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The meaning of the name Cyril for man and child

Cyril is an obedient and receptive child. He easily finds understanding and love from adults. But the relationship with other children, Cyril tense. His sense of justice and self-worth prevents him from making friends. He does not like to help others on the control, does not allow to write off. Ambitious, loves awards and praise. All the time trying to be the first that does not like many peers.

Since childhood, Kirill has been well developed intellectually. He easily learns to read and count, and the school curriculum is easy for him. The main thing is that he likes learning. Kirill has an excellent memory, which can only be envied. He is often praised by teachers, which often causes narcissism and narcissism. It is worth noting the good sports data boy. If Cyril will seriously engage in sports, he can achieve great success in this.

The boy's health only pleases parents. Against the background, he is one of the healthiest children. With age, this trend continues. The only weak point can be called the digestive system. Cyril should watch his diet. And of course, if you have any health problems, do not self-medicate, but turn to specialists.

Translation of the name Cyril into other languages

in Arabic - سيريل
in Belarusian - Кірыл
in Bulgarian - Kiril
Hungarian - Cyril
in Greek - Κύριλλος
in Hebrew - קיריל
in Spanish - Cirilo
in Italian - Cirillo
in Latvian - Kirilas
in Lithuanian - Kirilas
in Macedonian - Kiril
in German - Kirilo
in Polish - Cyryl
Romanian - Cyril
in Serbian - Kiril
in Ukrainian - Kirilo
in French - Cyril
in Czech - Cyril

Kirill's name after the church (in the Orthodox faith), like most of the names that came to us along with the Orthodox faith, remains unchanged in the church tradition.

Characteristic name Cyril

In the character of Cyril hidden huge power, which is not noticeable to many. He is so strong that not everyone can withstand such a person nearby and try to limit communication with Cyril. Kirill realizing with time the peculiarities of his character are less and less showing him in vain. Adult Cyril calm and at the same time cheerful. He has a great sense of humor contrasted with his iron will, which is quite a rare combination. Cyril does not like to show his feelings openly and keeps the entrance to his inner world under lock and key. Only those closest to you can find out what is going on in his heart. However, when you need to defend their interests, Cyril is not a fan of experiences and long thoughts. He quickly mobilized and gives resistance to offenders.

Cyril loves large and noisy companies, although he keeps at such events a little apart. Independence and purposefulness Cyril helps him in his career growth and earning credibility with colleagues.

But these sides of Kirill's character have an unpleasant side. Often in family life, those traits that help in achieving goals, conflict with the characteristics necessary for a quiet family life. His isolation and unwillingness to show feelings often lead to tension in the family. Kirill if he learns to share inner experiences with his soul mate, he will find true family happiness.

Another characteristic of Cyril that can interfere in life is seriousness. Often taken seriously even to trifles. he creates conflict situations from scratch. To save him in such a situation can only the ability to laugh at himself and his own ability to invent "from a fly an elephant."

Mystery named Kirill

Cyril has at least two secrets. One is associated with his stealth. It seems cheerful and convivial, Cyril does not allow strangers into his inner world. If it seemed to you that Cyril was in front of you as an open book, he managed to make the necessary impression on you, no more. Only those closest to him can learn about his true experiences.

Cyril's second secret is his penchant for spontaneous laziness. All people accustomed to his crazy performance, usually very surprised by this quality. But you can not worry, his laziness quickly passes.

Zodiac sign - Capricorn.

Totem animal - Seal.

Name color - Red.

Guardian angel named Cyril and his patronas with other names depends on the date of birth. If you know the date of birth, you can find out the patron of the name Cyril in a special article.

Characteristic name Kiryusha

If you try more closely to observe a man bearing the name of Cyril, then you can see his tension hidden inside for external equanimity. The man, named Kirill, quite difficult to make new acquaintances, but the life of a loner does not disturb him at all. In every society, Kirill prefers to keep somewhat apart, leaving himself the opportunity to leave her at any time.

Today, the meaning of the name Cyril gives the person simply tremendous energy that less powerful people are not able to endure and stop contact with such a person, even though the man bearing the name Cyril is closed and only in exceptional cases shows the strength of his energy.

