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All about the benefits and dangers of condensed milk


Condensed milk with sugar is a product into which fresh milk is turned, no less popular that cottage cheese, butter and cheese. Favorite delicacy of adults and children, a place which is found in the high and in the home cooking.

Unsurpassed taste and benefit of condensed milk

For the preparation of condensed milk from milk for a long time, moisture is evaporated at a certain temperature, it is condensed to a state of a uniform creamy white viscous mass.

Depending on the details of a particular manufacturing technology and the possible use of additional ingredients, several varieties of condensed milk can eventually be obtained.

• concentrated milk without any additives,

• condensed milk produced with the addition of sugar only,

• condensed milk with the addition of coffee or cocoa,

• condensed milk with chicory and sugar.

The latter product is characterized by a sweet taste with a characteristic bitterness of chicory taste and a touch of its flavor. Use it like condensed milk with cocoa and coffee.

Another condensed milk is classified by fat.

• in fat-free fat content should not exceed 1%,

• classical condensed milk contains about 8.5%,

• Condensed cream reaches a fat content of 19%.

According to the consistency, it is divided into simple and boiled - the first can be poured from a spoon, and the second is very thick.

Experiments on the preservation of dairy products began at the end of the XVIII century, but only in 1856, the American industrialist Gail Borden patented the invention of condensed milk and after some thirty years, condensed milk became one of the most popular products in the world.

Condensed milk with sugar is eaten as a delicacy in its pure form, makes it an ingredient for cake pies, cookies and other baked goods, makes creams and desserts with it, adds it to tea and coffee, complements pancakes and fruit salads.

Condensed milk with coffee or cocoa is used in the same way and diluted with water for beverages.

Simple concentrated milk without additives is in demand as a full-fledged substitute for fresh milk - you can boil porridge on it, put the dough, make gravy for meat.

As a rule, condensed milk is made from cow's milk, but it can also be obtained from goat's milk. Experiments on the preparation of condensed milk with sugar at home are usually successful. But much more often the hostess is taken for the conversion of store-condensed milk into boiled condensed milk, for which boiled condensed milk with sugar for several hours in a saucepan on the stove.

Most of the beneficial properties of condensed milk directly derive from similar characteristics of fresh milk, because it, turning into condensed milk, is practically not one of them lost.

So, it contains vitamins A, C, E, H, PP and B vitamins, as well as high levels of a number of macro and microelements - iron, iodine, potassium, calcium, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, copper, sodium, selenium , sulfur, phosphorus, fluorine, chlorine, choline and zinc.

One of the main elements of dairy products - calcium, in conjunction with vitamin D is actively involved in the formation and strengthening of bone tissue, including the jaw and teeth.

How else is the benefit of condensed milk

Due to the fact that condensed milk is well and completely (unlike milk!) Absorbed by the human body, its positive effect does not have to wait long.

Adding condensed milk to the regular dessert menu has a positive effect on metabolism, restoration of body energy and muscle tone after intense physical exertion and prolonged diseases, and weakening of chronic diseases is not excluded.

One spoon of condensed milk per day significantly strengthens the immune system.

Glucose, which is abundant in condensed milk, enhances brain activity and helps to memorize, assimilate and analyze new information, so that condensed milk can be recommended to students and scientists.

In addition, condensed milk affects the following aspects of health:

• supports the cardiovascular system,

• improves eyesight and reduces eyestrain at a computer monitor,

• normalizes a hormonal background, preventing its failures,

• contributes to the renewal of blood.

The use of condensed milk is exceptional for nursing mothers. Just a spoonful of condensed milk per day contributes to the enhancement of lactation, while not causing a drop of doubt in the safety of such enrichment of the mother's diet for the baby, sensitive to everything that happens to her body.

If we compare the assortment on an imaginary showcase, among pastries, sweets and other desserts, then there is nothing to compare with the benefit of condensed milk - it is the most useful delicacy that does not contain yeast, dyes and flavors, stabilizers and other cunning additives. Finally, it improves mood better than chocolate, contributing to the production of endorphins (hormones of joy).

It is important to note that all of the above applies only to natural condensed milk, produced without such excesses, like flavors, emulsifiers and so on.

Harm of condensed milk - what makes it dangerous and who shouldn't eat it

It is important to remember that condensed milk is not ambrosia and it has its drawbacks.

The main ones are the amazingly high content of sugars and calories.

If per 100 g of condensed milk with sugar accounted for 320 kcal, then the standard jar with a blue-white label has the entire 1200 kcal. What can we say, for example, about the calorie content of the cake, sandwiched with condensed milk with butter!

Therefore, nutritionists insist on a reasonable, moderate use of condensed milk and dishes prepared with it.

But if we talk about concentrated milk without additives at all, its energy value is very moderate - only 75 kcal per 100 g of product.

