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Pregnancy 27 weeks

The 27th week of pregnancy is almost the end of the sixth month, a little more, and it will be the third trimester.

The main thing is not to get confused in the calculations. The 27th obstetric week of pregnancy is a slightly different concept than women invest in the familiar phrase “nine months”, since from the point of view of doctors, gestation lasts ten months, because we believe from the beginning of the last menstruation.

27 week of pregnancy - fetal position

The position of the fetus at the 27th week of pregnancy is changing all the time, so do not be afraid if the doctor said that his presentation is wrong. Just think! Do an ultrasound in half an hour, will be quite correct.

He is quite large, has grown to 36 centimeters and weighs almost a kilogram. Its formation has almost come to an end, even (if anything) to give birth is not terrible, the doctors will help and will surely bring to the finale what nature should bring.

27 week of pregnancy - what happens to mom

The 27th week of pregnancy is usually characterized by the fact that it becomes extremely uncomfortable to control your own body, which is forced to "split", and it is supposed to be worn only by one.

All the usual symptoms - heartburn, constipation, edema, and other “joys” do not go away, and in some of them they are even worse. However, proper nutrition and rest regimen can significantly reduce discomfort.

At the 27th week of pregnancy, it is time to understand what is more important - a child or hard work in an emergency mode.

What else? Belly, of course! This is now the main subject of general discussion and consideration, it has already grown very much and desperately prevents many. In particular, when a child begins to be capricious: at 27 weeks of pregnancy, he already knows how to show his mother a bad mood. You can calm him down with a quiet walk along the street or even through the house and stroking the abdomen.

It should be attentive to the condition of the skin - because of its active growth, it can very strongly stretch, itch and even hurt. But if the stomach does not just stretch, but it seems as if it were a stone, then this is an occasion to immediately go to the doctor.
Especially pay close attention to weight gain.

At the 27th week of pregnancy, the weight should not exceed the prenatal plus eight kilograms. Everything else is no longer the physiological norm, unless the doctor has determined otherwise.

If body weight increases very much, it is necessary to keep the growth rate of the parameters - there is still a lot of time ahead, and to give birth with a huge number of extra pounds is an unhealthy idea.

With regards to sex during pregnancy, the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy does not provide for the abandonment of sex, if there are no contraindications such as the tone of the uterus. But the use of condoms does not hurt even with your own husband, it will be calmer that the infection does not penetrate into the genital tract.

Discharge at the 27th week of pregnancy

As always, discharge can help determine the condition of the fetus and mother: in the 27th week of pregnancy, they should be barely whitish or colorless, in small quantities and odorless.

If for some reason the secretions change color, become yellow, bright white, green, brown or bloody, if there is any odor, this is a sign that infection of the genital tract has occurred, which is easy enough to get during pregnancy. And bleeding is a bad sign, which indicates that the placenta is exfoliated. In all these cases, an urgent need to consult a doctor.

It is also worth looking at the discharge from the point of view of the detection of leakage of amniotic fluid. Usually this fact is diagnosed by the fact that transparent watery discharge with a faint odor occurs. In this case, you can safely get to the gynecologist and check for problems. But if the water moved abruptly, then you need to immediately go to the hospital!

And finally, if at the 27th week of pregnancy, discharge from the breast appeared, then they should not be decanted or squeezed out, only wiped with a napkin.

Fetus at week 27 of gestation: stirring, development, weight and size

The baby at the 27th week of pregnancy has a well-developed sense of smell, hearing, taste, coordination of movements. It is almost as it will be after birth. Here only during the entire third trimester, the baby will grow in length and become overgrown with fat.

Now the crumb weighs an average of 875 g and has a height of up to 37 cm. However, the skin on the body is wrinkled due to the constant stay in the water. She smoothed closer to childbirth, and then there will be cheeks on her face.

The baby is already big enough, but there is still enough room for movement in the uterus. Although, of course, with each week it is getting smaller, which is why by week 27, the pushes and kicks of the crumbs are felt even clearer and stronger.

By this time, mommy can even feel the baby turning in the uterus and changing its position, sometimes, having buried a leg or a handle in the stomach from the inside, the baby “pulls out” it as if.

And, leaning the palm to the belly of his wife, the movement of the baby can feel and daddy.

From time to time, Mommy can feel uniform rhythmic winches inside - a pussy hiccups!

The number and movement of the fetus in different cases of pregnancy in one woman may differ. The main thing is that mommy feels her baby every hour, however, keep in mind: his excessive activity may be caused by the discomfort associated with a lack of oxygen. Unfavorable is the situation if the movement of the baby can not be traced within 2-3 hours.

Almost ready to work is the respiratory system of the fetus. But if for some reason the baby is born this week, he will not be able to survive on his own. The lungs, the immune system and the thermoregulation system are not mature enough for this. And because premature babies are nursed in special boxes. In the meantime, oxygen enters the fetus through the placenta.

By this time, all his organs and systems had been formed, and even the external signs had reached almost perfection: soft marigolds were growing on the fingers, ears were taking shape, eyes were already opening (if you did not abuse alcohol, otherwise it will happen later), hairs grow, limbs work, formed genitals.

The endocrine glands continue to develop, and their own metabolism is established. The pituitary gland produces growth hormone, the pancreas produces insulin, and the thyroid produces thyroxin, triiodothyronine, calcitonin. All of these hormones are extremely important.

If a mother has a girl in her tummy, she is already preparing for the fact that someday in the distant future, and she will become a mother: the entire set of follicles has already formed in the baby's ovaries. In boys, in turn, the testicles have already descended into the scrotum.

Future mom

Make sure your baby is as comfortable as possible. Try to avoid smoky rooms, sharp frightening sounds, "nervous" situations. After all, absolutely everything affects your baby: your state of health, environment, nutrition, and condition.

Due to the growing uterus (it has risen 7 cm above the navel), the stomach shifts, and heartburn can disturb you more often. Find a safe way to fix them. Use any opportunity to let your feet rest and cool: lift them higher, put on a cooled surface, take cool foot baths.

Do not bulge your tummy forward, otherwise your back will hurt. Also try not to lie on your back - this is fraught with both for you and for the mask because of the compression of the large vena cava. The best physiological posture for sleeping during pregnancy is lying on the left side.

You can not throw your legs, do not lift weights, do not hold your hands above your head.

Remember comfortable shoes and clothes, care for your breasts and genitals. You may be disturbed by excretions, but if there are no other signs, just observe hygiene.

In the third trimester, the weight of the expectant mother grows very quickly. All for the most part due to the increase in the amount of blood and amniotic fluid, as well as the growth of the uterus, placenta and the fetus itself.

There is a small proportion of your own fat (if, indeed, you do not abuse flour, fat and sweet), which will mostly go away during childbirth and during breastfeeding.

