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How to get pregnant girl: special days for conception, diet and the right attitude


Many parents, before conceiving a child, think about the fact that he is born of a certain sex. Often couples want a girl to develop in her tummy. There is a mass of theories, methods and calculations, how to conceive a baby of exactly the same sex that future parents want. However, even resorting to all known methods, it is not always possible to carry out the plans.

Initially, the chances of conceiving a boy and a girl are the same. Calculate and plan so that you can conceive a child of a certain sex, 100%, not always and not all. Who will be born, depends only on the male chromosomes, only he has both types, the woman has only X chromosomes. X-chromosomes are responsible for conceiving a girl, when such spermatozoa are the first to reach the egg - everything works out. If the sperm with the Y chromosome reach the destination first, then 100% will be a boy.

You can hear that effeminate men can not conceive a boy - this is fiction. Conception of the child does not depend on it. The second well-known proposition, which is also a fiction, that one testicle in a man produces female chromosomes, and the other - male. It is worth noting that each testicle produces both chromosomes and others.

Some situations require mandatory planning of the sex of the child. This is due to pathologies that directly relate to heredity. Today, certain diseases are inherited by the boy: hemophilia, schizophrenia, alcoholism, infertility, etc. Diseases that are transmitted through the hereditary line to the boy are almost incurable.

How to calculate the conception and birth of a girl? Doctors give some recommendations:

  • Buy alkaline tests to determine vaginal pH.
  • A woman in the diet should add as much as possible products that can increase the level of acidity of the vagina. Among them are blueberries, citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, pickles, etc.
  • It is better to engage in sex in the missionary position, at the same time so that the man tries to penetrate not too deep.
  • 2 days before the start of ovulation, it is better to refuse sex.
  • Correctly calculate ovulation days. A special table will help to cope with the task.

Almost all methods are rooted in physical activity and a certain diet.

The most effective of all methods is conceived for ovulation. Conducted a lot of research that showed that this method allows to achieve the desired result from the first time.

To conceive a girl, you need to calculate ovulation and make a schedule. It is quite simple to make calculations, it is enough to study this question well. Having done these simple actions, the chances of conceiving a girl increase dramatically. Nevertheless, even with absolute compliance with all recommendations, the probability of conceiving a girl does not grow to 100%.

Here it is important to know how many days before ovulation a girl can become pregnant. Making a calendar is quite easy, and its effectiveness has already been scientifically proven. Thanks to simple calculations, it is determined when the favorable day comes for fertilization of the egg. To make calculations you just need to take a sheet of paper, a pen and a calendar. On the definition of the day when ovulation occurs, it may take more than one month. The results will help to conceive a daughter or son.

The first day of the cycle is the day of the beginning of menstruation, it is marked on the calendar. No need to worry about the fact that the cycles are not similar to each other in length. It is absolutely normal when one cycle is shorter and the other is longer (when one lasts only 25 days, the other can take up to 30). Compiling a calendar for a girl is necessary for the shortest cycle. For this, the number of days in the cycle is subtracted 14. Thus, the day of ovulation is determined, it is also highlighted in the calendar. For example, if the cycle lasts 28 days: 28-14 = 14. On the 14th day from the beginning of the monthly period, ovulation should occur.

Then 3 more days are deducted, thus, the most favorable day for conceiving a girl is obtained. The resulting day is the one in which you want to have sex. From further sex to ovulation must be abandoned.

That's all the calculations for drawing up the calendar of ovulation to conceive baby.

The calculations are not always correct, the woman must carefully observe herself:

  • Around the middle of the cycle, many women have painful sensations in the lower abdomen. These are the days when ovulation occurs.
  • In the days of ovulation, mucus is secreted from the cervix of the uterus, visually reminiscent of egg white - elastic and watery. Specialists have an explanation for this phenomenon - in order to stimulate sperm cells to rise up through the channels to the egg in the vagina, acidity rises.

If you want to calculate everything more accurately, girls can turn to the following methods:

  • Often measure the basal body temperature, just before ovulation, it rises by 1-2 degrees.
  • Pharmacies sell specialized tests aimed at determining the increasing Latinizing hormone.

The method of calculating ovulation has already helped many to conceive a child of the desired sex.

