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How to sign up to the hospital


A birth certificate is a special document that is part of the supplement to the government program "Health". It performs the function of support in giving birth. The project began to be implemented in Russia since 2006.

Thanks to the birth certificate issued to the pregnant woman being delivered to the antenatal clinic, the woman gets the right to choose a maternity hospital, a supervising gynecologist and a medical institution for consultation.

Thanks to competent medical supervision, recommendations, prevention and treatment, chances of giving birth to a healthy baby are significantly increased, and numerous risks for the unborn child and for the mother are minimized. Complications during childbirth, the threat of termination of pregnancy, anemia, late toxicosis, etc., are all dangerous pathologies whose warning lies on the shoulders of domestic specialists.

Legislative side of the issue

They began to issue women who have registered for pregnancy. The main goal of this innovation was the qualitative improvement of the medical care provided to women during the period of carrying a child and during childbirth. This program increases the material interest of health care institutions. The issue is regulated by the Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation of November 28, 2005.

Upon learning of pregnancy, a woman must register with the antenatal clinic at the place of residence up to 12 weeks. For the entire obstetric period, the future woman in labor visits her doctor steadily twice a month, a total of 10 times. Such regular receptions and examinations, test assignments and observations provide timely diagnosis of complications and the identification of dangerous pathologies.

According to this document, a pregnant woman is given the right to choose the supervising doctor, the antenatal clinic for registration, besides there is a possibility choose a maternity hospital where the baby should be born. The doctor cannot refuse the patient. However, this practice is rarely used by women in labor, as most either have previously contracted to a specific institution, or do not consider it necessary to fuss about this and travels to the nearest free maternity hospital with contractions.

But for such an important event as the birth of a new person, it is necessary to properly prepare, choose the staff and place for delivery, especially if the state takes over the costs. The fact is that the birth certificate itself consists of several parts, tear-off coupons, each of which has a specific purpose. One pays for the observation of women during pregnancy and the provision of medical services to her at this stage in the amount of 3,000 rubles. The state also transfers 6,000 rubles in favor of the maternity hospital in the case of successfully completed deliveries for each patient. Additionally, funding was provided for the follow-up of a child during the first year of life in the amount of 1000 rubles for each newborn.


However, the fact is that selection is limited territorial framework, more precisely, the administrative-territorial division of municipalities and belonging to a particular department.

All maternity homes in the country fall into three categories:

  1. Only for emergency deliveries - in such hospitals or departments there is no 24-hour obstetrician position, and in a year they are able to accept no more than 500 deliveries.
  2. Ordinary maternity hospitals - with an annual turnover of children born to 1500 people, there is an intensive care unit and reanimation.
  3. Regional, federal, regional hospitals, where resuscitation is present, as well as the children's intensive care unit. That is, medical personnel are able to provide assistance during pregnancy, during childbirth and in the postpartum period.

The condition of a pregnant woman and the particularities of the course of the entire term decide which category of institutions her attending physician will send from the antenatal clinic. According to the results of the decision a referral will be issuedWith him you can go to the birth already with contractions. And you can enroll in the chosen maternity hospital to save the pregnancy when the appointed term has already approached, that is, it has exceeded 40 weeks. The mother has the right to choose herself, taking into account the testimony of a gynecologist and the existing pathology of pregnancy, specialized or ordinary maternity hospital.

As for directly institution selection, there may be some difficulties. To help overcome them and make the right decision can be, given the most important factors:

  1. Location is the first thing that every woman pays for when it comes to placement in the maternity ward. It should be remembered that in the case of rapid delivery, when an ambulance is attracted, the woman will not have the right to vote, she will be sent to the institution nearest to the place of the call where there is free space. Therefore, it is advisable to prescribe this item in advance, coordinate with your doctor and record in the document.
  2. Stay conditions - future mothers are supposed to have even preliminary excursions around the maternity hospitals so that a reasonable decision is made. After all, many patients are in the hospital from several days to several weeks, they are even given a temporary residence permit there. Therefore, the equipment of the delivery room, the condition of the wards, the location of the bathroom, the neighborhood of the wards, the sample menu and other factors should be taken into account.
  3. Personnel qualifications - the experience of health workers is, perhaps, the determining factor. In budgetary births, it is impossible to guess who will have to give birth in a shift, so you need to know as much information as possible about both the senior and junior staff, because you will have to communicate with nurses, midwives and nurses more often than with a surgeon. Information can be collected, of course, from the workers themselves, but the completeness and accuracy of the information is not guaranteed. We must try to analyze the responses of women in labor, here there is no bias. And when a woman in labor has concluded a contract on childbirth with a specific doctor, she can communicate with him and consult on various issues during the pregnancy.
  4. The specifics of the hospital - here you need to inquire about the availability of resuscitation, oxygen masks, a full set of medicines for different stages of labor, the necessary equipment. It is also necessary to take into account their own health and fetus.
  5. The possibility of joint childbirth - in the last decade there has been a tendency for the husband to be present during the very generic process for the support and psychological interaction of the spouses. Partnership deliveries are not allowed in all maternity hospitals, it is necessary to consult about this in advance.

