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Editor'S Choice - 2019

How do you spell "godmother"?

Godfather, godfather - noun, written through the letter “t”, formed from the word “cross” (baptize). Used as an independent word or as a pair (godfather, godmother) - participating in the rite of baptism of someone in the role of receiver. Pronounced through the letter “e”.
Today my godfather will come
Tomorrow comes to her godmother
She herself chose the godmother

Godfather - used as an adjective, meaning “referring to the cross”. It is written and pronounced with the letter “e”.
The procession went through the main street of the city
Historical chronicle novel "The Way of the Cross of John Chrysostom"
Sign of the Cross is performed in different situations.
At the conclusion of peace was used oath - the kiss of the cross

Word spelling rule

Inexpressible consonant "t"In the token"godmother"Can be checked by choosing a single-root word in which this consonant will be clearly audible - cross baptize.

  • Godfather and godmother Mother is in the Christian tradition spiritual parents who, at the time of the sacrament of baptism, assume responsibility for the spiritual education of the children.
  • Directed by David Green filmed a crime drama in 1997Godmother mother ”according to Linda La Plant’s novel“ The Best Half of the Mafia ”.
  • Godmother execution, when the criminal was crucified on the cross, was a tribute to the pagan tradition.

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  1. 1. Ramzan Ramzan 6,355
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