So do not be afraid of you and do not upset your own dimensions: all this is temporary and necessary for the health of children.

Do not forget to communicate with the baby, preferably with your dad. Already you are a family, the baby gets used to the parents, feels them, recognizes them. Give each other only the best of emotions - for the long-awaited meeting there are not so many left ...

By the 27th week of pregnancy, the future mother may well be overtaken by pains of the most varied nature and origin. But here, be sure to pay attention to where and how it hurts, analyze what the pain can be caused by. After all, in fact, pain in one area or another often becomes only a symptom that accompanies mommy’s irrational behavior.

Pain in the lower back and spine, perhaps one of the most common problems of the second half of pregnancy. Soreness in the back usually occurs as a result of the increased mass, and, consequently, the load on the back.

The prenatal band, though not a panacea for such pains, but the intensity of their manifestations may somewhat correct.

Of course, the behavior of mommy itself is also important: in order to avoid painful sensations in the back, try not to be on your feet for long, be sure to unload your back, do not wear high heels.

These same recommendations are relevant if there is pain in the legs. Pain in the legs at the 27th week of pregnancy is a consequence of the same increase in body weight.

But the occurrence of painful cramps of the calf muscles is a symptom of not only overwork of the legs, but also a lack of calcium in the body.

With this in mind, adjust your diet, be sure, for the duration of the day, let your legs rest, taking a recumbent position, throw your feet on the hill. Evening sessions of relaxing foot massage or foot baths with cool water can also help.

Note that pulling back pain that extends into the lower abdomen may indicate a progression of the urinary system diseases.

Typically, the pathological conditions of such a plan are accompanied by other symptoms: painful urination, cutting or burning in the vagina. Possible increase in total body temperature.

If you have at least one of the above symptoms, coupled with pain in the lower back and abdomen, be sure to see a doctor.

Hemorrhoids are another unpleasant, but very common condition during pregnancy. On the development of hemorrhoids will prompt the inability to empty the bowel, pain in the rectal area, possibly - the appearance of bleeding in the anus.

Already in the presence of constipation, it is desirable to immediately take the problem seriously.

Even by adjusting the diet and including healthy foods for constipation (for example, fruits and vegetables in large quantities, kefir, beets, vegetable oil), you can avoid worsening the problem in the future and prevent the development of hemorrhoids.

Be prepared for the fact that they begin to feel pain in the pelvic region, thighs. Now the body is in full swing preparing for the upcoming birth: the pelvic bones gradually soften and diverge, which in the future will make it easier for the baby to pass through the birth canal.

Stomach in the 27th week of pregnancy: pulls, hurts

Minor soreness in the abdomen is also likely. Here are just pains in this case and the truth should be insignificant and not permanent, otherwise - there is every reason to suspect any complications, which caused abdominal pains.

It is considered to be normal, pulling, unobtrusive pain on the sides of the abdomen - the ligaments holding the uterus soften and stretch more and more, which explains the presence of pain. She is especially noticeable at the moment when a woman bends down, changes her body position, gets up from a chair or bed.

Abdominal pain can be associated with a violation of the digestive system. Distention, constipation, increased gas formation - all this leads to abdominal pain, at which it is better to discuss with the doctor further “food strategy”.

But if the stomach hurts and pulls at the bottom, the pain is a long aching in nature, it is better to go to the doctor for an examination without delay. After all, pain in the abdomen of this kind may well indicate a detachment of a normally located placenta.

Also, without delay, it is necessary to seek medical assistance in case of increased and painful contractions at the 27th week of pregnancy.

Training bouts in the 27th week of pregnancy for the expectant mother, most likely, already a familiar phenomenon - usually Bregston-Higgins contractions appear even earlier. At the same time, false labor pains are mild, not painful and irregular.

If the uterus begins to contract regularly, contractions increase or increase, besides, there is also an outpouring of the amniotic fluid - immediately call an ambulance: you have started a premature birth.

For a period of 27 weeks, an ultrasound, if there is no specific indication, is usually not assigned. However, in some cases, additional ultrasound may still be needed: for example, to confirm the normal development of pregnancy, after an infectious disease suffered by the future mother, during an unfavorable course of pregnancy, in the case of a multiple pregnancy.

In the study of ultrasound, the doctor examines and evaluates both the fetus itself and the condition of the uterus. The specialist will evaluate the development and growth of the fetus, the compliance of these indicators with the duration of pregnancy. An important criterion for the study is the assessment of the internal organs and life support systems of the baby, his heartbeat and physical activity.

As for the uterus, the size and location of the uterus, the thickness of the bottom will be determined by a doctor. Also, the quantity and quality of amniotic fluid, place of attachment and location of the placenta, the state of myometrium will be evaluated.

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27 week of pregnancy: development, movement of the fetus and the sensation of mom

Based on different approaches to the establishment of trimester frameworks, the 27th week of pregnancy (and this is 6 and a half months) can relate both to the second stage of an interesting situation, and to the third.

In our case, it is the final week of the second trimester of pregnancy, at the end of which, perhaps, the most "lazy" period of gestation starts.

What happens to the baby

Look at the photo of the baby at this time - the baby has all the features of a newborn, although the weight is not so great.

  • The mass is about 900 grams, the growth is about 34 cm.
  • The movements are well felt by a woman, visible to others.
  • The fruit distinguishes odors.

The development of fetal organs and systems continues. Now they can be said to be at the stage of improvement.

  • The lung is still the amniotic fluid, the alveoli are covered with a layer of surfactants - in the end, they are not able to stick together and are protected from the effects of microbes.
  • Respiratory movements are becoming more and more - up to 40 per minute.

While these vibrations are “separated” from the true respiration (it is carried out through the placenta), but they improve blood circulation.

  • Active growth again begins in length.

This happens primarily because the development of the brain goes at an active pace - the pituitary begins to release growth hormone. However, other glands in his body also began to perform the basic functions assigned to them.

  • The baby is becoming more and more independent of mom and at the hormonal level.

He even "takes" some functions on himself - hence the apparent improvement in the state of health of the pregnant woman at this time.

  • The skin, although permanently wrinkled, is no longer distinguished by the redness that was characteristic of it.

And the faster the fat is stored in the baby’s body, the brighter it becomes.

  • The development of the skeleton and muscles due to the motor activity of the child.

Despite the fact that the baby sleeps 20 hours a day, he finds time to “workout”, waking up every hour.

  • The formation of feelings is in full swing.

The baby feels the pain.

Fetal development is of such a level that an infant born as a result of premature birth in this period will survive in more than 85% of cases.

From now on, every week the chances of adapting to life outside the tummy increase.

This is very important, because for pregnant twins, it is the 27th that often becomes the week of delivery.

In case of multiple pregnancies, babies are regularly born much earlier than expected, but especially often - just seven months.