All sweetened types of condensed milk should not be carried away by people who are inclined to corpulence and those who are actively involved in sports in order to pump up muscles and keep their weight normal.

Excess sugar in its composition is contraindicated in patients with diabetes.

And it, in combination with lactic acids, with regular use of condensed milk provokes deterioration of the state of tooth enamel and the development of caries. Therefore, after eating condensed milk, it is reasonable to brush your teeth or at least rinse the mouth cavity with water.

Harm of condensed milk - how to avoid it, choosing a quality product and observing storage conditions

In addition to the well-known cans, condensed milk is also produced in plastic bags, glass and plastic containers, but this is all for factory production, and you can also buy it for bottling.

According to GOST, a real condensed milk consists only of milk with sugar and can not be called otherwise than "Condensed whole milk with sugar." This marking seems to be a testament to the excellent quality of condensed milk, which, in general, is absolutely true.

This does not mean that the manufacturers, guided by their own technical conditions (marked as TU), produce condensed milk of inappropriate quality, but it is useful to know the difference between these designations.

It is in condensed milk of all varieties with the sign of TU that vegetable fats, emulsifiers, flavors, powdered milk and other additives can be contained.

The can with condensed milk should not be deformed, should not have rust traces and in no case should not be swollen.

Liquid condensed milk of any kind (simple, with cocoa) should be homogeneous, without lumps.

Grains in condensed milk, found in small quantities, do not mean that condensed milk is harmful. But they demonstrate that little is left before its expiration date, or that the conditions for its storage have been violated and the condensed milk has stood in the heat or frost.

To preserve the benefits and use of condensed milk without harm, it is important to respect its storage conditions.

• temperature varies from 0 ° to + 10-22 ° C,

• relative air humidity should not exceed 75-85%,

• shelf life from the date of production, is equal to tin containers and plastic bags for 12 months,

• an open can of condensed milk can be stored in the refrigerator literally a day or two and also the shelf life of condensed milk bought for bottling is also short (literally several days).

Calorie and composition

This product is made from whole cow's milk by heat treatment. Despite this, all the beneficial properties of milk are preserved. In the manufacture of a large amount of added sugar, so the product is considered sufficiently high in calories and not suitable for those who follow a diet. Regular condensed milk has 328 kcal, boiled - 315 kcal.

Nutritional value of the product:

  • water - 67 g,
  • saccharides - 55 g,
  • cholesterol - 30 g,
  • saturated fatty acids - about 5 g,
  • ash - 1.75 g,
  • organic acids - 0.4 g

Also condensed milk contains:

  • vitamin A,
  • vitamin b1,
  • vitamin B2,
  • vitamin b12,
  • vitamin A.

Macro and trace elements:

  • potassium - 371.0 mg (7.9% of the daily requirement),
  • calcium - 284.0 mg (28.4%),
  • phosphorus - 253.0 mg (36.1%),
  • sodium - 127.0 mg (9.8%),
  • magnesium - 26.0 mg (6.5%),
  • Zinc - 0.9 mg (8.50%),
  • iron - 0.2 mg (1.9%),
  • selenium - 14.8 mcg (26.9%).

Benefits of Condensed Milk

If we compare condensed milk with other sweets, then it contains only milk and sugar, as it is made according to GOST. From this point of view, condensed milk is more useful than waffles or sweets, which contain harmful components.

Due to the content of vitamins, macro- and micronutrients in condensed milk, it has the following beneficial properties:

  • strengthening muscles and bone tissue
  • increase the efficiency of the brain,
  • increases blood formation,
  • high nutritional value
  • improves eyesight
  • improvement of the nervous system.
Nevertheless, when used, it is important to know the sense of proportion. It is recommended to eat two teaspoons a day.

Given the high calorie content of the product, you should not eat condensed milk for people with excessive weight. Due to the presence of a large amount of sugar is contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes. Also, a poor quality or non-GOST product containing palm oil, preservatives, white E171 dye (very toxic, used in the manufacture of paints, solar batteries) can also be dangerous to health.

Is it possible to condensed milk

Many are interested in the question of whether condensed milk can be used for breastfeeding, for pregnant women, and also for other special conditions.

All specialists recommend nursing mothers to food, however, in small portions. A nursing mother will be enough to add a teaspoon of treat to tea, which is favorable for increasing lactation.Condensed milk during breastfeeding should be introduced gradually, preferably in the morning, and monitor the condition of the baby. It should be noted that nursing mothers need to eat only fresh, high-quality condensed milk, cooked according to the standards, without lumps and chemical additives. The refusal to use the product for nursing mothers will be the appearance of an allergic reaction in the child.


There are no strict contraindications to the use of condensed milk by pregnant women, one has only to stick to moderate portions. With a tendency to obesity or fear of gaining excess weight, it is better to completely refrain from it. It is also worth refusing this delicacy if there are problems with digestion or individual intolerance to the components of condensed milk.