Also significantly increase the chances of conceiving a girl following method. To make it easier, a cycle of 28 days is taken as the basis, and ovulation in this case occurs on day 14. What do we have to do?

  • Have sex as often as possible starting from 5 up to 8 days inclusive. Thus, male carriers become much smaller
  • Starting from 9 to 11 days of sex, engage in 1 time a day,
  • The best pose for conceiving a girl is considered "face to face",
  • Prelude should be minimal
  • During ejaculation a man needs to lean back slightly, and the genital is not deeply injected,
  • Completely abandon artificial lubricants,
  • The next 3 days before ovulation and 2 days after its occurrence, sex must be completely abandoned.

Many have a question about the timing of conception, why it is 3 days before ovulation you need to have sex to get pregnant girl? The fact is that the spermatozoa responsible for the conception of the boy are faster and stronger, but much less enduring than those responsible for the girl. During these 3 days before the egg is released from the ovary, male carriers will most likely die (or at least they will not have enough strength to reach the goal). At the same time, female spermatozoa will remain safe and sound and will be able to fertilize the cell, conceiving, respectively, the baby.

So when is the best time to conceive a girl? It can be concluded that you need to have sex 3 days before ovulation.

There are 2 methods, how to calculate and in the end how to conceive a girl by blood.

Doctors say that the sex of the unborn child is calculated on the renewal of blood. In men, the blood throughout the body is updated every 4 years, in the female body - every 3.

To determine the sex of the unborn child, it is necessary to divide the age of a man by 4, and women by 3. As a rule, young blood at conception will be stronger and, accordingly, the baby will be of such sex. To conceive a girl, you need to actively have sex in the year when the result after dividing the age is greater for the father.

It should be noted that it is necessary to count from the last blood loss (blood donation - donation, large-scale operation, childbirth, etc.).

The formula for the calculation (the calculator will not work here, you need to consider a column):

(Dad's age + mom's age) * 4/3 =

The main thing is not the whole answer, but the rest:

  • If it is 2 or 0, this year is favorable for conceiving a boy.
  • And when the rest 1 - more likely to get pregnant girl.

It is worth noting that physicians strongly recommend to refrain from conceiving in the year of the mother's blood renewal. This year the probability is rather low.

  1. 2. Determination by blood group and rhesus.

There is a special table for determining the conception of a girl or boy by blood type:

Scientific approach: IVF

The only way to guarantee the sex of the unborn child is to choose him as part of an in vitro fertilization procedure (IVF). Apply it in two cases:

  • a couple cannot conceive a baby in a natural way
  • one of the parents is a carrier of a genetic disease that must be avoided.

Some diseases are transmitted only through the female or male line. For example, it was established that the probability of breast cancer in a daughter is 15% if the mother suffered from this disease. At the same time, there are also typically male diseases, which include color blindness and hemophilia, a dangerous disease that interferes with blood clotting.

Parents who are aware of the risk of transmitting the disease to the child can use the procedure of in vitro fertilization "for medical reasons." In this case, doctors choose the sperm with the necessary chromosome and fertilize their egg. Within a few days, the couple gets an answer if they can get pregnant as a girl.

Shethles method

But not every couple can use the IVF procedure. First, in the absence of medical indications in modern society, this is considered unethical, and in the center of reproductive medicine such parents are likely to be denied. In addition, the medical service is expensive, and therefore unavailable to young couples.

“The only more or less scientific method is the control of ovulation terms,” said gynecologist Alexander Zakharov. This method gives a high chance of getting pregnant girl the first time. Its peculiarity lies in the organization of optimal conditions for sperm carrying the X chromosome to reach the egg.

Y-type spermatozoa are active and mobile, while X is slow and imposing. The former always “beat up” the latter in speed, therefore, under equal conditions, the chances of conceiving a girl are negligible. However, Y-spermatozoa are not as enduring as X, they are extremely sensitive to external conditions, and the female body for them in general is an “obstacle course.”

The fact is that on the eve of ovulation, the environment in the woman's vagina becomes acidic. This is necessary in order to reduce the risk of infection of the uterus when opening its cervix. Such an environment is unsuitable for the life of many microorganisms and serves as a natural protective barrier of the reproductive system. But for sperm, it is destructive, so they cannot remain in the female body indefinitely.