About choosing a maternity hospital when using a birth certificate, see the following video:

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If you have indications for planned hospitalization in the maternity hospital prior to delivery, then the antenatal clinic doctor should give you referral for planned hospitalization in that hospital that specializes in your disease. Maternity homes are taken to give birth not in the area of ​​residence in the city, but according to the diseases of the patients. If there are no indications for delivery in a particular maternity hospital, the ambulance can be taken to anyone that has places.
Referrals exist only for planned prenatal hospitalization. During the closure of the clinic in-Ott, p / d number 13 and "1st Meda" are taken for them.
In which maternity hospital it is better to hospitalize you and in what time the doctor of your antenatal clinic decides, until the hospitalization you are admitted by the antenatal clinic doctor, the hospital is not an outpatient institution and does not have the ability to advise patients before hospitalization. Everything is individual and the decision must be taken by your doctor.
The planned cesarean section, in the absence of pathologies, usually falls one week before the DA, so that there is time to do the necessary research. In this case, you personally may be different.
After receiving the referral, you need to arrive (NOT TO CALL OUT, AND FIRST TO EXIT) to the emergency department of the maternity hospital with a referral, passport, exchange card, shoe covers to sign up for planned hospitalization. Better from 10:00 to 15:00, because at another time, you will have to wait a long time (in the morning, first women are already registered at the maternity hospital, and after 3:00 pm, they will have to wait until one of the doctors of the emergency team gives birth. On the weekend, no entry is made.
Recording is carried out for 3-4 days, sometimes for the week ahead.


A doctor w / a, when you make a referral, should call the Hospitalization Bureau to get the number of the order and WRITE IT TO THE DIRECTION. This does not mean at all that he is booking a place for you on a specific date, it means that you are registered at the hospitalization bureau and are on the waiting list at a specific hospital. Our places on the antenatal hospital are NOT distributed or booked for any particular date except ourselves, and we only book when the patient arrives with a referral. Your doctor gives you a referral to any maternity hospital in the city when it sees fit. At the same time, he needs to know one thing - whether the hospital is not closed now. Therefore, he calls the Hospitalization Bureau (and not to the maternity hospital) and registers your referral there. He is informed about the number of the dress and that the hospital is now open (not about free beds, but simply that the hospital is open). The presence / absence of free places does not concern him. Your case will then come to this hospital and sign up for planned hospitalization. This is a common practice for the city.
Insurance companies will not pay your hospitalization just by the order number. The basis for payment is only the direction, issued properly and with the number of the dress.

Referral for hospitalization with the number of the order is actually 7 calendar days.

Calling and finding out which day they are recording now is meaningless, because Employees of the emergency room do not know how many directions in our hospital will be written out today. In the morning they can record for 3-4 days ahead, and during the day a crowd will come and by the end of the day they will record 6-7 days in advance.

If a woman is registered in the pregnancy in the Len.region, then she can come to us for prenatal care, as well as those registered in the w / c of St. Petersburg.

Admission to planned hospitalization starts at 9:30

Dear women!

To make an appointment with a doctor, you can:

- call the “District Record Center”: (812) 578-31-08
- sign up via the Internet on our website or through the project Self-Record

Every day at 14 o'clock in the Call Center and the Internet is posted entry to the district obstetrician-gynecologists for the week ahead, except for holidays and weekends. Every Wednesday coupons are laid out on Saturday to the doctor on duty. Please note that only pregnant women who are registered in the dispensary and registered in the facility base can register with a physician in the LCD.

Dear patients, if YOU are not able to come to the reception, kindly request to release the number you reserved to the doctor:

- via the Internet on our website or through the project Self-Record

- by calling the "District Record Center for a Doctor" tel. 578-31-08.

Important Registry Announcements

The study of the pathology of the cervix uterus

Record of patients to the oncogynecologist is made after a visit to the gynecologist.

A visit to the oncogynecologist is required after a cleansing enema.

The schedule of the treatment room:
Blood sampling on an empty stomach 8: 15- 10:30
Blood sampling not on an empty stomach 11: 30- 19:00

Breaks in the treatment room: 10: 30-11: 30

For questions:

takes an obstetrician-gynecologist-endocrinologist.

Make an appointment through the call center 578-31-08

ATTENTION. Admission for emergency reasons without an appointment is carried out only after an examination by an ambulance doctor and the refusal of hospitalization.

Important information for pregnant women. Registration.

For registration on pregnancy, it is recommended to visit your site doctor before 8 weeks of pregnancy. This is the optimal time for detection of deviations from the normal state of pregnancy, as well as for timely recording on the first screening.

In case the appointment with your general practitioner is complete, you need to make an appointment with the doctor on duty or you can come up at the reception time of your local doctor (at the address) and agree on the appointment time with him. You must inform the doctor that you need to register for pregnancy and tell the date of the last menstruation.