils. This mask will return to your nails a natural healthy color, relieve the cuticle from dryness, if necessary, relieve inflammation, prevent breakage and foliation of the nail plates.

Essential oil of wormwood is used mainly in the fight against nail fungus. To do this, the oil in its pure form is applied to damaged nails in the morning and evening. And also make baths 2-3 times a week, 10-15 drops of essential oil are added to 2 liters of water. For aroma, you can add any oil you like.

Cedar essential oil actively strengthens the nails, moisturizes the cuticle, prevents delamination and the formation of burrs. To preserve the health of the nails, cedar essential oil (5 drops) mixed with 5 ml of almond oil is applied on the nails a few hours before applying the varnish. Cedar essential oil can also be used in its pure form, mixed with other oils and as part of nail baths.

Frankincense essential oil or incense has been known since ancient times. It is great for strengthening nails and preventing their delamination.
In pure form: 2 drops spread over the surface of the nails and hands, rubbed until completely absorbed, usually 1-2 minutes. This procedure with essential oil incense enough to do 1-2 times a week.

Essential oils for nails and cuticles application

How to apply essential oils for nails and cuticles? This question is asked by many girls and women, starting to use natural remedies. Essential oil is a rather specific product that, if used improperly and ineptly, can cause more trouble than good. Below is a list of recommendations that allow you to get the maximum effect and avoid trouble.

  1. Choose the essential oil for nails that is most suitable for achieving exactly your goal.
  2. When buying oil, give preference to 100% natural oil. The bottle should be made of dark glass and have a dispenser.
  3. Before using any essential oil, it is necessary to conduct a sensitivity test. Apply 1-2 drops of essential oil on a sensitive area of ​​skin (wrist, elbow bend) and evaluate the effect of the oil. If there is no discomfort in the form of itching, burning, redness, etc. within 20-30 minutes, oil can be used.
  4. Apply the oil to clean and dry nails.
  5. After application, tightly close the jar so that the ether does not evaporate.

You can make a composition of your favorite oils, which will contribute not only to recovery, but also to raise your mood and vitality. Essential oils to strengthen the nails can be useful for overall health. For example:

1. 2 drops of cedar essential oil, grapefruit - invigorate, tune in optimism,

2. 2 drops of essential oil of sweet orange, 1 drop of sandalwood, neurol and incense - will help to get rid of tension, will raise your spirits,

3. 1 drop of ylang-ylang, sandalwood, 2 drops of neurol essential oil - inspire, give strength, create an atmosphere of romance

Essential oils for nail strengthening have all the necessary components created by nature itself. Take care of your beauty with natural essential oils. Be healthy and beautiful!

Useful properties of firming oils

For all people in terms of physiology, the nails perform several practical functions. They protect the fingertips from damage, thereby ensuring the high sensitivity of the finger pads. Allow you to perform some actions in everyday life, for example, scratching, tearing, hooking. But for the vast majority of women and some men, they complement the image. Clean, healthy and well-groomed nails are an indicator of culture and often the status of a person.

However, for various reasons, the appearance and quality of the nails can be inappropriate even for the cleanest person. It is known that the state of the nail plate is influenced by genetic data, external factors, the nutrition and health status. And if it is impossible to influence genetics, for the remaining cases there are several methods and means to improve the condition of the marigold.

Thus, oils that are not only able to improve their appearance, but also strengthen the horny plates on the fingers, are widely used in the complex of measures for the care of hands and nails.

Most of the oils intended for nail care, has a wide list of useful properties. These include:

    Matrix Nutrition. Ежедневные домашние заботы, воздействие химических веществ, дизайн ногтей с лаком, наращивание делают ногти значительно слабее, лишая их неотъемлемых полезных компонентов.Also on the condition of the nails affects the lack of nutrients in food consumed or metabolic disorders. You can replenish the necessary substances not only by changing the diet, but also by incorporating the use of natural oils in the daily hand care plan. These can be masks, baths or short-term massages. The most important is the treatment of the lunula zone, i.e. visible part of the matrix. Here the best way nutrients that are in the composition of a particular oil, penetrate.

Shine. It is known that the nail, in addition to trace elements, contains water and fats, which provide shine to it. So, under the influence of aggressive chemicals contained in household chemicals, liquids used for processing during design, or for other reasons, nails lose moisture and become dry and lifeless. Treatments using oils significantly moisturize marigolds, giving them a healthy shine.

Hand skin softening. An important property is the softening of the skin on the hands, but for the nails it is softening in the cuticle area that plays a big role. This allows you to adjust the external nutrition and respiration of the cells of the matrix, which is responsible for the growth and quality of the marigold.

Nail strengthening. To a greater extent, it occurs due to the nutrition of the matrix, which allows to normalize the growth process and avoid the abnormal development of the nail plate. The lack of any substances leads to disruption of protein synthesis and transformation.

Protection against fungal diseases. Many oils have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, preventing the development of inflammatory processes or protecting against fungal diseases.

Alignment of the nail surface. Sometimes the marigold grows with tubercles, the so-called transverse lines or grooves of Bo. They appear due to violations of lipid metabolism in the body or due to improper nutrition of the matrix. Having filled up with the help of oils, the supply of useful trace elements, saturating the skin and the matrix itself with vitamins, it is easy to normalize the process of forming the nail plate.

Nail lightening. Some oils are able to eliminate the resulting yellowing, giving the nails a natural healthy color.

  • Deburring. This useful effect is achievable due to moisturizing the skin around the nail bed, as well as increasing its elasticity, which prevents the growth of the cuticle on the nail plate and tearing of the skin.

  • No matter how useful properties various natural oils may have, anyway, they are not able to solve all the problems that arise with the growth of nails. Therefore, do not forget about proper nutrition, healthy lifestyles and precautions when using different chemicals.

    Contraindications to the use of nail oils

    Along with the beneficial properties of natural oils for nail care and have some contraindications. They are mainly associated with the individual intolerance of one or another oil or individual components. If a person is prone to allergic reactions, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary test of sensitivity to the components of the product.

    It is noteworthy that some oils cannot be used in pure form, i.e. with high concentration, due to the risk of burns.

    Each bottle should be accompanied by instructions for use, from which you can learn about the presence of possible contraindications. When buying a particular product, you should carefully study the manufacturer's recommendations for use options and dosage, which will help you decide whether this tool is suitable.

    How to choose oil to strengthen nails

    Most natural oils have similar properties, but at the same time it has a lot of differences. Not all oils are equally useful for nails, but there is a list of those that will help significantly improve the growth and quality of the nail plate.

    Fatty substances that strengthen nails include castor, olive, lemon, almond, peach, and peanut oils. Many others, such as myrrh oil, sandalwood, bergamot, eucalyptus, chamomile, tea tree, linseed, burdock, and rosemary, are useful for the strength and health of the nail plate.

    Some useful tips for buying nails that strengthen nails:

      Choose oil is depending on the existing problems with the nails and the desired effect.