  • From now on, the main goal of the fetus will change - now the most important thing for it will be the weight gain, which will determine viability after birth.

Why? The recruitment of necessary mass triggers important thermoregulation processes, and the newborn has food in the early days of adaptation in our world.

This is the so-called brown fat, which is usually "going" between the shoulder blades - do not forget: breast milk comes on the fifth or sixth day after birth, until this moment the baby receives colostrum.

Потому дети обязательно используют «стратегический» запас жира, накопленный в ходе беременности. И потеря в весе у младенца – процесс абсолютно нормальный. Главное, чтобы показатель не превышал определенной границы.

Опасность для ребенка

This week, your blood test will surprise you - cholesterol levels will increase significantly.

This result can not be called pathology: the substance is intended to help in the development of pregnancy. So, you can not avoid a jump.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to control your food, because waiting is not a reason to dissolve in terms of food.

Moreover, this week the fetal immune system begins to function, and in combination with the improper feeding of the mother, the combination can lead to sad results - the development of allergy in the baby.

Reason: the child is able to protect himself from some infections, which means that he can now react incorrectly to any of the nutrients received from the mother.

In other words, without adjusting your diet, you are likely to become the main cause of diathesis in crumbs after birth, because a bad brick of susceptibility to the disease was laid in the foundation of development.

Do you want to face serious problems in the future? Be sure to exclude from food allergens.

What happens to mom

  • The belly supports the ribs, so in order to avoid discomfort it is better to maintain the correct posture.

You yourself will notice: in this position, even breathing becomes easier.

  • And when there are twins in the stomach, the wish is more relevant at times - it’s not at all possible: just “holding the back”, you can even relieve heartburn, which doesn’t go away.
  • The uterus at 27 weeks was considerably heavier and grew to a level of 27 cm relative to the pubic bone.
  • Weight gain in the normal range from 7 to 9 kg.

But keep in mind: from this moment starts the period of the most active weight gain for women and fetuses. That is, by the end of gestation there is a chance to gain another 4 to 6 kilos.

Pregnant twins should expect even more active weight gain. The process must be monitored by your gynecologist.

  • Humble: find a comfortable position while sitting or lying is almost impossible.

If such a thing suddenly exists, it will literally be in a short time and it will start causing unpleasant sensations.

Or you will feel tangible perturbations: the position that seemed successful to you will not like the baby, who will actively protest until you change your posture.

  • Especially often manifested vena cava syndrome, when a heavy uterus puts pressure on her - that is why dizziness often occurs and faints occur during this period.
  • Belly this week prevents to bend, care for the intimate area, sit.

Adapt because Soon there will be a need to massage the perineum to prepare it for childbirth (avoids tearing).

Feelings of a woman

The growing belly adds new, but not always the most pleasant sensations to the existing manifestations of pregnancy.

  • For example, you will feel the occurrence of regurgitation - the process by which food that has entered the stomach partially “returns” to the esophagus.

Trouble is a natural manifestation of an interesting situation - hormones are working to relax the smooth muscles of the whole organism.

That is, the sphincter of the gastrointestinal tract, giving an unpleasant reaction to us, only submit to a common command. Try to eat in small portions - you can avoid repetition.

  • Due to the tension of the skin on the abdomen, the occurrence or intensification of itching in his area occurs.

Such a manifestation of pregnancy is characteristic of many, especially "hurt" it women who are pregnant with twins.

You can fight it by constantly moisturizing the skin with various lotions.

But remember: in case the itching becomes unbearable and goes beyond the limits of the tummy, especially at night, you need to consult a doctor. Most likely, the doctor will prescribe a liver test for you.

  • A pregnant woman is likely to face such a problem as polyhydramnios.

In a normal pregnancy, the amount of amniotic fluid does not exceed 1.5 liters, in which case their volume increases 2-3 times, leading to an increase in the size of the abdomen.

Then the movements of the fetus are felt very often: after all, the baby has such scope for vigorous activity.

The phenomenon warns of the presence of pathology in the fetus or intrauterine infection.

Obviously: in case of a lot of water, shortness of breath and heartburn are worse. Very often it develops in pregnant women with twins. In severe cases, it can cause fetal death.

  • The reverse pathology is lack of water.

Amid the development of the process, the volume of amniotic fluid is reduced to half a liter. The baby in this case is suffering, less likely to move.

All parts of the calf can be easily probed right through the abdominal wall, and sometimes you can clearly see the contours of the baby.

For women, in turn, the periods of activity of the baby become painful.

  • The size of the abdomen of a pregnant does not contribute to special activity.

The future mother prefers to relax more, becomes slower in her reactions and actions.

  • Some note the fact of slowing down perception.

For example, they stop laughing at jokes, because humor loses its sharpness.

Do not be surprised and do not be alarmed if you feel such changes in yourself. Just hormones that preserve pregnancy, are forced to slightly dampen your emotional outbursts.

Try to listen to your feelings right now. And then after giving birth your relationship with the baby will only increase!

Fetal development in the 27th week of pregnancy

The baby has already formed a wakefulness regime, alternating with sleep. He already knows how to open and close his eyes.

The sucking reflex is so shaped that the baby is actively sucking its fingers, and it uses fingers on the arms and legs for this.

Maturation of all organs continues, and the child with a premature birth has a very high chance of survival, since the lungs can already work, although they have not yet fully matured.

Very important changes in the 27th week of pregnancy take place in the respiratory system. The alveolar passages and the alveoli themselves are improved - the smallest bubbles where air exchange takes place.

The formation of a surfactant, which during inhalation provides a full opening of the alveoli, also occurs.

It is the 27-28 week of pregnancy that characterizes the preparation of the baby’s breathing apparatus for extrauterine life.

Interestingly, at this stage, the expectant mother can already clearly feel the baby hiccups! This process does not cause any inconvenience to the baby, it may take several minutes.

The development of the brain continues, the fetus is becoming more active. If you watch the video, you can see that the baby often changes its position, can turn over, its movements become more intense and strong.

Gaining activity and the immune system of the baby. He is already quite able to respond to incoming allergens, and mother should be very careful with the choice of products. Proper nutrition of the mother will lay the foundation for a strong immune system of the child.

Feelings Mom

The third trimester of pregnancy begins, your body is preparing for the final stage.

Behind is quite a long time, and it is not surprising that you often get tired, the body's need for rest and sleep increases. Soon the long-awaited maternity leave, you can relax, pay more attention to yourself.

If there is an opportunity to leave on maternity leave earlier - by all means use it! Full rest, the correct mode of the day for the benefit of the expectant mother and baby! Moreover, in the third trimester, pain, a feeling of heaviness in the lower back, general malaise, frequent urination, and a good rest will help you a great deal more and more! Enjoy the changes of your feelings, the movements of your baby! At home, you will have more opportunity to read books on child development, you can go to training courses, breastfeeding school.