It is important to clearly understand the timing of ovulation. To do this, you can use the test strips sold in a pharmacy. Or the usual mercury thermometer, which determine the basal temperature (in the rectum). The last option is free and the most reliable.

It is necessary to measure basal temperature for three months, daily at the same time. Optimally in the morning, immediately after waking up. The measurement results should be recorded in a notebook.

The basal temperature is stable, always within 36.3-36.5 o C, except for the periods of egg maturation and diseases (ARVI, fever). In the days of illness observation should not be conducted, continuing them only after recovery. Ovulation increases the basal temperature to 37.2-37.5 o C and maintains it for up to three days. With a regular cycle, the method allows you to accurately calculate the day of ovulation to plan the conception of the girl.

Follow the four guidelines to conceive a girl for ovulation.

  1. Determine the day of ovulation. The method does not work with an irregular cycle.
  2. Have sex three to four days before the expected date. This will preserve the viability of only X-sperm.
  3. Refrain from intimacy for two days before the release of the egg and for two days after. So you exclude the possibility of penetration of brisk Y-sperm to the egg.
  4. Choose poses with shallow penetration. For example, missionary or on the side. In this case, male cells need time to reach the goal, and it is longer for stable and strong “agents” with female DNA.

The conception method of ovulation is named after the American professor, Dr. Landram Schettles. The expert noted that the efficiency of the method is 75%. He does not give a full guarantee, since it is impossible to predict the behavior of male cells in each case.

The condition of the sperm is individual and depends on the health of the man. Alcohol abuse, smoking, stress, unhealthy diet not only reduce the number of sperm, but also deprive them of mobility. Because of this, couples have difficulty conceiving. In addition, the number of cells in one "portion" of sperm with female and male chromosomes is different.

Folk ways

Science is contradictory, and the opinions of different researchers often do not coincide. So the American doctor Whelan made the conclusions absolutely opposite to Dr. Shetles. He recommends couples to have sex on the eve of ovulation to conceive a girl and four to six days before her to become pregnant as a boy. Therefore, it will be useful to use popular methods, some of which are scientifically confirmed.

Proper diet

Researchers at the University of Missouri found that the nutrition of the expectant mother during the menstrual cycle preceding conception forms an environment favorable for the embryo of a particular sex. For women optimally high blood levels of calcium and magnesium. Their sources are:

  • mineral water, coffee, tea,
  • ocean fish
  • cucumbers, onions, eggplants, carrots,
  • apples, pears, apricots, sweet cherry,
  • the eggs.

Father / mother age

The method has not received scientific confirmation, but partly supported by British sociologists. They traced the pattern of birth of firstborn girls in families where mothers are older than fathers.

A variation of the method of age was the dependence of the sex of the child on the dominant blood in the pair. It is believed that regularly the body completely renews the blood, after which it becomes stronger, more resistant to external factors. For women, this happens every three years, for men - every four. Calculate how the body is currently stronger, not difficult. Divide the age of the future mother by three, and fathers - by four. The dominant will be the blood, updated last.

Leadership in a pair

This theory is the opposite of age when the elder spouse determines the sex of the unborn child. For example, the senior man in the pair, respectively, he is the leader. To compensate for leadership and create balance in the family, a woman gives birth to a girl.

Leadership depends on character. It is believed that "soft" husbands are more likely to become parents of boys, and with a hard character - girls. If children of different sex are born in the family, this is due to a change in leadership. For example, the leader wife went on maternity leave to care for her first child and lost her status by the second pregnancy, giving the family to her husband.

Despite the absence of any scientific evidence, this method really works. It allows you to plan a girl for months, preferred for conception. The calendar was developed in ancient China, today it is adapted, updated and often used to set up a couple in the desired fashion, to reinforce the desire to give birth to a daughter with popular folk technique.

Perhaps the calendar is used as a placebo, but hardly anyone will argue with the fact that the desire of a woman at conception is equivalent to the law of nature. On how much the future mother wants to give birth to her daughter, her mood, confidence and the final, positive result depend.

Using the table is easy. It is necessary to find the months of birth of spouses and the number at the intersection of their graph. For example, the month of birth of a woman is December, men are September, the total figure is 12. The best month for conceiving a girl for such a pair is August, and the worst month is March.