When gastritis

People with gastritis can also use condensed milk in small quantities. The main thing is that these should be products of proven brands manufactured according to GOST and without additional flavoring additives. In any case, it is better to consult with your doctor to avoid any complications.

How to make condensed milk

Nowadays, on the shelves of supermarkets presents a huge amount of this product. But you can cook this delicacy yourself, so we offer a recipe that allows you to quickly and effortlessly prepare condensed milk at home.

To prepare you will need:

  • 1 l of milk,
  • 180 grams of sugar.
  1. Take a small bowl and add ingredients to it.
  2. Place the container on the stove and bring to a boil while stirring.
  3. Cook on low heat until the mass decreases to 400 g.
  4. The resulting mixture must be filtered and cooled. Condensed milk is ready.

Video: How to make condensed milk

How to store

The packing method promotes long-term storage of the product. The temperature should be from 0 to 10 ° C, humidity - 75%. If you cook condensed milk, its shelf life will not decrease. It is necessary to store an open container in the refrigerator for no more than a week, then it will retain its taste and useful qualities. It is advisable to transfer the product to another container with a plastic lid, as the metal can may oxidize and give the treat a bad taste. Condensed milk is very tasty and healthy. It is better to use it in a small amount. Also it is necessary to follow certain rules when storing it.

The composition and caloric content of the product

Condensed milk is called condensed milk with a significant addition of sugar. The product has gained great popularity in Russia and is widely used in the preparation of a variety of confectionery, cocktails and beverages. Many lovers use it with tea or coffee. Condensed milk is an excellent addition to cheesecakes, pancakes and pancakes for sweet teeth.

Today there are several types of condensed milk available, depending on:

  • From fat content: fat-free, with a fat content of less than 1% and normal, in which not less than 8.5% of fat.
  • From additives: concentrated (without sugar), condensed milk with sugar, boiled, with the addition of chicory, coffee and cocoa.

The sugar product includes fats, carbohydrates, proteins, organic and fatty acids, water, cholesterol, ashes, and sugars. Regardless of the heat treatment in the production of condensed milk, it contains quite a lot of vitamins: A, E, H, PP, C, D and Group B, as well as macro and microelements - calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, manganese, zinc, iodine, sodium, phosphorus, sulfur, choline, chlorine, fluorine, copper, selenium and cobalt.

And yet you should not equate the advantages of condensed milk to the beneficial properties of such dairy products as kefir or yogurt. Due to the high sugar content and high fat content, it is much inferior to them.

The caloric content of one hundred grams of condensed milk with sugar is about 315 kcal, without sugar - 75. Therefore, nutritionists advise to use this product in limited quantities, not more than two tablespoons per day.

Useful properties of condensed milk

Condensed milk is an excellent combination of taste and benefit when it comes to a product consisting of natural cow's milk and sugar. There should not be any extraneous ingredients in high-quality condensed milk, as sugar itself is a preservative and is quite enough to prolong the shelf life of concentrated milk.

High-quality condensed milk contains practically the same substances that are useful to humans as natural cow's milk:

  • Calcium and vitamin D necessary for the formation and strengthening of bone tissue
  • Potassium and magnesium to improve the cardiovascular system
  • Phosphorus required for brain activity and good blood circulation
  • Vitamin C, helping to strengthen the immune system

Thanks to fluoride and calcium, your teeth will become stronger. Glucose allows you to quickly restore energy reserves and strength after heavy loads, sports training or past diseases.

So, moderate consumption of condensed milk will help keep bones, teeth and nails strong, hair lush, and the mood is excellent. After all, it has long been proven that glucose, which is abundant in condensed milk, increases brain and physical activity, and at the same time improves the psychological and emotional state.

In comparison with other sweets: candy, muffin, marmalade, etc., condensed milk, of course, will lead in the content of nutrients and vitamins. And yet, according to experts, the most useful and natural product is condensed milk without any additives. In its manufacture uses only cow's milk and sugar.

Possible harm from the use of condensed milk

Unfortunately, there is no absolutely harmless “yummy” in nature, and condensed milk is no exception. To harm the human body, and especially the child, it can also, especially with excessive use. The lack of condensed milk from the point of view of a healthy diet consists of three points:

Condensed milk is divided by:

Whole sweetened condensed milk - this classic sweetened condensed milk, commonly used in cooking, is colloquially called condensed milk. The composition of the product includes not less than 8.5% fat and not less than 28.5% milk solids, with a mass fraction of protein in them not less than 34%.

Fat-free sweetened condensed milk is this condensed milk, which contains no more than 1% fat and no less than 26% solids of milk, with a mass fraction of protein not less than 34%.

Condensed milk with sugar is a classic condensed milk, which is considered in this article.

Condensed milk without added sugar - this product is usually called concentrated milk.