The man, named Kirill, keeps all his experiences in himself, without exposing his own problems and difficulties, which is sometimes revealed by irritability. The main disadvantage of a man named Kiryush is excessive pride, as well as a small amount of plasticity.

The man, named Kirill, hardly adapts to both the environment and people, and the grooves left by the conflict are so deep that Kirill will digest insults for several years. Thus, the meaning of the name Cyril has a significant impact on the person. It is not recommended to act on a man bearing the name of Cyril with the help of force or ridicule, but only with respect and friendliness, which will bring much more benefit.

Character features of Cyril

A man named after Kirill has practically no ability to find compromises, and he is not able to look at certain things more easily, to perceive the mistakes of other people correctly. Such specific character traits bring only harm to a man named after Cyril. Perceiving real life as a war for a better place under the sun, Kirill thus lives all his life.

In the collective, the man bearing the name of Kiryush is often disliked because of his little sociability and egoistic feelings, which he does not take offense at all. Growing up, the man bearing the name of Cyril becomes more collected and balanced. To him comes the realization that his explosive nature and excessive emotionality only impede work and family life.

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Thus, the meaning of the name Cyril allows his friends to realize that Cyril is unlikely to ever be able to learn how to correctly understand critical comments, and, accordingly, to do work on the misses. For a man bearing the name of Cyril, friendship seems an abstract proposition, since with each relationship he seeks a benefit for his own personality.

However, the man named Kiryusha has a large number of positive features. Cyril is distinguished by activity, objectivity, hardness and assertiveness. Characterized by a strong will, as well as the desire to win, the man named Kiryusha is able to be on a par with the innate lucky people of life.

Childhood years Kirill

As a child, Kirill develops a rather inquisitive child who loves to read a lot, at the same time remembering everything perfectly. His peers are not very fond of Kirill, because the child shows his kindness only to his relatives, usually to his mother or grandmother. Generally, the name Cyril, the meaning of the name for the child allows him to learn perfectly without any problems.

The same goes for his behavior. As a teenager, in a child, internal tension becomes increasingly noticeable, which translates into excessive irritability, as well as a hot temper. For this reason, Kirill's parents should pay careful attention to the lack of a child’s sense of humor, the presence of which will enable him to treat not only his own personality, but also those around him much easier.

Otherwise, the meaning of the name Cyril for a boy will make him a cynical person, which will also create problems when communicating with others. The maximum comfortable life of Kirill will be formed in such a situation, when the parents will instill in the child a feeling that it is easier to treat both their own personality and the whole life. In addition, the development of a sense of irony over oneself is not superfluous.

If in childhood years before Kirill we put a specific life goal, then this will greatly facilitate his orientation in it. The child needs to know what his aspirations should be for.

Intimate life of Kirill

In this section, we consider how the name of Cyril, the meaning of the name and the fate of which is considered, affects its intimate life. A man named Kirill draws clear lines between the concepts of sex and love. Kirill almost never openly shows his own feelings, for this reason his girlfriend will have to understand his attitude towards her.

However, having fallen in love for real, the man bearing the name of Cyril becomes a generous and attentive partner, capable of very nicely caring for his chosen one. Kirilli’s weakness is a showy, sexy and very sensual partner, usually not paying attention to the simple ones. Acquaintance with sex at Kirill happens very early, and over time he turns into a skilled lover who knows how to bring real pleasure to a girl.

In a man named Cyril perfectly combines a strong passion with conservatism, sensitivity with coldness, external peace with passion. In intimate intimacy, a man named Kirill usually relaxes, leveling eroticism with romance, much to invent, role-playing, and fantasy. The man, named Kirill, always strive to bring considerable pleasure to his partner.

Compatibility, marriage and family

For the family life of a man called Kirill, to become happy, he needs a beautiful girl with a strong will and character, at the same time thin and intelligent, who managed not to touch her husband's excessive pride. In addition, Kirill will not marry a girl who loves scandals and conflicts, since serial passions have nothing.

A man named after Kirill, the meaning of the name of the character and the fate of which is described, can become an excellent family man, loyal to his wife, always helping her in economic matters, as well as taking an active part in bringing up children. By a comfortable family life, Kirill understands the absence of conflicts, quarrels, as well as the presence of a calm confidential environment.