Table - Calendar for planning the sex of the child by month of birth of the spouses

"Girlish" mood can be created in the house and in the soul: become a real woman for a while, wear dresses and skirts, enjoy your beauty. Give up the typical male attributes in clothes - shorts and jeans, get some handicraft. Nature is wise and sensitive to the desire of a woman seeking to become a mother. Adopt scientific and popular wisdom, and make the dream a reality.

Gender Planning: Truth or Myth

Science does not refute the possibility of planning the sex of the child, explaining everything with physiology.

In the body of a man, two types of sperm are synthesized at once.

  • X - they give future parents daughters,
  • Y - they give sons.

It is incredibly difficult, but possible, to calculate which of them will fertilize an egg and, thus, determine the sex. The main thing to remember that both types of sperm have their own characteristics. Those responsible for the birth of girls are slow but steady. They survive much better than those responsible for the birth of boys, especially since the latter are incredibly vulnerable and easily subject to death.

It is easy to guess that if you create the appropriate conditions that will allow sperm of one type to achieve the goal faster than the others, a child of the desired sex will be born.

Does it make sense to plan

Doctors advise the couple to turn to one of the proven methods of planning the floor and try to conceive a girl in cases where the future male child is threatened by poor heredity.

Существует ряд заболеваний, которые передаются исключительно по мужской линии. В их числе:

Important!В виду того, что наследственные заболевания, которые передаются по мужской линии, сложнее поддаются лечению у представителей сильной стати, врачи советуют будущим родителям воспользоваться одним из методов планирования пола для зачатия девочки.

Methods of conceiving girls

Important:science says: there is no way to accurately predict the sex of the child, while the chances of a successful result increase if you follow the recommendations of specialists.

You can conceive a girl, resorting to the techniques:

  • on ovulation,
  • by blood
  • using different tables
  • thanks to a special diet,
  • douching method
  • using preimplantation genetic diagnosis,
  • through the correct choice of posture.

But first things first.

Ovulation sex planning

This method was developed by Dr. Landrum Shetlzom, who became famous throughout the world, thanks to his unique ability to help couples to give birth to their daughters. The technique is simple to perform, and its only difficulty is the definition of ovulation.

Note!It is effective if a woman knows her own cycle and the days when ovulation occurs. In other cases, ovulation can be calculated by one of the proposed methods.

Methods for determining the date of ovulation:

  • For women who know exactly how long their menstrual cycle lasts, it’s enough to divide the total figure in half. For example, with a cycle of 30 days, ovulation occurs most often on day 15.
  • The rest can be purchased pharmacy tests to determine ovulation. The principle of their action is similar to the principle of action of those tests that help determine the onset of pregnancy. The result is almost always reliable.
  • The last option is to measure the basal temperature. For the most accurate result, it is better to practice defining the day "X" for several cycles. To do this, it is sufficient, starting from the first day of menstruation, to measure the temperature in the anus in the early morning, without getting out of bed. The obtained data should be recorded in the schedule. As a result, by the end of the month two phases will be clearly visible: before ovulation (temperature is approximately 36.4 - 36.7), ovulation itself (temperature 37.0 - 37.5). The temperature, as in ovulation, will remain until the beginning of a new cycle.

Important!Indicators can be affected by: stress, heavy physical exertion or sex the night before, as well as catarrhal diseases, medication or drinking alcohol. If you accurately calculate the onset of ovulation does not work for several cycles, it makes sense to consult a doctor. Perhaps due to hormonal disruptions it does not occur.

In order to conceive a girl by this method, it is necessary to engage in unprotected sex for 3-4 days before the onset of ovulation. At the same time, directly in front of her and for 3 days after, it is better to refuse sexual intercourse or use a condom in the process.. All this will allow the X-spermatozoa to survive and slowly, but freely, get to the goal.

How to conceive a girl by a method that takes into account the blood group and the Rh factor of the parents

Another way to conceive a girl is to calculate the necessary days for sexual intercourse by blood type and rhesus. We all have blood renewed every few years. In men, this happens every 4 years, in women - every three. In order to give birth to a daughter, it is enough to wait for the moment when the female blood will be younger.