At this stage, there may be new sensations, bringing anxiety. Very often during this period, pregnant women notice the appearance of swelling of the hands. They often disturb during sleep.

In order to warn them, try not to occupy a position during sleep, in which the limbs are squeezed. Also try not to overload your wrists.

It is very useful to periodically do light gymnastics for hands, raising them up.

An enlarged abdomen often causes shortness of breath, sleep disturbances, and heartburn. Remember that these phenomena are not a cause for concern. Be sure to discuss all your feelings with your doctor - he will help to cope with them.

At the end of the second - the beginning of the third trimester, spasms of the muscles of the legs often occur. They are usually caused by low calcium in the body, as well as high levels of phosphorus, fatigue, and strain on the veins. To relieve pain, you can do the following:

  • The level of trace elements helps to restore special calcium tablets, but be sure to check with your doctor: it will help you find the best,
  • try to consume more foods rich in calcium,
  • The cause of pain in the legs can be an increased load on the venous apparatus, and in this situation it is very useful to wear special compression tights,
  • Be sure to do gymnastics for the legs: you can choose any set of exercises that you like, the main thing is that absolutely all joints and muscle groups are involved,
  • Foot massage is very useful: it will help reduce the load on the veins, relieve muscle fatigue, and make it easy even on your own. With light stroking and then more intensive kneading movements, massage the legs in the direction from the bottom up - along the venous and lymphatic vessels. This massage even removes the swelling of the legs.

Fetal movements on the 27th week

Your baby has grown even more, and even without an ultrasound you can clearly see how it moves, see the movements of the arms and legs on the surface of the abdomen, feel how the baby kicks if he doesn’t like something, for example, music. When you take a contrast shower in the morning, the baby behaves more actively, and when you are calm, you rest - and he also rests.

Every woman who feels the ever-increasing movements of her baby is overwhelmed with joy.

And if the baby is calm, there may be anxiety that the fetus moves a little ... The baby's movements are not only a reflection of his health, but also his temperament, even his mood.

If a woman has no risk factors, the baby develops well, then the period of his rest should not be disturbed. Surely every future mom by this time already knows and understands her baby, his level of activity.

In some cases, the doctor may ask you to calculate the movements of the baby. This is very easy to do. You need to choose a period of maximum activity - often this time after a meal or before bedtime.

Sit comfortably, relax and count how much time it takes for 10 movements of the baby. Follow all the recommendations of your doctor.

Experts note that a clear number of movements is not very informative, only a complete absence of movements for 1-2 hours at the usual time for activity should cause concern.

Pain in the 27th week of pregnancy

During this period, a woman can be disturbed by rather unpleasant, but absolutely not dangerous painful sensations. Often this pain, heaviness in the lumbar region. Such sensations are associated with increasing sizes of the fetus, uterus, compression of the nerve plexus. For their relief it is necessary to do special gymnastics for pregnant women.

Often at this stage pains on the sides of the abdomen start to bother. They are associated with uterine ligament sprain. Its size increases, ligaments stretch more and more. Such sensations are reduced when you change the position of the body, rest.

At this stage, the woman may feel training contractions. They are still quite weak. Usually women notice that the belly often stiffens. If these periods are short and do not cause pain, it is quite normal. If the pain increases, and especially if the pain in the abdomen is accompanied by secretions - this is the reason for contacting the clinic.

Tell me, liquid discharge in the 27th week of pregnancy - is it not dangerous?

During pregnancy, and especially to its final stage, an increase in the amount of discharge is quite normal. Normally, the discharge should be clear, liquid, by the end of pregnancy may become slightly turbid.

However, if the color, consistency or smell of the discharge changes, this is an alarm. White, yellow, earthy, cheesy, purulent discharge, unpleasant smell - these are signs of infectious pathology.

Scarlet discharge may be a symptom of placental abruption, as well as premature labor.

I have 27 weeks of pregnancy, my stomach hurts ... Feelings are not too pronounced. It hurts not much, whining periodically. This is normal?

At this stage, pain in the abdomen may appear, which is associated with an increase in the size of the uterus, stretching of the ligaments, pressure of the uterus on the nerve plexus.

If these feelings with the increase in the duration of pregnancy gradually increase and are not intense pain, this is a variant of the norm. If the abdominal pain has arisen abruptly, its intensity is high, or the constant aching pain worries over a long period, this can be an alarm signal.

If your feelings are too intense and cause anxiety, do not delay your visit to the doctor.

27 week of pregnancy - how many months?

Behind 6.5 months of pregnancy. Even this and the next week - and there will be seven, and this is a kind of milestone. You may have noticed that in fact it took a little less time, and this could confuse you a little in the calculations. This is because in obstetrics months are measured differently: 1 month is not 30-31 days, but four weeks, that is, 28 days.

You are now entering the 27th week of pregnancy. The child has already grown enough and improved, but his development does not stop for a minute. What awaits us this week?

I occasionally have feelings that the stomach is turning to stone. What is it? How to distinguish the tone at the 27th week of pregnancy?

The tone of the uterus is the contraction of its muscle layer before the onset of labor. This condition requires consultation with a doctor, as the reasons may be different. It can increase when coughing, sneezing, and with a load, negative emotions. But it can be a symptom of threatened abortion.

Women usually feel the tone as a pulling pain, reminiscent of feelings during menstruation, which gives the lower back. The feeling that the stomach is turning to stone may be during training bouts. In any case, in order to prevent a possible threat of a change in your state of health, it is necessary to discuss with the doctor who is leading the pregnancy.

Especially if such sensations are accompanied by secretions or other changes in the state.

This is what your baby looks like at week 27

The eyelids blink, the eyes are wide open while awake, the child can even hide if the mother on the beach has placed her tummy on the bright sun that has fallen into his eyes.

All the organs of your baby are actively involved in the work. Work endocrine glands, digestive tract. The brain actively ripens, nervous connections have more and more perfect mechanism. The child feels the pain, clenches and unclenches the cams. Actively working facial muscles, baby learns to swallow and suck.

The fetus grows, there is little room for it in the uterus, but mobility remains at a fairly high level, so the mother feels very well all his movements, including hiccups, and can even determine which part of her body the baby has kicked her again.

The development of surfactant and the maturation of the lungs continues - even with premature birth, the chances of surviving a baby are quite large, especially with the help of medical professionals.

Ultrasound on the 27th week of pregnancy

Ultrasound examination this week is not mandatory, and is appointed only for certain indications - a suspicion of intrauterine growth retardation, infection of the fetus, problems with the placenta.

At the same time, the size of the fetus, the functioning of its organs, the uteroplacental blood flow, the size of the placenta, the degree of its maturity, the location relative to the internal os, and the quantity and condition of the amniotic fluid are evaluated.