Сгущенное молоко с добавлением какао или кофе — это может быть как настоящее сгущенное молоко с какао или кофе, либо растительно-молочные продукты под названием «Сгущенка и какао» или «Сгущенка и кофе».

Сгущенное молоко с добавлением цикория — сгущенка 7% жирности, в которую помимо всего прочего добавлен цикорий.


Regular condensed milk - condensed milk of normal consistency, with or without sugar, which is discussed in this article.

Boiled condensed milk is a type of condensed milk having a thicker consistency and obtained by additional heat treatment. Boiled condensed milk has a caramel flavor and brownish color.

Beneficial features:

Condensed milk is considered the most useful sweetness, because it contains a lot of calcium and other useful minerals and vitamins, but unlike other sweet foods (cakes, marmalade, sweets and other confectionery), it does not contain yeast and food additives. Thus, natural condensed milk has many useful properties inherent in fresh milk.

Useful substances contained in condensed milk, improve brain function, strengthen bone tissue and a positive effect on cellular metabolism. One of the beneficial elements of condensed milk is calcium, which strengthens bones and teeth. The use of condensed milk is also in the fact that it restores blood, boosts immunity, normalizes hormones. Condensed milk in the shortest possible time can replenish the supply of vitamins and minerals in the human body, raise the tone and provide a burst of energy.

But the presence of useful properties of condensed milk does not mean at all that it should be eaten by cans, since excessive consumption of condensed milk can harm the human body.

This condensed milk should be white, with a slight creamy tint, uniform, thick and have a creamy taste.

Condensed milk, although it is canned food, is very demanding on the conditions and shelf life. It should be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of from 0 to 10 degrees and not more than 12 months.

Any violation of these rules (increased or decreased storage temperature), leakage of the packaging or storage time makes this product unsuitable for food.

If, opening a can of condensed milk, you notice that it has begun to crystallize, lumps or mold have appeared in it, and the can itself is swollen, immediately throw it away! Eating such spoiled milk, you run the risk of being in a hospital bed for a long time and significantly undermine your health.

Dietitians advise eating condensed milk not as an independent product, but in combination with other products, such as pancakes or fruit, and drink it with unsweetened tea.

Know the measure! Many of us are accustomed to eating condensed milk with large spoons and in large quantities, while the daily rate of consumption of condensed milk is only 2 tablespoons!


There is a lot of sugar in condensed milk, and, naturally, it is very high in calories.

Condensed milk is contraindicated:

  • overweight people
  • with obesity
  • with diabetes mellitus. Excessive consumption of condensed milk can cause caries.

Condensed milk, alas, is the most falsified dairy product - more than two thirds of condensed milk is a fake!

According to GOST, the present condensed milk is called “Whole condensed milk with sugar” and cannot be called otherwise. If you see jars on the shelves with the name: “Condensed milk with sugar”, “Condensed milk” or “Condensed milk with sugar” (many options), despite the blue-and-white label known from childhood, know that there is a fake in front of you!

In order to reduce the price of this condensed milk, instead of natural milk fat, various vegetable fats are added, for example, palm oil, which is harmful for the human body, as well as various nutritional supplements.

In a laboratory study, in some types of condensed milk, white dye E171 — titanium dioxide — was found, a very toxic substance that is used in the manufacture of paints (titanium white), in the manufacture of ceramics and solar batteries.

In addition, real condensed milk should be packaged only in cans, no other packaging - plastic tubes, cups, etc. - is allowed.

To protect yourself as much as possible from fakes and not to harm your body, carefully read the label. Remember, if the composition of the product, in addition to milk and sugar, includes something else - this is a harmful product!

How to choose in the store:

In order to purchase a jar of condensed milk, you need to pay attention to such moments when you buy:

Title. It should begin with the word “Milk”, and not with the words “condensed”, “boiled”, “real”, “condensed milk” - these and similar words in the names should alert you.

Under the word "milk" is deciphered "whole condensed with sugar."

On the label you need to carefully examine the composition. If the product is real, it corresponds to GOST 2903–78 - for Russia, DSTU 4274: 2003 - for Ukraine. This is indicated on cans or soft packages, in which it is not forbidden now to release this product.

The abbreviation TU on the packaging indicates that the production meets the technical conditions, but it contains vegetable fats. And as we know, they should not be present condensed milk.

The composition of a genuine product includes only sugar and whole cow's milk, without any “eshek”: thickeners, stabilizers, dyes, vegetable fats, starch.

These simple rules will help you choose a real useful condensed milk. Also today you can find varieties of condensed milk with the addition of cocoa, coffee, cream and sterilized.

According to GOST, they have such “correct” names that will help to distinguish them from fakes:

"Cocoa with whole milk condensed with sugar",

"Natural coffee with condensed milk and sugar",

"Condensed cream with sugar",

"Condensed sterilized milk in a can" (product without sugar).

You should know that open condensed milk can be stored no more than 5 days.