Note!To calculate when the blood is updated is easy. To do this, you need to divide the age of the spouse by 4, and the spouses - by 3. It is better to plan conception for the next year after the blood renewal.

For example, a man is 30 years old. His blood has been updated 7 times in his life (30: 4 = 7.5). Multiply 7 by 4 and get the age when it happened the last time, that is 28 years. A woman is 25 years old. Her blood has been renewed 8 times in her life (25: 3 = 8.33). The last time this happened a year ago. At the moment, the couple is likely to succeed in conceiving a girl, since the mother’s blood is younger.

Another option is the use of special tables that allow you to determine the sex of the blood group and rhesus. According to them:

  • spouses with the same Rh blood most often have daughters,
  • spouses with different rhesus have sons,
  • spouses with blood of group I or II have daughters.

How to conceive a girl using tables

The network presents several options for tables to determine the sex of the unborn child. Meanwhile, two are more popular, which are based on the Japanese method of calculating gender.

Pay your attention:These techniques are given solely for informational purposes; there are no scientific facts confirming their effectiveness.

According to the first method, future parents determine the total for them by months of birth.

According to the second - the sex of the child according to the date and month of conception.

For example:for a married couple in which a woman was born in May and a man in February, the total number will be the number 5 (the first table). The resulting figure should be found in the second table in the horizontal row. Under this number are listed the months, and opposite them are the crosses in the columns of the boy and the girl. Needless to say, the number of these crosses in each month directly affects the probability of conceiving a child of the right sex.

Special diet to help conceive a girl

This technique is popular, but gives good results only when used simultaneously with others. In other words, it increases the chances of a woman to give birth to a girl, if she additionally uses the method of determining sex by ovulation, or, for example, by the lunar calendar.

Its essence is as follows: the use of certain products in a woman's body creates a certain environment. Given that the acidic environment is detrimental to the spermatozoa responsible for the birth of boys, you need to eat the food that creates it, and eliminate the one that prevents its creation.

Important!Similarly, it is better to adjust your diet several months before conception.

To give birth to a daughter should eat more:

  • tea
  • chocolate drinks
  • beef and veal,
  • fresh or frozen fish

In turn, during this period it is better to abandon:

  • sweet soda,
  • sausages, smoked meats, meatballs,
  • hard cheeses, ice cream,
  • salty bakery products,

Douching method

It is possible to create the necessary environment for the survival of certain sperm cells in a woman’s body by artificial means, for example, by douching. In order to conceive a girl (or increase the chances of her birth) immediately before intercourse should syringe with a weak solution of vinegar (a couple of tablespoons of water per 1 liter of water).

To do this, in the vagina with a syringe to enter up to 300 ml of fluid.

Important!Before using the technique it is better to consult a doctor. Irritation, sores, diseases of the genital organs of both spouses may be contraindications to its use. In addition, you can not overdo it with vinegar, because too much of its concentration kills all spermatozoa, and also leads to a burn of mucous membranes.

How to conceive a girl using preimplantation genetic diagnosis

The method of conceiving a girl is 100% effective. It involves a laboratory study in which healthy embryos are selected according to certain criteria, and then examined for spermatozoa, which are fertilized by these eggs. The advantage of the method is 100% guarantee, and the disadvantage is high cost. Therefore, it is used for couples who have decided to have a child through IVF, as well as for those who have the risk of developing genetic pathologies during pregnancy.

Note:One of the reasons for the impossibility of applying this method to certain married couples is the ethical and moral side of the procedure. Future parents need to be aware that male embryos are destroyed with this planning option.

By choosing the right posture

To conceive a girl, it is necessary to provide a shallow penetration that will allow the sperm to be reached slowly to reach the egg.

The best poses:

  • missionary,
  • "Spoons"
  • a woman from below, lying on her stomach, that is, with her back to a man,
  • woman on top of his back to the man.

For maximum results, having sex is better in the afternoon, preferably in the full moon.

And most importantly, to conceive and give birth to a girl, you should use the method of psychological visualization, that is, imagine the future daughter. Thoughts are material and, perhaps, they will help the most intimate desire to come true. Well, if, in spite of all the efforts, nature still decided to give you a boy, accept him as the most precious gift worthy of Mother’s most pure and devoted love. And the girl? The girl will still be - it would be her desire, health and time!