What happens in your body at week 27?

Major changes in the body associated with weight gain. By this time, if your weight before pregnancy was within the normal range, you should gain 6-7 kg. The chest, the placenta, the amount of amniotic fluid, and finally the baby are increased.

Increasing the size of the abdomen leads to stretch marks. Stretch marks can also appear on the chest and thighs. Often this is accompanied by itching, which is hardly removed even with the help of special means. Do not use highly flavored creams to lubricate the skin, they can cause allergies and a state of over-stimulation of the nervous system.

A characteristic feature at this stage of pregnancy is increased cholesterol. Cholesterol is a building material for the placenta, from which it produces hormones necessary for the normal course of pregnancy.

Hormonal background, a large amount of blood, an increase in total weight contribute to increased sweating and the appearance of a feeling of heat.

Your feelings on week 27

Внутренне всем будущим мамам присущ целый букет чувств: это и радость, и тревога за здоровье малыша, и страх перед предстоящими родами, и усталость от ожидания нового и пока очень непонятного. Настроение ваше может быть переменчиво, его перепады не можете предугадывать даже вы сами.

Животик продолжает увеличиваться, и вы постоянно ощущаете шевеления малыша. Do not forget to note the nature of the movements and even count their number, this will help the doctor correctly assess the condition of the child.

Increases and prepares for breastfeeding. She, like the tummy, needs extra care. Previously, you smeared face and hands with cream, now you have to significantly increase the “treatment area” - stretching skin needs nourishment and moisturizing.

The feeling of heartburn increases in proportion to the growth of the uterus, now it can torment not just at rest, but even in a dream. Suffering and intestines - constipation becomes almost familiar.

When errors in the diet often, especially at night, there are convulsions. Do not forget to tell the doctor about it, he will tell you how to cope with the disease.

Discharge from the genital tract

With a normal pregnancy, a woman in this period should not have any pathological secretions. Careful monitoring of your condition will allow you to detect any deviations in time.

Discoloration of the discharge (green, yellow), consistency (curd, frothy, very liquid), odor (fishy, ​​putrid, etc.) indicates an infection in the vagina. Her treatment should be complete and timely. If necessary, treatment can be not only local, but even general, especially if a specific pathogen is found in the study of secretions. Do not refuse the prescribed drugs. Any treatment for the child will be less dangerous than an infection. If you doubt the adequacy of therapy, ask for additional help from the head of the consultation, but you should not ask advice from girlfriends, they are unlikely to have the necessary knowledge.

The spotting should alert the pregnant woman at any time; immediate consultation with a specialist is necessary. You should not get under your own power, it is better to call an ambulance.

Surveys at week 27

During this period, your doctor will ask you to pass a urinalysis to assess the function of the urinary system.

A complete blood count can also be given to monitor hemoglobin levels.

Additional methods of examination - antibody titer for Rh-negative blood in mom, clotting analysis, tank sowing of the pharynx and nose, blood for infection - is prescribed by a doctor according to indications.

Risks at week 27

The 27th week is not a critical period of development, however, this does not mean that you can forget about caution.

Mom is not recommended to make sudden movements, should avoid excessive physical exertion. If you still coped with everything yourself, finally ask for help from your relatives - hang curtains or linen, wash the floors, bring heavy bags from the store.

Exercise and overwork can lead to placental abruption, early discharge of amniotic fluid and the onset of labor.

Important on week 27

  • do not cross your legs - it violates the blood circulation in the pelvic organs,
  • don't hold your hands for a long time above your head,
  • do not lift more than 3 kilograms, which is especially important if there is already a peanut in the house, caress it without raising it in your arms,
  • wear a bandage that will help you avoid unpleasant sensations in the lower back and will not allow the baby to sink into the small pelvis ahead of time,
  • Watch for the appearance of edema - do not hide your weight from the doctor, even if you are afraid that you will be scolded a little - those extra pounds on your hips are unlikely to confuse your gynecologist, but the placenta edema may be critical for your baby.

Food at week 27

Eat small meals 5-6 times a day. Morning is better to start with a glass of cold boiled water, to more easily cope with constipation. During the day, include dried fruits, dairy products, fruit drinks, fresh juices, and cereal dishes.

Alcohol is still banned, even a small sip can damage your baby’s brain cells.

Future mother needs a full night's sleep. Before bed, it is best to ventilate the room and walk along the street so that the baby gets enough oxygen.

Your legs are swollen, your stomach is heavy, your back hurts, however, this does not justify your constant lying on the sofa. Being in one position is not desirable, rest periods should be alternated with workouts.

Your pregnancy calendar

  • 5

Week 27 of pregnancy is the beginning of the third trimester. Due to the growth of the fetus, increasing the size of the uterus, the load on the body, many mothers face a number of ailments (headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, swelling, pressure jumps, dizziness). The danger of unpleasant sensations of this period lies in their similarity with the symptoms of serious diseases that occur latently and negatively affecting the health of the mother and fetus. Consider how the pregnancy goes, the fetus develops, what hidden diseases may appear by the third trimester.

27 weeks of pregnancy: how many months?

Twenty-seventh week "opens" the third trimester of pregnancy. From the day of conception comes only twenty-fifth week. And if you count the obstetric term in the usual way, then six months comes three weeks. Literally in 15–20 days, most pregnant women will begin to experience such ailments as edema, insomnia, hypertension, and convulsions. But all the troubles are smoothed by communication with the baby, who is trying to jerk and move his mother.

There is quite a bit of time before delivery. The threat of miscarriage is not so important, since in this period of premature babies, doctors can go out. By the way, so many mothers calm down and begin to make "culinary" indulgence at 27 weeks of pregnancy. The weight of the fetus can increase significantly even in two weeks.

And the consumption of citrus, honey, chocolate, other "allergic" products causes the child to redness. If premature labor happens, the baby will have a red rash. Moms start eating forbidden foods even because they learn about the limitations during breastfeeding. But your taste weaknesses negatively affect the baby, who may develop a predisposition to allergies.

Varicose veins, hypertension

Weight on the 27th week of pregnancy for many women is a huge inconvenience. Due to the increase in body weight is a huge load on the legs. Some moms develop varicose veins. The causes of this complication can be hormonal disruptions (lack of estrogens, an excess of proteterone, relaxin), placenta previa, increased venous pressure. Do not underestimate this complication, as it may appear in the rectum, vagina, abdomen, chest, buttocks, legs.

Varicose veins have no direct effect on the development of pregnancy (week 27), but can cause premature labor. The uncontrolled nature of which can lead to brain disorders, spinal injuries of the newborn. This happens due to premature rupture of amniotic fluid, placental abruption, bleeding, weak labor activity. Doctors prohibit women suffering from varicose veins from giving birth themselves.