Recipe for making condensed milk at home

For cooking homemade condensed milk you need only two ingredients, a saucepan, a spoon and about a half hour of time. Milk and sugar should be taken in the following proportions:

  • Milk - 1 liter,
  • Sugar - 1 cup.

When you buy milk, pay attention to its shelf life, it should not be big. Also try to use fatter milk (3.5%), it makes the condensed milk tastier.

To make condensed milk, follow these guidelines:

  • Pour the milk into the pot and set on low heat,
  • Heat it almost to the boil and take about 1 glass of milk from the pan,
  • In a hot glass of milk we dissolve all the sugar,
  • Pour the milk and sugar into the pot and continue to keep it on low heat,
  • We turn down the fire to the minimum when the mass starts to boil,
  • Constantly stir the milk so that it does not burn to the pan,
  • Boil the milk until one third of its original volume remains. At the same time condensed milk begins to get a cream shade. It takes from 40 minutes to 1 hour,
  • Pour the condensed milk in a jar and put in the fridge overnight.

At first the condensed milk will seem liquid, but after a night in the refrigerator it becomes viscous.

Cooking Tips:

In order for the condensed milk to have a homogeneous mass without lumps, it was thick and tasty, you need to know the small secrets of its preparation:

Condensed milk is best cooked in a stainless steel saucepan: it does not burn in it. If there is no such pan, then use any other thick-bottomed pot,

Instead of sugar, it is best to use powdered sugar, namely from the store, and not homemade. Some housewives believe that a small amount of starch in store powdered sugar gives condensed milk a better consistency,

Milk for condensed milk should be fresh. Do not use sterilized milk, in extreme cases - pasteurized,

Watch carefully for the amount of milk. If you remove the pan from the fire before two thirds of it is evaporated, then the condensed milk will not be viscous, and if you overeat it, it will be caramel,

To make boiled condensed milk, put the condensed milk in a jar and close tightly with a lid, put it in a saucepan with cold water so that the water completely covers the jar. Put the pot on the fire and bring to the boil its contents. Note 2 hours and after they expire, remove the jar: boiled condensed milk is ready.

Product properties

A real condensed milk cooked according to GOST should contain only natural cow's milk, sugar and in some cases water. In this case, the sugar itself is a preservative.

At the same time, sugar significantly adds calories to this product. For general development, sweetened condensed milk contains:

  • proteins - 7.2 gr.,
  • fats - 8.5 gr.,
  • carbohydrates - 56.0 grams.

Calorie product - 323 kcal.

From this we can conclude that the product contains a large number of simple carbohydrates, with their large consumption can lead to rapid obesity and high blood sugar levels. And this is not an exaggeration. Condensed milk is really very sweet and fat. Many pastries can not be compared with her on these indicators.

In addition, condensed milk is a high-calorie product, and this is another reason not to eat it in large quantities.

The use of condensed milk

Before discussing the harm of condensed milk to the body in detail, it is worth all the same to mention its beneficial properties. Firstly, it contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. These are vitamin A, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium and Fluorine.

Calcium strengthens bone tissue, vitamin A improves eyesight. In addition - in natural condensed milk contains a large amount of glucose, which is actively recuperating after seriously ill diseases. In essence, condensed milk has the same beneficial properties as regular cow's milk. In addition, for many it is absorbed much easier than raw dairy products. After all, it is known that not everyone is able to normally digest a glass of ordinary milk.

The high content of balanced salts of phosphorus in the product improves blood formation and stimulates brain activity. Condensed milk is made from the usual cow product. And this means that there are a lot of proteins in it, which accelerates the growth of muscle tissue. This protein has a high nutritional value.

In the case of condensed milk, it is enough to dilute a tablespoon of the product in a glass of boiled water, and you can get a tasty and healthy drink with the same beneficial substances as regular milk. But it is much easier to digest.

However, even diluted condensed milk has a higher caloric content than raw materials in the form of milk. In addition - it contains a lot of sugar. Therefore, one should not forget about allergic reactions that can be caused by the product and its harm for people suffering from excess weight and diabetes.

Harm of condensed milk for the body

If everything was so good, then everyone would have eaten this product by banks without even thinking about the consequences. Nevertheless, many have learned from childhood that a lot of condensed milk cannot be eaten. Parents told us that excessive consumption of sweet treats means a quick trip to the dentist.

The combination of high amounts of sugar and lactic acids leads to increased formation of bacteria in the oral cavity, and, as a consequence, to the appearance of caries. This is the first reason for not spooning condensed milk.

The second reason is high calorie content. As you know, the calories consumed need to somehow burn. If an athlete eats a can of condensed milk before an intensive workout - there is nothing to worry about, he will immediately burn all calories, while building up the necessary muscle mass and not losing the strength needed to maintain normal body activity. But if every day to use such a high-calorie product in large quantities, these calories are converted into excess body fat.