    When buying a product in a store or pharmacy, take time to familiarize yourself with the composition. Natural oils will bring more benefit only if they do not contain any dyes, flavors, preservatives.

    Check expiration date.

    Choose a product that has passed certification. On the bottle or package must necessarily be a bar code and detailed information about the manufacturer.

  • Each oil should have instructions for use with a description of its usefulness, use cases and dosage.

  • What oils to use to strengthen the nails

    The flora is a source of a large number of nutrients that have a beneficial effect on the body in general and nails in particular. Thanks to numerous studies, tests and development of technologies, mass production of useful oils has become possible. But among the variety of products in this category is to make the right choice, based on the beneficial properties of a natural product. We suggest to get acquainted with the list of the oils most useful for durability of nails.

    Castor oil to strengthen nails at home

    Castor oil is an excellent representative of healthy nail oils. It consists of triglycerides (fats) of some acids (ricinoleic, oleic, linoleic), which are involved in maintaining the health and beauty of the nail plates.

    Useful properties of castor oil:

      Strengthening and sealing the nail plates, giving them strength,

    Prevent delamination and breakage

    Improving the nutrition of the matrix,

    Elimination of defects in the development of nails, for example, the formation of grooves,

  • Protecting the matrix by restoring the damaged cuticle.

  • The most active components of any oil become after heating, then they are better absorbed, thereby strengthening nails more effectively.

    Castor oil is used to treat exfoliating lifeless nails, perfectly protects from the harmful effects of household chemicals, moisturizes the skin.

    Olive oil to strengthen and grow nails

    Olive oil is the most beneficial remedy for nails. For cosmetic procedures, you can use a special oil, and apply the usual food. Therefore, it can be bought not only in cosmetic stores, but also in pharmacies and grocery stores.

    This product is used in the procedures for the care of hands and nails due to its composition, providing a wide range of beneficial effects.

    Useful properties include:

      Replenishing nutrients in the skin and matrix

    Strengthening the nail plate,

    Preventing its delamination,

    Saturation of the nail structure,

  • Reduced fragility.

  • Olive oil is quite self-sufficient, so excellent results can be achieved by applying it a couple of times a week in the evening. At the same time, after applying the oil, it is best to wear cotton gloves overnight, in the morning to assess the softening effect on the skin, and firming - on the nail plate.

    Lemon cosmetic oil to strengthen nails

    For many, both butter and lemon juice are the first nail care products, since has a large number of nutrients.

    The valuable properties of lemon oil can be described as follows:

      This product has the ability to strengthen the plate.

    It stimulates metabolic processes in the skin and the matrix.

    Allows to accelerate tissue regeneration and nail growth.

    Often, lemon oil is the best tool that is used after a manicure, because but it can prevent the development of inflammation in small cuts due to its antiseptic properties.

  • Also, the lemon is reasonably credited with the ability to brighten the nail plate.

  • Precautions when using lemon oil - elimination of prolonged exposure in order to avoid drying out the treated surface.

    Other nail firming oils

    In addition to the above-described natural oils that can strengthen the nail plate, use other types of fatty substances for this purpose, for example:

      Jojoba oil. It has a complex effect on nails - struggling with delamination, brittleness and change of structure, while the nails become stronger and look healthier. Often jojoba oil is combined with vitamin E, then the effect is multiplied.

    Tea tree oil. In its pure form, this oil is quite aggressive, therefore, it is effectively used to fight against fungal diseases of the nails, but can cause burns. To strengthen the nails, it is used in a diluted form, for example, for a 100 ml of water take 1 drop of funds. Before applying, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions, because his recommendations are based on an accurate knowledge of the level of oil concentration and are set out to prevent the effect due to overdose.

    Peach oil. It is an excellent tool for restoring the nail plate, preventing its destruction due to fungus. After completing the course of procedures with peach oil, the nails acquire a healthy shine, become less susceptible to the effects of the external environment, and become stronger. Due to the special structure of the oil and its consistency, it can be applied daily to care not only for marigolds, but also for the skin.

    Peanut butter. It has a good regenerating effect. When hit on the nail plate, it is absorbed, saturating the structure of the nail. In the area of ​​the cuticle and lunula oil actively nourishes the matrix, helping to accelerate the regeneration processes. Result of use - strong nails with a smooth surface.

    Avocado oil. It has a regenerating effect. After a light massage, the lunula zone nourishes the matrix, which contributes to the growth of a strong healthy nail. Actively penetrates the nail plate, strengthening it, prevents delamination.

  • Almond oil. Fatty acids and a whole complex of vitamins and minerals are contained in almond oil. Therefore, it has a firming effect on the nails and moisturizing, regenerating, nourishing the cuticle and skin of the hands. Slows down the growth of the cuticle. Greater results can be achieved by increasing the number of procedures.

  • Complex cosmetic products with oils for nail strength

    Virtually any oil can be used in combination with another, mixing them in different proportions at home. In this case, the effect is multiplied by expanding the composition with additional useful components. The art of oil composition is embodied in some ready-made mixtures. Consider a few bright representatives who have gained popularity among buyers.

    Oil for strengthening nails at home Tea tree and Lemon from Organic Shop

    The Organic Shop Tea tree and Lemon oil is a complex tool, since It contains several components: tea tree oil, lemon, fruit, sunflower and flavor. This formula with constant use allows you not only to strengthen the nail plate, but also to give it elasticity, beautiful appearance, compact and slightly lighten it. At the same time, the growth of nails is accelerated.

    The rules of application are quite simple: a few drops of the funds applied to the surface and rubbed with massaging movements. It can also be used not only for nail care, but also as a softening agent before the manicure procedure. After applying the coarsened particles of skin, pterygium and the nail plate become yellowish, but it disappears after a simple hand wash.

    The smell is more lemon flavored.

    The bottle is made of dark glass, which allows you to keep the tool for 2 years.

    The cap is made in the form of a pipette. That the expense was economical, it is necessary prilovchitsya and type the optimal amount of oil.

    Some buyers note the fact that the product can be absorbed long enough, but in general, this oil has the vast majority of positive reviews.

    This product can be found on the shelves of cosmetic stores, pharmacies, online stores. Its cost ranges from 250 to 300 rubles per bottle of 30 ml.

    Manufacturer Organic Shop is a Russian company specializing in the production of natural body care products. The company's long-term experience allows us to produce high-quality, safe and effective products for maintaining health and beauty, which have all the necessary quality certificates.

    Oil for strengthening and growth of nails Strong Oil from Mixit

    Strong Oil is developed by Mixit on the basis of grapefruit and grape seed. But the composition of these two ingredients is not limited. The useful formula also includes other natural ingredients: essential oil of verbena, tea tree, lemon, kelp and rosemary extract, sweet almond, soybean and olive oil.

    Great for daily care. The manufacturer promises that the nails will be healthy and beautiful, even without design. And these promises repeatedly prove customer reviews posted on the net.