Sovinskaya Elena, medical commentator

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By ovulation

The technique is based on certain features of the two types of sperm. The life span of X-spermatozoa is longer than that of group Y. If by the time of fertilization an egg in a woman’s body sperm of species Y are dead and the necessary ones remain of type X, the likelihood that the couple will have a daughter is very high.

In order to maintain the necessary sperm, sexual intercourse must occur four to five days before the egg enters the vagina, that is, before ovulation. This time is enough for the death of the sperm of the group Y.

Note: The technique is effective if a woman has been following the cycle for a long time and knows the day of ovulation.

How to determine the day of ovulation

Method one - carefully consider:

If you know exactly the duration of your menstrual cycle, then divide it in half - the result will mean the day of ovulation. For example, for a cycle of 28 days, ovulation occurs at about day 14.

Method two - measure rectal temperature:

In order to obtain reliable results, it is necessary to carry out measurements for several cycles in a row, this will help to eliminate the possibility of error. The graph should clearly see the two phases of the cycle - before and after ovulation. The temperature of the first phase varies between 36.3-36.8 degrees. The day when the temperature rises to 37.0-37.5 means ovulation. At this level, rectal temperature remains until menstruation, then decreases again.

Note: if the schedule for several months turns out to be blurry - without a sharp increase and decrease in temperature - this is a reason to visit the gynecologist, there may be problems with ovulation.

Method three - buy tests:

In any pharmacy in the range of special tests are presented, allowing to determine the day of ovulation. The principle of operation of such tests is similar to the use of pregnancy tests.

Note: when the day of ovulation is precisely set, sexual intercourse should be carried out four to five days before the desired date, this will help eliminate unnecessaryYspermatozoa For two days and for three days after ovulation, it is better to abstain from unprotected sexual acts, this period is most favorable for conceiving a boy.

Method one - we define & young & blood:

Human blood has properties to be renewed, in men and women, this process occurs with different cycles. Male blood is renewed less frequently - every four years, female more often - every three years. It is enough to calculate - whose blood at the moment of conception was younger and more active. For this, the age of the future father is divided by four, and the age of the future mother - by three.

Example:the age of a man is 29 years old, if 29 is divided by 4, it will be 7.25. Multiply 7 by 4, it turns out that the last time the dad's blood was updated in 28 years - a year ago.

Mom's age is 27 years old, if 27 is divided by 3, it will turn out to be exactly 9, therefore, her blood is updated in the year of conception of the child. In this situation, you need to focus on the month of birth. For example, the month of birth of a woman is May, in this case the process of blood renewal will begin in the first half of April and will be completed by the second half of June. It is best to plan the conception of a girl for the next year after a woman has renewed her blood.

You can carry out calculations by year. Add to the year of birth of the father by four, and by the year of birth of the mother - by three. For example, the year of birth of the future father, 1989, his blood will be updated every four years - 1993, 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013, 2017, 2021. If the expectant mother was born in 1990, her blood is updated in 1993, 1996, 1999 , 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017, 2020. The optimal period for conceiving a girl for the next year after the future mom's blood update.

The calculation is quite simple: (Dad's age at conception + mom's age) * 4/3 = ...

If a number is obtained with a remainder of 2 or no remainder, then this is a boy.

And if in the remainder of 1 - then this is a girl.

To produce division in a column, but not with the help of a calculator.

(24 + 21) * 4/3 = 60 - this is my boy

(32 + 29) * 4/3 = 81 and 1 in the remainder is a girl

Note: Experts do not recommend planning to conceive a child in the year of the mother's blood renewal, since the chances of giving birth to a girl in this case are significantly reduced.

Method two - blood group and rhesus:

Determining the sex of the future child by the blood type of the parents

There are special tables where the sex of the baby is shown as a function of the group and the rhesus of the blood of two parents.

  • if the rhesus of the blood of mom and dad are the same - most likely you will succeed in conceiving a daughter,
  • if the rhesus of the couple does not match - most likely a son will be conceived,
  • if future parents have blood of the first or second group, then chances to conceive a girl are high.