Condensed milk is prepared with sugar. This is a permanent recipe, which has been a classic for more than one century. Sugar in this case plays the role of a preservative. It is through his bank condensed milk can be stored for a year.

But sugar is contraindicated for people with diabetes and everyone who is obese. Therefore, eating condensed milk in such patients is prohibited not only by nutritionists, but also by doctors. If you ignore these recommendations, it can lead to fatal consequences.

Thus, a lot of condensed milk can not be eaten by children. For small organisms, the need to process sugar in large quantities can lead to the onset of allergic reactions. Diathesis on the cheeks after actively eating condensed milk is not uncommon. Not to mention the problems with teeth and overweight.

Can condensed milk be fed to mother

During pregnancy, you can eat almost all food. The main thing - that their number was moderate. The same applies to condensed milk. Pregnant women can and even need to eat healthy dairy products, like everyone else. The daily rate of condensed milk for pregnant women - 1 tablespoon. She cannot bring any harm.

As for the use of condensed milk during breastfeeding, breast specialists, pediatricians and gynecologists even recommend this product. But only in the form of tea. That is, herbal or green tea, in which 1 teaspoon of condensed milk is diluted increases lactation and adds vitality to a young mother.

What product is contained in the can

Do not forget that condensed milk on the domestic market - the most fake product. It is this factor that often leads to the least pleasant consequences of using it in large quantities.

Many manufacturers of natural milk fats often replace palm or coconut fat. As you know, it is actively deposited on the walls of blood vessels and leads to the formation of blood clots.

Unscrupulous manufacturers often add preservatives, whitewash, dyes, thickeners, chemicals to the product, the use of which is prohibited by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, their presence in canned milk is not always indicated. Therefore, you should buy only a proven product, in which quality there is no doubt.

A bank of natural condensed milk cannot cost much less than 45 p. If more expensive - do not worry, but the price of banks equal to 25-30 rubles should be alarming.

In addition, special attention should be paid to such a moment as the freshness of the product. And it's not just that an overdue condensed milk can have an uneven structure and an unpleasant tint.

Often inside expired canned milk cans a mold is formed. It is a pathogenic fungus that can lead to serious poisoning and other health problems.

A blown can should be thrown away without hesitation. Violation of the packaging form indicates that pathogenic microorganisms began to multiply inside it.

Historical data

Contrary to popular belief, condensed milk is not a product of Soviet industry. According to unconfirmed reports, this dessert was invented by the French pastry chef Upper in the first half of the 19th century, commissioned by Napoleon. The French reacted with restraint to the dessert, unlike the British. This method of preserving milk was patented by Peter Durant, and the use of tin cans can also be attributed to his idea. Officially, the discovery of this product falls on the year 1810, and only a quarter of a century later the thought came to enrich the taste of viscous cream liquid with sugar (1826).

Gail Borden, a true businessman, took advantage of the skills and labors of the discoverers and refined the method. The entrepreneur had an irrepressible thirst for discoveries. Milk aroused interest in itself a short shelf life. Having created a vacuum unit, he began to evaporate excess moisture from the product, increasing the concentration. The output is a thick, viscous product, and, having included sugar in the composition - “Condensed milk”. The modified product was officially registered in 1856. The brilliant decision to prepare milk in this way came to the "capitalists". To produce the sweetness of steel in the state of New York.

Development, advertising and promotion contributed to the mass order for the needs of the army during the Civil War of 1861 in America. Later, a promotional trick with labels depicting happy children consuming the product coordinated the focus on the baby food market.

There is also a version that condensed milk appeared 5,000 years ago and was the first to be prepared in India. In Russia, the product began its livelihoods in 1881. A real unfalsified product is not just a sweet substance. In essence, it is cow's milk with evaporated excess moisture and an extended shelf life.

The traditional composition of condensed milk

  • Squirrels.
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates.
  • Di-monosaccharides.
  • Cholesterol.
  • Saturated fatty acids.
  • Organic acids.
  • Choline.
  • Vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B5, B6, B12).
  • Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin PP.
  • Vitamins A, E, D.
  • Vitamin H.
  • Minerals (Se, Co, F, Ca, Mg, Na, K, Cu, Zn, Mn, I, Fe).

Useful properties of the product

  • Easy digestibility. Wins in comparison with whole milk.
  • High nutritional value. As a result of the preparation, biologically active substances are not lost.
  • Modeling feature. Accelerates building processes and muscle growth. Contributes to the creation of beautiful reliefs.
  • Активный рост мышечной массы. Ценное питание для бодибилдеров.
  • Отмечено положительное влияние на структуру костной ткани за счет высокого содержания кальция.
  • Кроветворная функция. Нормализует структуру крови.
  • Стимулирующая умственную активность сладость.
  • An immunomodulating property is noted - a storehouse of vitamins and micro-macroelements that contribute to the formation of protective barrier functions of the body.
  • Nutritious. High-calorie product used in food in the field by tourists, soldiers. During the Soviet era, all dry rations were completed with a can of condensed milk.
  • The tonic property is also inherent in this product - the general condition of the body is improved. Excellent source of positive mood.
  • Any food product has contraindications, this can serve various reasons, first of all they are associated with health problems.