Most moms suffer from hypertension by this date. High blood pressure (more than 140/90) is most dangerous for fetal development. What is associated with the compression of the blood vessels of the uterus. Because of what the fetus does not receive a full amount of oxygen and nutrients. Its growth slows down, and if the normal blood flow is restricted for a long time, the placenta exfoliates, bleeding appears. Therefore, urgent intervention by a doctor is necessary.

Edema, preeclampsia

Almost every pregnant woman is faced with edema in the whole period, the 27th week of pregnancy is no exception. Only some women confine themselves to mild, rare edema, while for others this malaise turns into a serious gestosis disease.

For mild edema, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not drink fluids more than one and a half liters. This applies to juicy berries, fruits, especially watermelons. Because of this, the stomach on the 27th week of pregnancy will only swell, the feet and fingers will immediately swell.
  • For long walks, get comfortable shoes.
  • Once every two weeks, arrange a fasting day (with the permission of the doctor). Drink a liter of kefir and eat four hundred grams of fat cottage cheese. This will help to drive up to 1.2 liters from the body.

If a pregnant woman suffers from hypertension, kidney disease, overweight, then the edema can smoothly and imperceptibly develop into gestosis. He, like varicose veins, blocks the access of oxygen to the fetus, causes intrauterine growth retardation. In a pregnant woman, brain activity is disturbed, bleeding occurs, loss of consciousness occurs. Premature birth then are uncontrollable.

Overall health healthy mothers

If the 27th week of pregnancy proceeds normally, then the woman may experience mild ailments, characterized by mild fatigue, shortness of breath, frequent urination, back pain. All this is associated with an increase in the load on the internal organs and the spine. Wear a bandage for pregnant women, it will help alleviate the condition. Choose comfortable shoes and loose clothing, which eliminates unnecessary pressure and weight on the legs.

If the abdomen is very large (large fruit, multiple pregnancy), then sleep discomfort may occur or insomnia will occur. Then contact your gynecologist, so he prescribed harmless drugs that help improve the night's rest.

Appetite is normal at 27 weeks of gestation. The weight of the fetus is actively increasing. By the way, sometimes there is a craving for certain products. This organism signals a lack of a vitamin-mineral complex. Tell your doctor about your desires to determine which tests to take.

Occasionally, pain in the sides of the stomach. This is due to stretching of the ligaments of the uterus. Wear a bandage, and also lubricate the stomach with a special cream, which the gynecologist will advise you.

Analyzes and surveys

In general, the 27 week of pregnancy does not require unscheduled tests. For each pregnant woman, a personalized visit calendar is compiled. Usually the interval is three to four weeks between doses. The fewer complications during the term of pregnancy, the less frequent the visit.

This week there are “inspections on complaints” of future mothers according to the same plan:

  1. Reception at the gynecologist.
  2. Blood and urine tests.

Sugar tests will have to be given to women who have relatives with diabetes.

From the twenty-eighth week for all pregnant women visiting becomes obligatory every two weeks. The closer the birth, the more often medical examinations become. During this period (27th week of pregnancy), fetal development is examined by ultrasound diagnosis, especially for any complications.

Fear of childbirth can cause problems with pressure, swelling, sleep. Ask your doctor to prescribe sedation and enroll you in courses for pregnant women. Communicating with other ladies in position will give confidence and strength.

27 week of pregnancy: fetal development

The child has almost reached the parameters of the newborn. In the case of preterm labor, its internal organs can function normally. However, it is better to reach the deadline, since the baby still does not know how to maintain body temperature, and therefore will be placed in the incubator.

Its lungs produce surfactant, which is needed for smoothing the lungs and spontaneous breathing at birth. The kidneys work, removing urine into the amniotic fluid, the intestine functions, which digests the amniotic fluid swallowed by the fruit, turning it into meconium.

At this period (pregnancy 27 weeks), the weight of the child is actively increasing. Now his body weight is more than a kilogram, and height - thirty-five centimeters. Despite its large size, the fetus continues to move in the stomach. His tremors can be painful, strong, frequent with a lack of oxygen or smooth, pleasant. He sleeps for twenty hours, but even during rest one can see projections of heels or priests on his stomach.

Immunity begins to function actively, but still most of the antibodies are received from the mother's body. At week 27, his immunity is most susceptible to allergens, so be careful with citrus fruits, chocolate and other products that cause allergic reactions in a child. The endocrine system functions independently, so that the fetus does not need hormone production by the mother.

Ultrasound Parameters

Ultrasound diagnosis is prescribed if the child at 27 weeks of pregnancy has malformations, there are complications of pregnancy or there are problems with the health of the mother. The doctor identifies the rate or pathology of the child, the state of the placenta, the position of the fetus. If the baby takes the wrong position, then an ultrasound scan can be prescribed just before the birth, in order to indicate the type of obstetric aid (cesarean section) in the exchange card. Also, this examination is prescribed for pregnant women, if the parameters of the abdomen have not changed since the last gynecological examination.

By the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy, the fetus has the following parameters:

  • biparietal size - 64-76 millimeters,
  • Questions and Answers

Finally, you and your baby go to the last trimester of pregnancy! Very little is left before the long-awaited meeting! The baby is already quite active: looking at the belly, the mother clearly distinguishes the movements of the little elbow points and heels.

How many months have passed since the beginning of pregnancy? This period is seven weeks without a week (obstetric months: one obstetric month is four weeks).

Your baby at the 27th week of pregnancy already weighs about a kilogram, and its total length is 34 centimeters.

Anatomical features

To determine how fully a baby grows, doctors use special ultrasound examination methods. When conducting such a study, the doctor can get the main dimensions of the actively growing child.

The normal values ​​of the determined parameters at each time interval of pregnancy differ. The table that follows shows the norms of the main clinical parameters of the fetal body, determined during fetometry.

Norm at 27 weeks gestation

Biparietal size (BPR)

Forearm Bone Length

Bone length of shin

In addition to determining how much a baby weighs and how long it is, with the help of the same ultrasound examination, specialists can see how the fetus looks. Modern devices, on which such types of research are carried out, make it possible to obtain a fairly clear picture with the main features of the child’s face in the womb.

The main features of the crumbs by the 27th week are already quite well formed. The ears are small and start to move slightly to the sides. Eyeballs outside cover the eyelids.

Above the upper edges of the eyes of a child grow small eyebrows. The fetus has even formed small lashes. With each subsequent day of pregnancy, the child becomes more cute. His skin gradually acquires physiological color and becomes pale pink with a gray tint due to the original lubricant.

On the body of the child - many wrinkles. They appear mainly due to the fact that the fruit is always in the aquatic environment. The impact of amniotic fluid contributes to the fact that the skin becomes wrinkled.