    The price for one bottle of 25 ml is about 350 rubles. In this case, the purchase will be most profitable if you place an order through the official online store of the manufacturer.

    The pipette is built into the cap for convenient dispensing of oil. In addition, the use of a pipette ensures the hygienic purity of the mixture remaining in the vial, which cannot be said about those oils that are applied using brushes.

    The consistency of the oil is quite liquid. It is well absorbed into the nail plate, perfectly moisturizes the cuticle, making it less noticeable, and hands more well-groomed. But the effect of moisturized skin may disappear after washing hands with regular soap. Therefore it is recommended to apply oil for the night.

    Mixit is a unique online lab. Its main idea is to create unique products at the request of customers. The site contains not only the necessary comprehensive information on each product, but also ready-made universal goods, which managed to win recognition of a huge number of customers.

    Cosmetic oil to strengthen nails Aasha Herbals

    Nail oil for strengthening nails from Aasha Herbals is a complex product of Indian production for healing nails. It is shown for use to owners of weakened nails, fragile, thin and soft. The rich natural composition of the oil, which includes sesame oil, fatty substances of chamomile, olive and ground almond, provides not only strengthening, but also a lot of other beneficial effects.

    Thus, the complex effect is as follows: the tool protects against fungus and other pathogens, improves tissue regeneration, thickens the nail plate, provides additional nutrition to the matrix and skin of the hands, restores the structure of the marigold after the procedure of building or coating varnishes, softens the skin, moisturizing it. Perhaps weak brightening plate.

    Customer reviews indicate the high quality of this oil to strengthen the nails. Many people call it ambulance with strongly weakened nails.

    The method of application is the usual - applying massaging movements. The frequency of use - up to 2 times a day. Does not require mixing with other ingredients, because The composition is carefully balanced and contains all the necessary natural substances.

    The plastic bottle is transparent with a flip-top type lid, which allows dispensing maselko, reducing consumption.

    The aroma is quite specific, spicy, but easily evaporates some time after processing.

    The consistency of the usual oil. The mixture is quickly absorbed into the nail plate and skin, leaving no unpleasant shine and stickiness.

    The volume of the bottle - 30 ml, while the price is about 450 rubles. The product is sold not only in various online stores, but also in some pharmacies and stationary specialized stores.

    Aasha Herbals is an Indian manufacturer of medicinal cosmetics, based on the power of nature and valuable knowledge about human health. The list of products is quite wide. Among the products of this company you can find products for body care, facial skin, hair, oral cavity. At the moment, a large number of specialized online stores and stationary boutiques are engaged in the sale of goods of this brand due to their high quality and growing demand among buyers.

    How to strengthen the nails with oil: rules of use

    The use of oil to strengthen the nails is not a tricky business, because does not require the execution of complex manipulations or the use of additional devices or devices. All you need is nails, oil and a few minutes of free time for the procedure.

    However, to get the maximum positive effect, you must follow simple rules. We describe them in more detail:

      Перед процедурой обработки обязательно проведите очищение, помыв руки с мылом, чтобы питательные вещества беспрепятственно проникли внутрь.

    Обработку можно проводить и при наличии наращенных ноготков или с дизайном, оформленным с помощью любого вида лака. Так, непосредственное воздействие будет оказано на зону кутикулы и матрикса, что немаловажно для здорового роста пластин.

    Некоторые масла, особенно плохо впитывающиеся, лучше всего наносить в вечернее время. To protect the bed linen from greasy residue, you can wear cotton gloves, which, in addition to maintaining cleanliness, are designed to improve the effect of the product due to the natural composition of the fabric.

    Application can be done with a brush. Some manufacturers prudently build them into the cover. Another option is to apply with the help of fingertips, which allows you to rub oil more thoroughly into the skin and the plates, accelerating the penetration of useful substances. Massaging movements will improve blood circulation in the treated areas around the nail, speeding up the metabolism, stimulating tissue regeneration.

    The frequency of use is determined in accordance with their own needs within the recommendations of the manufacturer.

  • The best result is achieved with constant use. In some rare situations a break may be required - in this case it will be stated in the instructions for use.

  • How to use nail oil - see the video:

    How to strengthen the nails

    If the nails become brittlelost shine, became rough and began to exfoliate, they urgently need help. The spa offers various procedures aimed at restoring the nail plate:

    • hot manicure (nails are placed in a hot composition, nutrients better penetrate into the extended nail plate, the course consists of 4 procedures during the month)
    • Biogel coating (after applying biogel on the nail, its surface becomes smooth and durable, the course requires 3-4 procedures),
    • wax sealing (effective restores nailsafter warm oil bath rubbing cream with beeswax into nails).

    Oils that are used at home for nail strengthening, allow:

    • from the inside to feed the nail plate, penetrating deep into the nail,
    • eliminate brittleness and delamination of nails,
    • protect the nail from fungal infection,
    • accelerate the growth of nails
    • make them beautiful.

    Types of oils to strengthen the nails

    How does oil smear nails to strengthen them at home? When self-care of the nails, it is possible to use oils of vegetable origin:

    • olive,
    • apricot,
    • peach,
    • almond
    • jojoba,
    • dog rose,
    • cocoa,
    • castor,
    • burdock,
    • grape seed,
    • wheat germ.

    With their help eliminates the exfoliation of nails, brittleness. For accelerating nail growth use oils: olive, castor, burdock.

    About the benefits of almond oil for hair, read our material.

    How to apply linseed oil for the face of wrinkles will tell our article.

    Rosehip oil, burdock, olive and cedar gives nails healthy appearance.

    Among the ethereal the best considered to be oils:

    • grapefruit
    • lemon,
    • eucalyptus
    • lavender
    • chamomile
    • bergamot
    • sandalwood
    • tea tree,
    • patchouli,
    • pines,
    • cedar
    • rosemary,
    • myrrh,
    • thyme,
    • roses,
    • calendula

    It also helps to strengthen the nail oil: bergamot, thyme, rosemary, sandalwood, lemon.

    Application Methods

    To make strong nails and preserve their health, oil can be used in the form of applications, rubbing, baths. It is desirable that the oils are part of the cream for daily care of hands (in the absence of add a few drops).

    Good strengthens nails Castor oil (available at the pharmacy): inexpensive, easy to use.

    It is recommended to perform the procedure in the evening: rub oil on nail plates and rollers, then put on cotton gloves and leave overnight. To repeat daily until complete restoration of nails.

    Greater effect give the bath of a mixture of olive oil with the addition of avocado oil, castor oil (5 ml) and tea tree oil (5 cap.). The mixture in the water bath is slightly warmed up, put the fingers in it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water, smeared with cream. Repeat every 2-3 days.

    Strengthens nails olive oil: it is necessary to rub it into the nail plate in the evening, wear cotton gloves and leave it overnight. Twice a week it is recommended to add a little lemon juice to it.

    Coconut oil it strengthens nails well, is applied in the evening on the nail plate, cotton gloves are put on top.