Moon calendar

According to the lunar calendar, the duration of a month is 29 or 30 days. Given that the menstrual cycle, as a rule, has a similar length, the female body is more susceptible to the influence of the moon than the sun. All signs of the zodiacal circle are divided into two groups - male and female. In this situation, it is the sign of the zodiac that tells you when to conceive so that a girl is born. If the conception of a child happened in a sign - Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Pisces or Scorpio, it is likely that a daughter will be born. In other cases, the stars will give you a son.

Note: It is also known that a woman’s body is most active a few days before the birth of a mother according to the lunar calendar. Today, it will not be difficult to find out your own lunar date of birth.

Chinese calendar

Ancient sages most of their knowledge drew from the science of numerology. In China, a relationship was found between the age of the mother and the sex of the future baby. According to the wise, a woman at a certain age and in a particular month is able to reproduce into the world either a boy or a girl. For example, if a woman is 25 years old, she can conceive a girl in January, April, May and July.

Chinese baby planning calendar

Such a convenient table consists only of two parameters - the age and month of conception, at the intersection of which the alleged sex of the child is indicated. According to statistics, in 90% of cases, the Chinese method is reliable.

Japanese baby sex chart

The technique is rather complicated, but also has the right to exist. Calculations need to be carried out on two tables. In the first, future moms and dads calculate the total for them using their birth months. In the second table, the sex of the child is determined by the resulting figure and the month of conception.

1. In the first column it is necessary to determine the figure that is the center of the intersection of the month of birth of a man (future father) and the month of birth of a woman (future mother):

In the first column of the table we find the number that coincides with the month of birth of the man, and in the second - the number that coincides with the month of birth of the woman.

2. The number that you find at the intersection should be found in the second Japanese table in the topmost row located horizontally. This number will denote the column in which the name of the months of conception of the baby is written. Opposite each month is in the columns & girl & and & boy & a certain number of crosses. So, the more signs (crosses) are in a particular graph, the greater the likelihood of having a child of either sex:

Japanese baby sex chart

For example: The future father was born in September, and the future mother - in May. The child was conceived in December. It is necessary to determine the sex of the child.

So, in the first table you need to find the number that stands at the intersection of the vertical - September and horizontally - May. The resulting figure is 9.

Next, figure 9 must be found horizontally in the uppermost first row. This column is the desired, but we are looking for the month of conception of a child, in our example - this is December. The column & boy & is worth the most crosses (look opposite December), therefore, according to the Japanese table, designed to determine sex, a boy should be born.

These Japanese tables are best used for planning the floor of the future baby, and not for determining the sex, although no one forbids it. According to this Japanese calendar, for each pair of parents there is only 1 month (2 maximum) in a year in which the probability of conceiving a child of a certain sex is very high.

Conception girls using diet

It should be noted that this technique does not belong to the priority, but only increases the efficiency of other methods. The essence of the method is based on the fact that Y-chromosomes die in an acidic environment. To conceive a girl, it is necessary with the help of certain foods to create an acidic environment in the body of the future mother.

Two to three months before the desired date of conception, you need to adjust the diet.


Чтобы создать в женском организме благоприятную среду для нужных сперматозоидов вида Х, непосредственно перед половым актом следует сделать спринцевание, используя слабый раствор уксуса. Для его приготовления нужно растворить в литре чистой воды несколько столовых ложек уксуса или сока лимона. Pear-syringe pre-sterilize. Then, using a syringe, inject 250-300 ml of the resulting solution into the vagina. Washing creates an acidic environment in the female body, necessary for the death of Y-sperm.

Note: This technique requires special care, since the use of a solution of high concentration will provoke a burn of the vagina and will kill all spermatozoa.

100% warranty method

If all of the above methods do not guarantee the conception of a girl, the effectiveness of this technique is confirmed by one hundred percent statistics. This is a preimplantation genetic diagnosis. This is a laboratory study whose goal is to select healthy embryos that meet certain criteria.

The study is conducted on the third day of embryo development after fertilization of the eggs with spermatozoa. As a result of biopsy of each embryo, the specialist receives complete information about the chromosomes, including their type - X or Y.

The advantage of the technique is the ability to identify pathologies at the initial stages of embryo development and choose only healthy ones with the necessary XX chromosomes to transfer to the uterus.

Note: today, such diagnostics is carried out as part of IVF only for couples whose history contains chromosomal or genetic pathologies.