Baby by the end of the second trimester of pregnancy is already becoming more plump. The change in its appearance is due to the fact that under the skin of the fetus the amount of brown fat begins to actively increase. It is necessary so that after his birth the child simply does not overcool. Brown fat appears in the children's body is not accidental - it is able to quickly enter into the metabolism and, if necessary, to give the child energy. That is why there is a lot of brown fatty tissue in the children's body.

The cheeks of a child every day are becoming more prominent. This feature is also largely due to the accumulation of brown fat in the children's body. The baby has characteristic dimples near the elbow pits, as well as the first fat folds on the body.

What does the baby feel?

Fetal development of the fetus to this period of pregnancy undergoes a number of features. The main vital internal organs of the baby have already been formed, many of them even begin to function. To carry out work in full-fledged mode, the internal organs will be able only after the birth of the child. In the meantime, this mode of their work can be called "training."

By the 26-27th week of gestation, the secretory organs show their efficiency in the child. Thus, the concentration of certain hormones increases in the baby’s blood. Scientists have found that the fetus already has its own somatotropin, thyroxin, insulin and other important hormones. The pituitary, thyroid, and pancreas are involved in their formation.

By the 27th week of pregnancy, the child’s nervous system is already functioning quite well. A characteristic feature of this period is the active development of certain parts of the brain responsible for thinking and mental activity. Scientists have found that the total number of furrows and convolutions that give the cortex a specific striation continues to increase daily until the onset of labor.

Такое особое строение «главного компьютера» в детском организме способствует тому, что с каждым днем у плода увеличивается количество рефлексов, которые необходимы ему для дальнейшей жизни.

Интенсивное развитие органов, ответственных за восприятие различных раздражителей внешней среды, способствует тому, что у малыша начинают изменяться испытываемые им ощущения. By the 27th week of its intrauterine life, the crumb is able to experience quite a lot of different emotions.

Ability to hear

The perception of various sounds is a rather vivid sensation that a fetus is capable of experiencing in this period. A child can quite easily distinguish between parental voices. The voice of his mother has a special positive effect on him - it is proved that the mother's voice has a relaxing effect on the baby.

With each successive day of pregnancy, the number of sounds perceived by the baby increases. In addition to the voices of his parents, the baby is able to perceive sounds from the external environment. Baby can already hear the sound of the TV or radio. Of course, he cannot yet make out the speech and the meaning.

The fruit distinguishes sounds mainly in intensity and volume. So, excessively loud sounds can cause a certain discomfort for the baby. In this case, the child’s mood change will quickly be felt and his mother, the baby, will begin to kick and move strongly.

An excellent option for spending time on this gestational age is reading baby tales or listening to music. There is an opinion that the formation of musical taste in a person occurs exactly in the second trimester of pregnancy, therefore it is possible to consciously form musical preferences in a child. To do this, listening to the classics is best suited - it definitely will not cause a negative for the baby.

Natural sounds have a rather beneficial effect on the baby’s body. Since the child himself is in the aquatic environment, the same water sounds will be pleasant to him - the sound of the surf or the peaceful murmur of the brook. Walking along with natural reservoirs will have a beneficial effect on the children's body.

The ability to perceive light

At week 27, the baby is able to open and close his eyes. During the period when the child is awake, his eyes are ajar. Light falling on the face of the baby, is able to cause him a response. For example, scientists conducted a series of scientific studies proving that hitting a bright light on the face of the fetus leads to the fact that he tries in every way from the rays.

Doctors believe that the child’s visual analyzer will truly function only after birth. Long and very strong insolation contributes to the fact that the motor activity of the fetus increases.

The ability to determine tastes

Before the onset of labor a few more weeks, and the baby can already distinguish between tastes. Special microscopic outgrowths on the tongue help it in this. They are a kind of receptors that are responsible for the perception in the human body of various taste options.

Recognizes the taste of the amniotic fluid of the baby when swallowed. During the day, he is able to swallow about 500-600 milliliters of liquid. Amniotic fluid passes through the baby's digestive tract inside, where some nutrients are absorbed. The most important substance that gets into the bloodstream in this way is glucose. Without it, it is impossible to fully develop the nervous system, in particular, the brain.

The baby, which in its size resembles the average head of cauliflower, is already able to distinguish between a bitter, salty and sweet taste. Swallowing a fairly large amount of amniotic fluid causes the fetus to hiccup. This manifestation of the life of the baby is quite normal and indicates the gradual development of the digestive system.

Ability to move

One of the brightest characteristic signs of the 27th week is quite intense physical activity of the fetus. The active movements of the child at this time are already able to be felt by his mother, and many women note that at the 27th week of pregnancy, the physical activity of their babies was quite pronounced. Such a vivid sensation, which feels a pregnant woman in her stomach, contributes to the rather large size of the fetus.

The number of movements performed by the fetus increases significantly. The child is already bored with studying his own body by the 27th week of intrauterine life; now he is more interested in the aquatic environment in which he is. Every day it becomes interesting for a child to explore the boundaries of the world, where he still “lives”.

This research interest leads to the fact that the child can push the uterus wall with its legs. Such a tremors in his stomach and feels a pregnant woman. Also curious fidget can touch the walls of the uterus with his own hands. Shocks and movements in a pregnant woman can occur in different parts of her stomach, this is affected by the position of the baby in the uterus.

It is important to note that not all the time during the day the fetus is active. The baby already has a circadian rhythm, that is, the ability to recognize day and night. In the daytime, the child is usually quite active, whereas at night he sleeps. Sleep in a fetus at this stage of its intrauterine development lasts, as a rule, at least 16-17 hours a day. Some babies can sleep longer - up to 20 hours.

Motor activity is a very important criterion for assessing the condition of the fetus. So, if the baby becomes very active, it may indicate that something brings him discomfort. In this case, the expectant mother should definitely discuss this with her obstetrician-gynecologist.

About heartbeat

Every day the weight of the child increases - this is necessary so that the baby can soon be born. In order for a child to gain weight well, it is necessary that all the necessary nutritional components, as well as oxygen, are regularly supplied to his body. Without the full work of the heart is impossible.

By week 27, the baby’s cardiovascular system is not only formed, but is functioning. Thanks to the “pumping” function of the heart, all nutrients that come through the uteroplacental circulatory system are delivered to their destination - to all internal organs.

It is possible to clinically evaluate the work of the heart by applying a fairly simple diagnostic method — counting the heart rate of the fetus. Each segment of pregnancy is characterized by certain normal rates of fetal heart rate (HR).

The rate for 27 weeks is 130-160 beats per minute. It is important to remember that the frequency of the heartbeat is an individual parameter and depends on many reasons.