    Almond oil has been used successfully to nail strengthening, you can rub it into the nail plate, mixed with lemon oil, calendula, wheat germ and castor.

    Fragile nails can be quickly and effectively strengthened with jojoba and vitamin E oils (sold in a pharmacy).

    Prepare jojoba oil and vitamin E, apply oil on the nail plate. Through 2-3 minutes rub it into the nails, apply vitamin E over it. Thus, jojoba oil will work more effectively on the nails.

    Sunflower oil often used as a base for baths and masks. To 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil add 2 drops of oil: eucalyptus, lavender and sage to enhance the effect. Heat the mixture, lower the fingertips, hold for 10 minutes.

    Essential oils

    Use essential oils to strengthen the nail plateprotect nails from delamination. The effect is enhanced with the use of vegetable oils. Coniferous essential oils more effectively fight the exfoliation of nails. Strengthen the nail plate and prevent cracking of the nails citrus oils.

    Good prevents brittle nails bath of a mixture of almond oil and myrrh oil, ylag-ylang or bergamot.

    Oil compressesstrengthening nails. The base oil is mixed with essential, the mixture must be heated, wet the napkin in it, put on your fingers and cover with something warm.

    For oil application, the hands are pre-steamed in hot water, then a mixture of base oil is rubbed into the nail plates with the addition of bergamot essential oil (1 tbsp of basic and 3 drops of essential). Wrapped with cling film, leave for 5 minutes.

    A large variety of oils that effectively strengthen the nails, allow you to choose the most suitable option.

    What oils are useful for nails

    So which oils are good for nails? Plant ester is selected depending on the purpose of its use. For example, to strengthen the nails use oils of lemon, chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree, sandalwood, avocado, almond, apricot. To restore their structure, the essential oil of geranium, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, avocado, rosehip and apricot is suitable. To prevent delamination and breakage, ylang-ylang, thyme, and bergamot are used. Lemon oil strengthens, brightens the yellowed plate. All of the above means heal nails, accelerate their growth, saturate with vitamins and minerals, give uniform color and shine, soften the cuticle, serve to prevent fungal diseases.

    What is the best nail oil

    What kind of nail oil is better - the question is rather complicated, since each of them carries a huge stock of vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary for their health. It is believed that the best oil for layered nails - olive. It contains a lot of useful components, so it is perfect for treating nails and caring for dry skin of hands. It is enough to use it 2 times a week, rubbing into the plate and the skin around. After that, you should wear cotton gloves and leave overnight.

    How to use nail oil to get the desired result? Full care includes a whole range of procedures. These are baths, and applications, and masks, and lotions, and scrubs. Before applying them, it is recommended to make a light massage of the plate, which will allow to prepare it for subsequent manipulations.

    Here is one of the recipes for making baths. In a small container poured 0.5 liters of warm water, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of almond oil, 3 ethers of a drop of ylang-ylang, the same amount of bergamot ether. Fingers are immersed in the mixture obtained, held for 10-15 minutes, then cotton gloves are put on, removed after 2 hours, the remaining liquid is removed with a napkin. After this procedure, the skin of the hands becomes soft, velvety, and the nails get an even, beautiful shade.

    To strengthen the nails will be useful bath of 100 ml of tomato juice and 2 tbsp. spoons of olive oil. In this mixture, fingers are held for 10 minutes, then rinsed with clean water. Tomato juice contains biotin, which strengthens the nails, and olives contain a large amount of vitamins. As a result, the nails become strong and shiny, and the skin of the hands moist.

    It will help to strengthen the nails and prevent their separation of the bath of tea tree oil (2 drops), lemon (3 drops), incense (2 drops), wheat germ (1 tsp), jojoba (1 tsp). Fingers are immersed in the mixture for 5 minutes, then rinsed.

    It is useful to add sea salt to any treatment bath. It consists of many trace elements, strengthens the nails, makes them strong and strong.

    The nail strengthening procedure can be performed with oils: tea tree, argan, almond, coconut and others. It is useful for this purpose to make nutritional masks.

    For the preparation of firming mask will need 1 tbsp. Spoon jojoba oil, 2 drops of cedar ether, 2 tbsp. spoons of cream. All ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous mass, then the mask is rubbed into the skin of the hands and nails, put on cotton gloves, removed after 2 hours. Blend thoroughly.

    Esters of calendula and lemon, as well as almond oil are mixed, the mixture is rubbed into the plate. This composition strengthens the nails well, prevents their delamination and brittleness. A mixture of these oils can be added to the baths (1 tbsp of the mixture per 300 ml). Fingers are immersed in the bath for 5-10 minutes, after which the hands are rubbed with a napkin, smeared with nourishing oil or cream. This procedure is recommended at night.

    How to apply oil and strengthen nails

    How to strengthen the oil weak, exfoliating nails? In this case, care should be frequent and intense. Before you begin treatment, you should identify and eliminate the cause of fragility. The reasons may be different: lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, unhealthy diet, poor ecology, the effects of household chemicals, frequent use of cosmetic varnishes. During treatment, it is necessary to introduce products containing calcium into the diet, start taking vitamins, stop using varnishes, use detergents and cleaning products in rubber gloves.

    Before starting treatment, you need to soften and remove the cuticle. Effective baths with the addition of castor and lemon oils. In order to prepare a lemon bath, 5-6 drops of lemon oil should be added to 300-500 ml of warm water. After the procedure, hands lubricated with nourishing cream. For greater effect, it is recommended to use homemade cream.

    Homemade hand cream can be prepared from 2 tbsp. spoons of herbal infusion, 50 g butter, 1 tbsp. spoons of honey, 2 teaspoons of any vegetable ester. All components are thoroughly mixed, the mixture is heated on a water bath, cooled, 3 drops of geranium or ylang-ylang ether are added (to give the cream a pleasant aroma).

    Compresses and applications have a beneficial effect on the condition of the nails. Prepare such a compress is quite simple. Wipes moistened in a mixture of essential oils, impose on his hands, cover with a towel.

    To strengthen and treat the nails you can make an oil application. First you need to steam your hands in hot water, then rub the mixture of vegetable oil (1 tablespoon) and bergamot (3 drops) into the skin and nails. After that, wrap your hands with a film, in 5-10 minutes. wash off.

    Therapeutic applications are also carried out with the addition of lemon essential oil, eucalyptus, rose, fir (3 drops of each ether are required for 50 ml of vegetable oil). This mixture is suitable for very weak, brittle, exfoliated nails.

    What oil is good for nails and cuticles? For complex care, a mixture of oils of rosemary, jojoba, Iranian roses, Italian lemon. Italian lemon essential oil whitens and strengthens the nails, Iranian roses - moisturizes, restores, prevents the delamination of jojoba, rosemary gives the plate a beautiful shine. To prepare the nutrient mixture, it is necessary to mix all of the components listed above, pour the prepared oil into a glass vial, and apply it onto the nail plate 2-3 times a week.