    Who is not recommended to eat condensed milk: contraindications

    When consuming this product, you must comply with the measure. Nutritionists recommended to eat up to three tablespoons of dessert. In case of excessive consumption, you can count on the purchase of diabetes, tooth decay, caries, obesity. This is explained by the large amount of sugar in the composition, as well as the high calorie content of the product. Fully should be abandoned condensed milk diabetics and people with cholecystitis.

    To avoid problems with digestion, poisoning, it is necessary to pay attention to the integrity of the packaging and composition. Unfortunately, the facts of falsification of a popular, accessible and popular product are often observed. Statistics claim that more than half of the proposed brands violate the technology and go beyond the requirements of GOST.

    Marking - what to look for?

    1. The container must be intact without visible damage.
    2. The timing of the sale should not go beyond the declared date on the package. If it is plastic, then from production to opening, you can store the product for up to three months. In cans, provided that the storage temperature does not exceed +10 degrees, store up to a year. Opening the can, the contents are recommended to immediately shift into a glass container. When buying goods for bottling in kiosks and stores, its storage is limited to five days.
    3. On the label, the name of the product must fully comply with the inscription "Whole condensed milk with sugar." Other variations and permutations of words do not guarantee compliance with the requirements of GOST.
    4. Description of the composition on the label can tell about the naturalness of the product and about additives that do not carry the benefits. In the list of ingredients should not be fat of vegetable origin, only natural milk fat.
    5. Unscrupulous manufacturers often use E171 titanium dioxide to give a whiter color. It is used for the manufacture of paints, batteries and ceramics. This substance, although it is added within the normal range, is not beneficial for the organism, but the understanding that titanium dioxide is poison makes the product not attractive to the consumer.
    6. One of the criteria confirming quality is tin packaging. Being in search of a natural Gostovsky product, you can safely pass by plastic bags and tubes.

    How to cook this condensed milk at home

    1. The classic option. Milk (2 cups), sugar (one and a half cups) is combined in an enameled container and heated until homogeneous. Cooked to a viscous, thick state. The whole process is accompanied by stirring. Milk (2 cups), sugar (one and a half cups) is added to the blender bowl, whipped until smooth. Prepared in the "quenching" mode in a multicooker (2 hours). This is a recipe that does not require presence, allowing you to get the usual taste. In the absence of the multicooker, the homogeneous composition whipped with a blender is poured into a heat-resistant dish and boiled in an oven at 160 degrees.

    When purchasing a tasty and healthy product “Whole Milk Condensed Milk with Sugar”, it is important to understand that the natural composition does not include anything other than milk and sugar. There is no need for additional components.

    A bit of history

    Before talking about the dangers and benefits of condensed milk, let me tell you a little bit about the history of its origin. It is believed that this delicacy was invented in the USSR in times of shortage of various products. However, this is not true! The recipe actually appeared in the early 19th century. Its creator was the French Upper. However, he failed to patent his invention. But it turned out that Peter Durant. By the way, this very person also has the idea of ​​using special tin cans for storing delicacies.

    However, in those days, condensed milk still did not have the usual flavor and taste. It acquired them in 1826, thanks to the cunning entrepreneur Gale Borden. It was his factory workers who began to create condensed milk for the first time by evaporation with cane sugar. However, some scientists dispute such information. They claim that the right to invent the product belongs to the people of India. Supposedly they knew how to create it, even 5,000 years ago.

    In Russia, condensed milk appeared almost 60 (5000?) Years after the invention. It happened in 1881. Gradually, she became so fond of our countrymen that they borrowed the recipe and began to cook it. And not only in factories, but also at home. And here's the result - today many are confident that this amazing delicacy was invented by the Russians. But ... alas and ah!

    Good condensed milk - what is it?

    There is one point that I would like to clarify before talking about the dangers and benefits of condensed milk for the body. It sounds like this: condensed milk on the market today is different, but that's just not all of it is healing. Cunning manufacturers got the hand to add various vegetable fats and thickeners to their composition. At the same time, they put the designation TU on the label. And so, it is better to pass by such product, it cannot be called useful in any way. Since the composition of condensed milk should not include anything other than sugar and milk. And sometimes even coffee, cocoa or cream.

    In order not to be mistaken with the choice, you can pay attention to the label pasted on the tin or soft packaging. It should be clearly stated that the quality of condensed milk corresponds to GOST 2903–78 - for Russia, or for Ukraine - DSTU 4274: 2003. It is also written that it is “Whole condensed milk with sugar”. No other product can not be called. And one more such moment: do not forget to look at the date of manufacture, the delicacy should not be overdue. If at home you notice that there are bubbles on its surface or foam of an incomprehensible color, throw it away. Health is more expensive than all kinds of money!