Sizes and development of the baby in the 27th week of pregnancy

The weight of the crumbs by the end of the 27th week is equal to 900-1000 g, height - 34-35 cm. The activity of the baby is more and more tangible for the future mother. Every day it becomes less space in the uterus, so a woman feels and even sees any push or roll. If a small tubercle rises above the abdomen - this is most likely a heel or knee, the larger tubercle may be a crumbs head. However, very soon the fetus will have to take a permanent position, from which it will be born, although babies are often found, managing to turn 180 degrees just before giving birth.

Gradually, on the body of the crumbs, the amount of downy hair decreases (by birth, they can remain only on hangers). But on the head a ball of vegetation, on the contrary, increases. And the hairs begin to acquire the color due to the genes - dark, red, light brown. In parallel, and grow nails, but until the end of the fingers, they still do not reach. Due to fat deposits, the skin becomes less folded and thin.

Inside the tiny calf, important physiological processes continue their development:

  • Surfactant accumulates in the lungs.
  • Meconium is collected in the intestine.
  • The endocrine glands try to function independently.
  • Sensitivity of receptors increases.
  • The testicles descend from the abdomen into the scrotum (it takes 3-4 weeks).
  • Bone and cartilage tissue accumulates organic and inorganic compounds that determine the strength and elasticity of bones and cartilage.

The third trimester is considered the period of the greatest growth of the brain of the fetus and the development of the cerebral cortex. In order for the crumb to fully experience the world after birth, a sufficient number of active neural connections must be formed in its central nervous system. Mom may have a beneficial effect on this process, providing the crumbs with all the necessary nutrients and oxygen (hypoxia is the most dangerous enemy of the brain). Among nutrients the most important are: iodine, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, iron. But alcohol, drugs, nicotine, stress, malnutrition and infections, on the contrary, will inhibit the development of the brain of the crumbs.

Well-being of the future mother

The third trimester is the final and most difficult stage of pregnancy. Due to a significant increase in the size of the uterus, expectant mothers are experiencing or aggravated various health problems. However, if a woman is healthy, has a normal weight, eats properly, exercises for pregnant women, lives in harmony with loved ones and rarely gets into stressful situations, problems and complications can get around her. Such moms enjoy their condition up to the birth.

Of the problems that may worry future mothers at week 27, we can single out the most typical ones:

  • Backache.
  • Swelling of the legs at the end of the day.
  • Constipation.
  • Heartburn.
  • Insomnia.
  • Itchy skin.

In addition, at this time training fights may become more frequent. This is due to the increase in the size of the fetus. Now he can not on or straighten legs without hitting the wall of the uterus. If the push is strong, the uterus responds with a contraction. Therefore, the stomach begins to turn to stone more often. But if there is no pain and abnormal vaginal discharge, you should not worry.

Due to a significant increase in the uterus, pressure on the bladder increases. In this regard, frequent urination, which has become customary for all pregnant women in the first trimester, returns. Urinary incontinence may be added to it, which occurs when coughing, sneezing, sharply rising from the stool, laughing. To solve this unpleasant problem, you can use sanitary pads.

The belly and weight of a woman in the 27th week of pregnancy

The height of the uterus bottom (WYD) is equal to the gestational age, that is, 27 cm. The uterus has already risen significantly above the navel and protrudes forward, therefore many future moms stop seeing their legs. Increased and abdominal circumference (OJ). During the time that passes between the techniques of the gynecologist, the coolant should grow by several centimeters.

For 27 weeks, future moms, as a rule, grow heavy by 400 g. Accordingly, the total weight gain can be in the range of 7-9 kg. Slender women are allowed to get better and more, but plump it is worth being careful with buns and sweets.

Possible complications

Complications of pregnancy can occur at any time, so every expectant mother should know when to go to the doctor or call an ambulance. At the 27th week of pregnancy, the following conditions should be regarded as an alarm:

  • Excretion of blood or mucus with streaks of blood from the genital tract.
  • Leakage or leakage of amniotic fluid from the vagina. It may be a few drops or a jet.
  • Pain in the abdomen and / or lower back, feeling of pressure on the perineum from the inside.
  • Training fights that repeat every 20-30 minutes.
  • Sharp decrease or cessation of fetal movements. Although this is possible at this time in the norm, it will not hurt to consult with a gynecologist and be examined. Remember - the health of the crumbs above all.
  • Flies before the eyes, a sharp deterioration in vision, headache, dizziness. These symptoms are characteristic of hypertension.
  • Severe vomiting and / or diarrhea. Poisoning and intestinal infections are very dangerous for expectant mothers, because they cause dehydration. In addition, increased intestinal motility can cause severe contractions of the uterus.
  • High body temperature. If in the first weeks of pregnancy a slightly elevated body temperature is considered as a variant of the norm, this should not be the case in the third trimester. Hyperthermia suggests that the inflammatory process develops in the body of the future mother.
  • Increasing swelling. Easy swelling of the face, legs, hands is typical of the third trimester phenomenon. But the swelling expressed and not disappearing after a night should be regarded as a threatening symptom.

The main danger to pregnant

The main danger is premature birth. They can be uncontrollable in nature, they can go through very quickly, and therefore, the child will receive a number of injuries of cerebral vessels, hypoxia, intracranial hemorrhage, spinal injuries.

The causes of premature labor can be embarrassing falls on the stomach, endocrine system disorders, genital infections, uterine malformations, defects in the child, multiple pregnancies, large fetuses, high water levels, stress, and cervical insufficiency.

Therefore, follow the sensations during this period (pregnancy is 27 weeks); the movement of the fetus will intuitively prompt the mother that something is wrong. The aching systematic pains or a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, cramping cramps, vaginal discharge of amniotic fluid, and a change in the number of aftershocks indicate the threat of premature birth. Remember, if the birth starts prematurely, the cesarean section will not be done. And this is a big risk for the child and mother.

Hidden dangers of the period

Many of the serious illness symptoms resemble the usual ailments of a pregnant woman at 27 weeks of gestation. What happens if women do not pay attention to their state of health? Most importantly, precious time is lost when the disease can be eradicated at the initial stage.

If you ignore your health, you may receive the following complications.

  • Gestosis. This disease causes abnormal development of the fetus, disrupts the blood vessels of the brain of the mother. Accompanied by edema, high blood pressure, poor urine tests (protein appears).
  • Anemia. The disease disrupts the activity of the brain, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory and immune systems. Accompanied by reduced hemoglobin, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, confusion, nausea.
  • Pre-eclampsia. The disease causes a pathology of the fetus, and in severe forms (eclampsia) is dangerous to the life of the mother and child. Accompanied by high pressure, rapid weight gain (from a kilogram per week), swelling, the presence of protein in the urine, insomnia, vomiting, flashing flies or white spots before the eyes, pain in the stomach.

Do not be afraid to appear silly in front of a doctor, talking about all the sensations of your body. It is better to endure and give birth to a healthy child than to regret your mistake all your life.