    How to oil the nails for their recovery and restoration of the structure? To get a universal, effective tool that can be used both during the day and before bedtime, you need to take almond or peach oil and mix it with any vegetable ester (3 drops of ether per 100 g of oil).

    Treatment of nails with oils is not only an effective procedure, but also a rather pleasant one. To achieve the desired result, it is recommended to carry out all manipulations at bedtime, leaving the nutrient composition for the night. This will allow him to soak deeply and saturate his nails and skin with essential vitamins.

    Essential oils are useful to add to the hand cream, it will enhance its effectiveness.

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    From time to time they ask me how I cured my nails. I start to remember, try not to miss anything, and as a result I write some rubbish. In this post I will gather all my secret knowledge about the treatment of nails.

    How it all began I washed my hands and noticed that I had a clear varnish peeling off my nails. Pulling at the tip, I realized with horror that it was not the nail polish that was peeling off, but the nail itself, more precisely, its top layer. Do you know how it happens when the nail exfoliates? Here I had the same thing, only the size of a full leg. I began to examine my hands and removed this upper part from 6 nails. To say that I was scared - to say nothing. Lack of all vitamins and minerals, fungus and sudden death! This incident forced me to hold my hands and act.

    Before that, the case with the nails was as follows: twice a week I used a cuticle remover and painted the nails with a transparent varnish. Occasionally she made a manicure and once or twice a month she used colored lacquer. More often I could not, because my nails were very loose. If without lacquer it was just bad, then after the painting the disaster began, and I had to splice the exfoliated part for two weeks, then I could not stand it again and painted it, and my nails exfoliated again. To grow them, of course, also did not work: where they were not stratifying, they broke. But with all this, I always had a good shape of the nails and a relatively trouble-free cuticle.

    First of all, I threw away all the old manicure accessories. There was a thought: what if a fungus? In order not to produce infection, all sent to the trash. She threw away the nail files, scissors, orange sticks, the old cheap ZHSSL and - with special pleasure - remuver. Remuver terribly ruined my nails, they peeled off and dried out, but I could not stop using it: without it, the cuticle grew and hurt. All color varnishes - there too. She left only two varnishes and a base with a pedicure top and Sally Hansen oil in a pencil for use at work. The first time I went to the store I bought:

    - a cardboard nail file (glass is also good, but no metal! Metal and nails - incompatible concepts)

    - a polishing nail file (I advise a Kiss file, is sold in Riv Gosha, costs 80 rubles, polishes perfectly)

    - good quality scissors (metal and nails - incompatible concepts, we all remember? But you need to have scissors, now I have Stalex scissors with long thin and VERY sharp blades)

    - orange tree sticks

    - ZSLSL Sally Hansen moisturizing

    - Sally Hansen transparent coating (I don’t remember which one, but I often change them, because I don’t believe in what they are treating, but I use it purely as protection against mechanical damage, in general, any will do)

    - sea salt without dyes and flavors

    - essential oils of lemon and bergamot (you can read on the Internet, for which nails what kind of oil is needed, I took for exfoliating, although I do not particularly believe in such a separation by properties)

    - vitamins Aevit capsules

    - Calcid is calcium in pills (I had already drunk it on the prescription of a doctor for other purposes, so I was not afraid to take it, but in general it is better to “consult a doctor” 🙂 UPD from

    : Consultation is absolutely necessary, as an overdose of calcium in the body is very dangerous.)

    - still need something to use at work (I still have a pencil with oil Sally Hansen, I wrote above)

    Не буду описывать, как я методом проб и ошибок нашла правильный уход, просто распишу, что, как, когда и в каком количестве нужно делать.

    1. Самое главное – полюбить ногти. Stop opening banks with them, tearing off stickers, knocking on the keyboard, even scratching should be done carefully, or even better - with a comb 🙂 the world.

    2. There is cottage cheese and other dairy products. No matter how ugly it was (yes, I'm a “fan” of milk), I had to eat at least 50 grams per day.

    3. Calcid thrice daily pill.

    4. Hand cream after each contact with water. Even if you just rinsed your hands and not soap and soap, you should still use a cream. Especially carefully coat the cuticle.

    5. After a day bath: 500 ml of warm water - a handful of salt, 5 drops of essential oil, 5 drops of iodine. You can do more, you can add less, you can add olive oil, you can squeeze Aevita capsule or throw a piece of lemon. But salt, oil and iodine are necessary (fortification, nutrition, disinfection). Hold for 15 minutes. To do, naturally, on not painted nails. After - thickly smear your hands with cream and gently wooden stick to push back the cuticle and clean out of it all trash. From the first time it will not work, but the main thing is not to be zealous, not to press on the nails, so as not to get a wavy surface later. Everything is gentle and neat.

    6. For the most daring - a tub of olive oil. I did it once, the effect was just wow, but the procedure itself seemed too unpleasant (I do not like oils). In a water bath, heat the olive oil so that it is hot, but not scalding, and dip the tips of your fingers into it for about 7 minutes. I think this bath should be done every two weeks, nails just say thanks for it.

    7. Every evening you need to smear the nails with Aevit. Pierce the capsule with a needle, drip a drop on each nail and rub-rub-rub. It is best done on steamed skin, i.e. right after bath / bath. As for the organization of the process: in the evenings I wash my head every other day, respectively, I do a bath for the nails on the day when the wash is not scheduled. And it turns out that I used Aevit one day after the bath, one day after a long shower. It is necessary to massage the nails, not to be lazy, and to move the cuticle with a stick (gently and gently!)

    8. Several times a day (2-3-4, as needed) use cuticle oil. In the morning, during lunch, at home in front of the TV - in general, at any free minute.

    9. During treatment, it makes no sense to try to grow nails: if the nail is weak, thin and prone to foliation, then nothing can be done about it. My task was to grow all the nails as soon as possible so that beautiful and strong nails grew in their place, and the condition of the nail directly depends on the state of the matrix and also the FIG knows what is hidden under the cuticle, therefore the first 2-3 months should be nourished and moisturize, and nails - file down to zero, so as not to interfere with and not injured once again. Cut NOT a metal file strictly in one direction. After filing, sand the tips and ends of the nails with the rough side of a polishing saw and polish with the soft side. This procedure protects the nails from splitting.

    10. Nails should always be covered with a clear varnish: this protects them from mechanical damage. I smeared Aevit - I massaged - I waited for an hour - I washed my hands with soap (to degrease the surface of the nail) - I painted my nails. I repainted every other day: washed in front of the bath, painted - after. It is NOT necessary to paint right next to the cuticle, let it breathe. Colored varnishes strictly prohibited запрет

    11. It is necessary to forget about the trimmed manicure and about the cuticle removers. Now it can be dealt with only with the help of a wooden stick, but with such complex nutrition and hydration it is not at all difficult.