    Benefits of sweetened condensed milk

    If you managed to get a quality product, you should know: you have not lost. It is much more useful than any other treats, such as marmalades, chocolates, yogurts and so on. Since it includes a large number of nutrients, among which may be noted especially:

    • calcium - helps to strengthen the bone structure and teeth,
    • Vitamin D - helps not to grow old longer, strengthens bones,
    • potassium and magnesium - normalize the work of the heart and blood vessels,
    • phosphorus is necessary for good blood circulation,
    • Vitamin C - helps strengthen the immune system
    • glucose - helps to restore strength,
    • and so on.

    In addition, it is recommended to use condensed milk to normalize hormonal levels, increase lactation (nursing mother!), Replenish the stock of minerals and vitamins, improve overall health, improve eyesight, active set of muscle mass (useful for bodybuilders!)

    Terms of Use

    Talking about the benefits of condensed milk can only be the case if you use it correctly. Excessive eating delicacies, like any other sweets, cannot bring anything to good. Therefore, nutritionists and doctors recommend to refrain from this. As mentioned above, the allowed amount is no more than 2 tbsp. spoons per day for adults and 2 teaspoons for young children older than 2-3 years. It is best to add to tea, coffee or just some water (for a baby!). Or combine with any fruit (for example, bananas or kiwi). You can smear on a loaf, but it is important to try not to exceed the dosage.

    Storage rules

    The benefits of condensed milk will be the less, the longer it will be stored. And if this is done incorrectly, the benefits will come to naught. Manufacturers recommend immediately after purchase to clean the treat in the fridge. After opening it can be stored for no longer than 12 months, at a temperature of from 0 to +10 degrees, if it is in a can. In the soft packaging it can not be stored for more than 3 months. When buying condensed milk for bottling, its consumption is limited to five months. If you open a product and you see lumps, crystals, or mold in it, you must immediately throw it away. Eating a spoiled delicacy is very bad for your health.

    Harm of condensed milk for human health

    The disadvantage of condensed milk is that a lot of sugar is added to it when it is made. The final product is high-calorie and fat. Therefore, it is forbidden to consume it in large quantities, especially for small children. In addition, the delicacy is desirable to refuse people suffering from overweight, diabetes, allergies to milk or sugar. As well as those who care about the health of their teeth and slim figure. Since excessive consumption of sweets can lead to caries and morbid obesity.

    The benefits and harm of coffee with condensed milk

    Separate attention deserves the use of coffee with condensed milk. On the one hand, such a drink is very useful, as it contains, in addition to vitamins with minerals, 30 organic acids. Due to this delicacy can have a stimulating, normalizing, calming effect on the body. Daily drinking allows you to get rid of depression and bad mood, improves well-being.

    On the other hand, coffee with condensed milk can lead to an increase in blood cholesterol, dizziness, insomnia and headache. However, in order not to provoke all this, it is enough to use no more than 2 cups of drink daily. Caution should be taken dainty people suffering from kidney disease, coronary heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis or glaucoma. As well as children up to 14-16 years old and pregnant women.

    Video from experts: the benefits of condensed milk

    In addition to the article, I would like to share a video from the Health-Life channel. This is the moment from the program "About the most important". In it, doctor Sergey Agapkin and actor Mikhail Policemaiko talk about the benefits of condensed milk with sugar for human health. We recommend to see!

    Recipe for homemade condensed milk

    Condensed milk will be the most useful if you make it at home with your own hands. It is not as difficult as it may seem. You only need to stock up on a liter of fresh homemade milk and a glass of sugar (can be replaced with powdered sugar). From the dishes you will need a stainless steel pan and a spoon (preferably wooden!) When everything is prepared, you can proceed to the preparation of delicacies. The sequence of actions is as follows:

    1. Pour the milk into the pan and put on a slow fire.
    2. Boil it. Immediately pour out of the dishes about 1 tbsp. fluid.
    3. In a glass of hot milk to dissolve all the available sugar, mix.
    4. Pour the mixture back into the pan, continue cooking over low heat.
    5. During the whole cooking, stir the future delicacy so that it does not burn.
    6. As soon as 1/3 of its original volume remains (exactly, this is important!), And it will acquire a slightly creamy hue, pour the condensed milk into a glass jar.
    7. Slightly cool and put in the fridge on the top shelf for the night.
    8. By morning, the condensed milk will already be quite viscous, you can eat it.

    Note! Boil milk with sugar should be no longer than 35-40 minutes. It is very important not to overdo it, otherwise you will get caramel instead of condensed milk. In this case, it is also impossible to evaporate completely, otherwise the liquid will not be able to acquire the desired viscosity. So watch carefully what you have going on in the pan.