Intimate questions. Pose for conceiving girls

It turns out that compliance with certain recommendations in the intimate sphere will also help conceive a girl.

  • The woman is in the top position,
  • Missionary position
  • & Spoons & (both partners are on their side, the man is behind)
  • The man is on top, and the partner is on the bottom, lying on his stomach (that is, with his back to him).

For any position, penetration into the vagina should be shallow. The optimal time for sexual intercourse is afternoon. It is believed that sex in the full moon contributes to the conception of the girl.

The best poses for conceiving girls. In order to conceive a girl, the posture should not be deep, so you increase the sperm path to the egg cell and give a chance to slower and longer-lived girls.

For centuries, people's observations have also taken shape, according to which it is better for spouses to have sexual intercourse only on even days, it is desirable that the initiative should come from a woman. Also, a woman is better not to have an orgasm that helps Y-sperm.

Note: Our ancestors believed that it was possible to conceive a girl, if we put a mirror and a comb, beautiful handkerchiefs in the matrimonial bed.

This must be done to conceive a child from the first time:


Try to order a girl from nature. To do this, use a method such as psychological visualization. Both future parents at the planning stage of pregnancy should provide in details what their daughter should be - appearance, character traits, habits, up to height and eye color. After all, they say that our dreams are material, it is likely that your cherished desire will come true and transform into a happy reality.

And what gynecologists say

Most professionals tend not to trust the child's planning methods. Indeed, in matters of conception and the birth of a baby there is a lot of mystery and not subject to human desires. If the parents have decided that they want a daughter, it is best to use a technique based on ovulation, all other methods can be considered as auxiliary, additional.

Let's listen to popular wisdom

Many married couples, planning the sex of a child, use reasoned, traditional methods, however, popular wisdom, which has absorbed the knowledge and observations of many generations, turns out to be no less effective and efficient. Our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers knew about the conception of a child a lot of interesting facts that women use today, dreaming of a daughter.

  • Before intimate closeness, tie the right little finger on your hand with a string.
  • A few days before the expected date of conception, drink more apple and plum juice, especially in the evening.
  • The best days for conceiving girls are read Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
  • If intimacy occurred in the winter cold during a snowstorm, the probability of conceiving a daughter increases.
  • You can use the counting device - if at the time of conception the number of years at the age of a woman is even, then she can conceive a girl in the even months of this year, if the number of years is odd, you need to start translating the plans into reality in odd months of the year.
  • In women over 30, daughters are born more often, especially if it is a firstborn.
  • If you sleep with your head to the north - it is likely to conceive a boy, with your head to the south - a girl.
  • Hang the wedding ring on a string over the belly. If it is swinging like a pendulum, back and forth - a boy, in a circle - a girl.
  • Another method is to add the age of the future mother and the number of the month in which conception is planned. Even the result promises the girl, at odd - it is necessary to expect the boy.

There are moments in life that do not depend on the decisions and plans of a person, but nobody has the right to try to realize their dreams into reality. Suddenly it is you who will become a happy couple who could become the creator of their little, long-awaited happiness. Imagine how lovingly you will watch your daughter and remember that the efforts were not in vain.

Video Tips

What needs to be done to match the chosen floor? A gynecologist of the highest category, Fatima Yakubovna Bogatyreva, tells:

Conception calendar, planning the sex of the child, boy or girl?

I think that if you really want to conceive a girl, then you should not trust the ancient superstitions, lunar calendars, etc. We need to start from statistics and from some facts, from facts that really affect the sex of the child. My husband and I wanted a girl, the doctor knew us to conceive her right after the menstrual cycle, a couple of days before ovulation. We have a girl, 2 years old

All methods are 50/50. The most reliable, in my opinion - a laboratory study of embryos. But I’ve heard about the “blood renewal” method. A colleague planned a boy like that. Waited for new blood. And it happened after all.

We conceived our baby "by blood". The blood of men is updated every 4 years, and women every 3 years. To conceive a daughter, you need to calculate whose blood is younger (newer). Female, or vice versa, male.

To do this, divide the age of the girl into three, and the age of the man into four. If the balance is a smaller figure for a woman, then get a girl. If the rest is less in a man, then there will be a boy.

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