    It is worth being prepared for the fact that the first month or even two will not see any result. This is normal. All procedures are designed to nourish growing nails, but not already grown. When sick nails grow back, healthy and strong ones will take their place. It took me 5 months. Two months later, I began to slowly use colored varnishes - once every two weeks, and wore them for no longer than four days. Baths were canceled for these days, but I still used Aevit. Then she bought “Lemon Sensation” from LUSH, used alternately with Aevit and gradually, over the course of six months, completely switched to it. I rarely use oil in pencil, rather for cosmetic purposes. I constantly paint nails, it turns out two are painted a week, I try to make a bath in front of each, but it does not always work. The nails turn yellow, nothing can be done about it, but on the other hand, they grow strong and no longer exfoliate.

    Total my current care: baths twice a week and every evening - Lemon Sensation. Began to do edging. I do once a month and a half. I do not think that trimming manicure is bad in itself, it is bad in inept hands. I manage to cut and not injure my nails and skin, so I cut it.

    It seems that it all takes a lot of time. In fact, it is not. Anointing the cuticle with oil is half a minute, hands with the cream - the same bath, 15 minutes, massage 15 minutes. The most difficult thing is to always remember this, do everything regularly, do not be lazy, do not forget, not through time, develop a habit, do everything on the machine. If there is a desire to cure nails, it is not difficult, and if there is no particular desire, then you can find other ways. In the end, you can always use Trind’s ’

    Good for those who by nature got beautiful hair and nails! They can do fashionable hairstyles, manicures as much as they like, and not wrestle with what to buy at a pharmacy, so that strands and marigolds also become a little like a picture from a magazine ... Are you not among them? Or were your nails beautiful, but the unfortunate manicure “killed” them? Read on!

    Have you tried using oils? They are often bought for hair (this gift of nature perfectly moisturizes the locks, nourishes and heals them). Nourishing nail oils are also suitable! They both soften the cuticle, and nourish the plate, and strengthen it, preventing it from breaking and exfoliating, and even protect it from the fungus. And besides, putting this tool on the nails, you do not have to listen to your beloved about "terrible smells throughout the apartment," as when painting nails with varnish. Oil applied before bedtime, so that while you rest, they take care of your relaxed hands. First, the oil should be slightly warm, then, dipping a brush into it, process all the nails. Well, so that the pillow with a blanket does not suffer from these manipulations, put on gloves, and even better - wrap your hands with cling film.

    Which nail oil is better?

    Your nails will be "to taste" everything - from ether to normal. Each of the oils has a unique set of useful substances. From the esters you can opt for lemon or tea tree oil. Of cosmetic - on the almond, burdock, avocado, flax, jojoba, walnut or olive.

    It is ideal for growing nails, as well as for taming coarse cuticles. If you cut yourself during the cutting of the nagatum plate, reach for the vial again - this oil heals well the wounds, soothes inflammation, strengthens the skin and nails.

    Oil can be used not only in pure form. Mix it with oils of avocado, jojoba, tea tree - and you will see how much the effect of this natural remedy has intensified. And besides, it goes well with the "kitchen" olive and sunflower oil. Mix these three products, lower your nails for 15 minutes in the resulting “bath”, wash off the remaining oil under the faucet. The result: a smooth surface of the nail plate, the treatment of fragility and delamination.

    No time for long care? Just put this oil in your hand cream.

    Will save the stratified plates, strengthen them. But get ready to use it often, twice a day, actively rubbing it. And do not save, lubricate them and hands, too, especially if the skin needs nutrition and moisture. When your nails are cured, do not hide the bottle far away: oil your nails after each manicure to prevent delamination.

    Helps to "polish" the non-ideal nail plate, glue the exfoliation and reduce brittleness. But before using the oil must be enriched with pharmacy vitamin E (liquid). Rub the oil into the nail, then treat it with the above-mentioned vitamin - the oil will enhance its effect. So treat your nails in the morning and in the evening, protecting your hands with rubber gloves, going to wash the dishes.

    Night balm: 2 teaspoons of jojoba oil, 3 drops of lemon juice, 2 drops of rose ether.

    Restores and moisturizes both the nails (especially after the extension) and the dried skin of the hands. If you are not very happy with your nails, twice, or better yet, rub this oil three times a day, not only in the plate, but also in the cuticle. If you don’t have time for such care, do the baths: warm the oil once a week and “bathe” the tips of your fingers in it.

    This protection, power and recovery in one bottle. It is with such care that you get the "salon", shiny nails at home. Important: oil should be applied as generously as possible - not only on the nail, but also on the cuticle and on the tips of the fingers. By the way, one more useful property of this oil is considered “sanitation” and fungal prevention.

    To strengthen the nail, every day, massage it with a cotton swab dipped in oil.

    For an urgent "repair" of the affected nails, mix 1 large spoonful of peach oil, 3 drops of esters of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus. Every day in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening do a nail massage for 15 minutes.

    Strengthens, cares, does not give "life" to inflammation around the nail, moisturizes and softens the cuticle. In general, it is often bought by manicure lovers.

    To the nails do not break, before applying a colored lacquer make a small massage plate with this oil. You can use oil undiluted, or as a mixture: 5 drops of lavender oil, patchouli, rosemary, 2 large spoons of avocado oil, 5 drops of fresh lemon juice.

    If your hands are prone to painful burrs or you are cut when you remove the cuticle, add a little (just a few drops) of eucalyptus or chamomile oil to the avocado oil - this tool will quickly tighten the wound.

    To strengthen the nails, combine avocado oil with olive or almond.

    It is used undiluted, as well as in combination with other oils (1: 1 ratio or another - say, 1 spoon of flax “base” + 3 drops of lavender, eucalyptus, lemon). "Loves" this oil and esters, first of all - chamomile, thyme, lavender, patchouli, rosemary. Any of these products should be rubbed first into the skin of the brush, and then into the nails.

    Medical ointment: 1 large spoonful of flax oil, as much honey, yolk (raw), juice squeezed from a medium lemon. Wash your hands in water, drained from under the boiled potatoes, apply ointment on the brush, cover your hands with gloves and do not remove them for 3 hours.

    Not only protects and strengthens the plate, but also whitens it, gives a well-groomed shine. Rub the oil into the nail more often, or make oil baths. By the way, instead of butter, you can use fresh juice.

    It is also a means to increase the tenderness of the cuticle, restore the wounded skin, as well as the cuticle that has been cut after the manicure, it is also an antiseptic that saves from local infections and inflammation.

    It is desirable to mix lemon oil with other natural products - oils, iodine, pharmaceutical vitamins (liquid), honey. But do not forget: this oil overdries the nail plate, so you should not get carried away.

    Pay attention to it if you want to stop the "breaking" of the nails and finally grow them. With this oil often make masks for hands.

    Nut This is a continuous concentrate of useful substances, because such butter is extracted from the shell. The effect of this "strong" oil is shown already after 1 application. It strengthens, nourishes the nails, adds outer beauty to them. Apply it little by little on each plate twice a day.