At home, Kirill is like a soldier, will begin to execute any orders of his wife, but it is impossible to call him a domestic and economic person. However, the leader in the family does not want to be. Kirill will have even family life with Elizabeth, Darya, Tatyana, Oksana, Inna, Natalia, Margarita, Elena, Alla. You should not connect your life with Yana, Svetlana, Maria, Lyudmila, Larisa, Xenia, Galina, Anastasia.

Career and business

The man, named Kirill, is a rather ambitious man, always ready to make great sacrifices for the sake of financial well-being, as well as fame. Kirill is an inveterate careerist, but in a good sense of the word, who can work a lot, without control and with considerable patience. The man, named Kirill, has the ability to correctly put himself in a team, for this reason he enjoys considerable respect from his employees.

The above meaning of the name Kirill for a boy ensures his success in holding a managerial position, thanks to which he is able to demand from the employees discipline, practicality, seriousness to the work performed. Nevertheless, Kiryusha sometimes lacks softness, plasticity, tolerance for the minuses of those around him.

If a man named Kirill will be able to overcome his maximalism and excessive self-confidence in his former youth, he will be able to open his successful business. However, while Kiryusha must be his sole owner.

Kirill probably will not become a very rich man, but he will not need finance. Usually, people named after Kiryush occupy positions of programmers, designers, doctors, and also become excellent lawyers and financiers.

general characteristics

Kirill is an obedient and sweet boy, his parents will only be brought up in joy. Adults are enraptured by this inquisitive crumb, communication with him does not leave anyone indifferent. Kirochka develops intellectually faster than other children, he easily learns to read and write.

The boy does not get along with his peers, the desire to always speak and hear only the truth, as well as the eternal desire to be better than others prevent him from making friends with someone. An adult environment is more pleasant for the vain Cyril - here he can show his talents, knowing that they will be admired and will not become jealous.

At school, Cyrus often studies well and does not give anyone any money, which is why classmates dislike the upstart. Excessive teacher praise does not go to the benefit of Kirill: the boy may develop selfishness and a penchant for self-love.

Positive traits

From an early age, Kirill strives for the championship, he wants to be a leader in everything. Patience and perseverance always help to achieve your youth. In addition, the guy is endowed with uncommon intelligence, thanks to which he successfully develops his career.

Kirk is always optimistic - a cheerful and smiling name holder is rarely seen frowning. A man is not in conflict, he is trying in every way to avoid unpleasant situations. However, if you need to protect your honor, he will not be afraid to do this.

Negative traits

At the expense of those around him, the young man asserts himself: if he is often encouraged by laudatory speeches, he may become blunt, become overly self-confident, selfish.

In the desire to take a leadership position, Cyril will not be content with small things; he is used to having either everything or he’s not worth the trouble, so he often misses lucrative offers.

Kirill is inherent in narcissism, he devotes much of his time to his appearance, tries to make every detail in his appearance perfect, and expects laudatory speeches from all who are near.

Zodiac sign

The carrier named Cyril has a contradictory temper, therefore, to give this nickname better than a baby born in the sign of a reasonable Capricorn.
Saturn, occupying an important position in karmic astrology, will become the patron of the kid.
Kirillushka to face dark yellow shades of clothing.
A powerful protective amulet for the owner of the powerful nickname will be sapphire.

Historical figures

376 - 444 - Egyptian debater, theologian Cyril of Alexandria
1876 ​​- 1938 - son of Prince Vladimir Alexandrovich (Romanov dynasty) Kirill.
1914 - 1981 - Conductor Kirill Kondrashin.
1925 - 2007 - actor Kirill Lavrov.
1936 - 2009 - Ballet dancer and writer Cyril Lascari.
1965 - 2015 - Belgian and Soviet rock musician Kirill Pokrovsky.
Born in 1975 - Estonian and Russian actor Kirill Karo.
Born in 1969 - Theater and film director Kirill Serebrennikov.
1975 p. - Russian athlete Kirill Sosunov.
Born in 1983 - rap singer Kirill Tolmatsky (pseudonym "Decl").
Born 1987 - Latvian football player Kirill Yelkin.
Born in 1986 - Russian football player Kirill Nababkin.
Russian actors: Kirill Pirogov (born in 1973), Kirill Zhandarov (born in 1983), Kirill Pletnev (born in 1979), Kirill Safonov (born in 1973).

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