    Celandine oil. This medicine has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial action.

    Cucumber and coconut oil. Maximum moisturize, “vitaminize” the nails.

    Wheat The main action is moisturizing, therefore it is also suitable for the skin.

    Briefly about the main thing

    Good oils perform several functions at once. They nourish the nail plate, make it smooth, shiny and, more importantly, stronger. In addition, together with the strengthening of the nail plate, they have a positive effect on the skin of the hands, making them softer to the touch.

    Regular housework, contact with various chemical products for cleaning surfaces, as well as regular staining or even nail extension make them more brittle and weak.

    Also, the condition of the nails is negatively affected by the lack of beneficial trace elements in the body. If you are on a rigid diet, or simply do not eat enough fat, then over time your nails become thinner. You can fix this problem by feeding the nail plate at the same time from the outside and from the inside. If everything is simple with the second - it is enough just to enrich your diet with healthy food, then with external care it is harder and harder.

    What oils are used to strengthen the nails

    If your nails exfoliate and break endlessly, it means that the body is literally screaming that it is not in order. And you need to help him to fix this problem. It should be remembered that the impact should be comprehensive - not only from the inside, but from the outside. Experts say: essential oils help to solve the problem of brittle nails. True, only certain of them.

    For example, the leader in the ranking of essential oils that help strengthen nails is lemon oil. It is most often included in the composition of various means for the care of hands and nails. Its main advantages are antibacterial and antiseptic effects. In addition, lemon oil perfectly helps to whiten nails, promotes healing of the cuticle and makes the nails shine.
    Very useful lemon oil will be those ladies who love colored varnishes. It is known that such coloring agents leave yellowness on the nails. And lemon oil helps minimize this harm.

    No less good in terms of giving shine to the nails is grapefruit and orange oil. Another well-known and popular tool in the fight for beautiful nails is ylang-ylang oil. Just one drop of money is enough to make nails stronger, thicker and more beautiful. Often this oil is also used for polishing nails.

    Bergamot oil is similar in characteristics to lemon. It also perfectly protects the plate from bacteria and prevents inflammation due to improperly trimmed cuticle or detached burrs.

    Geranium essential oil helps to moisturize the skin of the finger around the nail bed. As a result, the cuticle remains optimally hydrated, and the burrs disappear. In addition, this oil is able to give shine even to very dim nails. If you want to moisturize the nail plate, it is better to choose eucalyptus oil - it perfectly retains moisture in the plate.

    Rosemary oil is suitable for those who not only want to strengthen the nails, but also to grow them. It has antiseptic properties, which makes it an indispensable tool for carrying out the procedure manicure.

    Tea tree essential oil has a special place in the list of tools used during manicure. It is both an antiseptic and a means of restoring both the nails and the wounded cuticle. Besides. It is an excellent antioxidant.

    Sea buckthorn oil is another excellent remedy that helps repair and cure nails. The only thing that should be considered is that it is very easily labeled. So you need to use it with extreme caution.

    How to apply oil to strengthen nails

    First you need to choose the oil with which you will treat your nails. To be guided in this question it is necessary exclusively on the preferences in aromas.
    It should be remembered that experts allow the mixture of nail oil with other oils that are not intended for this purpose. Sometimes this combination has a much stronger effect.

    In addition, remember that all essential oils are not used in pure form. They must be diluted with base oils - peach, almond, jojoba, etc.

    You can care for your nails with the help of oils in different ways. One of them is to add butter to hand cream. It is enough to add a few drops of the product to the cream and put it on your hands, rub in thoroughly and enjoy the aroma and effect. Make this procedure is necessary for each use of the cream.

    Alternatively, you can make baths for hands. To do this, you will need sea salt, warm water, oil and a special container. First, put the oil on the salt (3 drops will be enough), and then fill it with water. Dip your hands in a container and hold for about 15 minutes. Then reach hands, wipe thoroughly and spread with rich cream.

    You can also make a special mask for nails. And its main advantage will be that it is prepared from the most simple and affordable products. For example, you can take a boiled potato and a tablespoon of medium-fat cream. All together, chop and mix in a blender, add butter and apply on hand. Keep the mixture for 20 minutes.

    Ответ на вопрос: сколько нужно процедур для восстановления ногтей - напрямую зависит от состояния ваших ногтей. Чем им хуже, тем дольше придется с ними работать. Но это не повод для грусти. Ведь ароматерапия так замечательно поднимает настроение! А скольким дамам она вернула уверенность в себе!

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    To look like a real lady, you need to have a good taste and choose a complete stylish image, hair, makeup, fragrance. You should also take care of many nuances: posture, gait, facial expressions, gestures and manners. In addition, much attention should be paid to the beauty and health of hair, face and body skin.

    Hand and nail care is equally important. Often it is the hands that give out the age of a woman, and an overgrown cuticle, barbs and exfoliating nails will not add to the charm. Experts in the field of fashion, style and beauty agree that well-groomed hands are the hallmark of any woman, regardless of her age.

    Cuticle and nail care

    Complex hand care should not be limited to the use of creams, masks, scrubs and visits to the manicure room, especially if the nails are fragile by nature or weakened due to other reasons.

    They can be counted a lot, ranging from the effects of aggressive external factors (hard chlorinated water, chemical detergents, decorative varnishes and liquids for their removal) and ending, perhaps the most common - lack of vitamins and microelements in the body, which play a key role in maintaining health and beauty nails.

    In this case, special complexes designed to strengthen the nail plates will come to the rescue. In addition to taking vitamin preparations, an important part of the care are cosmetic procedures: baths, masks and caring agents, for example, oil, cuticle pencil and “Opi” nails. There are two types of cuticle:

    • The dead one is a cornified and dead skin layer. It is precisely removed without harm to nails at home or in salons during the sessions of the classic cut manicure.
    • A live cuticle is a thin part of the skin located at the base of the nail plate and tightly pressed against it. It performs an important function of protecting the nail growth zone from bacteria, infections and foreign bodies. Behind it requires careful care.

    Special tools nourish, soften, heal and moisturize the cuticle, prevent the appearance of burrs. They also help to strengthen the nail plates, eliminate brittleness, prevent their separation and cracking.

    The benefits of vitamins and minerals for nails and cuticle

    In the caring products contain vitamins and trace elements necessary for the growth of nails, giving them strength, maintaining a healthy color, structure and attractive appearance. These products have strengthening, healing, moisturizing and softening properties due to their rich vitamin composition:

    1. Vitamin A stimulates the formation and growth of nails, supports their healthy structure, prevents the thinning and bending of the nail plate.
    2. Vitamins of group B are important almost everything, but especially B1, B2, B5 and B9. They regulate the metabolic processes, the growth rate of nails and their strength. Vitamin B1 is involved in the synthesis of keratin - the main component from which the nail plate.
    3. Vitamins C and E strengthen the nails, protect them from aggressive external influences, prevent dryness, breakage and changes in the structure of the nail plate.
    4. Vitamin H prevents the separation of nails, change their color and the appearance of cracks.
    5. Vitamin PP promotes regeneration of the nail plate and its plasticity.
    6. Vitamin D provides the formation of nails and supports the absorption of calcium - an element necessary for mineralization and growth of bones, teeth and nails.

    In addition to calcium, other minerals are also necessary for the beauty and health of the nails:

    • Iodine and fluorine provide optimal metabolic processes.
    • Zinc prevents cuticle inflammation and promotes the growth of the nail plate.
    • Iron prevents the fragility of the nails and makes them stronger.
    • Silicon and magnesium are part of the nail tissue.
    • Selenium is a powerful antioxidant.

    The lack of trace elements and vitamins can cause serious disruptions in the body, as well as lead to deterioration of the skin, hair and nails. Due to the lack of vitamins, nail plates become dull, brittle and fragile, begin to exfoliate and deform.

    Today on sale you can find a variety of means for nail care, which differ in their composition. But quality products certainly contain natural vegetable oils that are useful for nails and cuticles.

    What oils are most favorable?

    And the cuticle and nails are constantly growing, so care for them should be regular. Effective means of care for nail plates, live cuticle and skin of hands are natural oils that have a rich vitamin and mineral composition. These products have a directional effect:

    1. Make weak and dull nails strong and shiny.
    2. Eliminate inflammation of the nail shaft.
    3. Strengthen thin and brittle nails, contribute to their growth.
    4. Protect from the negative effects of chlorinated water and detergents.
    5. Restore nails and return shine to the nail plate.
    6. They have a calming and antiseptic effect.
    7. Nourish and moisturize the living cuticle.
    8. Heal microtraumas after the cut manicure.
    9. Prevent the appearance and development of fungus.

    Usually, caring agents consist of plant base and essential oils with the addition of vitamins. Most often, producers use burdock, almond, cedar, olive, coconut, jojoba oil, avocado, as well as peach, apricot or grape seed.

    If we are talking about healthy nails, maintaining their condition, moisturizing, softening and nourishing, then all of the above base oils can be used in its pure form, applying to the nail plate and rubbing it with light massaging movements into the bases of the nails and the cuticle.

    Burdock and olive oil are perfect for daily basic care. The most effective emollient effect have apricot kernel oil and sweet almond. They moisturize and soften dry, hardened cuticle and promote the healing of agnails.

    Essential oils that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the nails are oil of lemon, petitgrain, myrrh, rosemary, tea tree, bergamot. In addition to them, the composition of the funds may include vitamins A and E.

    Essential oils are very concentrated substances, they can not be applied in a pure form on the nails. In the industrial funds they are included in a certain percentage of basic oils. The dosage specified by the manufacturer should also be followed when preparing products from nail and cuticle oils for self-preparation.

    Making nail oil at home

    The caring composition can be made by hand. It does not take much time and does not require large material costs. In addition, using natural ingredients, you will be confident in the naturalness and quality of homemade products.

    In order to make oil for the care of the cuticle and nails, first, you need to decide on its composition. The beauty of handmade cosmetics is an individual approach. You can make for yourself a product that is right for you and will have the desired functional load:

    • moisturize, soften and nourish the cuticle,
    • strengthen brittle and weak nails,
    • heal formed burrs,
    • whiten nail plates,
    • to heal the cuticle after the cut manicure,
    • prevent brittleness and delamination of nails.

    When choosing oils that you will include in your own making, consider the beneficial effect that they have:

    1. Castor promotes nail growth and softens the cuticle.
    2. Jojoba oil protects nails and skin from damage and the aggressive effects of chemicals (varnishes, solvents, detergents).
    3. Coconut nourishes, moisturizes the skin and nourishes it with vitamins.
    4. Wheat germ oil, rich in vitamin E, protects the cuticle from drying out, restores its elasticity, and also prolongs the shelf life of the oil.

    Essential oils are highly concentrated. Add them to the mixture should be in a small percentage: 1 drop of essential per 1 teaspoon of base - for prophylactic agents and 2-3 drops of essential per 1 teaspoon of essential oil - for medical formulations. In addition, they have a narrower orientation:

    • Tea tree oil is used as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic component in the care of an inflamed cuticle.
    • Rosemary oil helps regenerate cells and restore damaged skin.
    • Grapefruit helps relieve redness and inflammation.
    • Lavender and eucalyptus oil is recommended for burrs and infectious lesions.
    • Thyme oil is one of the best means to soften the cuticle and increase its elasticity.
    • Cedar, pine and sandalwood have a firming effect.
    • Ylang-ylang oil restores and strengthens fragile nails.
    • Citrus whitens the nail plate and gives it shine.

    Essential and base oils in mixtures complement and enhance the action of each other. Taking into account the beneficial properties of each of them, as well as the condition of the nails and cuticle, you can make an individual tool that performs the necessary tasks. Or use one of their basic recipes:

    1. For daily care: 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil, 1 teaspoon of grape seed oil, 3 drops of lemon essential oil, 1 capsule of liquid vitamin E.
    2. To restore damaged cuticle: 2 teaspoons of wheat germ oil, 2 drops of lavender essential oil, 3 drops of tea tree essential oil.
    3. For healing the cuticle and strengthening the nails: 1 teaspoon of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of peach seed oil, 1 teaspoon of almond oil, 2 drops of lavender oil, 2 drops of ylang-ylang oil, 2 drops of tea tree oil, 1 capsule of liquid vitamin E.

    Contraindications and precautions

    Contraindications to the use of natural oils for the care of nails and cuticle is an individual intolerance or an allergic reaction to one of the components. To ensure that there is no allergy to the composition, it is necessary to conduct a tolerance test.

    To do this, a drop of money is applied to the area with the most sensitive skin (elbow bend or wrist). In the absence of unpleasant sensations, redness and itching, the product can be used for its intended purpose, lubricating the nail plate and cuticle. There will also be compliance with simple rules and recommendations:

    1. When purchasing industrial manufacturing equipment, pay attention not only to its composition, but also to the packaging - a bottle with a dispenser or brush, like in ногтейveline ’nail oil, is more convenient to use.
    2. For the manufacture of the oil mixture at home, use high-quality natural ingredients with a good shelf life.
    3. Store their own preparation should be in a glass jar in a cool dark place.
    4. Use oil for cuticle and nails 1-2 times a week or daily courses of 3-4 weeks.
    5. Do not immediately make too much of the mixture. 10-15 ml will be enough - this is enough for about 3 months.
    6. Do not apply the composition on the nails before covering them with varnish or before building.
    7. Do not use the mixture in the presence of wounds on the skin or deep cuts.

    Regularly applying natural oils, "factory" or own cooking, in two or three weeks you will begin to notice positive changes in the condition of the nails and cuticle. In combination with vitamin preparations, natural oils will strengthen the nail plate, make it durable and shiny, and the cuticle - supple and healthy.